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  2. Hello man so if autopot water from below you can't drain or flush i was thinking that coco always need to drain ? For de varieties i think you plant one super lemon haze 😁
  3. Hello! I start a culture under LED light, to avoid excessive heat in summer. It's the first time I've used an Autopot system, so it'll be very interesting for me, everything is new. So far, I have prepared the substrate (coconut and 50% perlite). In the bottom of the pot, I put some arlite to improve the drainage. And so that the coconut is not constantly in contact with the water, in some way, to avoid areas with excess water. Let's go see it That blue thing, it's an Air Dome, a system that supposedly injects air into the roots, so they're more oxygenated. I don't know if it works well, it's the first time I've used it. There is a tube (you can see it in the picture) that is connected to a small air pump. The Autopot system is still not working. So the first waterings will be manual, with a shower as usual. When the plants show the roots they will colonize the pot, then the Autopot will start to work. I put in four different varieties of Green House. Can you guess one of them? Cheers
  4. Wow!!! Big buds, tight and with a lot of resin..... this looks fantastic friend, good job I'll be watching the harvest, it promises to be productive! Greetings
  5. Welcome to the forum, Yes, it's actually a very popular option, as long as the water tank is accessible. The crop is the same, you just have to give more growth to get long branches and get tangled up in the net. There are some growing journals in the forum with this technique, they will surely give you more good advice Greetings
  6. Welcome to the forum We hope you enjoy watching, and sharing experiences about cultivation. Greetings!
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  8. New member here Im from Cebu City,Ph
  9. Hi to the strain hunters forum .I have only grow in dwc which I would like to dail in ,also would like to do the same with scrog in dwc with the help of forum members . Thank you looking forward to hear advice on the subjects
  10. Thanks for the answer Super cropping looks quite advanced for my grow, but maybe I'll give 1 plant a go. Could you let me know, what's the best time to super cropp for aprox. height of 1 m bush? Do you top or fim before super cropp?
  11. Hello Stoners! )) 61 days old lady She is 26 days in flowering stage. I did HST on 2 branches and developing very good.
  12. Tri's top (go 'Full Size' for more detail): Collage of Tri's top and Bi's top and main cola: Happy Growing!
  13. Thanks Here's a vid to see better perhaps: Happy Growing!
  14. Parece que solo afectó a las hojas bajas porque las plantas se ven muy sanas y saludables ahora mismo Descansa!! Jaja, sé a lo que te refieres cuando dices que estás cansada..... Tengo una huerta y cada vez que quiero hacer algo, un pequeño agujero... siempre termino muy cansado. Pero esos huecos serán geniales para que las plantas desarrollen buenas raíces fácilmente, con la tierra movida. Saludos! Ahora para los poliglotas: Looks like it only affected the low leaves because the plants look very healthy and healthy right now. Get some rest!! Haha, I know what you mean when you say you're tired...... I have a vegetable garden and every time I want to do something, a little hole... I always end up very tired. But those holes will be great for plants to develop good roots easily, with the soil shaken. Greetings!
  15. These tails look very interesting, when they form the whole tail when they get fat it will be fascinating If, at low temperatures, the clones (outside) usually stop growing... but if the day is warm, there may be no problems. Everything looks great, good job! Greetings
  16. Congratulations man, you see a lot of delicious buds. Only with the color they have, I can smell them from here yum-yum!! Yes, the PK additive always helps a bit to gain weight, however, not all genetics get fat (there are genetics that are simply not productive, no matter how much PK we use). I'll wait until everything is dry and you can smoke a bit, it'll be great to know how it tastes, what effect it has Greetings!
  17. @sunilhealthcare In your country wat for dangerous plant can be find ?
  18. Hi What are some of the plants that have sweet fragrance which can be feel in night only?
  19. Hi Thanks for sharing views and opinion on this. Seriously g22 has something really dangerous.
  20. Chopped 21/04 Looking and smelling great - my neighbor complained This bio Gert is really amazing i cannot wait for nxt grow and try with the PK booster also
  21. Hi and welcome to forum There are many things you can use to have a very fertile soil. However, it is important not to abuse them, an excess can be harmful (it can create problems in cultivation). You can use goat or sheep poop, it's first class manure. It mixes with the soil and provides many nutrients. Another type of manure is also good, such as cow manure or horse manure for example, although often this manure contains traces of seeds, which will also germinate creating weeds. You can make at home some concoction, like banana tea, use bone or wood ashes, etc.... In fact, there are many free options for a good floor. Greetings!
