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    Hi guys, I would like to start this section with the first contribution, it would be great that all contributions are easy to read and well explained Strain: Super Silver Haze Bank: Green House Seeds Type: Sativa CBD: 8 - 14% THC: 8 - 14% Ratio: 1:1 Medicinal effects: Helps with pain, inflammation and anxiety with an uplifting effect. It is also good to stimulate appetite and have a good mood. Pic:
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    Drying process is finally over: buds snapped easily from branches. I've divided them in 3 bottles: - Popcorn buds - Side colas - Main colas with the last 2 bottles sharing the same branches, meaning the side colas are actually the smaller flowers of the main colas. As for the weigh: keeping a precision weigh in the house means you're a dealer. It's the first item cops will look for (after seeing plants). If i'll ever be busted, at least they don't have the exuse to say: he's got the p.w., he's a dealer. FYI, i'm not. I grow for personal consumption ONLY. Either way, i had to use a more rustic version: the pasta weigh! Pics for your eyes: Now, the weighs. Popcorn buds (23g): Side Colas (36g): Main Colas (36g): Highlander: I'll see you all in 2-3 weeks, when the buds are going to be well-cured, for a smell/taste report, and to end this Journal. What a journey, it has been. Cheers! EDIT: Forgot to add final weighs. Overall, Highlander produced 95 grams of dried buds. Over 320 W (which i still need to test at the wall for real power consumption) 95g are 0.296 GPW, which isn't bad considering i've been using a horrible homemade setup of 8 led e27 lamps. And i'm quite surprised by this amount, i thought i wouldn't reach 80 (0.25) and that i maybe would have harvested around 60g. Now i'm just hoping they improve drastically in smell and taste. BTW, the little joint in the half-coconut was from all the leftovers of branches and snapped buds. Had the first taste of it yesterday: i went to sleep at 10 PM. That shit is absurdly strong.
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    Hello everyone! We have reviewed and evaluated the growing diaries that have complied with the bases of the test constest. We really liked your grow diaries and see how you test this genetics with different breeding media. Valuing everything, we have chosen the following winners: 1 prize: LedCherryBerry 2 prize: g22 & ShaggyGrower 3 prize: evolution666 Congratulations!! We will contact you to send you the prizes.
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    Hello! I start a culture under LED light, to avoid excessive heat in summer. It's the first time I've used an Autopot system, so it'll be very interesting for me, everything is new. So far, I have prepared the substrate (coconut and 50% perlite). In the bottom of the pot, I put some arlite to improve the drainage. And so that the coconut is not constantly in contact with the water, in some way, to avoid areas with excess water. Let's go see it That blue thing, it's an Air Dome, a system that supposedly injects air into the roots, so they're more oxygenated. I don't know if it works well, it's the first time I've used it. There is a tube (you can see it in the picture) that is connected to a small air pump. The Autopot system is still not working. So the first waterings will be manual, with a shower as usual. When the plants show the roots they will colonize the pot, then the Autopot will start to work. I put in four different varieties of Green House. Can you guess one of them? Cheers
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    Thanks for the gift 🍁✌ i'm gone roll one for the work right now 😂
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    Un buen cigarro en honor de los organizadores y ganadores del concurso Saludos y fenomenales humos A good cigar in honor of the organizers and winners of the contest Greetings and great smoke
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    Hey'all, Now this is a surprise! As i said before both in my journal and to Jose, having the honour to participate was already a big win. I would've never thought i'd win the first prize. Wow. I really dunno what to say. Well, i might start off by thanking @Cannabissapean, he had the patience to sit through my papyri of messages, and really helped me out. Also, again, the no longer user I'm Sal (which i'm sure 100% he would've outclassed us all), who kept giving hints and tips. Then @g22, this dude is a goldmine of infos and good music. As i'm writing i just realized i can't tag anymore so.. sorry. Thank you evolution666, it's been quite fun to compete against you.. but it would've been more fun if we lived all in the same town, and actually enjoyed together the fruits of our labour And last but not least all the GHS team, who may have been reluctant (and for a good reason!) to ship the seeds and nutrients to a guy like me. Guys, again, thank you. It was the best Christmas gift to receive, and now it's going to be a great summer start! I'll see you all in September, maybe October. Possibly. Hopefully. Cheers!
