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  2. Hi @Kenny Kirkland I would love to grow it again, they are very strong plants. I was thinking they would have been on the market by now. Maybe there are a few seeds at GHSC HQ which could pass our way if there are no plans to continue the strain and keep a mother.
  3. So i think i find what i search use at 0,1% /l for germination and not use it on organic grow but iam not sure for that and i dont realy understand what i read on the effect to botrytis
  4. Hello General and welcome to forum Tell us more about those photos. What variety are you growing? What nutrients do you use? regards
  5. Hello Calyxo and welcome to SH forum! Without a doubt, this is a good place to talk about landrace genetics, and share experiences. We hope you enjoy the forum (do not miss the new testers contest). Regards!
  6. Hey Sal! Here in Argentina we all loved the cheese x white widow hibrid, really productive, high terpene profile and a really nice hit.
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  8. Hi @Cindy, yes the blue light in your led's would have helped your plant grow vegatively with shorter internodes and so bushier as @LedCherryBerry says above.
  9. I am interested in landrace sativas and I look forward to any info or assistance fellow strain hunters can offer in this forum. Thank you!
  10. Hey Cindy, Blue light = short nodes Red light = long nodes A good combo of the 2 gives a good idea of the spectrum she'd receive in nature. If your lamps have the possibility to change the spectrum of each light (i guess you have 72 or something like that), that'll give you the chance to "tweak" your plant. More blue light will result in a bushier plant, more red will result in a stretchy plant. Light intensity is another thing: you can grow weed with blue only, red only, white only, it doesn't matter the spectrum. What matters is the amount of light you give to your girls. If you have, say, 1 x 15 watt blue light (say 6500k), that will not be enough to grow some. But a 150-200w 6500k will do the trick. Hope i cleared some points
  11. Hi Shaggy After reading your last post. I was just wondering if the blue light in my leds has help keep my plants short and wide ( with additional training )
  12. Gracias Jose por el recibimiento, Ya he comentado en el thread del concurso, me interesa mucho participar ya que he terminado ( nunca al fin, pero por el momento si) de darle forma a la White House Tengo instalado 4 Sodios de 400 a una altura de 1,6 mts en una habitación de 1,8 de ancho y 2 mts de largo Con un aire acondicionado para mantener la temperatura bien controlada Ni bien decidan lo del concurso, si tengo la posibilidad de entrar Empezare con el seguimiento de esas genes que subí que son las próximas en integrar el plantel Bendiciones para todos y Buenas cosechas Adjunto: Otras de las Mix cosechadas ultimamente
  13. Hey'all, Just found some info that might be correlated to this strain. There's a box that states: "Sensitive to spider mites, regular weekly preventive pest treatments are recommended to avoid infestation or outbreaks during flowering". No shit, sherlock. I've fought those basterds so long my room smells like a fucking neem oil extraction lab. Also, the leaves near the buds have shown the same-ish traits (dark red-purple with yellow body, but healthy). That could be related to temperature also, and lighting. S3 too, being a completely different strain, is showing some purple. Another thing is the fox-tailing, which seems to be a common thing in granddaddy purple, but i thought it was related to too high temperatures (exceeding 30°). Of course, i'm not saying what i've grown is this particular strain. It is IMPOSSIBLE to know what i've grown. But some of the traits are the same. Aahh, i'm too excited to try her!
  14. This clarifies it, thanks Anyway, seems like we did the same thing! My S2 (harvested yesterday) was more indica and fruit smelly, S3 is more citrus smelly and is totally a sativa dominant. I also tried a small flower last week from the indica, and did the same you described: slow, hanging monkey on your hairs, pulling your head closer to the sofa, and then hits you with a hammer on your brain, and you indeed realized you've smoked like a stove (consequently blowing up your body). A 0.1 flower lasted 2 hours, a 0.4 killed me for a DAY. And i've been smoking 4-5 joints a day. That shit is DANK. But from what i can see, you've grown yours much, much more than i did. They're much more mature, and perharps more resinous. Anyway.. Only time will tell. Cheers!
  15. Bienvenido al foro Harvey, Aquí tambien podemos hablar Español Esperamos poder compartir experiencias de cultivo y ver cómo realizas tus seguimientos. Recuerda que recientemente hemos abierto un nuevo concurso de test, quizás te interese apuntarte Saludos!
