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  2. You right, that appeared on the old leafs but after transplanting all is good fixed
  3. No problem dude, thanks for looking and have a nice week-end!
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  5. Hi @LedCherryBerry, Thanks! My aim was for 20oz (566g) for the full harvest in my bloated 1.2m2x2m. Only because it was a nice round HUGE number and I like setting very hard to reach goals. It was a test grow of sorts, ie, I deliberately over-nuted to see what would happen (learning). OK, learn a lot and that in turn caused some lockouts/burn. Nebula was supposed to be 60-65 days of flowering, but harvested on Day 67. Sensi Star was 56-63 days and harvested Day 68. Trichomes look perfect on Sensi Star. A little more amber than Nebula, which is fine by me as it's a 90% Indica so all about couch-locking stonerness (and may help my sister in law who has MS). Nebula is 60% Sativa. Dutch Dragon will be the last one pulled (63-70 days). Ice Cream may get harvested tomorrow (55-60 days - 60% Indica). Jacky White, the tallest with the largest bud circumference (60 Days - 75% Sativa) perhaps Monday. Happy Growing!
  6. I can see Sensi Star yielding 80-90g. That's a nice amount for that good looking girl you got :3 Yummy!
  7. Yea definitely genetics, funny stuff Do you guys know how many phenotypes of White Rhinoa aredescribed?
  8. One litre of Enhancer given to Tri and Bi today at half the recommended dosage (0.5g per litre) Rather too little than too much. They where just below their base weights. Also added an inch of very dry perlite/coco from SS's pot to the top of their (and M & 3's) pots to hinder gnat flies. They had a little BioGrow 3 days ago. When they get to base weight again, they'll get their final dose of BioGrow. Now I have only three large plants (Dutch Dragon, Ice Cream and Jacky White) in the big HPS tent room, I've moved the WR and others into there. HPS is set at 400w on the ballast. Once all my other grow is harvested (over the next week), I shall have the WR in there under 400w HPS and 135 real watt LED 18/6. I want some veg stretching. Happy Growing!
  9. Looks good @OG.Naj, although in that bottom photo some leafs, especially that bottom left leaf, seems to have some interveinal chlorosis. Happy Growing!
  10. Thanks @OG.Naj. Day 68 of flowering. Sensi Star came down today: Very chunky buds. I'm very happy I left it those extra weeks due to lockout. A very pleasurable time spent wet trimming. Seriously, it was lovely.: The right hand side are all very chunky top cola's, the left the bottom of those colas. The trim will go in the freezer and then next week I'll make bubble-bag hash with it. The weather next week looks very cold. Excellent! My full outside R/O water butt will full of frozen/very cold water which will be great for utilizing when making bubble-bag hash. Happy Growing!
  11. really nice bud shot, look forward to reading more in this thread. have a great day
  12. everything looks great man, when i got a little more time i gonna pop back and read through everything. just passing by and saying a quick hello, keep it green man
  13. ok so it got busy in there still running a low ec, they took over the room, some tops got a bit fried, nothing i can do now, so will just go with the flow.
  14. @OG.Naj Thanx a lot bro... Have a great week-end ! Cheers & Salute !
  15. Hello Hunters, Today are: - the 30 Day for 2 Super Lemon Haze. - the 23 Day for 2 Sideral. We can see that we have 1 SLH and 1 Sideral that develop a great structure with great branching development. I make a little lst on the two other to try to devlop more the secondary branches to have more bushy plants before the flowering cycle. I top the 4 plants at the 4 or 5 nodes. Just one week after transplant & the first watering in the final pot the substrat look already moist so i dont watering again now. Here are the pics of today... Group Shot The #2 SLH, The keeper #3 SLH See you next week hunters!
  16. Good harvest dude! Your plant looks good and ready
  17. Wouaw!! What a good job here! I'm sure you'll have an exploding flowering with this big healty plants! Nothing to say more, ah ah
  18. Hello @g22, Sory for the late reply & I will respond here, because I have a better view of your grow. As Jan say, your problem can become from many differents thing but your plant look not to bad so not worries dude you dont have a big problem! - I was explaining here rather than you should not use the cal-mag with this range of nut. - Its important with coconut, bio feed and with microoganism your substrate should always be moist and never completely dry that for a good activity in your substrat. - For a better RH, hummidity you can take out your black plastic and put some other natural mulch like straw, hemp straw or other thing. With that your substrat can a little bit sweat and as Jan say, you can also spray your plants directly, thats work well! But i have 3 question: - Wath's your PH of your water you use and what can you read with the drain PH? - How long your plant are in this pot size? - Do you put some extra powder feeding on top? Have a nice day bro!
  19. Good luck for your flowering with your lady's!
  20. Your plant looks awesome! Specially the big one, just a perfect structure! Cant wait to see this ladys in flowering to see wath good thing hapens. Good luck for the contest dude!
  21. Healty plants here As I'm Sal say I think to that the trinodes come from the genitics. We can see that on other grow with this strain. Good luck for the contest!
  22. Thanks for the reply man!
  23. C'est quoi le nom de ta souche australienne ? Tu as des photos ? Possibilité d'échanger avec une landrace de tahiti?
  24. landrace

    Possibilité d'échanger avec de la landrace de tahiti ?
  25. Échange possible avec de la landrace de tahiti ???
  26. Possibilité d'échanger avec de la landrace de tahiti ???
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