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    Hi, With the onset of winter, and the low temperature, I am happy to start a new indoor crop, a winter crop. My intention is to make a 100% Natural culture, 100% BIO. So .... What better occasion to try the BIO nutrients from Green House Feeding? In this crop I will use the new BIO nutrients from Green House Feeding (coming soon). It will be great to evaluate results personally. If you want to see how they work, or have any questions, maybe I can help solve it This time I decided to use cuttings, instead of seeds. My intention is to grow a lot, before beginning the flowering. Maybe three or four weeks under 400w / 600w metal halide. Then, maybe the flowering will begin on the middle of January (if all goes well). It is an indoor of 1.2m2 With light 250w / 400w / 600w and 600w SL Extraction and intraction system of air Substrate: soil - Normal soil / A little coconut fiber Nutrients: Green House BIO Feeding Containers: Smart Pot 12 Liters / 3 Gallons Ok, it's the first time thats I use Smart Pot containers, so you should have patience haha First of all, I want to put a little armalite / arlite (volcanic rock) on the bottom. This is to improve drainage, just put it a little. Actually, how is the first time thats I use this type of container .... I want to see the difference, So I add a classic container 12 liter / 3 gallon. I put some earth, about halfway. And then I add some Green House Feeding BIO GROW. According to the indications, 3gr / liter of BIO GROW should be used, for a standard culture of one month and a half, or two months of duration. I start with cuttings, so the growth period is only a few weeks or a month. I Use only half of the recommended dose, use 1.5 gr / liter. Once I added BIO GROW, I put more soil and put it all together. Be careful not to move the volcanic rock from the bottom. I try to make a good mix. Also I add a big handful of coconut fiber to each pot. I like to mix it up, to make it a little more fluffy, and keep the moisture better. Now only the transplant is left. This part is boring and dirty, you have to be careful with the delicate roots of the cuttings. When the transplant is finished, I water the pots with water. Only water with PH set to 6.2 (about 1 liter per pot). Once finished, I like to add a bit of volcanic rock / arlite, on top. In this way I can retain moisture better, the soil does not dry out easily. At the moment, I will use 400w. only. In a few days, maybe 600w. The volcanic rock / arlite, has a horrible ph. You have to soak for several days, with a regulated pH (a bit acid). So that they stabilize. Always, before use. For now .... this is it
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    Hi all, Woohoo, it's competition time. I have received 10 x White Rhino seeds & GHS BIO powder feedings in good time and I'll be looking to germinate in January. 1.2m2 indoor grow starting off under 1 x 125w blue CFL (perhaps x 2) in a 60cmx60cmx90cm propagation tent. Mulling getting a MH for the rest of veg, else it will be that CFL plus 250w/400 of HPS. 600w/660w HPS for flower (new bulb). 428m3 extraction through carbon filter. Substrate: 70% Canna Coco (unfed, ie, not the Pro Plus) & 30% Perlite - so I can see how JUST the BIO feeds get on. Nutrients: Green House BIO feedings only - Water will be roof run off at a ppm of ~ 40 (ec 0.08) @ 23C. Containers: 1 litre / 11 litre / 46 litre I shall be topping early & LSTing to keep height down. Good luck everyone!
