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    Hello good people,im new here but not to growing..... As you will se by my older grows ive done,and maybe you even recognize some shots,i will start with my older grows... Mostly skunk#1,G13haze,C99Deisels for my commercial grows! Sativas in the dyas i started way back in 19777' i have grown THOUSANDS of PLANTS and have spent time in prison... Been robbed many many times but i kept going,and my skill level has gotten my in 5 magazines with 2,3 and 4 FULL page write ups with pics and my composting tek,Taco composting in a thick black plastic!!! Using yard materials like fresh weeds,cut grass,brown leaf matter,food waste and water with HEAT breaking down the materials very good,while growing earthworms naturally for free....my tek has been published in Weedwrrld and Treatingyourself mags.....i have a HUGE pic barge ready to unload.... Please bare with me with only 1 post at a time?? Those were skunk#1 f3's.... Got 6 to 7 foot in summer in 3 gallon pots.... 2002' from sensiseeds...made probly 200 thousand seeds fast going from just a 10 pack to f3's in 3 grows for stock commercial. More skunks!! And more...
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    As you can see here in the last few pics,the same strain as in the very first 2 pics in my first post skunks again!! The smaller ones are grown in the winter months here, from aug/sept. to dec and again from jan. to april/may. So enjoy my many many many thousands of plants,more skunks! That pic is to the left side,i have middle an right comming.... same field.. THats the middle an now the right side of that beautifull morning!
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    is it my old imac an browser or this site,i CANT SEE MY TYPING? so im getting type o's sorry...that was banana cross,BananaLou!!! One of the most potent crosses i ever made an selected from... THE LAST field was more skunks but this is my BananaLou grown in doors just to show you what i mean about dank sat!!!
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    HELLO AGAIN FOLKS!!! Just back surfing a bit..... i see new functions here on this site!!! waiting for the next expedition film,i LOVE THOSE BOY's keep it up please, a little field from me here in florida for you all,and i hang at fire stax,forums if you wanna visit!! Spring was a great run,and i hope your season will be also friends,have a good year.... SEE YOU ALL SOON AGAIN OK!!!! PEACE<LG>......:)
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    i will do that plant for an indoor show^^i miss her..... More outdoor fields for yaz ok!
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    ^^that was my legendary BANA cross i made to mex sativa!!! Called BananaLou after me,and after a select clone was taken!!! it may be lost,but i have heard an old so called friend is calling it bananalee...i gave him everything and he does me like that? so much for local friends...id rather have online friends!!
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    Thank you friends!! Lots of fun testing strains always as a breeder...i have my own spot at breed bay and list strains at the auction site there... Feel free to check them out Today i may show something cool,if i remember how to show pics?
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    i can go all day boy's an girls!!!!! enjoy,im in a good MOOD ok! PAGE 4 of LOU's WORLD continues.................. im here to meet new friends and just say hi,from florida! it would be very cool to be able to try GH seed strains ounce! (hint) so i hope a few of yaz can be help maybe! i should have PM'ed franco over at icmag an tell him i was commin here. SO i hope he does see these great grows and says hi in my thread!! Where ya at franco?.....much respect on all your team does for MJ!! Dont let the negitive people at icmag get to you,they can an will..... the site has changed and im just kinda sick of all the negitive vibes there? anyways enjoy more,from a good buddy an a newbie here,Lou
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    1 of the tightest SEA of GREENS i ever did was 63 LBS dry!!!
