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  3. Me neither: i have no words
  4. Hi everyone! I live in Colorado and I've been in the cannabis industry for about 7 years now. I've held all sorts of jobs and know my way around, however I've always struggled when it came to writing my resume for medical marijuana (now recreational as well). Then this past month my company announced they were going out of business at the end of the year so I was like OH NO!! But luckily I stumbled upon a website called Marijuana Resumes and that saved my life! I worked with the owner and for only $65 he wrote me an awesome resume that helped me to land an even better job with a better company. In fact I got my new job within a WEEK of working with him! So I wanted to get online and share my experience with others who might be in a similar circumstance. I would highly recommend Marijuana Resumes if you can spare the cost. It was totally worth the peace of mind for me! Here is a link:
  5. I will not reply
  6. Its like a nursery here
  7. See, totally clueless but just a very angry thinks he knows it all. By the way, I will call you what I want but you are wrong again, I never called you a "friend"! You are no friend of mine my deluded dear. I simply called you £dear" with no reference at all to "friend". Can't see where you got that from but maybe you need a lay down because you appear to be getting increasingly confused sweet-pea. Clown of the very highest order and the forum is a worse place with your involvement because of the shit you spout out of that mouth of yours. You are clueless and it shows in every post that you write. Also, @Cindy, thought you said you was posting no more. Hahaha, that lasted long didn't it. Anyways, get on with it but I would hope that GHSC would intervene as I am certain their opinion on drug dealers is not what you would like to think. A drug dealer is a drug dealer regardless of if its weed or any other illegal drug so I suggest you refresh that deluded memory of yours @LedCherryBerry. Its the law in most countries my dear boy and regardless what you think it is a criminal offence. Silly you.... The comedy continues and I am so very pleased you are "Pissed" because of this and there was you saying I was angry........hahahahaha, its you all along! No need to reply with more shit @LedCherryBerrybecause my sides are aching too much from laughing.
  8. Hello all I just wanted to show you my plants They are really looking good now As you can all see they are just starting to flower now
  9. Hello all I am looking forward to seeing all the grows on here I wish you all the best in your grow Yours Cindy 😎
  10. Upping for curiosity :3 Cheers!
  11. Thank you i am trying my best 😎
  12. Ofc. My fault for taking this too seriously. Can't wait for the next update Cindy. I was looking at the ScrOG you made and it's impressive. Very well done.
  13. Hello all Can we please leave the above conversation alone now Thankyou Yours Cindy 😎
  14. I have a space of 100x165 and 165 heightI as hoping to fit 5 plants in there. I have two 350W LED lights and no experience of indoor growth! Master Yoda, what do you mean with top the 2nd and 3rd node?
  15. I believe you lost completely your mind and point. And don't call me my dear. I'm not your friend. Weed dealing isn't drug dealing. If you're convinced weed is a drug you're on the wrong forum. You know that we don't live in YOUR country, and many people cannot grow weed themselves. If GHS decides to send me the seeds, it'll be THEIR decision, not yours, if it's a waste or not. Mind your own business. I'm Pissed because you keep harassing me and Cindy imposing your wrong will and "reasoning". You can keep them for yourself. Yep, indeed comical. This is NOT a private message, it is Cindy's GROW. Consider writing HERE about your thoughts on her GROW only. It is called 3rd indoor grow, not "I'm Sal's personal opinions about shit". You're not god. You're not an admin. You're not from GHS. You're not right or wrong, you're just frustrated. Go spit your demons elsewhere. We don't have time to waste on failed judges like you.
  16. Three weeks until the comp' starts! Do we know who's been chosen to participate yet, The anticipation is all very exciting. Regs, Shaggy
  17. But you agree @LedCherryBerry that what DRUG DEALERS are doing is just fine and dandy! I don't take my money anywhere my deluded dear, I grow for myself alone and this is why I always have jars full of nice weed. Totally clueless in many areas including the waste of Rhino seeds that you might get a go at. Oh, thanks for the capitals full of abuse. Seems it is you who is angered my little sausage. Very comical indeed from many points of view.
  18. THIS is a noble service.
  19. Holy fucking shit for real? I'd be saying Nice but i don't know if you liked it or not.. Anyway: NICE! I always pictured you as a Sniper or something hehehehe Good looking girls Cindy. You're doing an amazing job.
  20. Feeding day. Ph meter broke, again - booo! So ph done by finger-in-the-air & remembering from last time (ie, after nutes and ro, water a little alkaline so give a little ph down). DD 12.0kg to start; 12l @ 1000ppm in; 2.4l out of 1338ppm out Nebula 12.5kg to start; 12l @ 1070ppm in; 1.9l of 1695ppm out (a bit high) JW 15.5kg to start; - will feed/water in a few days IC 12.8kg to start; 12l @ 1001ppm in; 3.6l of 745ppm out SS 13.5kg to start; 12l @ 978ppm in; 3.3l of 885ppm out All plants looking great with lots of stretching going on and no deficiencies/excesses visible. The LST'd side shoots have nearly reached the side of the pots (15cm) and are already the same length in height as they are in width (20cm). I might not even need the SCRoG net as the LSTing is doing the job fine (as per @I'm Sal) . Lots of pre-flowers but not buds coming through yet (perhaps another week or two). Temps between 20-28C; humidity 45-60%; 12/12; 660w (610w actual draw). CO2 bubblers doing well in there I think. (ps, think memory was faulty and 12lbs (7kg) was the dry weight for 46l pots, not 12kg, so perhaps could have left a few days longer) For the record, my grow is for my own use. I will of course give some away to friends, and if they want to offer some wine, diy help, dinner, etc, in return, I'm ok with that. My reasons for growing is I'm fed up of not knowing what I'm smoking, & cost. I'd like to know what I'm smoking ('cause I've grown it) and keep costs down. Photo's in the next post.
  21. Last week
  22. Make your mind up, you say you don't smoke it and just in it for the money but now you say you do smoke it just a few days later. WFT! Yeah yeah yeah @Cindy Nevermind Cindy, you have digging a deeper hole for yourself by your blatant contradictions.
  23. I read from old post on other forum that allmix and other have a lote of nitrogene in it so i think the tips curling down from that
  24. Ps i spent 20 years in the army
  25. All I want to do is help ex sas people out and the more I have the better
  26. Dear Sal i did grow it for my ex as well so please don’t argue with me the person I sell it to is a ex sas Soldier the same as I am and it helps him saying that I do keep some for myself as I find it helps my PTSD
  27. Maybe he didn't like you selling for many obvious reasons you still fail to see. Anyway
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