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    Hi All, This grow will start mid January to end February depending on the weather. First grow for 2018 and it's the Indica prominent White Rhino. Perfect for extreme LST and....maybe SCROG. Lets see when we get to that stage. Anyways, list of bits and bobs I'll be using for this: EQUIPMENT: BudBox Pro 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m (White Interior) RAM 5" Carbon Filter 350m/hr RAM 5" Extraction Fan 378m/hr on controller RAM 4" Fan 277m/hr on controller (ACTIVE INTAKE THROUGH SPARE CF TO MINIMIZE PESTS) 2 x 80w Tube Heaters The combination above creates a nice environment for 8/9 months of the year until winter comes when it is too cold to grow as stealthy as I like.. MEDIA & FEED: 50% Bio Bizz Light Mix 25% Coco 25% Perlite A test mix I have been playing with which might suit the GHSC feed well as there will be very minimal nutritional value in the media. Not a fan of forever potting up so the seeds will be germed in 3lt pots then onto 11ltr final pots. 5 x 3lt pots (GERMINATION / EARLY VEG) 5 x 11lt pots (FINAL POT) Feed will be solely GHSC GROW, BLOOM & ENHANCER and NOTHING else LED: 2 x ViparSpectra 450w (TRUE WATTAGE approx 200w each) 1 x Go Grow V1 Master Grower 600w (TRUE WATTAGE approx 200w) Early veg will be under 1 x ViparSpectra than the other LED's will be steadily introduced until all 3 units are up and running during flower. I want a nice thick canopy to aim at and this "crash of Rhinos" are very nice candidates to play with. Looking forward to the New Year to get started. Goodluck all
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    Hi mates, Yes, all requests have been accepted The shipments have already begun, you will receive your pack soon. Some shipments include nutrients and others only seeds, to avoid customs problems. Regards!
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    Hello everyone! Setup: DS120 (1.20m/1.20m/1.80m) Veg: 400w Flo: 600w Small intake and outake two fans for air movement Very simple things, I will start in 2.0liter pots and then move to final 11liter pot. I have only on doubt, can I re-use the soil i have left from my clones and a few autos? Infact the clones dont full root the 11 liter pot that I use and in the auto even worse Can I asume that bio-grow it's perfect for it? half dosage it's ok? Here's some polm hash, the symbol was a palm tree, really head high, not really good to work days (28-12-17 Start) My germination was 24 hour in the glass cup with balanced water Paper towell for the next 24 hour, (29/12/17) And the last seedling photo is from today (1/1/18) I'm assuming i can start with the soil, but I guess I'll wait another day to achive good cm's in the seedlings. And I have plenty of time to mix the soil with Biogrow and then start! Happy smoking bros.
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    A la espera del día 1 de enero para plantar las White rhino suerte a todos los competidores, feliz navidad y próspero año nuevo
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    ahah bro you made me laugh, trust me! Maybe I will put them on middle all close to each other.. all eight white rhyno popped out, only my grape gum didn't make it.. yet at night I pass by to drop some photos! Edit: I got them closer and in center of tent. Day 3 Veg (05/01/18) Water only, I will post them individually when they are big enough to see the characteristics. Can the fungus be a preventer for gnats and others? Because cover well the pot surface. Sorry my bad english. Happy smoking!
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    I, too, have dropped a seed in memorium of Franco. I'm sure that Franco was actively planning a number of strain-breeding projects, but one in particular, of which he may have been especially proud, was the SLEX (SuperLemonHaze x ExodusCheese). At least he seemed very excited about it when he was interviewed recently by Zamnesia Magazine. The testers here in StrainHunters have been very happy with SLEX. The initial SLEX grows have already been harvested, and the smoke-reports are now being posted with positive opinions. I will be ordering the SLEX for sure, as soon as it becomes available for sale. By the way, if you don't know already, there is a Condolences Board opened if you wish to leave a message of condolence for Franco's family and friends, or a farewell message for Franco. On the page showing various pictures of Franco and displaying his life's philosophy, before you click on the link to the actual Condolences Board, first simply scroll down below Franco's pictures, and then you can read Arjan's special message to Franco and to us, Franco's friends, the StrainHunters. Here is the link to the Condolences Board: http://www.greenhouseseeds.nl/franco/ Thank you , too, Arjan for the reassurance that Franco's legacy will continue. Hang in there, buddy. We're with you.
