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  2. Thank you Jose! I was wondering how many more weeks out do you think this strain might need? And it's been 134 days not (144 typo)
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  4. Hello huters! The two GH Holy Punch are now at day 20 of the grow period. The temperature of the room are at 23° & the humidity are at 70%. Until now, i watering my two plants with water and roots booster, next watering i will make the first nutrient solution for this two beauty baby's. As i say in my last post we can see little difference betwen the two plants. the GH Holy Punch 1 is more indica with a slower devlopment that the GH Holy Punch two. We will see wath's the reaction of the two plants with the topping i make today. So here are the pics of today! Just after topping So see you next week hunters!
  5. Unfortunately here is my last slh bud ... but so tasty! Cheers
  6. August 21, 2018. It's raining season. --- Neville's haze plant # 01 Age: 122 days; From the appearance of stigmas: 70 days; Height: 105 cm; The increase over the past week is: +7 cm, ~ 1 cm per day. --- Plant # 01 - markedly distinguished. At once, the structure of branches attracts attention - they grow not just horizontally, but at a negative angle, slightly lifting the tops toward the sun. On branches of the first order - twigs of the second order grow well. All this looks - very unusual. Noticeably the difference between the leaves - the "fingers" are narrower than those of the leaves of the other two plants. As for any odor in the plant, it appeared this week and is very weak - it is felt only close. What exactly smells, it is still difficult to describe. --- Neville's haze plant # 02 Age: 122 days; Flowering: 2 days (at the beginning of flowering [August 19] - 68 days from the appearance of stigma); Height: 126 cm; The increase over the past week is: +12 cm, ~ 1.7 cm per day. --- Neville's haze plant # 03 Age: 122 days; From the appearance of stigmas: 70 days; Height: 119 cm; The increase over the past week is: +10 cm, ~ 1.4 cm per day. --- The fourth week has passed since the plants # 02 and # 03 began to exude around themselves - the aroma from different fruit blends. --- In general, looking at plants # 02 and # 03 from a distance, it seems - clones, but this is not entirely true. There is a certain similarity only the structure of branching, and the color and shape of the leaves are different. --- Plants received food 2 times over the past week. The composition of the aqueous solution is the same (humate of nitrogen 4 ml + superphosphate 12 ml per 1 liter of water). --- Next update is on August 28, 2018.
  7. She look to appreciat wat i give to her I decide to let her outdoor to the end 1.20 high from stem and 1.30/○ wide For The flowering iam gone give some bat /compost thea. and alga bloom they are the rest of my fertizer
  8. Hi and welcome to forum In the cultivation section you can find some of MOney Maker's cultivation diaries, it is a very good, productive and effective genetics. It's really good in my opinion. Cheers
  9. Hi Lance, I don't know exactly how the laws work in Canada, but I think it's possible to grow with a license, is it? Cheers
  10. Hi and welcome to forum Those buds look fabulous, very good hand. We hope to see some growing diaries and share ideas Cheers
  11. Hi Gizmo and welcome to forum Sure, it will be great to have you, to see your growing diary, to share experiences Cheers!
  12. Hi and welcome to forum Those buds look great, they still have to grow and ripen but they already look tasty! Cheers!
  13. I want to grow indoor weed in beirut lebanon but we dont have the usual fertilizers eg:" Advanced Nutrients , Canna etc . What can I use to not burn them we have the normal stuff for growing but not for Weed thnx for your help anyone
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  15. I have been growing personal for 3 years, I am new to it but I am always reading and trying to find new and unique methods of growing better medicine. I recently received some seeds from Jamaica and I popped them in April. By the first week of May they went into my pots. When they began to grow I noticed purple stems then as the weeks went by once they flowered I could see tiny purple pistols. It lead me to the strain hunters video from Jamaica when I put two and two together I knew I had seen this strain somewhere before I just couldn't remember until today. I am 144 days in and here is the plant to this day.
