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  2. LOL i definitely will attempt to do these things but i cant promise anything. Yea man its a bunch of classes but botany would be my major or something like that man and Sadly no broccoli, just vegetables to start off with. and thanks for the advice i appreciate and i do wanna grow. i grew once in GA and it was cool, just wanna learn more before i step into the cage with big dogs lol
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  4. You are. You're already here.
  5. I imagine that by now you have experienced why it is important to plan on not overcrowding your grow area. Quality suffers all around.
  6. please help me to fix this. thank you

    Impossible. See if you can move the plants to a buddy's grow area, or bite the big one and transplant them somewhere in a guerrila grow outside.
  7. google "cannabis diseases chart" and you will see many links that should be helpful like this one:
  8. Hallo Mario von Bayern, Most all of us would love to have cannabis legalized, or at least decriminalized. Welcome to StrainHunters. Maybe we'll see each other at one of the Marijuana Marches.
  9. Rotnran, Basically, once powdery mildew is on your plants, there is not much you can do to save that crop. About the only thing you can do is to trash that crop and completely empty the grow tent or grow room. Throw away ALL the soil that was there before, and buy new. Finish throwing away all the infected materials BEFORE you start disinfecting the equipment that you want to keep. Otherwise, your hands will re-infect all the cleaned items that you will be cleaning with Clorox. Now, clean the walls, ceilings and floors with a strong Clorox bleach (twice) and then wash EVERYTHING (twice) with the strong Clorox bleach solution before it re-enters the area. You have to think about the floors you are walking on, and the fact that you might be tracking the mildew back into the grow area with your shoes or sock feet or even bare feet. That means the floor must also be disinfected. Before you start again in the cleaned area, spray everything down with a solution of anti-fungus designed for fruit trees. Then after you start up again, be sure to have that fruit-tree anti-fungus readily available for shooting down re-occurrences. PM is a really bad pest and it is very difficult to get rid of. If it has infested your entire living area, it could be that you might even have to move away to another abode to get away from it. Exhaust ventilation and keeping unwanted moisture out of the house is essential to prevent mildews of any nature.
  10. If they get too tall, that's the way it goes. But if you want to push her to flower, you could start locking her inside to limit her light exposure (letting her see light only 8 to 10 hours per day). That way she would start to flower earlier. You might need to do so, bro. Winter is just around the corner. That's what I would do.
  11. mirsac982, You're set, man. I can see you know what you're doing. Keep posting pictures and show us your methods. Help some of the beginners to learn your successful methods.
  12. Yes they can see her but i think they dont want to start a neighbor war 🤔😂 but its a littel bit stupid from me to dont put a light on her . inside i dont have enought place 🙃 but its goed like that
  13. By the look of the picture, it appears your neighbors can see the upper tips of that plant anyway... LOL from their upper windows... Hey excellent work for a first timer outdoors.
  14. She have a good 1,6m from the feet i think . whit the pot she bigger than me its my first outdor plant
  15. Sorry i dont thinks my neighbor be happy whit a plant of 3m🤔 but i like taking pictur😂
  16. Hydro (or hydroponics) generally refers to growing methods where soil is not used as the growth medium for the roots. There are variations within the general term "Hydroponics". They are "Drip onto Rockwool", Ebb-and-Flow" (also called "Flood and Drain"), "Bubble-ponics", "Aeroponics" (which does use the movement of misted water to feed the roots) and "Coco" is also lumped into the hydroponics world, since the coco itself has no nutrients for the roots and it must have a constant or semiconstant stream of feeding water for it to work (similar to Rockwool). There may be other variations by other names, and new variations yet to be invented. You can google or youtube any of the words above "in quotation marks" to learn a lot more about each method. You can also enter those words into the search engine of this site to find some journals regarding these methods. But one of my favorite recommendations for beginners or anyone interested in hydroponics is to suggest viewing on youtube the 6-part series called, "Mr. Green - I Grow Chronic". Entertaining and informative. You will want to view it again and again. Take notes.
  17. I hope you weren't too badly damaged by the Hurricanes Irma and Maria. You doing OK?
  18. interesting set of nutrients
  19. Hey, where are the pictures? I guess by now they must be approaching harvest.
  20. Welcome to StrainHunters, Mr.Phillyphill. Best way to save the strains that are "going out" is to buy the seeds and get busy growing them and using silver colloid solutions to cross the females against themselves. Not an easy undertaking and it requires dedication. Gotta keep the strange pollen out of the grow room. That way, YOU become a breeder. Or support your local "reputable" breeders and simply continue to buy from them so that there continues to be a current market for the strains that you want to save. And tell them so. In so doing, the breeders will re-double their efforts to produce the genetics that continue to be demanded. Another way is to become involved in spreading the good word about cannabis and to encourage others to use their power as a voter to get rid of the political scum that supports the monopolizing special interests and abusive laws that punish people for their peaceful pursuits of happiness and better health, away from the synthetic poisons forced on us by the government-supported monopoly - the pharmaceutical industry. Stop buying synthetic threads to wear, and demand that you want clothing made from hemp fibers, not polyester, nylon, rayon and such polluting crap. Stop buying that synthetic Canola Oil to cook with, and buy instead Hemp Oil, it is available in Europe and online, and it is rich in Omega 3, and far healthier than Canola-crap and Corn oil and Sunflower oil and Palm oil. Palm Oil and Sunflower Oil contribute to high cholesterol, and besides, the Palm Oil Industry encourages the destruction of the rain forests. OK, I step off my soapbox. For the trips, you'll need to contact Arjan and the crew. If you know of some fields that they should visit, let them know. Botany class is cool. Be sure to study well about soil microbes, pH, and photoperiod effects of plants, and pests, especially spider-mites; then you'll be in good shape for growing cannabis. Do you have a grow in progress? Hey, start a journal and post some pictures for us to enjoy. Have a good grow...
  21. Oh, ahahaha. Now I understand. Nice camera trick, photo'd from underneath in profile against the sun. I thought you had a ganja tree in the back yard that was 3 meters high. LOL
  22. Hello everyone.I just wanna help save these strains that are going out and maybe help find/discover the ultimate strain that is out there waiting to be found. How can i help? When is the next trip, i want in lol. Well thanks for reading my intro and looking forward to being more involved with this page. Well time to get going to class, thats right, botany is life lol..peace everyone
  23. Its a very goed bar i find this week-end
  24. WOW! What the hell kind-a tree is that? Nice reflective tent you have there... hehehe And nice bar, man. HEY! Next party is at g22's house...! Yeah, let's roll!
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