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    So. It is finally time to start this new year with a decent grow journal. Thanking GreenHouseSeeds for giving me this amazing opportunity to test out their WhiteRhino strain, and their Bio Feeding Line of powder nutrients. As mentioned in the inscription post, this will be my equipment: - 4x 6500K 35W LED - 4x Full Spectrum 45W LED - The GreenHouseSeed bank BIO Feeding Line - A 60x60x170 SecretJardin Grow Tent - Airflow with one small fan, and 2 filtered extractors (IN and OUT) for 108m3/h. - 2 initial WhiteRhino seeds, 1 will be chosen and brought to flowering. - Pot sizes, varying from 1L, to 6L, to 11L, to 18L. - A scrog net (this will be my first scrog attempt, please be merciful) - A lot of love and joy doing this. And duct tape. And beer. I plan to increase light power with the increased growth. - 1° Week 70W - 2° Week 105W - 3°-5° Week 140W - 6°-7 Week 140W + 45W FS - 8°-12° Week 140W + 90W FS - Remaining Weeks at Maxium Light Output (140W + 180W FS) With this i want to simulate the increased output of the sun, transitioning from spring, to summer. At the end of Week 7 i'll perform the switch to 12-12. I also plan to feed the girls 6 weeks for VEG, and 8 Weeks for Bloom. I'll start feeding at week 4, when i transplant from 6L to the final pot (which i still need to decide between 11 and 18L). This is the current plan for the grow, that WILL be revised as i go on. I'm sharing it just to give an idea. Date Phase Week Grow Feeding Bloom Feeding Light Power Light Schedule GERM 18 – 6 | 5.30 – 23.30 GERM 12 – 12 | 7.00 – 19.00 GERM GERM 07/01/18 GERM 0 1/8 /Lt Soil 90W 6500k 18 – 6 08/01/18 GERM 09/01/18 GERM 10/01/18 GERM 11/01/18 GERM 12/01/18 GROW 13/01/18 GROW 14/01/18 GROW 1 ¼ /Lt Soil 90W 6500k 18 – 6 15/01/18 GROW 16/01/18 GROW 17/01/18 GROW 18/01/18 GROW 19/01/18 GROW 20/01/18 GROW 21/01/18 GROW 2 ¼ /Lt Soil 135W 6500k 18 – 6 22/01/18 GROW 23/01/18 GROW 24/01/18 GROW 25/01/18 GROW 26/01/18 GROW 27/01/18 GROW 28/01/18 GROW 3 ¼ /Lt Soil 135W 6500k 18 – 6 29/01/18 GROW 30/01/18 GROW 31/01/18 GROW 01/02/18 GROW 02/02/18 GROW 03/02/18 GROW 04/02/18 TRAPIANTO 4 2G/LT Substrate 180W 6500k 18 – 6 05/02/18 GROW 06/02/18 GROW 07/02/18 GROW 08/02/18 GROW 09/02/18 GROW 10/02/18 GROW 11/02/18 GROW 5 ¼ /Lt Soil 180W 6500k 18 – 6 12/02/18 GROW 13/02/18 GROW 14/02/18 GROW 15/02/18 GROW 16/02/18 GROW 17/02/18 GROW 18/02/18 GROW 6 ¼ /Lt Soil + 0.5g /Lt Enhancer/ Soil 180W 6500k 18 – 6 19/02/18 GROW 20/02/18 GROW 21/02/18 GROW 22/02/18 GROW 23/02/18 GROW 24/02/18 GROW 25/02/18 GROW 7 ¼ /Lt Soil 180W 6500k 18 – 6 26/02/18 GROW 27/02/18 GROW 28/02/18 GROW 01/03/18 GROW 02/03/18 GROW 03/03/18 GROW 04/03/18 BLOOM 8 - 1 ¼ /Lt Soil + 0.5g /Lt Enhancer/ Soil 180W 6500k + 35W FS 18 – 6 05/03/18 BLOOM 06/03/18 BLOOM 07/03/18 BLOOM 08/03/18 BLOOM 09/03/18 BLOOM 10/03/18 BLOOM 11/03/18 BLOOM 9 - 2 ¼ /Lt Soil 180W 6500k + 35W FS 18 – 6 12/03/18 BLOOM 13/03/18 BLOOM 14/03/18 BLOOM 15/03/18 BLOOM 16/03/18 BLOOM 17/03/18 BLOOM 18/03/18 BLOOM 10 - 3 ¼ /Lt Soil + 0.5g /Lt Enhancer/ Soil 180W 6500k + 70W FS 18 – 6 19/03/18 BLOOM 20/03/18 BLOOM 21/03/18 BLOOM 22/03/18 BLOOM 23/03/18 BLOOM 24/03/18 BLOOM 25/03/18 BLOOM 11 - 4 ¼ /Lt Soil 180W 6500k + 70W FS 18 – 6 26/03/18 BLOOM 27/03/18 