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  3. Good evening lovely people, I wanted to grow the money maker strain and I have some doubts about what would be the best way to help it's structure development and any further tips are very welcomed! Bye bye!
  4. Yes...theres a lot of time, love and dedication involved in this crop...also was it necessary to share my time optimally among wife, kidz, work and plants for such satisfactory results!!! I unterstand growing as a whole...which means, a complex synchronization of vibrations at different levels....know what I mean? IT aint easy!!
  5. Heyo, I'm sorry if this update came out late, yesterday ended up being not as relaxing as i thought and had no chanche to update the journal. Anyway, here i am. I KILLED S1. Did it for 3 main reasons: - I needed space; - The smell was growing too strong; - She was the sickest of the 3. Rest in peace, Viktoria. May your leaves blend well in my tobacco mixture. Anyway, we're left with S2 (Rebecca) and S3 (Cindy) which are the healthiest of the group. A couple pics below: REBECCA S2: I am deeply sorry for the blurred image, my Canon today wasn't feeling well. Stupid ass camera. Yet, the trichome tips are actually RED, and it's NOT a camera effect. I suspect it's NeemOil's fault, yet i still need to spray this girl cause mites are still infesting the lower area. CINDY S3: That's the smallest flower i've ever seen! It's about half a centimeter long, maybe 0.3cm wide. Do not worry though, i've saved Viktoria's leaves and early-flowers for joints and teas. I think i heard Viktoria screaming when i chopped her down.. Till the next update.. Peace! EDIT: I forgot to add one important thing. I flushed them with 200% water. ROs are quite interesting. S3, aka Cindy, had a final runoff of about 6.4PH. She lies in a 6L pot and has been fed with 12L water at 6.8PH. S2, aka Rebecca, had a final runoff of about 6.1PH, like the previous one. She lies in a 11L pot and has been fed with 22L water. I cannot explain why S2 is still having a low-ish PH. Last runoff before flushing measured 6.1, and this runoff after flushing measured the same 6.1. What the hell is going on there?! Not that i'm concerned about it: the plant doesn't seem to give 3 shits. She loves super acidic water, she loves neutral water, as she didn't show any problem on her leaves (YET).
  6. But you are learning what not to do. That will make things better for the future seeds.
  7. Hello people Here are my other 2 plants Growing nicely
  8. Hi, Thanks. These will be the first plants I've ever grown, never mind made hash out of. I've been a-Googling how to make hash, and watching the Strain Hunter videos. What method would you suggest I use to make hash out of the leaves. I've seen several, and one putting the leaves through various bag filters (with ice and water) looks the easiest (Filtration Bags: purple 25 micron , white 45 micron, yellow 73 micron, black 90 micron, orange 120 micron, red 160 micron, green 190 micron, blue 220micron).
  9. Hello René and welcome to forum Tell us more about yourself, are you cultivating? What genetics are you passionate about? regards
  10. Hello Reemy and welcome to SH forum Do you know the new range of nutrients BIO Green House Feeding? It's the best way to grow marijuana naturally: They offer very good results, causing the plants to completely unfold and to thicken their buds. All this, with 100% organic nutrients. Cheers
  11. Hello JoshDoewunz and welcome to forum Green House has two strains with a smell and flavor cheese, both are excellent. The Cheese and the Exodus cheeses, I recommend you try the two so that you can compare which one you like best. The Super Bud is a peasant genetics, which stands out for its great production. Big, dense buds, to fill a closet completely You can see more details at: Cheers!!
  12. You really have lots of resin, good buds Do you make hash with resin from the leaves? It must be delicious!
  13. Frostiness. Photo taken shining a diving torch at it as well as the HPS lights on. Makes photo's look more blue and sparkling
  14. Thanks Cannabissapean. I was beginning to suspect that the bat mix (40% Coco, 60% peat, with added bat poop) was too strong a mix to put germinated seeds straight into. Thanks for the confirmation. Initially, I had thoroughly soaked the medium then put the germinated seeds into it (half an inch deep) thinking this would be good, but alas not. I dug into the ones I expected to have died and found the medium was quite compacted due to excessive moisture as you suspected IC and JW went into the somewhat dried out old DK & WB pots, after fluffing/breaking up the medium and adding some dry medium. I've just dug IC and JW up. IC was not looking happy so have transferred back into soggy tissue to try to revive. JW had grown a longer tap root that also did not look too happy. I've replanted JW with the seed head at the surface so she gets a little light and might be able to perk up/shed her shell case and get those cotyledons working . If these two die, I shall germinate two more seeds and plant them in a medium you suggest (smaller pots and seedling soil). I'm pretty sad I'm a cannabis seed murderer atm
  15. I was in a bit of a rush yesterday not got enough time to spend with these ladies most days. I was cleaning up foliage trying to get more light into plants and when pulling my arm back from back of tent a main branch caught on my arm and snapped! I couldn't get close enough to see if the inner herd was still in tact and I had no electrical tape to put back in place as my son seems to like helping himself to things round the house no matter where you think is safe he gets there! All I had to hand was some plumbers ptft tape for leaky tap threads I leant the branch back over the snap and wrapped it round hoping it's holding it in place going to leave it alone for 4-5 days then empty the tent to get close! But apart from that all is going well! Pics of day 6 flower!