  22. Yes, many things hehe, you always learn new things, every day (even for those of us who have many years of experience in farming). Micro irrigations are good but do not stimulate the full development of the root, just make sure the substrate dries out normally. Excess water can rot the roots, it is very good to have drainage (well done). I'm sorry, but I don't understand this "leaf juice" part. What do you mean? Greetings!!
  23. Start of week five of flowering (Day 29 for Bi and Day 26 for Tri [Day 25 for M & 3]). Tri and Bi have had three internodes of very large fan leaves in the middle of the plant(s) removed to enable more light to penetrate. Tri had 9 of these removed, Bi 6. M has a few of her oldest leafs yellowing. 3 has just been flushed with 800ppm/6.4ph of watered down run-off. That run off was 1120ppm./7.0ph All plants looking nice (photo's to follow when they wake up), and even the burn on Bi now has sharp delineation between the burn and the green growth, so fixed imv. I'm changing their day cycle. We've had some hot weather here, which is due to change soon, but it made me think about May's weather and the temps in my tent. So, I am moving their day start/finish forward by and hour a day. It's currently at 11am to 11pm (lights on) from 7am/7pm. I will stop when it gets to 6pm to 6am so their day is my night and temps can be lowered more easily should there be another really hot spell. So they've been getting 13hrs of light since I've been doing this, and there's another 7 days of this. Hopefully they will not re-veg and just use the extra hour to grow more bud Speaking of re-veging, the flowered stem I took of Tri had roots showing through the sponge today, so it's gone into a 0.5l pot. Fingers crossed she re-veg's Tri and not Bi. The clones that are in the wild, in various spots, experienced 3.8c last night. It's going to be colder the next week or so, so it will be interesting to see if they can survive or they die. Pistels/colas are developing nicely. Here's Bi at 1.03m from the floor (79cm tip to media). You can see the space the light has to reach the lower buds sites.: Here's the main cola: Happy Growing!
  24. Este fin de semana estuve haciendo los agujeros donde van a ir en exterior, amigos que cansancio y nada más conseguí hacer tres orificios dejo unas fotos que veáis la faena, salud y buenos humos This weekend I was doing the holes where they are going to go outdoors, friends that tired and nothing else I managed to make three holes I leave some photos that you see the job, health and good smoke
  25. Hola Ledcherryberry tienes razón y en parte el p.h del agua puede ser uno de los problemas, no se encuentra en los parámetros que me marcas son saludables, el agua que beben esta por encima de 6.5 pero es agua de deposito y no puedo modificar el rango, gracias por tu apreciación y consejo Hello, Ledcherryberry, you are right and in part, the pH of the water can be one of the problems, it is not found in the parameters that make me healthy, the water they drink is above 6.5, but it is reservoir water and I can not modify the range, thank you for your appreciation and advice
  26. Had a visit fro a friend earlier he’s going on a road trip for a few weeks so he’s asked me to look after a cutting for him and I’m more than happy! Jaffalato Jaffa caked cookies x gelato it did come with a minor thrip infection, I’ve potted it into 50/50 coco/perlite with some ecothrive charge, kelp meal, and humic acid mixed in with a bit of diatomaceous earth and topdressed too so should stop them! I’m going to be running it on an Autopot using UK company buddhas tree they’ve bought a new 99% organic single part base nutrient veg-flower suitable for vegans called organicus 99% with additives meta-boost flower burst and PK-9/18. Oh and a little picture of some slurricane buds flash on flash off passed onto him from a friend I gave a couple of seeds too and yes it hits you instantly and is super strong so I only need to use half as much so winner!sorry for sidewaysshot forgot to hold phone the right way
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  28. Hi @LedCherryBerry, Thanx for your positive comment... For sure the leaves start turn yellow and I've also checked the trichrome on the microscope and for me everything looks great (ready to be cutted soon). I given them 5 weeks as Veg... First 10 days with microneon (2x 55w) and after a 400w HPS. See you in few days for the first harvest post. Cheers & respect ! Evo
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