BLOOM 28/03/18 BLOOM 29/03/18 BLOOM 30/03/18 BLOOM 31/03/18 TRAPIANTO 3G / LT Substrate 01/04/18 BLOOM 12 – 5 180W 6500k + 70W FS 12 – 12 02/04/18 BLOOM 03/04/18 BLOOM 04/04/18 BLOOM 05/04/18 BLOOM 06/04/18 BLOOM 07/04/18 BLOOM 08/04/18 BLOOM 13 – 6 ¼ /Lt Soil 180W 6500k + 70W FS 12 – 12 09/04/18 BLOOM 10/04/18 BLOOM 11/04/18 BLOOM 12/04/18 BLOOM 13/04/18 BLOOM 14/04/18 BLOOM 15/04/18 BLOOM 14 – 7 ¼ /Lt Soil + 0.5g /Lt Enhancer/ Soil 180W 6500k + 70W FS 12 – 12 16/04/18 BLOOM 17/04/18 BLOOM 18/04/18 BLOOM 19/04/18 BLOOM 20/04/18 BLOOM 21/04/18 BLOOM 22/04/18 BLOOM 15 – 8 ¼ /Lt Soil 180W 6500k + 70W FS 12 – 12 23/04/18 BLOOM 24/04/18 BLOOM 25/04/18 BLOOM 26/04/18 BLOOM 27/04/18 BLOOM 28/04/18 BLOOM 29/04/18 BLOOM 16 – 9 ¼ /Lt Soil + 0.5g /Lt Enhancer/ Soil 180W 6500k + 105W FS 12 – 12 30/04/18 BLOOM 01/05/18 BLOOM 02/05/18 BLOOM 03/05/18 BLOOM 04/05/18 BLOOM 05/05/18 BLOOM 06/05/18 BLOOM 17 – 10 ¼ /Lt Soil 180W 6500k + 105W FS 12 – 12 07/05/18 BLOOM 08/05/18 BLOOM 09/05/18 BLOOM 10/05/18 BLOOM 11/05/18 BLOOM 12/05/18 BLOOM HARVEST 18 - 11 I planned some more weeks for the flowering, just in case the girls decide to keep going a bit longer. I also tried to germinate one seed some days before the new year, but it popped the surface as a dead seed. The root grew (small), but the small plant never got rid of the seed shells (after 14 days). I started 2 new seeds, and am waiting for them to pop the surface. I will decide between the 2, who gets to stay. Below, some pics of the equipment: This is the light rack i've crafted. Pretty basic, huh? Pot sizes AND room space. The little white buddy on the bottom right is the dehumidifier, that will be turned on when i switch to 12-12. A special thanks to GreenHouseSeeds. You guys are amazing. Nothing left to say, till the girls pop the surface. Until then... Peace!
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    Hi Here is my plan Medium promix plagron straight wiht a layer of coco /perlite for the drain at bottom of pot +_ 5cm Ph down whit lemon or lemon kick (plagron) Size of pot 0,9l ,7l ,final 30l Grow under 400w mh flower 600w hps For the rest i just use the bio feeding i was hesitadet for myhco but no money to buy it and is a all in formul so maby some yucca extract for spray wiht anhencer en for soil if it dry but i not buy it for the moment biochar looks goed to but not this time i normarly not use 2 tent thats to much électriciti but i realy want to do the contest i think to start for this week-end bye ✌
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    Hello guys and welcome at my crop diary, also I would like to wish all of you happy new year and all best into that !!! Here is my deli from GHS. I get 10 seeds and another three I had from cannabis festival from where I come from, also I am gonna set another three Purple Ayahuascas ,indicas from Barney´s, into same tent so toggether there will be 16 plants. I grow in coco and I ll set tent 120x120x200 started from CFL for seedling / 400w - 3/4 weeks veg (ill see) / 600w 8 weeks flower stage. So, tomorrow is germination day and I am gonna also attache some photos what I have done. Actually here is first as I can comfirm that I am happy to cooperate in this competition. Stay tuned and wait for some more news.