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    Hello friends, It was a great honour to participate to this contest... Congrats to other friends G22, ShaggyGrowers & LedCherryBerry for their great job and the friendship during this White Rhino session (and good luck to ther oters with their current sessions). And thanks to GHSC for give us the chance to do that... Cheers & respect ! Evolution 666 @LedCherryBerry
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    Mis más sinceras felicitaciones a los ganadores Ledcherryberry g22 Shaggygrower y evolution666 creo que la deliberación del concurso a sido justa ya que las dos plantas que puse a florecer no estaban a la altura del resultado de los ganadores, pero el exterior aunque tarde espero conseguir excelentes resultados que seguiré publicando en el diario de crecimiento, te agradezco el hecho de que quieras compartir parte de tu premio conmigo Shaggygrower y por escojer yo pediría chesse, si fuese posible... pero el hecho de poder formar parte de este concurso ya fue un gran premio y como le dije a Jose.gh espero poder participar en próximas ocasiones, fue un placer competir en este torneo probar esta genética y el producto powder feeding que nunca había utilizado, fueron genial los consejos las charlas y buenos ratos que hemos pasado y espero que sigan Saludos y muchas felicidades My most sincere congratulations to the winners Ledcherryberry g22 Shaggygrower and evolution666 I believe that the deliberation of the contest has been fair since the two plants that I started to flourish were not up to the result of the winners, but the outside but late I hope to get excellent results that I will continue publishing in the growth journal, I thank you for the fact that you want to share part of your prize with me Shaggygrower and for choosing I would ask for chesse, if it were possible ... but the fact of being part of this contest was already a great prize and as I told Jose.gh I hope to participate in future occasions, it was a pleasure to compete in this tournament to try this genetics and the powder feeding product that I had never used, the advice was great, the talks and good times that we have spent and I hope To follow Greetings and many congratulations
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    Thanks to the greenhouse crew to make 4 winner ✌🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁
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    Congratulations LedCherryBerry for the win. Congratulations to g22 & evolution666 for getting placed. Rene, I hope your outdoor grow every success, and if you want write me a private message with what seeds you would have picked if you had won some packets, I'll share my prize with you and post a packet to you. Thank you Greenhouse Seeds & Feeding for the opportunity to compete as well as the opportunity to try your White Rhino genetics and Greenhouse Feedings. Happy Growing!
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    I like to cure in zip bag its more simply for storage and i think its better to keep the smell of the weed you can't see the real color of the buds on the picture . for the moment the weed with beer smell much better and n2 & n4 is goed too they all in the 30g of goed quality buds and a total of 100g of second quality they all hard buds just n4 is very rock hard and weight a littel more
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    Day 119, Harvest. Goddamn she was leafy! Took me 2.5 hours of snipping before getting the hang of it. Either way, i wanted to wait until tomorrow, but some of the colas bent under their own weigh, and didn't want to risk losing them. No more words. Let's jump into it. Highlander's Canopy Highlander, side view 1 Highlander, side view 2 Highlander, true color cola Highlander, flower close up Highlander, more flowers Highlander, mighty stalk Her last breath, before the snipping Harvest, leafy hell Harvest, popcorn colas Harvest, Fat colas I'll see y'all in 5 days. By then, i'll bottle them up and start curing them for another 15 days. Cheers!
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    57° Day Flowering.. Time to harvest 4 out!!!
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    G'day from Oz! Hope all out there are doing fine. Tropical grower here with experience in temperate growing conditions. Looking forwar to chatting with you fine folks. Be well!
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    What a cool surprise when I come back from the work today... I received my package and that's pretty great ! Just wanna say thanx to @Jose.gh and GHSC staff for everything ! Cheers & salute ! Evolution666
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    Big UP for the 4 winners!!!
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    Para loca esta hormiga que me diga donde la plantará.... Jejeje To crazy this ant that tells me where it will plant .... Hehehe
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    Crazy? How? We're all crazy heads around here man! And if we were not crazy, we would have never gathered and grown around here. So thank you for being crazy like me, with me. I'm very sure that if we all lived in the same town.. that town would never see sunlight, from all the smoke around there!
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    Congradulations to you winners. Excellent achiefment @LedCherryBerry, you have got some skills! I must say all of you have done great. Hope next challenge I can compete with you guys.
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    Hi guys, The work done in the White Rhino tests is being evaluated in order to choose the winners. All the work is really admirable, it has been very nice to see your growing diaries and we hope that many of them will be finished in the coming months as well. We will give the names of the winners asap. Cheers!
