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  3. I was thinking the same. It's a Hugh plant. You should have topped this one. You would have had 2 big ass tops on that magnificent plant.
  4. Eso espero William Trust la verdad que si que es increíble la más alta, es raro que haya salido tan alta, frente a sus hermanas que todas son de porte más bajo pero quizás también cargarán bastante y tengan buena productividad, me conformo con que me llegase para un año, que por ley es lo que puedo plantar y por el camino que lleva la WR más alta creo lo podré conseguir Saludos y fenomenales humos That I hope William Trust the truth that if it is incredible the highest, it is rare that it has come out so high, in front of his sisters that all are of lower bearing but perhaps also they will load a lot and have good productivity, I am satisfied with that I arrived for a year, which by law is what I can plant and by the way that the WR takes higher I think I can get it Greetings and great smoke
  5. Very good idea, a lot of island in southern asia have been researched the last 20 years. The Caribbean maybe holding some secrets and around Indonesia to Australia there could be some undiscovered island. Mostly west papua is undiscovered because of the korowai people practice cannibalism and is very interesting to research. Sure would be interesting to see a old VOC ship go around the globe to discover new cannabis strains. Hope they will pick it up from green house.
  6. Started 10 AK seeds and they are more than done. Hydronics rockwool in coco soil 18 liter pots Vegetation stage 12 weeks. Used a scrog. Flower 9 weeks.
  7. Looks like awesome crop to me. This plant will give you enough.
  8. Buenas amigos por aquí dejo unas fotos de las de exterior hoy estuve haciendo un poco de selección para sacar esquejes y algo de producción de alguna copa central Good friends here I leave some pictures of the outdoor today I was doing a bit of selection to get cuttings and some production of a central cup
  9. Last week
  10. I am still researching for the chain of islands I researched some time ago and mentioned in my last post. The chain is significant because it's known as the most cannabis-friendly islands in the world. Also The Solomon islands seems like another obvious destination with King Solomon and all
  11. I think for the colder night is better to hang your heater direct inside the tent and with a thermostat is better
  12. During my last grow I was having a bit of trouble with condensation in my tent. An idea came to me so I thought I'd share it with everyone. A simple but as it turns out an effective one. A cheap fan heater blowing on the air intake line does wonders with removing the condensation, also during the colder nights it helps lift the temps. Hopefully it might be of use to someone else.
  13. Hola buenas tardes, estuve viendo la expedición a Colombia y veo que los cultivadores de allí rociam las plantas de exterior con zerotol, me pregunto si es conveniente que le compre zerotol a las W.R y les rocie para prevenirlas semanalmente, que opináis amigos? Gracias por los consejos saludos y buenos humos Hello good afternoon, I was watching the expedition to Colombia and I see that the growers there sprinkle outdoor plants with zerotol, I wonder if it is convenient to buy zerotol to W.R and spray them to prevent them weekly, what do you think friends? Thanks for the tips greetings and good smoke
  14. Just a few pics of my indoor grow.
  15. I like the idea of an Island Edition Strain Hunters. Pick several regions to island hop. There are more than one million islands on Earth so start in Fiji region and move about. There is one island in this region absolutely covered in pot with what looks to be maybe 500 inhabitants. The landraces in these island regions are of the purest sativa with wispy leaves, airy white pistils, and high stimulant effects. West of Chile also comes to mind as well as west of Mexico and west of Spain and south of India Also there is a chain of islands I will have to look up and post later that is known as the destination for Chinese tourists to smoke pot. I will havr to look it up later. Heaven on Earth and tons of mountainous micro islands chained together
  16. Hi GHS and forum goers. I have followed GHS work since 2011. R.I.P. Franco, see you on the other side brother. My favorite GHS documentary by far was The Congo. I wish this pure stimulant landrace was sold by seed. My favorite sativas are the pure stimulant variety so please look forward to seeing some indoor and outdoor grows of various sativa strains from the Nepalese, Thailand, and African regions. Also I am very interested in experimenting with various LED wavelengths to maximize response from the plant. In a perfect world I have unlimited super-soil, very complex, with different piles all containing separate variety and organic matter content for different terpene production. And a big pond to grow on mud piles like in Jamaica creeks. Happy growing and stay kind
  17. I crew on yachts and tall ships - everything from racing maxis and cruising yachts to 1606 replica VOC pirate ships with bricks for bunks. I'm starting to feel a little more beaten up after each trip, even though most of the last decade I've been on dive boats. Diving really gives you a look at the state this planet is in from a whole other angle, year after year I find myself having to go further and further to get away from telephones, selfies, life. I'm not a real fan of the human race - the further and deeper away I am the happier I am. Diving is my zen. I'm as much a part of the problem as anyone else...I jump on a plane because my kid bought me a ham sandwich (I don't eat ham! Never have, never will!) and burn up jetfuel to go diving (and find some herb!). I realised how much I contribute to the problem when I go through airports in Africa or PNG and just automatically stick a wad of cash inside my passport to get thru the moshpit that is most African airports. I've found most towns - especially ports - have the token hustler who can find you this or that and often turns out to be a blessing particularly as I do most of my travelling solo. In a car with three doors, no number plates, a dude with 2Pac shaved into his head chewing khat is sort of more my style of travelling than a contiki tour. This is part of the reason I have this urge to do something about the lack of a school on the Madagascan North West Islands. Once those kids hit 12, it's a choice between a boy or girl taking the ferry over to the mainland to continue getting an education. The boy is always going to win leaving the girl uneducated and often ending up walking the streets...I know it's a world wide problem but maybe I can do something about it. Malagasy people are lovely but theyre at the mercy of a very corrupt system. It's entirely possible for the local police to demand a payment to release a ladies fabric for her only source of income. I guess we have to aim for small wins sometimes.