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    11am White Rhino germination preparation. R/O (0.106ec 53ppm) 6.5ph small amount of H2O2. Three huddling together with the matriarch off on safari already:
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    Hola compañeros, aquí algunas novedades. Las white rhino se están portando de maravilla con el biogrow, en vasos de café con proporción de 0,5g x L de tierra han colonizado perfectamente sus respectivos recipientes. Paso a doblar el tamaño de la maceta ya que su maceta final será de 3l. Por cierto.. De las dos rhino con fenotipo sativo.. Ya os contaré 😏😏🦏🌱
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    Hello Is it too late to start to participate? I have a White Rhino grow diary on this forum, please check out my old started threads, it was 7 years ago, my first grow back then under a 250 HID. I love this strain and i would love to grow it again! Nowadays i grow under 400W, i will have 4 pots of 20 liters each if i still can be selected to participate. Please let me know if i can enter the contest. Thanks! P.S. I attached some pictures with my White Rhino i grew back then. In the first picture the W.R. is on the left, the right sided plant is an A.M.S. n all the rest of the pictures is the White Rhino.
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    Prepared labels The pots cleaned with water and bleach for a deep disinfection Before the transplant I put the growth subscription as recommended by the manufacturer Look at the roots root ball because it is not extensive but I had to transplant them for the subject of the subscriber And it ended with the first 6 plants since the other 4 are slower.
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    Merry Christmas GHS & Me! Thanks for the package @Jose.gh & GHS, I shall try to return the huge favour of the seeds & feed with a decent grow diary for you. Many thanks and good luck & seasons greetings to all at GHS & my fellow participants/competitors. May the best buds win
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    And anoher little one of franco rolling the big joint for the 4:20 yesterday.
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    Hello fellow farmers/competitors/watchers, Tap root a little longer, but not much so wondering if was too moist. So, I've planted them. They're now in 1l pots with the pre-prepared Canna Coco Coir Natural & Greenhouse Feeding Enhancer. The pots have not been watered and the media is nice and fluffy with a little moisture in it but really not much. They're now in a 28c environment and I shall attempt to keep humidity very high initially of course. Happy Growing!
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    Hi hunters, Today are the germination day! So for this special grow I put 5 seeds and after 2-3 weeks of growing I selected the 4 more vigorous plants. After that, I would let it grow again for 4 weeks. After 7-8 weeks of growth I would spend the 4 plants in flowering and just before the flowering I will take 2 clones of each plant to keep a mother. Like this, I could choose the best phenotype and keep it in mother plant form. Material Glasse jar, air pomp, water, PH-, ph meter, ehancer & last but not least the GH Super Lemon Haze seeds The level of my tap water : PH7,8 - EC0,25 Step i follow 1) Aerated the water to put maximum of the chlorine out 2) Ajust the ph at 5,0 3) Add the Ehancer at 0,5gr per litre After that the water is at PH:5,8 - EC:0.3 & Temp:21°C 4) Put the 5 SLH seeds in the water for 24h See you tomorrow for the next step...
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    Here we are with pictures just taken. These 5 are now 9 days old exactly and 2 days after being re-potted into 3ltr pots. So far they have had GHSC Enhancer at a ratio of 1g to 3ltrs of water (easier to measure this way when I only want small doses initially). That 3ltrs was divided equally (600ml) between the 5 plants therefore the ratio of the Enhancer is just 33% of the recommended dose. When the plants show that they need the GHSC Grow I will top feed it. Anyways, the reason for the pictures is to show the noticeable growth in just 2 days since re-potting into their current 3lt pots. What do you lot think or is it my eyes......