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    here a littel test they call it ( ROOTLESS TRANSPORT MECHANISM ) if you give cola or any bevrage self made or not to the pot the root can't absorb the molecule of taste if you cut the branch and put in the bevrage they absorb it totaly and take the taste of the bevrage after 1to 2 week max i use here jupiler the most drinking pils beer and GEUZE a old beer special from brussels
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    D105 7W FLO D49 FLO TEMP 18°-31° 1 day temp goes to 34° RH 35%-55% 2 plant foxtails a littel i hope healty foxtails or is the effect of the 34°. for the rest the productivity not gone be big but the quality look very goed rock hard bud i pray that temp not go to high to the end of flowering and i gone wait befor harvest to be sure to get a goed taste i read is always better to wait one week more that wat you think . for the plant hoe was yellowing she stop so i think it is just a moment where i dont give enought water
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    greenhouse green😁😁😁
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    Hello Hunters, I just come back at home after 4 crazy days of Spanabis. The expo was awesome and the straihunters club is just the place to be for smoker in barcelona. I can speak & smoke with many great people, Arjan, @Dust (thanks for all man), Jose from GH & Strainhunters but also with the famous grower of th seeds, Remo of the Remo Nutrients, his GG#4 is just incredible potent and tasty weed, Gavita guys, Big Buddha, the Ripper seed crew and many other. Happy to see you @Jose.gh and sorry for the beer on the bar So here are 3 pics... Remo & me with a good 2gramm+ joint of his GG#4 really good and potent weed! The first pics is all the gift we have at the expo, and the magazine on Franco come from the SH club. As you can see we have a lot of nutrients to try, stikers and seeds! We smoke just to many gram of weed from the strainhunter club and i can says the Ginger ale, tangie is tasty for sativa and Gorilla Glue 4, cheesdawg for indica are great to and well flushed weed with great white ash! In the hash category the Barbarra is just FIRE!!! So great job guys and thanks a lot for the great welcome! See you next year guy's!
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    53 Day Flowering! Pre harvest. Hello guy.. Because of the problems encountered at the Start, (not due to plants), for a few days I could not re-enter the contest .. but there is no problem, it is important to cultivate and have fun doing it !!! We have reached the final flush, before cutting will take the pornopics, just for you ... hahaha Grow detail: ph: 6.1> 6.3 ec: 0.55 > 0.60 tmp: 22 °> 26 ° hum: 40%> 55% The plants have loosened their absorption rate, and are passed to a phase of fruit ripening. A few days ago I took some big leaf that gave shade to the lower buds. For the moment I can say something about these plants, have a great force, both in growth in bloom, the side branches develop the abundant side shoots. The cross of these genetic gives life to some very interesting phenotypes.. very curious to see what will come out. The phenotypes that I grow , they are all almost ready for cutting, probably this weekend will make the first cut, and will leave a few more days the remaining 2 sativa pheno.
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    My joint-2nd place prize has arrived! Thank you @Jose.gh & Greenhouse Seed Company for you generosity with the seeds & feed and the prizes. Happy Growing!
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    @LedCherryBerry In atown on a hill and a valley full of plant 😂✌🌋🍁🌴🍁🌴🍁
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    Where are all the growers ho start the compétition ? No one want to put a last picture of the result you get ✌🍁🌴🍁🌴🍁
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    Here the littel outdoor with her friends pickle,tomato &zuchini a littel more remote
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    Hi mates, Remember that the June 1st, is the last day to finish the White Rhino test. You can publish your work even on day 1, but that is the last day. After June 1, the works will be evaluated and published the winners. We can all go on with our growing diaries, this is just to participate in the competition. Greetings!
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    @LedCherryBerry Maybe next time i put the plant in some rum arrangé lol . Maybe if you put weed inside with rum or vodka 🤣 i like the coffee vanillia Your bong with vodka it must lead everything everytime you take a toke
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    Iam just manicure the plant ho go in the beer agter cutting and the smell of the buds is stronger than other i really want to asociated the taste of the geuze with my herbs i work in a big beer factory when i younger and i always thinking about cannabis when i smell the hop after breuwing or somthing similar now i wait for the smoke test ✌🍁
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    I can share my personal experience, because if I have cultivated these strains many times Lemon Skunk : It is a powerful and resistant Skunk genetics. This selection has an intense lemon smell and taste, some phenotypes more than others. Very productive, lots of resin and big buds. She grows up crazy, like any Skunk. Trainwreck, it's not a weed for everyone. Only the most gourmets can discover the intensity of its taste and effect, it is very different from any commercial herb, it is a small treasure. Compact, resinous and medium to high production. Outdoor has worked better for me than indoor. Super Lemon Haze: What to say about the best weed in the world (in my opinion). It's simply my favorite, I think that says a lot about this genetics. It's a must in my closet. Cheese / Exodus: Two skunk strains with cheese flavor (and intense cheese smell). If you are a cheese lover, both strains are ideal. Here there is a diversity of phenotypes and many times there are incredible treasures to be found. Strong and branched genetics, very productive. Maybe you should try the new Franco´s Lemon Cheese, an exceptional combination of Cheese and SLH.