  18. My joint-2nd place prize has arrived! Thank you & Greenhouse Seed Company for you generosity with the seeds & feed and the prizes. Happy Growing!
  20. @R.G.S If tbey are corrup its alrady legalize but not for everyone 😂😂😂 The all world is corrup 😂😂😂
  21. My joint-2nd place prize has arrived! Thank you & Greenhouse Seed Company for you generosity with the seeds & feed and the prizes. So, I've rolled my first White Rhino joint from Bi. First & early impressions an hour in - it's not what I expected. I expected to be very couch-locky and me losing the ability to speak while a very narcotic stoned feeling. I quite like that on occation, but my friends/wife not so much. Firstly, the smell and taste - I smell fruit, although I've no idea which one. Mango springs to mind for some reason. Nice! A bit of bark in the taste. It's also not couch-locky (perhaps, … yet) and I'm still managing to talk to the cats. Defo got a bit of a dry mouth, but at least my liquid intake will pick up I'm very much looking forward to growing the seeds I've chosen (Super Lemon Haze CBD; Arjan's Strawberry Haze; and Franco's Lemon Cheese) and hope to do grow logs in due course. Happy Growing!
  22. Gracias por la aclaración Sirena medicinal y g22, buena plantación la verdad quien pudiera tener una así, en España con las leyes como están es imposible tener tantas, si fuese legal sería un gran negocio para muchos incluso salir de la tan temida crisis, Thank you for the clarification Sirena medicinal and g22, good planting the truth that can have one, in Spain with the laws, as it is impossible, but it is a big business for many, without leaving the crisis, but with so much corrupt politician and so many hidden interests, I doubt that legalize in some day
  23. There's a replica boat Malays and Indonesians rowed to Madagascar both at Halmahera and at the Oceanography centre in Nosy Be if you can get them to answer phone/open door. Man did row there - it's not just the weed that's a give away but also things like the Valiha (a musical instrument that is believed to have first originated in Phillipines), food (rice, tamarind) and a very funky named ornamental plant - Clitoria Ternatea - which occurs naturally only in Ternate and Tidore islands. It's had long enough to evolve into a slightly bluer flower so there's now Clitoria endemic to Madagascar - and its now considered endemic to many countries particularly those where slaves ended up. I do agree the eastern weed at Diego Suarez near the Tsingy forest is better than the fairly bland Sativa on the west. The weirdest one I came across in Madagascar was down near Belon'i Tsiribihina in the Menabe region...bright orange seeds and it tasted like lemur pee to smoke. Out of the 5 different regions I smoked either weed or hash in..I'd have to say the Orange Lemur Pee had the nicest effect once you got past the taste.
  24. It's not actually that good a smoke....really just an average Sativa. Bhutanese have got way better botanicals their ancestors have told them about for generations so the weed was never something they saw as anything but an agricultural crop. To find that particular botanical is quite a trek...but I'd recommend it
  25. New Zealand - mostly indoor hydro now. Outdoor bush strains are pretty much your standard Nimbin quality.
  26. Couldnt agree more. I quite often see the crap local crew score at different ports ... I really wouldn't put Indonesian weed on any "worth being executed by firing squad" for list.... And it's 17,000 Islands, a few must have gone missing
  27. @Aussiebushies - the Nuigine gold is complex - great description. I've heard other workers from up at Hagen and Lae comparing it to "Mullumbimby Madness" which left me scratching my head. I don't see any similarity - those damn hippies at Nimbin stuffed everything up with their outdoor grows. You basically have the same bushy strain right down to the coast and in both states. Niugini Gold is quite a different Sativa from down on the lowlands (reminds me a little of Durban Poison) - altitude?? - Alotoa area has a much pinier terp that seems to be common right down the southern provinces. If you get a chance see if one of your contacts knows anything about the very dark leaved short Sativa with a real apricot flavour one of the tribes up the Sepik has.
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