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    D7 after transplant D9 after soaking Temp 20° to 25° night and day Rh 60° to 75°
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    Hi!! GreenHouse Feeding have a new additive in the bio line, Enhancer, one amazing phyton-protector with: Humic acids Fulvic acids Seaweed Thricoderma Bacillus subtilis …. Perfect to prevent phytosphora, phytium….or to fight againts powdery mildew for example. In addition, increase the life and energy in the soil with amino and carbohydrates, and promotes the plants rooting. In fact, we did a lot of tests germinating seeds. Apply between 0.3gr-0.5gr/liter the growth was increased significantly. But obviously, this would be only neccesary if we are working with old seeds, or with bad conservation. In anyway the expenses, for the low amount of Enhancer in the mixture, is insignificant if we want to use it in all our seeds germinations. Each 15 days, I make manteinance in my mothers room, removing new sprouts. I usually put these cuttings in a plastic glass with water like backup for the next 15 days. One month ago, I irrigated a few automatic seeds with water+0.3gr/liter enhancer. I used that mixture in the plastic glass where I put he cutting plants(backups). 4-5 days later, I took a look the cuttings and I saw roots in 3 (between 25+-) of them!! Eureka!. You can imagine my face. I did the same the last +15 years and never I saw roots with that size in 4-5 days, only putting one cutting in water. Like I am not looking for roots, I didnt take pics, and I dont know if exactly was 4 or 5 days. But after see that, It was enough to make one test. I did the next: 1-Sink jiffys(peat pellet) in water with Enhancer(0.3gr/liter) 2-Drain off 3-Insert the cuttings. Easy!! Keep it simple style! Only with that, I had roots in 6 days, and the cuttings were ready to leave the greenhouse 1 week later, only with 0.3gr of Greenhouse feeding Enhancer, and without hormones or additives. And I was travelling, so the cares were zero. And of course, we can root plants only with water and one medium, water, soil, coco... But 100%, in 7 days, without hormones, and only make clones and transplant 1 week later, is very nice! So I did another test, with the same results. Cutting plants ready in 1 week. I was speaking with my engineer mate in the office about this. And he did the same , and roots in 7 days and a long hairy in 15 days. Pics attached. Amazing!!! In the same time I did another test with one Chemdog mother. Is a very special plant for me, with a incredible taste. Only for that I keep it, because is a hell cloning It and have a very slow growth in the first stage. For that, when I want grow It, I always use additives to get roots in 15 days. The last times I was with Azos, from xtreme gardening. Azospirillum brasilensis. Is a nitrogen fixim bacterium who estimulate the roots. I did a few clones with Azos, and a few clones with Enhancer. And “voilà”, roots with Enhancer in 7 days and any root trace with Azospirillum( usually roots in this strain in 12-15 days, sometimes later) Incredible!! chemdog and Ssh pics, 8 days. I was talking with people who have the same strain and they are without words Xddd One of them gave me Clonex(out of the market in Spain)because he is using it to make clones of this strain, and I will make a comparative between these hormones and Enhancer the next days. In my opinion Clonex have more name than unique results. But like a few years ago It was the main product in the market to make roots, now out of the market people think is the best. And yes, the AIB Works, but isnt the panacea. I will use other concentrations, rock whool… Cheers!!
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    Ok, 11am Monday was germination preparation. All the beans had sunk by 5.30pm that same day. One had something trailing from it, like earth was coming out of it or something. Very strange. Anyhoo .... Then with @g22's vertical germination in mind, I fashioned some vertical seed holders out of some bud jar lids and tissue paper. Ph'd run off water (40ppm, ec 0.08) to 5.0 and added a little (0.5g/l) of Greenhouse Feeding Enhancer; soaked the tissue; placed in the White Rhino beans; pop the top on securing with elastic band; then stand on side (so roots can get a gravity assist and know which way to head, cheers @g22); then place in a nice warm dark place (ooh err Mrs). Had a look at 10pm last night and all had cracked their shells. As of now they're as below, with small tap roots. I've resealed and moistened and placed back, will have a look how long tap root is this evening. Happy Growing!
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    Today at 12h 52h after soaking i plant the 10 seeds in pot of 0.9l filled to 0.5l of promix and biogrow 1/2 dose with 100ml pp of enhancer at 0.5 g/ l So far i do not adjust ph and use ro water 0.0 from next watering i start to adjust the ph i made a test on my medium and it is a littel alkaline
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    hola queridos amantes de la planta santa. Aqui unas fotos de las white rhino apurando sus ultimos dias en los vasos de café. como se puede apreciar en las fotos hay 2 de las pequeñas que demuestran un fenotipo mas sativo que sus hermanas. saludos desde mi rincon.