  16. A little update. All four Greenhouse seeds have germinated successfully. I did not use RootIT! sponges this time, simply soaked SLH2, ASH and FLC in a little CalMag'd RO water for 24 hrs then put directly 1.5cm below surface of old Canna Coco Pro Plus & Perlite before they'd even cracked or showed any root. They all broke ground without any shell casing attached to them. The ShaggyLettuceBerry is actually ShaggyParaBerry3 I have since learned. So that will be 3 x ShaggyParaBerry's in with them (chances are they are Whiteberry's). Plus a 1cm tall Space Cookies clone that's still going, and a couple of re-veg's if they make it. Heck, I might even bring in White Rhino clone number 7 (WRC7) which is going strongly after some major tlc, from outside, in a month or so. This plant is all three-fingered leaves at the moment. Seems the stress it has been though during it's life (into ground @ 4.20am on 20/4) has morphed it into something different. I wonder if some original heritage has been activated in it's gene's. Happy Growing!
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  18. hi all , im new to the forum and also new to growing, used a few other forums in the past but this one seems to be the best from what i have read, have some seeds and will be ready to pop soon so keep an eye out it will be zombie kush by ripper seeds, also thanks for letting me join this forum peace out
  19. Hola!! yo soy un fanático de cepas legendarias y encontré esta web, yo e encontrado aquí muchas variedades que anda buscando, decirme que os parece creo que os puede ayudar en otras no e encontrado esas variedades, espero que os ayude un saludo a todos y muy buenos humos!!
  20. I hope uou get a goed warmy autumn
  21. Hello, ShaggyGrower! Yes, 3 seeds were viable, but I was still happy, as at that time, and now. As seeds are stored at the dealer in a warehouse in Russia, I have no idea. But I store the seeds in the fridge.
  22. Hello, g22! Here is a very good description of the climate of Primorsky Krai in Russia: “The climate is temperate monsoon. Winter is dry and cold, with clear weather, there are often thaws on the coast. Spring is long, with frequent temperature fluctuations. Summer is warm and humid, in the summer months there is a maximum amount of precipitation, in some areas up to 90% of the annual amount. There are typhoon outlets, which sometimes inflict enormous damage on infrastructure and agriculture. Autumn is warm, sunny and dry. In summer the south-east winds from the Pacific Ocean prevail, and in the winter north-west, bringing cold, but clear weather from the continental regions.” – Wikipedia (ru).
  23. Loving the structure of your plants and the detail in your diary, @Chesterland The plants look great for such small 3l pots, I would not thought that was possible so thanks for showing it is. Did two of the five beans not germinate? (So a 60% success rate). I'm wondering where to store beans/seeds for the future. Fridge, freezer, jar, I don't know. Your plants are the same age (give or take a day) as my Space Cookies (indoor grow, Day 39 of flowering today). I have some GHS Haze's germinating so am interested in watching how yours perform. Happy Growing!
  24. @Chesterland Hello chesterland nice grow wat about the climate in your country ?
  25. hello guys! newbie here. It's really hard for me because I don't have an idea of indoor growing before but when I read this article and It really helpful for me because I got some ideas like stabilizing huge buds is the easiest I've found. I hope you got some ideas for me guys.
  26. August 14, 2018. All plants have 115 days from germination, 63 days from the appearance of stigmas. --- Since the planting of plants - a week has passed and the following has been found out: Firstly, additional supports are extremely important for plants, otherwise, a good rain with wind immediately bends them to the ground; Secondly - the distance from the ground to the first branches, which was left during the landing, is clearly not enough. During the rain, the "dirty" splashes falling on the branches, brought dirt on them. Which, incidentally, was not washed off immediately. --- All that needed to be done at this stage was done: 1) The plants are tied to wooden stakes driven into the ground; 2) A pair of lower branches on each plant is trimmed. --- Plants, for the past week, were fed 2 times, in the form of an aqueous solution: nitrogen humate + superphosphate (dosage is the same). --- Photographs of plants (separately): Neville's haze 1st plant Height: 98 cm. Neville's haze 2nd plant Height: 114 cm. Neville's haze 3rd plant Height: 111 cm. P.S. If someone is interested, then the next update will be August 21, 2018.
