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  4. I have 2 1500 watt led lights so true watts will be 400
  5. Glad you are back. And you are starting another grow! Woohooo! I understand that your equipment has changed a bit. What is different?
  6. newbie saying hi folks
  7. Hello azombie adn welcome to forum Tell us something more about yourself, that you like to smoke? Are you growing any strain? Regards!
  8. Hello all This is what I am growing 3 super critical 3 Kaia chush and 1 white widow soaked my seeds for 24 hours and I am using the paper wet to bring them on yours cindy
  9. Yo I am a member in bc
  10. Last week
  11. I have a germinated WSS seed it said 56 -63 days this is a non-auto how should my led lights be set for my indoor grow? 20-4 18-6 16-8 12-12 ?>>
  12. Just wondering whether any StrainHunters are following any of the cannabis-related investment opportunities that are growing in the stock markets. It seems that the legalization of cannabis in one state after another in America is now fueling growth in the industries and companies that serve the increasing cannabis-market in the U.S.A. Not just seed companies (they're all privately held anyway), no, not those companies; I'm speaking about the periphery industries: soil and gardening companies (Miracle Grow, HappyFrog/Fox Farms/Ocean Forest, etc.), home improvement centers (Lowes, Home Depot, etc.), lighting and lamps (Lampii, Phillips, Osram, etc.), , ventilation, financial services (NOT banks, but rather, the crypto-currencies and the industries ramping-up around the crypto-currencies. My tags show some of the ticker symbols for publicly-traded companies or investment entities for which I found some very interesting and exciting articles on the web. So, if you are interested, please check a few of them out and let me know what you think. If you have some interesting ideas as well, please enlighten me too.
  13. Hello Mikey and welcome to forum It will be great to see your strains, we are all great cannabis lovers here Regards!
  14. Hi there, just wanted to say hello to y'all. I'm a grower from Belgium and kinda had it with al the hybrids made from hybrids. Imo orginal landrace strains are way more special than all those new creations One love Mikey
  15. I not sure what light schedule is for white strawberry skunk using 1000w LED light Cand some one help? Thanks very much!
  16. hola Cannabissapean! Great to see you again also! I am a big fan of ebb n' flow applications as well. For this run I am using the ebb n' flow for both veg and flowering with this lil lady. I will get some good shots of my system and process. It is quite the simple build and extremely efficient! For my larger gardens I use other applications from DWC, NFT to Organic Soils. For my smaller grows I use very accessible items that you can find at any hardware store. I do this for those I am mentoring personally and for my photo shots. Very excited to hear your comments, opinion and learning about your styles also!! thanks for the stoke out! Saludos!
  17. ddfine, welcome to the forum. Nice to have another researcher with us. Unfortunately, your state still doesn't allow research on cannabis and its benefits, but maybe there are some productive studies underway somewhere in the States. jandp5, yes, there are always people in the forum, but not necessarily in every single thread. If you want to chat LIVE, you can click on "Chat Now" and meet people who are logged-in at that exact moment. Or you can click on "Chatrooms", then select the room "StrainHunters". There is almost always someone in there to chat with.
  18. Ridgerunner, SlimJim is absolutely correct. You don't ever want to overfertilize. Powderfeeding should be measured by weight, and the solution should be monitored using an EC.meter to fine-tune the solutions depending on the plant's age or growth-stages, according to the charts supplied with the Powderfeeding. And you are right, it does look weak, and that is correct. (In soil, I typically mix my solutions by only half strength, and then follow with 3 or 4 feedings with only water before giving another powderfeeding. When growing in soil, I prefer to encourage the plant to seek-out its nutrients by growing her roots.) Remember, when feeding into soil, the plant needs time to reach all those nutes that you are saturating into the soil. If you keep adding nutes with every watering, you will certainly overfertilize the soil in those areas where the roots haven't yet reached...) I highly recommend the EC-meter from BlueLabs called the Truncheon. Ease of use and reliability makes it well worth its price.
  19. White Strawberry Skunk nice choice ull love the smell during the flowering period. Photo cycle during veg period 16-18 hrs of light per day, for the flowering cycle we need 12hrs of continous darknes, happy growing. PEACE
  20. Oh yeah, this is going to be a very informative grow journal. Nice pictures and editting. Pulling up a chair...
  21. Welcome back Multitech. Looking forward to this grow. You're using one of my favorite techniques (Ebb-n-Flow). It will be interesting to see some pictures of your set-up (to compare to mine) hehe. (I assume that you are using Ebb-n-Flow in your flowering area. Are you using a different Tech in the Vegg area? Or are you also using Ebb-n-Flow for the Vegg area too?) Well, don't answer my questions here in this thread. I'll run over to your Grow Journal "Caboose - Soil and MultiMedium to Hydro!" under "Grow Journals Indoor" to see your answer there. For everyone else, I shall post a link to Multitech's Grow Journal below so that they can quickly follow... Ciao Ciao
  22. the spoon supplied is roughly 10g and that is for 10l of water when using at full strenght better still would be use scales or an EC meter hope this helps peace
  23. I hope i can have more controle on the humiditi with that
  24. Some please tell me if I am correct in feeding my plants 3/4 teaspoons powder feeding hybrid mix per gallon of water . looks weak to me.
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  26. Hola! Thank you for taking the time to check things out. This is going to be a great stoke out on this round with Caboose. Always excited and motivated when having new to me genetics in the bank to analyze. Also to note. I started the grow journal in the grow room already. This was an introduction to the community. I have the other post under "Caboose - Soil and MultiMedium to Hydro!" under "Grow Journals Indoor" which has the current photos of the grow. Thank you again for seeing whats up on my side of the mountain! Sending you a box of stoke! Saludos!
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