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  2. C'est quoi le nom de ta souche australienne ? Tu as des photos ? Possibilité d'échanger avec une landrace de tahiti?
  3. landrace

    Possibilité d'échanger avec de la landrace de tahiti ?
  4. Échange possible avec de la landrace de tahiti ???
  5. Possibilité d'échanger avec de la landrace de tahiti ???
  6. Est-ce que c'est possible de faire un échange avec de la tahiti landrace ???
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  8. Une beauté de mon jardin ... C'est un croisement par mes soins d'une mère endémique de tahiti (indisponible sur le marché car sa culture est interdite par la loi française sur Tahiti et ses îles).
  9. Une autre photo de la variété landrace mère d'origine disparaissant petit à petit....
  10. ci dessous une photo de la variété originale subissant la répression policière. Variétés utilisé jusqu'à Aujourd'hui par les planteurs locaux des l'îles de Polynésie Française. Espérant que cette répression ne mène pas à sa disparition....
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  12. Une sativa landrace de tahiti croisé avec un mâle fromage ... exclusivité de mon jardin !!!
  13. Hey guys i just found out a new article saying that cannabis can lower the risk of having a stroke here in and im very fascinated about this. I was just wandering, why dont the government legalize marijuana already? It isnt addictive and it has many medicinal properties. What are your thoughts about this guys?
  14. Thanks @ayzns, I like using a SCROG but this time they ended up fine with LST alone.....besides, when I do use a SCROG net I always end up cutting it out after its served it purpose as it restricts movement and inspection of plants during bloom. These are going so well I am already trying to decide which seeds to go with next and I have been busy putting my smaller 0.8m x 0.8m x 1.7m tent up for vegging only so I have complete vegging and flowering tents.... I have the following seed choices in my order of preference: 4 x GHSC White Widow x Cheese (GHSC Exclusive left over from the previous test grow). 5 x GHSC Jack Herrer 5 x GHSC Money Maker 3 x GHSC Bubba Kush 5 x GHSC Northern Lights AUTO 5 x GHSC White Rhino (remaining seeds from current Rhino test grow) Favoring the 4 x GHSC White Widow x Cheese because they was a lovely smoke and finished flowering in 59 days last time I grew it.
  15. Pre-harvest shots of Sensi Star: Very chunky Excuse the sandals & socks: Happy Growing!
  16. I've been told by Sir @Cannabissapean to implement the use of a UV light, those used to kill mosquitoes. Gnats go crazy around those... and perish. Remember to clean the corpses, as gants love rotting conditions.. even their own corpses. You need to get rid of them as soon as you can: your plants will be their "best friend" in a week or 2 from when you see 5 or 6 flying around. Still would not recommend ONLY h2o2, but using everything you've got (strips, that light, h2o2, possibly more airflow impeding them to lay larvae). If you can, sacrifice some humidity for increased airflow. If you spot mites (and i truly hope not at this point), i've been told to use Humidity spikes, along with the most powerful anti-mite you find in your local store. Of course, if you spot mites, gnats, in blooming.. don't spray on flowers :3 Cheers!
  17. Nebula is fully harvested on Day 67 of flowering - YAY!! Here she is before (remember, about 6 cola have already been harvested, and half of that smoke, nom, nom, nom): Wet trimming: Then into a box with some string to hang them from. Trim went into bag and into freezer to make Bubble-Bag-Hash at the end of harvesting everything: Bare bones: Wave at your mother one last time, bud(dy): Happy Growing, Drying, Curing & Smoking!