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    Bioactive materials for sustainable soil management. MOLASSES The use of sugar and molasses to boost soil microbial activity has been talked about for some time and the theory has been that it provides an energy source that can be utilised equally well by all soil organisms. However, field applications have not tended to produce many convincing responses. SWEP research with molasses has shown significant effects on soil biology, but they are more complex than expected. Again, the best results appeared to be at the lowest application rate (two litres per hectare), with lactic acid bacteria and yeast predictably giving the strongest response, but with fungi and cellulose utilisers also responding (at the lowest rate). Interestingly, photosynthetic bacteria showed the opposite response, with activity increasing as the application rate increased. http://www.bfa.com.au/Portals/0/BFAFiles/AUT05-bioactive-materials.pdf _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Growing Elite Marijuana Use Molasses Molasses is equivalent to the carbohydrate loading products sold in the hydro stores. They help add bud mass during flowering, feed the good bacteria, add beneficial micro-nutrients. Molasses is a syrupy, thick juice created by the processing of either sugar beets or the sugar cane plant. Molasses(average NPK 1-0-5) contains potash, sulfur, and many trace minerals, it can serve as a nutritious soil amendment. It is a good, quick source of energy for the various forms of microbes and soil life in a compost pile or good living soil. Molasses is also an excellent chelating agent. A Chelating agent means that molasses is one of the substances that can convert some chemical nutrients into a form that’s easily available for critters and plants. Chelated minerals can be absorbed directly and remain available and stable in the soil. Any kind of molasses will work to provide benefit for soil and growing plants, but blackstrap molasses is the best choice because it contains the greatest concentration of sulfur, iron and micronutrients from the original cane material. It’s a great source of carbohydrates to stimulate the growth of beneficial microorganisms. It simply is the best carbohydrate sugar for horticultural use and should be used by any grower serious about growing some serious weed. Blackstrap Molasses is the best kind for supporting explosive growth and sparkling crystal buds. Honey Sugars by sugar I use honey, syrup is a natural Peace!!
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    42 days of 12/12 and all going fairly well. All 5 plants are really gaining weight now.
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    Hi!! GreenHouse Feeding have a new additive in the bio line, Enhancer, one amazing phyton-protector with: Humic acids Fulvic acids Seaweed Thricoderma Bacillus subtilis …. Perfect to prevent phytosphora, phytium….or to fight againts powdery mildew for example. In addition, increase the life and energy in the soil with amino and carbohydrates, and promotes the plants rooting. In fact, we did a lot of tests germinating seeds. Apply between 0.3gr-0.5gr/liter the growth was increased significantly. But obviously, this would be only neccesary if we are working with old seeds, or with bad conservation. In anyway the expenses, for the low amount of Enhancer in the mixture, is insignificant if we want to use it in all our seeds germinations. Each 15 days, I make manteinance in my mothers room, removing new sprouts. I usually put these cuttings in a plastic glass with water like backup for the next 15 days. One month ago, I irrigated a few automatic seeds with water+0.3gr/liter enhancer. I used that mixture in the plastic glass where I put he cutting plants(backups). 4-5 days later, I took a look the cuttings and I saw roots in 3 (between 25+-) of them!! Eureka!. You can imagine my face. I did the same the last +15 years and never I saw roots with that size in 4-5 days, only putting one cutting in water. Like I am not looking for roots, I didnt take pics, and I dont know if exactly was 4 or 5 days. But after see that, It was enough to make one test. I did the next: 1-Sink jiffys(peat pellet) in water with Enhancer(0.3gr/liter) 2-Drain off 3-Insert the cuttings. Easy!! Keep it simple style! Only with that, I had roots in 6 days, and the cuttings were ready to leave the greenhouse 1 week later, only with 0.3gr of Greenhouse feeding Enhancer, and without hormones or additives. And I was travelling, so the cares were zero. And of course, we can root plants only with water and one medium, water, soil, coco... But 100%, in 7 days, without hormones, and only make clones and transplant 1 week later, is very nice! So I did another test, with the same results. Cutting plants ready in 1 week. I was speaking with my engineer mate in the office about this. And he did the same , and roots in 7 days and a long hairy in 15 days. Pics attached. Amazing!!! In the same time I did another test with one Chemdog mother. Is a very special plant for me, with a incredible taste. Only for that I keep it, because is a hell cloning It and have a very slow growth in the first stage. For that, when I want grow It, I always use additives to get roots in 15 days. The last times I was with Azos, from xtreme gardening. Azospirillum brasilensis. Is a nitrogen fixim bacterium who estimulate the roots. I did a few clones with Azos, and a few clones with Enhancer. And “voilà”, roots with Enhancer in 7 days and any root trace with Azospirillum( usually roots in this strain in 12-15 days, sometimes later) Incredible!! chemdog and Ssh pics, 8 days. I was talking with people who have the same strain and they are without words Xddd One of them gave me Clonex(out of the market in Spain)because he is using it to make clones of this strain, and I will make a comparative between these hormones and Enhancer the next days. In my opinion Clonex have more name than unique results. But like a few years ago It was the main product in the market to make roots, now out of the market people think is the best. And yes, the AIB Works, but isnt the panacea. I will use other concentrations, rock whool… Cheers!!
