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  2. Good work, G22. Nice to see you back, Slimjim.
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  4. Excellent work g22, cant wait to see her straighten herself up, impressive plant bro flowering is gonna be special. Keep us updated please. PEACE and RESPECT
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  6. yeah, thanks, that helps
  7. Hey, thanks for sharing the info.
  8. My aunt once had the pest infestation on her cannabis along with the mold. She was so depressed on seeing the her cannabis at this situation. But thanks to the pest control Folsom CA team who gave her an organic pest control spraying and got all the infestation exterminated from her plant. The team not only excludes the rodents, but also gives the clean extermination of all kinds of pest. Now that plant is well and healthy.
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  10. 42 days of 12/12 and all going fairly well. All 5 plants are really gaining weight now.
  11. Your tip is great~And I also have a humidity meter I bought few years ago,it is a great thing to recommend...Hope you all will like it~which with date, week, time, humidity, temperature, alarm clock, and back light. It also a perfect for travel, home and outdoor use, which is convenient to carry.I think it's worth buying one.And the reason I choose digital one is that I can have lots of functions in this small humidity meter,it is really convenient~
  12. I doubt seriously that it is possible to make wine from Cannabis because wine production requires sugars for the fermentation process. Grapes have a natural sugar that is perfectly suited for fermentation, but Cannabis doesn't. And the use of added sugars when making wines usually results in an inferior product. I have tried before to infuse THC from Cannabis into wine. But that didn't work for me. And it tasted yukky. I think that the process of fermentation and the process of infusion into alcohol both result in significant destruction of the THC molecule. If you are interested in processing your left-over Cannabis materials into fun-filled foods, then consider learning how to make Canna-butter. The Canna-butter is then used just like normal butter in cooking recipes. This is a well-known procedure and it works well.
  13. This link might help to begin to understand. However, because that author describes the use of fertilizers in units of pounds, one can easily deduce that he is suggesting fertilizer calculations for large fields of vegetables. We, on the other hand, are more comcerned with providing nutrients for individual plants or for batches of nutrient solutions in our hydroponics setups. Therefore, we would normally make fertilizer calculations resulting in measurements in units of (grams per liter of water per volume of soil) or (ml of fluid-nutrients per liter of water). So for our purposes, the N-P-K numbers are more useful to us to help us to judge the relative concentration of the N and P and K in the fertilizer product we are about to use. The numbers do suggest ratios between the N-P-K components, and as well, the numbers also suggest their relative strength against the total weight of the fertilizer product. 1-3-1 and 10-30-10 have the same ratio of NPK components relative to each other, however when judged against the total weight of the package, one should understand that the 10-30-10 product is TEN times more concentrated than the 1-3-1 product, and must therefore be mixed using a calculation adjusted for that difference in concentration. For the sake of your plants, do not take these calculations lightly. Over-fertilizing can destroy your crop. And once any destructive-fertilizer-concentration is applied, it cannot be removed, except by thorough flushing or by draining away your hydroponic reservoir and mixing a new batch. Regardless your method of flushing away an over-concentration of fertilizer, even if the plant is able to recover, there is still lingering damage to the root-system which is a shock to the plant, usually resulting in less than optimum performance (such as, stunted or abnormal growth, leaf-burn, a weakened state in which pests or mold might overcome the plant, improper development of flowers and/or fruits). Every manufacturer normally publishes some form of mixing-instructions or dosage-charts, sometimes printed right on the container or on the bag; other times, such information is available as a separate inclusion within the package or a separate booklet (as it is with Greenhouse powderfeeding products), or that information is found online. These instructions or charts vary widely between manufacturers; their fertilizer products are produced using varyingly-different raw components and different formulation-processes, so their mixing and application instructions are very important. A good rule of thumb: When using a fertilizer for the first time, read and understand the manufacturer's instructions, but then mix that product at only half strength for the first use. Observe the result on your plants and make carefully considered adjustments to the mixing ratio for subsequent feedings. It's all about dialing-in YOUR procedures for YOUR selection of nutrients for YOUR grow. It's always a learning process. Have Fun!
  14. Ethoxy Propanol is a member of the Propylene Glycol Ether family. These Propylene glycol ethers are formed from the base catalysed reaction of propylene oxide with alcohols. It also known as propylene glycol ether; Arcosolv PE; ethyl proxitol; and propylene glycol monoethyl ether. It is a clear liquid that has a characteristic ether-like odour. It has the formula C5H12O2 and it is miscible with water, is hygroscopic, and it also provides good solvency for a wide variety of substances, including resins, inks, and adhesives.
  15. The product solvent orange 63 is Fluorescence Orange oil solvent dye. It is of good geat resistance and light resistance, good fluorescence property and colourability. Mainly used in coloring of polystyrene, ABS resin, polymethylmethacrylate, resin, estron, unplasticized pvc and other plastics, also used in coloring of estron, caprone and terylene, laser device.
  16. Sodium nitride (Na3N) is the inorganic compound with the formula Na3N. In contrast to lithium nitride and some other nitrides, sodium nitride is an extremely unstable alkali metal nitride. It can be generated by combining atomic beams of sodium and nitrogen deposited onto a low-temperature sapphire substrate.
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  18. Howdy, lets say I've been making BHO for my personal stash for years, and had previously been using an open ended glass blast tube, but I recently got a tiny little closed column extractor to see how it works. What are the differences in using a CC setup as opposed to an open blast setup? Haven't had a chance to use it yet so I figured I better get an idea before I theoretically start... not sure why I'm being theoretical, but oh well lol... Any tips, tricks, etc are appreciated. Growers Love, Saint PS I know I'll need to pull a Vac in the tube, I got that covered. Thanks, all!
  19. Thanks, Jose! It's been a looong road, and an exhausting journey. Buuut I'd do it 100 times over in a heartbeat, You only have one Mom!
  20. i use Advanced Nutrientes and im very satisfied. A friend of mine in Spai use Bio Canna and have great harvest. I´d like to experiment bio canna but is difficult to find it in Brasil. Two Top in nutrients for Cannabis.
  21. Hi guys, im from Brasil. Beginner in grow but experient in smoking (jajajjajjaajaja). I salute all brothers and sisters here!!!!
  22. Share the love: @becomingfamily @SiddharthaBud @OriginCannabis thanks for being top new followers this week :) 🔹

  23. Hello, to all. I just joined and looking to learn how to make wine from the left overs of my crops. Can any help
  24. My name is Andrea, i'm 24 and i come from italy. My biggest dream is to work in the cannabis sector and the next october i will be in Amsterdam to try to realize it. I really hope that one day i will work for you 😙💨🍁🙏
  25. hello, Just newly joined, hope I can learn here a lot. Has already some videos and am curious. I have a question: in the grow videos is always "n-pk-micro 1-2-1". Could someone please explain this to me? N-pk micro I have found this: But what do the numbers "1-2-1" mean? A special fertilizer? And yet this - excuses my bad english, i am don´t twist your knickers...;) thanks
  26. indoor grow

    WOW @Cindy, 1,164 REAL LED WATTS is massive consumption. Hope you get the rewarding buds you should be getting on the GPW scale and not just wasting the electric. I run approx 375 REAL LED WATTS when flowering and achieve (strain & growing method dependent) between 0.88GPW and 1.33GPW which keeps my jars fully stocked growing only 8 months of each year.
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