  27. I always use that brand from long is washed to and goed quality just need a new shop in my country 😕
  28. Let's go… Seedlings of three Neville's haze plants grown from feminized seeds from «Green House Seeds» (on August 7, 2018, in all three plants - 108 days from seedlings, 56 days from the appearance of stigmas). --- Almost from the beginning of life, and to the middle of July, the plants had a light period of 18/6 (day/night). During the day, the plants stood outside, under the sun, unless there was a strong wind or rain, and in the morning and in the evening, as a "sun", the plants had a 55 watt 4200 (Navigator) lamp. Photos before boarding in open ground (August 7, 2018): Neville's haze 1st plant Height: 96 cm; Interstitial: 5 cm. Neville's haze 2nd plant Height: 113 cm; Interstitial: 6,5 cm. Neville's haze 3rd plant Height: 110 cm; Interstitial: 5,5 cm. --- Seeds ordered from one of the official Russian dealers, in an amount of 5 pieces (one package), of which 3 were sprouting. The seeds were germinated, as written on the GHS website. April 16, 2018 April 16, 2018 April 17, 2018 April 17, 2018 April 18, 2018 --- All three Neville's haze will be grown in the usual way. Place of cultivation: 44° north latitude, Russia, Primorsky Krai. Neville's haze has a rather long flowering period and for complete maturation it is necessary to grow it on more southern latitudes. But even on the 44th latitude, it is quite possible to get an excellent "smoking material". --- To, at the time of flowering, not only mature plants, but also compact ones, it was decided that the plants would grow from shoots to planting in open ground in containers with a volume of ~ 3 liters. But even in "such" volume, the plants continued to grow actively, and at this point it was decided to remove the large leaves that were on the central trunks of plants - this decision slowed, but did not stop the growth. At the end of July, two weeks before disembarkation into the open ground, the substrate was washed in which the plants were located. The substrate in which the plants grew was made by itself: peat (rubbed through a 1x1 cm grid and calcined) 1 part, cow bark (rubbed through a 1x1 cm grid) 1 part, river river "by eye" and a glass (on a bucket of substrate) oak ash . The prepared substrate was spilled 2 times with a solution of "Phytosporin-M". --- In the land, at the site of planting, in the autumn of 2017, black peat was added (it is unknown when, but lies, under the open sky, for more than 11 years, before on the peat, mushrooms grew on their own), 1 kg of superphosphate (nitrogen - 6%, phosphorus - 26% + sulfur, calcium, magnesium). --- Organomineral fertilizer for plants: 1.) Nitrogen humate (N 3% / P 1.5% / K 3%) - in the early stages 2 ml (per 1 liter of water); As you grow up, it takes up to 4 ml. If you give less, it shows a shortage of nitrogen. 2.) Superphosphate solution - 8 tablespoons (granulated superphosphate N 6% / P 26% + sulfur, calcium and magnesium) per 2 liters of boiling water; working solution of 15 ml, and above, per liter of water. --- Outdoors (August 7, 2018) To avoid overturning, in case of strong wind, rain or wind with rain, the plants were planted with the deepening of the root neck: Neville's haze 1st plant Height: 90 cm; Neville's haze 2nd plant Height: 102 cm; Neville's haze 3rd plant Height: 100 cm. --- P.S. I really hope that in general terms, everything will be clear ... for those who become interested.
  29. Yup, no salt in Canna Coco Professional Plus: "CANNA Coco Professional Plus consists of 100% coco flakes. Specially selected prime Indian coconuts form the base for CANNA Coco Professional Plus. Not touching the outdoor ground in the complete production process ensures the end product is free of weeds or soil diseases. Washed in fresh water means no salts are present." Happy Growing!
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