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    Buenas tardes amigos dejo unas fotos de como va el cultivo de exterior Saludos y fenomenales humos Good evening friends, I leave some pictures of how the outdoor cultivation goes Greetings and great smoke
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    Mañana sin falta mostraré como va el cultivo de exterior que ese si me permite la web y Jose.gh are el seguimiento hasta que las coseche que será final de septiembre principio de octubre aproximadamente Tomorrow without fail I will show how the outdoor cultivation is going that the web allows me and Jose.gh are the follow up until I harvest them, which will be the end of September, beginning of October approximately
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    Me acabo de fijar y los cogollos de una de las dos por la parte baja ya pone los pelos marrones adjunto fotos I just fixed and the buds of one of the two on the bottom already puts the brown hairs attached photos
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    Hola amigos, tengo serias dudas en que pueda cosechar las dos W.R que tengo para fin de concurso el día 1 de junio, por poder se podría cortar pero no estarán las flores bien maduradas, juzguenlo ustedes mismos, agradezco los comentarios.....dejo unas fotos de como están a día de hoy Saludos y fenomenales humos Hello friends, I have serious doubts in that I can harvest the two WR I have for the end of the contest on June 1, by power could be cut but the flowers will not be well matured, judge for yourselves, I appreciate the comments ..... I leave some pictures of how they are today Greetings and great smoke
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    Las niñas duermen agusto😴! feliz jueves!!!😜😉
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    Hi @g22, Tested at 1000w last night. The Darkstar works a treat with the temps (and humidity) being kept in check by the controllers (Base is 72f, when it gets to 75f the input/output fans kicks in until it reaches base temp or less). I do have to bare in mind that last night was quite a cold night (6c), so the air it was drawing in was cold. I will need to keep an eye on things when the outside temp is not as cold (like when it's high summer and minimum 21c outside - that'll be interesting!). Here are two pictures of my tent this morning, the first taken through the lens of my Lumii grow room glasses I just got. They make a heck of a difference! (They're supposed to make HPS light look like normal light - looks like they work very well). The WR are Top [Tri & Bi] & middle [M & 3] (the young'uns middle left are five Space Cookies {and some Basil}, and the two down below are a Dutch Kush & a White Berry - they've both had just one topping, hence why their flatter canopy rather than Christmas tree-like). Tri was flushed last night with 24l of filtered rain butt water with a ph of 6.5 as she'd reached 11.4kg. Filtered with a bubble bag (25 micron) as there are beasties living in the water butt water now the weather is warmer (they look like mosquito larva). She's ~21kg fully [water] loaded. I think I'll switch to aired tap water over the summer months - higher ppm but no beasties to contend with. 3 was given 600ml of the same, her weight was 2.9kg so she's 3.5kg now. Her base weight is 2.6kg. Thanks @evolution666. I just hope the locals don't stumble across them before they're ready, nor any plant munching beasties! Happy Growing!
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    Hi @g22, Yeah sure. It's a microscope, from Amazon. Title is, "5MP USB Microscope MAOZUA Handheld Digital Microscope 20x-300x Magnifier with Professional Base Stand for Windows, Mac, Vista with 8 LED Lights". Thanks re. the clone & reveg comment. Your harvest looked very good, and I especially liked the wet trimming of your plants while they were still growing. @LedCherryBerry's looks great as well, and so does @René Guerra Sánchez's. @evolution666's monster haul is going to take some beating! Happy Drying, Curing & Smoking!
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    White Rhino Clone 1 (WRC1) - Day 37 since pruning & cloning. She's going to be a beast. I think I will let her veg for a while then bring her into my bigger tent to flower in July perhaps. She's had a third of a recommended dose of Greenhouse Feeding Grow, sprinkled on top, and the rain has washed it in.. Below is the White Rhino Tri-clone re-veg attempt. Look (in Full Size) at the trichomes still on her, and they smell lovely! The flower she had is splitting apart and stretching, which is all good apparently. She's had a third of a recommended dose of Greenhouse Feeding Grow, sprinkled on top, and hand watered in.: Below are a load of Boveda packs (and packs made by Boveda for a reseller, which are cheaper). They've been used already and had lots of hard salt crystals in them. To rejuvenate them, I have soaked then in rain water for 24 hours. Now there are no hard salt crystals and they just need a little drying and they're as good as new and ready for my late drying [buds go into jars when air-slow-dried to ~68% humidity, and these gets that down to 62%) & curing in jars phase in a few weeks. Happy Cloning, Re-veging & Curing Preparation!
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    Here i forget the one i keep for outdoor i keep her under my window to mid of may
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    Some of the closest photos ......
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    Big OG.Naj, Nice to meet you and talk to you, I hope next year we can drink that beer We made many photos in Spannabis, some very good haha, you can see them all from here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/greenhouseseeds/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1847851275234562
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    Good morning everyone, and welcome in this update. I'll post some pictures of the plants which currently are in the process of recovery, and have not yet begun to grow optimally. Now the values of temperature and humidity of the grow room are back to normal levels, and the plants seem to like. Lately I watered only with water and bio stimulator,at ph 6.0. Last immage one of my last cut ,greenhouse

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