  18. Hi @g22, Perhaps the pre-prepared media I made before I even popped the seeds. I don't know, I could guess and guess all day long and still may guess wrong. All I know is about a week or so ago the propagation tent had a lot of them. Couple with M & 3 being the only very wet pots (having been flushed on 18th Feb). , I figured it was the media in M & 3's pots. Can't do a H2O2 flush of those pots until the plants can take it (which they won't be able to now and for a week or two [likely two] at least). H2O2 is bad for the fungi, but if it's killing the gnat vs looking after the fungi, killing the gnats wins it for me. 3% as @LedCherryBerry says. I can grow without lots and lots of (Enhanced) fungi. Plants really don't seem to like lots of gnat flies though. QED. To stop them spreading, there are the yellow traps for the adults, and the other plants are going to be kept dry to very dry, so as not to give a place for any adult gnat flies to lay their eggs. I think I'll spread some Perlite (the heavy grains, not the stuff that will blow about) on the surface of all the pots. Hopefully this will break the gnat fly cycle. Aside: Nebula is harvested (on the other thread in a bit). Happy Growing!
  19. I forgot to mention i didn't use the HP nor the N.Oil in this grow with White Rhinos. I had no problems (so far) with them. I used it in low dosage (3%, using 1 part out of 10 in water) and only soaking the roots (placing the pot in the solution for 10-15 minutes). Neem oil, on the other hand, was sprayed on the surface. HP (not medical) at low concentration is harmless and can be beneficial, Neem Oil is a natural pesticide (used in growing). Not saying they're the best, just saying they're more natural than you'd think. Cheers!
  20. South African Kwazulu!!
  21. @LedCherryBerry I think hydrogène peroxyde is bad for the fungy but i see aptus sell product with hydrogène peroxyde in it but at wich dosage and is it good or not for fungy in the shop i go they sai to me if it kill the bad it kill the goed to ? I think if you want to stay in bio you have to use predator you can find predator in garden center or in growshop
  22. Gnats put larvae in the soil, and if top is well areated, they will look for other entrances... like the bottom holes. I fought them with Hydrogen Peroxide and Neem Oil (alternating between them), but i would not recommend it to anybody. Better asking experts around here, as i too am curious about different war tactics against these little fuckers.
  23. they are lot of gnats on your paper from where they come you think
  24. It's to catch gnat flies. M & 3, as well as their other problems, have infestations. Hopefully by keeping the other plants dry, the infestation won't spread to them, which I have a chance to kill off the source. Anyhoo, harvest day for Nebula (other grow) today. Harvested a few cola's last night and gave them a wet trim. The rest of Nebula is going to be cut down whole, wet trimmed, and then put in a big cardboard box to dry slowly. Happy Growing!
  25. Sorry I forgot to mention that yesterday. I would also not recommend to use the Enhancer every week. Every two weeks is fine, if you use it more often the pH might raise and cause more problems. What you can do is spray the enhancer as foliar spray (also not too often, max. 1 x per week until week 2-3 of flowering). You will see that the plants are very happy a few hours later / the next day. The fungi will occur with any dosage if there is enough moisture. it will also disappear again a few days later. In my opinion less is more when growing. Best of luck and don't worry about being miserable or anything. We are here to help each other and we can all learn something from each other.
  26. M & 3 are back on! They look like Christmas trees due to the defoliation of the dead/dying leafs I did. They are Rhino after all - very thick skinned, tough and hardy! Well done on the genetics GHS - they should be dead by now, but they're not. Removing those leafs seems to have invigorated the plants. Interesting. I guess many growers would have binned them, or would still bin them. Not me. I dug them into this hole, so my job is to dig them out (not literally @slimjim) and get them to harvest (ie, live a life). Tri & Bi going great guns. Top left [M] is 36 days old; bottom right [3] 33 days; top right 25 days [Bi], bottom right [Tri] 29 days. There's a little something new in the middle, for just in case M & 3 did not make it. Root!T cubes seems to work ok at getting the shell casing off, although I had to do surgery on the other as it tried to push up through the sponge where there was not gap. I simply need to inspect the cubes better next time. I shall be using those cubes all the time in future. I hope to top Bi and Tri and use that topping as cuttings/clones - my first attempt at cloning. I shall let them grow a bit first. M & 3 will get topped as well in a few days to they can concentrate on those side shoots. Happy Growing!
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