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    These are all classic pics that have been on a few sites....
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    Well tried my other IE browser,couldnt even log in??? Oh well,camino half assed it is hahaha,More fields....
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    Right now im a bit lazy huh,i will just post 1 great shot at a time anthis was a skunk bud i did outdoors an in icmags flowerpix#3 cover!d speak about it a little....... THose were more sk#1's ive done them fields alot,let me get some bud shots and then go on to some other strains..... Gonna have to read that link ya gave me DUST...typeing is fucked up can not upload a pic an say som'm after..... SO back to more fields shal we!! Those were some babies!!God dang,im still shittin around 1 pic at a time haha!!Dust,i never watered from above,and everytime i watered(wich took all day)i slowly wet the soil well and then add nutes after,and you dont wannaknow what kind of nutes,everybody hates it but me huh?My organics is were its at as i replenish my soils very grow...Ok let me show yaz another field and then i will try and getthe pic thing fixed.. Wait one last field then i will read the pic link,enjoy!!!
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    i mainly grow in 3 gallon pots to keep plant size downmy naba's are right over that red shed 10 feet away and ive gotten ayway with tunes of weed here!!!!!! You cant beat my climate for growing,but its VERY UNcomfortable living a ungodly HUMID jungle for 30 yrs enduring insect bites in the millions....and heat that kills man working outdoors on a regulkar basis here in FL,usa....the jungle in HELL........ We also can grow are crops YEAR ROUND and BACK to BACK!!!
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    i have some magazine pics in TIFF to large to upload, but lots lots more for you to see anyhow.....
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    hi all, there is my 2nd grow started 4 months ago, using soil from my backyard, 5 36w cfl bulbs and 2 pc fans i vegged this plant during 3months using the 13/11 light cycle without using ferts, now its been 1 month since i change the light cycle to 11/13 to induce flowering, ive been using a homemade seaweed preparation since i changed the light cycle, the plant has already started to grow flowers, the photos below was taken 2weeks ago(the most recent). i have no camera at the moment i ll post new photos in a few days. have a look, please give your feedback or advice, will be very much apprecieted Hav a nice day btw the strain is 'South African Kwazulu' from world of seeds.
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    yow i'm a 25 year old dude from Belgium, i use cbd oil because i am currently very sick due to some kind of serious inflammatory bowel disease so it kinda really really sucks my life at the moment, but the good thing is cbd oil is really helping and i also have the arizer extreme q vaporizer ( i'm very happy with this vaporizer by the way) that i use regularly. Now i'm slowly getting better so hopefully in a few months i'll be feeling good to go! i love listening to hiphop, Travis scott , tame impala and kid cudi , etctera jean michel basquiat is my profile picture because i like his paintings kush my favorite peace
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    OOPS posted before complete , i have extensive horticultural experience including hydro, but my pride was 6 ladies that maxed out at 14 to 19 foot 7 inches years ago, emboldened by our new legalized status I am using 2 bare bulb 315s in a customize DWC and maximizing space with a high maintenance SCROG . Utilizing my professional experience with vegetables im keeping 65 gal of nutes at 68f with a chiller and just might have been vegging too long , as after adding some co2 from 20gl of wine making im a week into flower and have a tunnel 5x5x6 with royal cookie Amnesia Haze that i acquired while abroad and some pure Sativa from the volunteer state, I am working on some breeding and plan to do some tissue culture , and as side I have a couple of autos that i spunked with those 20 ft monster sativa.