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    From seed packet to breaking soil within 4 days seems to have produced 5 baby Rhinos. The plant in the centre is struggling a little with the "skin" of the inner seed shell tight around the cotyledons but it should work its way out, whilst still under and within the moisture of the clear plastic cup (DIY propagator). The other 4 seedlings seem to be fine and I have taken off the clear plastic cups but all 5 seedlings are under the small (12w) "blue" LED I showed you all above. No real worries so far and pleased with the germination rate which I was fairly sure of from past experience with GHSC. Anyways, here are the baby Rhinos.
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    Nebula is 12.5kg so still a little ways to go before watering/feeding. After a bit of defoliation on the plants, I guess they'll be using less water as well as not being able to transpire as much. Was worried about this set of 'balls' on Nebula below: Below's a Sensi Star bud forming: Dutch Dragon below: A scene with the tall Jacky White in the background, and Sensi Star & DD front and right respectively:
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    Hi hunters! Today is a testing cloning day On 5 MOB seeds , i selected 4 plants at the early stage of grow, after 2 weeks. And today on the 4 plants i selected the 2 more vigorous to keep 1 mother of them. The mother I am going to keep will be selected at the end of flowering as you can understand... For this selection I test for the first time the cloning with, and only with, the ehancer from GH! Here are the differents steps I followed and the material needed. Material Small Greenhouse Ph meter and acid - Ehancer RootRiot cube Blade The STEP i follow : 1) Ajust the water PH at 5.5 before a put the ehancer in it (like GH team explain) 2) Add the GH Ehancer at 0,3gr/litre (as you can see the PH level drop at 6,6 after that) 3) Soak the cubes in the solution 4) Wring slightly the cube to put out the excess watering content 5) Put the cutting in the cube 6) Spray the cuttings with the same solution 7) Spray inside the greenhouse with water & put the cuttings in the small greenhouse Now is time to wait and see what happens with this technique of clonning without rooting hormones. Normaly I use the "remo clonning gel" with great results.
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    I put the seeds in coffee filters in vertical position so that the taproot grows straight I moisten that wiht a solution of 0.3g/l of enhancer wiht r/o water temp 20°
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    7/1/2018 . todo marcha a ritmo de reggae, mimo y un ph de 5,5, y su base de tierra y biogrow.
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    After a soak of about 16hrs they have gone straight into tiny pots. Just a waiting game now. Hope all 5 seeds make it because I did not put any extras in.
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    Ice Cream (IC) below Sensi Star below Jacky White below Nebula below
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    After a quick relocation for the seedling stage due to temp issues, I have decided to start earlier than I first thought but in a warmer place. Hoping for a 100% germination rate. 5 seeds soaking for around 12hrs or so then straight into small pots with Bio Bizz Light Mix only and covered with cling film until they break soil surface. Lets see how long they take to show themselves.
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    I'm afraid I will have to deduct a point for you not having your pots lined up @ayzns (only joking. Lovely photo's and I'm a little bit jealous you're already off! )
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    Hello again! So, I mixed the soil (Kilomix) with half dosage and fill 2.0liter pot, all cleaned lets start! Day 0 - Veg (02/01/18) Day 1 - Veg (03/01/18) Day 2 - Veg (04/01/18) Some LSD (Barney's Farm) Here's it for today mafriends, big hug! Happy smoking!