  16. Hey guys! Hope everyone is having a blessed day. I'm wondering what is the strongest strain of cheese I can find. Also very interested in original big bud seeds. Thank you & God Bless
  17. Last week
  18. Guanogusano, I cannot determine the strain, but I will say you have done a wonderful job growing that plant, especially considering the small pot size and the fact that you are where you are (lattitude). Also, the weather this year had to have helped a great deal, with the unusually long summer-like weather this year. I wish I could grow outdoors, but my neighbors are a bit nosey, and my wife would raise hell.
  19. If you burn at 428°F, you will destroy most of the Cannabinoids, and you will coat the inside of your alveolae with mostly carbon and ash.
  20. Peacemaker420, This forum is here to educate persons about cannabis. If one desires to learn, he can learn how to grow cannabis by studying this forum. This forum does not sell marijuana, nor do we help you to buy marijuana. If you must have marijuana and you do not wish to grow it for yourself, then all that is left for you is the risky proposition of getting your weed from the streets. Trading or arranging for trading is not allowed in this forum.
  21. Love.raggae, If you are spraying your plants with tap-water or mineral-water, then those white spots might be the mineral residues remaining after the water evaporates. I recommend that you mist your plants with distilled water instead. Otherwise, since you are giving us no information other than the pictures, it is difficult for us to help you. If you really want help from us, you need to write something. If you are only using a mobile device, then you won't be able to communicate very well in this forum. You can better participate in this forum when you use a computer or full-sized laptop. Additionally, your pictures are sideways because you are using a mobile device. To correct that, you need to load those pictures onto a real computer, open them in Paint (or a similar application), correct the orientation, THEN SAVE. After that, when you upload the saved photos to the forum, they will be displayed correctly.
  22. ShaggyGrower, Sorry I hadn't seen this grow journal until just now. I see that you are having problems with the seedling stage, and I know why. Your soil looks too dense, and therefore it holds too much water and doesn't allow very much oxygen to the roots. Cannabis must have oxygen at its roots in order to grow optimally. Your soil contains no Perlite (or a similar material) which is essential to allow the soil to drain well and to allow oxygen to get to the roots between waterings. It may be too late to try to correct this for these babies since they are so far along, but maybe you'll be lucky and they might survive this stage. But I do highly recommend that you prepare the soil for the final pots using significant amounts of Perlite. Also, in the future, (I assume that these are not Autos) your first seedling pot should be smaller. only about 4 or 5 inches. If the seedling pot is too big (as is this red one), then watering is difficult to judge, and your signal to transplant (the root-tips showing at the bottom of the pot) occurs much too late. Also, the soil that is used for the seedling should not be so rich as "bat soil mix". Again, you might be lucky; they might survive to the transplant stage, but seedlings need virtually no nutrients for the first couple weeks because they are being fed from their cotyledons (baby leaves). And seedlings are very susceptible to nutrient burn until they have established their roots. Usually, it is best to wait until after the cotyledons begin to shrivel up before introducing any nutrients. For the future, I would recommend your using just simple seedling soil with nothing except some Perlite added for the seedling stage. Save the bat soil mix for use with Perlite and a number of other amendments when mixing your soil for the final pots. If you haven't yet seen how to mix soil for cannabis, I recommend that you view some recipes for "supersoil for cannabis". Use these words in search on Google or on YouTube, and you will see many recipes. By viewing these recipes, you will begin to get an idea how to mix soil for cannabis. Good Luck forward-going.
  23. hey .. does anyone know is this classic powdery mildew?.. or a specific sign for something else..?...i've never seen this before!! much thanks!!
  24. Welcome to StrainHunters, Reemy. So, how do you want to start? Soil indoors or Soil outdoors?
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