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    Started chopping the 3 x Jack Herer FAST after 55 days of 12/12 and there appears to be lots of very solid chunky buds. Their trichomes are 60/40 cloudy/amber so I expect a nice smoke. I have found the start of bud-rot, lurking at the very back, within the thickest cola of 1 plant so that cola been trashed because I do not want to take any risks of it spreading. The RH has been higher than I would have liked over the latter part of flowering at round 55% but I think I caught it early and no sign of it on any of the other plants/buds. I think the rainy weather causing moist air is to blame which is coming in via my 2 active intakes feeding into my flowering tent. I will have a play around with them but the active intakes are drawn through carbon filters, to prevent pest and suchlike, so any moisture in the air would find it harder to get inside I would guess. Regardless, no worries and 1 nugget with bud-rot is very far from a disaster. I am pushed for time and chopping will take more time than I have so I am doing it in stages. I have chopped 1 Jack Herer and taken the top cola of the 2 other Jack Herer including the one with bud-rot. Despite the bud-rot I think this will be a pleasing yield again for just 375 REAL LED watts. Here are a few pictures before my hands/gloves got too sticky to take anymore.
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    Last pot 78 l geotextil for cj Iam not shur to get some nice flower here whit the summer i wait 2 days and try to force to flowering
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    Good work, G22. Nice to see you back, Slimjim.
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    Hey guys! Just thought I'd tell a little about myself. I've been growing about 6 years now, and loving every minute of it. I've been a user of medical herb since I was in 8th or 9th grade, they always said weed would be a gateway to more dangerous things like sucking toes for crack and fruit loops. Well, they were half right, in that MJ can be a gateway, but not to dangerous things, whenever anyone I talk to says the words "cannabis is a gateway" in that order is when they say "growing has been a gateway to gardening, I now have a jungle in my backyard." or something similar. Thats the boat I'm in, at first I was only into growing my girls. Then I decided to grow some catnip for my little fuzzy buddy Etnie. After I learned catnip had pest repellant properties I looked for other companion plants to help me grow the dank, and found that I'm interested in botany and plants as a whole. 5 years from my first 'companion plant' experiment and I'm growing Tomatoes, Beans (to fix nitrogen into the soil), and a gang of plants, consisting of Lemon Balm, Mint, Cayenne and Habenaro Peppers, that I plan on turning into an insect repellent. I also have a sundew and Venus Flytrap ... Along with some Romanesco, which I thought was beautiful and has a very interesting fractal pattern. I love growing both hydroponically and organically in supersoil/no till type situations, Although I find myself digging deeper and deeper into the 'soil food web' rabbit hole. I love the symbiosis achieved by a soil crawling with microbeasties and other soil life, and the fact that i'm not feeding my plants from bottles filled with "who-knows-what" and other shit I cant pronounce. I'm currently using Roots Organic's uprising line to amend my soils and it seems to be going well in my outside bed. For my hydro I'm using Soul Synthetics, I've had good results with Supernatural brand dry nutes but I liked the idea of the soul line, that has both organic inputs as well as mineral. I'm also a caregiver for my Mom (who will be referred to from here on out as 'Momma Saint') who has been fighting AML (a form of leukemia) for a few years. after she was first diagnosed, she completed the treatment but ended up with a STAPH infection in her PICC line, which ended up with her in an (induced) month long coma. She recovered from that and in Feb this year she had a nosebleed that wouldn't stop. I brought her into the ER and her AML was back. While we were dealing with that, we decided on a Bone Marrow Transplant to rid her of the leukemia (if all goes well) for many years. We knew there was a chance of something horrible happening but it was a risk we had to take. On May 18th, the day after my birthday, Momma Saint was admited to the Tranplant Unit at Spectrum/Butterworth hospital. It has been quite a long process, But I'm happy to say it looks like the transplant has been a success, and a couple weeks ago I was able to bring Ma Saint back home to finish healing. She's now about 40 days past her transplant and (knock on wood) there have been zero setbacks and things are all going as planned. It's been more exhausting than I can explain but I'd do it a thousand times again if I had to!
