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  3. Hello Hunters, We are on the begining of week 6 of flowering... Here are the pics Group Shot Topleft is 1 sideral, the more lavender/stretchy pheno - topright is the second sideral & is the KEEPER more amnesia pheno Below left Super Lemon Haze #3 - belowright Super Lemon Haze #2 SLH #2 SLH #3 Sideral The keeper Sideral lavender pheno See you next week for the next update! Have a nice smokyyy sunday hunters!
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  5. Thank you very much for your offer of help. I am trying 3 varieties to see how it works: Lebanese, Mazar-I-Shariff and Manipuri. So far the Mazar is growing well and fast, the lebanese is growing well also but is a smaller plant so I assume that it is normal that it is smaller and the Manipuri did not germinate as well as the other strains but the one plant so far is doing well. Germination out of 3 seeds for each variety was as follow: 3 of 3 for Mazar, 2 of 3 for Labanese and 1 of 3 for Manipuri. Since it is the first time for me growing, I want to see what I can come up with. For LED and watering, I am monitoring closely. I am watering very little amounts at a time. My soil drains super well. I understand that they like to have air through the roots as well so to try and make sure that they are not watered too much. My goal is more health benefits, so I am planning to juice fresh leaves and consume the juice. Anything else I should know?
  6. Bi's cola on Day 27 since flipping to 12/12 : She has the longest cola at the moment at ~10 inches. Happy Growing!
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  8. Hey everyone, I'm Jeroen and I'm staying in south-east Africa. I'm growing Sativa outdoors and would love some advice. What natural items can I use for a good nutrient full soil (special soil for this is not available here)
  9. Oh boy, here we go. The first contendant to approach harvest. Can't wait to see! If you may follow a hint, wait some extra days and wait for most of the leaves to become yellow. I know we're supposed to watch for trichomes colour, but Cannabis is still a plant that follows nature rules. Even if it's in a controlled and artificial enviroment, yellowing is a sign her cycle is technically done and she's using up the nutes stored in the leaves to finish everything. Meaning, if you cut the plant when she's still overall green, you cut her just a bit early. Of course, keep track of trichome colour as that's the main thing to spot for harvest time. Maybe it's another opportunity for them to put on the extra-weigh we all love to see At least, that's what i would do. It's up to you, as always. Apart from this.. Your plants are amazing, Sir. Some of the colas look thick like a fist. Very well done! Just a question, i missed it throughout the whole journal: how many VEG weeks have you given them? It's a curiosity of mine: just keeping the answer as a reference for next grows (2 weeks looks like this, 8 like this etc) Anyway.. Big up, and see you in the next update (which i honestly can't wait for :D) Peace!
  10. Hello friends, First want to wish to all of you a great & happy 420... This is our day today so let's smoke ahah... Back with a last update before cutting in the next few days... Plants looks great, I've made the flushing few days ago but the leaves still green... (the GHSC Feeding bio work too good). But the buds looks ready, lot of sugar everywhere... but not really talking when you see the pictures... For every plant I'll cut I'll post a update with description and pictures... will do my best to post better quality pictures like that you'll can see how they look at the end. Happy to have the harvest soon and in the same time that's mean also the end of this cool contest... But the best is still to come... Here we go for few pictures. Cheers & respect ! Evolution666 DAY 90 (8th week of flowering)
  11. Small, compact and, they look delicious! I'm looking forward to your opinion on this smoke.
  12. Hi mate, No, I will select photos of this forum and publish them. I'll always mention the grower. BUT, If you want to share a photo in IG, you can use #Strainhuntersforum or @Strainhuntersforum The most beautiful photos of IG, will also be shared in the IG forum account. The purpose of this IG account is simply to expand on the good work you all do in the forum. Excellent growing diaries, tests, helps new growers, etc.... Cheers!
  13. Do i have to upload photos to this forum and you pick randomly there or use #strainhuntersforum hashtag in instagram to get photos published?
  14. Happy 420 everyone! Today, I was up at 4.20am planting my clones in the wild. Let's see if they survive & thrive over the summer. Happy Guerrilla Growing!
  15. By all means my instagram is sirgrowalot! The slurricane is certainly a mouth watering strain smell and looks the buds aren’t that big but they are sure rock solid like a stone no pgr’s Just rich soil and water. If you did try and eat it you’d probably break your teeth 😂
  16. Wow, man, this is beautiful! Very good work, this is great. I'll share some photos on IG.... Do you want me to @ you? Those buds make you want to eat them haha
  17. I hope so, man! Nugs don't look too fat (for the moment), but i'm very aware of their THC content. Might not be the best GPW grow out there, possibly one of the worst.. But i can't wait to taste this girl! I'll just have to wait and see a bit more.. Counting the days.. 20.. 19..
  18. They look wonderful, good tails, it will be a good crop, friend
  19. Hi mates! We have created a new channel in Instagram, where we can share some of the forum photos. You can follow him from: #StrainHuntersForum We will use it to share photos, publish contests, publish news, latest news, etc...... Don't miss it!!
  20. Your plant is amazing bro.... Once again salute for the good job ! Cheers & respect ! Evo
  21. The girls in end week 8. I think i shouldve been earlier and heavier with the flushing
  22. D98 6W FLO D42 FLO TEMP 20°-26° LIGHT OFF 27°-31° LIGHT ON RH 35% 50%
  23. I don't think its magnesium, but manganese deficiency. New leafs are more yellow and those spot are not on the side of the leaf.
  24. Start of week 7. Day 102, aka Flowering Day 43. It seems that i found the true issue behind all of the deficiencies. Correcting Soil PH stopped abruptly the yellowing of leaves, consequently they stopped falling (even the affected ones). I now understand what issues are present in my water: limestone and chlorine. Chlorine isn't that pain-in-the-ass as i previously thought, just letting the water sit for 48hrs removes it. As for limestone, i'll need to figure out what to do. Yes, i can buy filters, but that requires additional planning to re-mineralize my water. Same word goes for distilled water, i need to understand if it's worth using or not. Anyway, pistils are getting orange day-by-day, and the buds have finally fattened a bit. A couple colas reach 4.5 cm in thickness. Next enhancer feeding, which is also the last one, is happening in a week (start of week 8). From week 9, i'll slowly flush (first 1/2 Soil LT, then 2/3, then 1/1, then 2/1). This is to ensure less stress in the root zone, less chance of rotting/mold, and to gradually release salts and build-ups. I guess it's Pic-time now. Highlander's Canopy: Highlander's Cola View: Highlander's longest cola: (Pic is cut as lower part was too dark) I'll see y'all next week for the next update. Peace!
  25. Here is not a dangerous plant its wild garlic in french we call it garlic of the bear i know som forest where is now full of that it is very goed to eating but the flowering dont stay long alive i think maximum 1 month here a picture from my garden
  26. Here in garden you can find this plant everywhere just tuch it can burn your skin a make a big bubbel on your skin when i was using a brushcutter sometime other littel plant can burn your skin too or is tis plant in small form going to the buschcutter
  27. Personally I don't like nettle, it itches a lot:) Maybe other people can help us with this question.
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