  16. Hello Tomahawkk and welcome to SH forum It will be very useful to share experiences with you, we hope you enjoy the forum a lot. regards
  17. Thanks! I've dried some of mine already from last Wednesday. A nice smoke that creaps up on your and than BAM!, you realize you have perhaps had a puff to many. There were two plants though, so perhaps one is a cerebral high and the other more indica. I will have to separate them out (one smells more citrus). Regarding blue light: ' Blue Light (400 nm - 500nm) Blue light is very important. Without at least some amount of blue light, most plants won't grow normally. The plant has several different ways it measures blue light, and they each have their own effects. For example, when you see a plant growing towards the light, it's actually only responding to just the blue light. Without any blue, the plant wouldn't know where to grow! Blue light also has an effect on how stems and leaves tend to grow. Seedlings and plants given plenty of blue light tend to stay short, with short stems and squat growth. They tend to grow big leaves and spread them out. It's often recommended for cannabis growers to use bright white fluorescents or metal halide grow lights during the vegetative stage since the extra levels of blue help keep young plants from growing tall and lanky, and encourages lots of leafy growth. Blue light also works together with red light to help the plant "know" whether it's day or night time, and help set circadian rhythms. You may notice that cannabis plants start drooping right before the lights go off each day, and they start perking up right when lights come on. This is a way for the plant to save energy while it's "sleeping." Since the blue in the light helps it "know" the time schedule, it will prepare as best it can for lights-out and lights-on.' Additionally (from the same link): ' As just one example, during the spring and summer, more of the blue spectrum of light makes it to earth because the sun takes a more direct path through the sky. In the summer, a plant responds to this bright direct light (with lots of blue) as a cue to grow vegetatively with lots of big leaves and short stems. The plant tries to spread out as much as it can and increase its leaf mass. Blue light - Grow lights with a higher ratio of blue light are often used in the vegetative stage as they tend to make cannabis plants grow short and squat, with big healthy leaves. As fall approaches the sun starts hanging lower in the sky. As a result, more of the light that reaches the plant falls within the red spectrum.' So I'm thinking blue first thing to wake them up gently/train growth [short/bushy] with some spring/summer light before the more summer red HPS comes on, and then turn the blue off a couple of hours before the end of their 18 hr 'day'.
  18. Seems like we're both going to enjoy some sweets in a few days, eh? Hehehe good job buddy! Uhm, just a little question. Isn't morning light supposed to be red instead of blue? I've never seen a blue sunrise.. At least, not on Earth! Mars sunrises are blue..
  19. The girls are now permanently in their 'HPS' tent, together with their older neighbours the bagseed (which is drying). They're resting on a couple of their final 46l pots. Lights are set on 125w blue CFL for the first 2 hours (mimicking early morning blue light), then 400w of HPS power additionally goes on for the remaining 16 hrs of light. Humidity a bit lower than i'd like (35-50%) so will be placing open buckets of water in there. Rather too dry than too wet though I'm finding while growing. edit (info): In the group photo we have DD top left; Nebula top right; IC middle; JW bottom left and SS bottom right.
  20. Harvest time. I've used my propogation tent as a drying tent and placed that in the rearranged big tent to help with smell filtration. Steady 70-75 with ~50% humidity in there. My harvest thus far has exceeded all my expectations. I just hope I don't bugger up the drying/curing stage.
  21. Hey'all, As always, i'm a bit late. Whoops! Anyway, yesterday evening was the first Harvest Day! Some photos :3 I'll see y'all in a week, for a first taste, and an update on S3. Cheers!
  22. Last week
  23. Hi People I'm french Master Grower currently in Canada, orignary from the moutains in morocco, close to those green one where grow the prestigious "beldia" ... ! Here to share experience and make strong international connection with breeder, strain hunter, grower ...
  24. Hi i dont realy antherstand if its goed or not for soil some people say is not goed for benefical bacteria other say is goed and is that the wonder product to prevent budrot ? And for germination 3% 3ml / L water its not very clear cause they say to start whit a low dosage 😵
  25. Hello people Today I have moved my plants so they have a bit more room and now none of the leaves are touching so I am happy with that I will post some more pictures next Thursday Take care all Yours Cindy 😊
  26. Looks like a nice bud Well done you
  27. Hey, HEY! I got good dub vibes too, for my and your plants! I know, it's a classic and all, but after all, we're only ordinary men.
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