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    24 days of 12/12 and all these girls are really coming on fantastically. Glad this is my last documented grow as it's like playing to an empty arena! Anyone care to comment or is this all just a waste of time?
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    Hey, just here to learn and talk to people about this great plant. doing my first grow has been a great experience. I am always reading and just can not stop thinking about my plants lol!!! well if anyone has any tips i am all ears at all time. Do growers recommend defoliation for new growers?
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    TOP CLASS BUDS!!!!! Most growers grow stuff you cant even smoke from the fert/worm poo taste,yuk? Mine has always benn TOP CHOICE for the money huh!! Pigs can fuck OFF ive already BEEN busted an DONE TIME for these pics,pigz. hopefully they aint here lurkin,but they cant use pics anyhow believe me. They could give a rats ass about online use,BUT IF A RAT GIVES THEM a HANDLE,SITE and its a local RAT things can get real bad...take it from me,my true experience. THey downloaded tunes of stuff from icmag at the time of servailance before my bust. so please be COOL,dont worry be HAPPY i only did time and didnt loost the house.... LIFE goes on.......shit happenes.....we get OVER IT!!! and this kinda bud HELPS!!
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    Not only do i open up the black plastic for the rains,i also have a few good sized barrels for collecting rain water from my roof!!! PLANTS LOVE RAIN WATER PERIOD. Now to the fields again shall we....... Shorties but goodies!!!! Keeping plants short,is much better than having these tall flags saying HERE I AM PIGGIES.....so these were done in january/fl...
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    Good buddy DUST,you had requested my COMPOSTING TEK!!!!! Glad you took interest,i will try now to print slowly an show pics ok.. Here is how it is done:as i mentioned earlier,the use of a THICK BLACK PLASTIC. To explain,here in FL,the ground is nothing but glass dust/sand.... nutes left on the groung as in(compost or forest matter)drain strait into the grownd everytime it rains,loosing all the natural and9Compost made nutes)our ground does not hold water or nutes...thus their is no humus barely in the forests... Only in Northern places were the snow builds up over dead forest matterieals does the natural ground have good growing nutes,plus the hard clay/soil surfaces.. ANyplace that does NOT have snow has no soil to speak of,so that is a reason i found this GREAT COMPOSTING TACO TEK,using only freash weed/plants/grass and brown/leaf, a bit of food waste and lots of WATER an HEAT to breakdown the compost very well here having your pile or piles in a sunny location in the yard helps,but will work in shad. SO let me show a pic of my PLASTIC ( a poundliner)that was a pond at one time!!! Costed 275$...but you can just get a 6mil. black plastic at any hardwere stores to work the use of the plastic is to have 1 side as the bottom and the other half to flip over top of pile pic.. THat pic shows when i am turning the pile from one side to the other... Now,i will explain the best part the free materials used for im telling ya, THE BEST SOIL MONEY CAN NOT BUY PERIOD. No additives like bone meal,lime,fetrts,of any kind just a vegan natural way of making a very very special compost,my product also tastes better than most growers samples i ever tried for real.....believe this my man VEGAN!! Ok,whats true vegan grown plants,just what i said using yard materials only!!!! NOT dissing ferts,i also use heavy Miracle gro ferts both veg an bloom its a very very good fertilazer although its salts......no worries after a months FLUSH OUT!! thats another story... Back to a vegan type grown cannabis,first and (if you have a big yard or place to gather stuff) then you can do what i do and make the best soil that you ever seen or smelt with worms free!! YOur going to make layers:3 main layers of materials,stacked higher an higher to 6 feet or so. First materials you need on the botom is GREEN FRESH WEED/GRASS/LEAVES/PLANTS as in alive... Next layer to collect is your BROWN.... Next layer is small sticks/branches/trimmed bushes,no thicker than your pinky... 3rd layer is now your BROWN DEAD stuff,raked up grass/leaves/trees with small braches dead... These are the 3 main material layers that you need,you also can spread a bit of old soil over the brown layer each time you stack them as your pile gets bigger an bigger,also water with hose each layer or atleast soak the whole pile very very well,now their is a little trick here. The black plastic,has to be folded up on the bottom edges to keep all the water/moister in like a cup,my pile is on a slight hill so the lower flod side in the middle holds water ands i use bricks to hold tha other bottom side up a bit,about a foot or less... let me find pics again and i will further explain!! Let me try again? the FRESH GREEN MATERIALS!!! THose at the botom to start with give of gasses that break down the pile! More pics!! Takes a big yard,i have an acre,and lots of WORK,if your not scared of it... More pics an then i will explain more!! THEIR YOU HAVE THE TACO TEK STYLE,you have to water it down alot, every week or less if your in a HOT area like i am............ More good shots!!! Your black plastic kills anything in the pile from NO light,keeps all the gasses in to help the break down,and holds water on the botom witch re absorbs uup into the materials with the heating of the day and the cooling of nights!!! Never worry about over soaking your piles,the more water the better....... More good pics!! i must have a million of these little friends helping too!!! You must turn your piles every 3 to 6 months,even 1 year is ok... The quality of this kind of soil is absolutly the best,WHY,because your using pure nature,letting it decompose just like nature,letting rain water enter and soak the piles but not loosing a drop from the bottom part of plastic!!! THUS RETAINING ALL NUTRIENTS.....you CAN also add anything you like,as i mentioned the bone meals,bloodmeals,ferts,organis or salts,lime,but it will have to sit longer or you will burn a crop if planted to early...... So,i have been doing alot of commercial grows/personal grows in soils,and hydro tests even small powered CFL bulb tests with great results....can show them in a micro forum! More spectacular soils for you,them back to fields ok!! Most huge farmer use tractors and do piles on concrete slabs to help... i do it ALL BY HAND....that^^is about 1 yard of soils,in the other shots, i am doing up to 4 yards this time,well my tek is for small farmers like me!!!! i can quarrenty this is one of the easiest cheepe ceffitient composting teks!! Published in Treatingyuorself magazine back in 06' BLG,Lougrew at your service!!!! Now back to som'm cool...... Oh one thing many people ask,WHERE DO THE WORMS COME FROM??? THEY ARE FREE,from mother nature,from all the stuff raked up,picked up, gathered,and re--used soils that are added,and they will find their way dont worry!! try this even on a small scale in the corner of your yards,soon you'll see worms too! Believe me folks,their is a reason farmers call it BLACK GOLD huhuh it is the best!! WELL DUST,hope you got my great tek now!!! Goota LOVE real living soils,they are the BEST mediums to grow in period. i have never bought ferts from a hydro store in my life,im a keep it simple solutions kinda man,huns the trem KISS...wich was developed by me an a few at icmag... More grand shots for youer enjoyment!!!
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    Like that one!!! Got some more great old shots,by the way hows my rep now?
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    even post preview dont work??? So dont try an make it to hard on ya,its my old relic ready FOR THE MUSEUM huh....... Oh well,im buzzin so let me get another good SHOT!
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    im just glad i can post a pic at a time for you folks... More great harvests!!!!
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    and the hightimes magazine pic of my c99deisel harvest!!!!
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    Page 2 of Lou's world of WEED!!!!!!!!!! a more recent grow was in 06 and 07 ..08 was the yr i got popped. Best friends GF,so you never know and i never thought it would be him.. Best friend no mre....and she ended up killing herself later,karma! Have been threw some really hard time like also getting robbed of fields likethese you've seen here so fuckit,life goes on,im still not free yet really but almost!!! more for yaz..
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    i was like a skunky monkey runnin round in all them buds!
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