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    Top left: IC (59cm); Top right: JW (89cm); middle: SS (56cm); bottom left: Nebula (58cm); bottom right: DD (56cm). I've raised JW on two giant jenga bricks to more of it's colas gets light. It's ~20cm taller than the other plants. All are going great guns on pistel development, MUCH better than my first grow and that was good. Humidity is a bit high, ranging from 50-70% but there's lots of air flow so not an issue (but something I'll keep an eye on). Also, as I move the plants in and out of the tent, I get to have a good look at them regularly and they don't get tangled up. Temps are lowering to ~ 75F, and ~ 65F at night. The smell just after lights go off is soooooo strong, so strong that the carbon filter can't cope for about 30 mins. I'm learning that the bigger the pot, the more the plant can produce from a single seed. While I like growing plants, I also like to think I'm helping the plants I grow get to their full potential and feel that finishing them in what is my medium size pot (11l) would do them a disservice (5 x 46l pots fit in my 1.2m2 2m height tent easy). Granted, smaller pots mean more difference strains of plant can be grown. Be the plant baby! As a plant, what would you like? Large pot or small? As a grower, I'd like a bit of redundancy just in case something goes wrong with a plant, so I'm defo steering to max 4 plants in their final 46l in my tent, and perhaps on another grow I'll just do 2 plants. SS still has that bit of leaf damage from a deficiency/excess, and Nebula has a little of it now. They seem to be fighting through it though. Nebula, JW and DD got massive doses of nutes early on which they're working through (EC was up to 4.0!). New nutes will not have any nitrogen in to promote the plant to start using the overabundance of nitrogen in their leaves (they're very green) - well, that's the plan. PK Warrior 18/6/(5.1) potassium/phosphorous(/sulphur) for them. Harvest date is scheduled for Valentines Day. This means I can pop the White Rhino seeds for the competition around middle January and my large tent will be available when they need it. Currently deciding what my strategy will be for the White Rhino competition considering the change from liquid to solid feed (powder).
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    Here we are at week 7
  40. 5 likes
    Hello cannabica family, I will explain a bit the culture medium and the work plan that I will carry in this crop. First the growth room will be this and the White Rhino will be accompanied by other varieties (I will not go into details if they can not give us the grapes hahaha) with which until the flowering will be in this room and flowering will incorporate two more 600W bulbs In the photo you see many plants but most will be discarded since I am selecting and looking for good mothers. The photo growth period will be 20/4 since I've been working with it for several years and it's going great. The lighting will be of HM and HPS in the same growth / flowering site since there will be three bulbs, the lateral HPS and that of the medium HM is a method that we are studying for a while. The culture medium will be on land and with the bio fertilizers that the bank has given us, so thank you very much for the attention provided Finally, for the prevention of pests and diseases, I will use the propolix that you have been using from the first day of cultivation at low doses. With this I finish and tell you that everything is already underway so I hope you like it PS: any help or comment is appreciated as I am not a professional and I love hosting new ideas Greetings and luck Arrankeddj
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    Hola familia cannabica pues aquí os dejo las 6 nenas que antes asomado Y estás son las 4 más lentas pero todas ya andan germinado Así que de 10/10 con una puntuación del 10 Sáludos y suerte Arrankeddj
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    Day: 17 Room temp 26-27 Humidity 50-60 PH- 5.9 EC- 0.8
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    Hi All, I'm a newby grower. I've recently started a new grow with seeds bought from a seedbank (current grow is nearing completion - 2 bag seeds, no idea of strain). Anyhoo, I have germinated feminized four seeds: Dutch Kush; Duch Dragon; Nebula; and White Berry (all from Paradise Seeds). All four germinated in soggy tissue although the White Berry was a very small seed and had only just cracked when I planted into 'TROPIC BAT MIX'. They're in a 0.6m x 0.9m x 0.6m Bay 6 tent under a 125w CFL (Blue). Humidity is ~ 80% and temp ~ 83°F. Dutch Kush and Nebula are bottom left and bottom right respectively. I'm going to be using the Shogun range of fertilizers, although not for a while as the Tropic Bat Bix should do for the next 4-5 weeks I think.
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    Just planning on repotting these 5 babies into 3ltr pots and I see an issue. My plan is use 3ltr pots for early veg and then onto their final pots which will be 11ltrs for late veg and flower so only 2 more repots. If I apply the GHSC GROW feed to the 3ltr pots now it means that when I repot again to their final 11ltr pots I will have to use the GHSC BLOOM feed. This is the issue, I want to repot into their final 11ltr pots whilst still in mid veg and not only during flower. These 5 plants will be in their final 11ltr pots within the next 4-5 weeks and by this time they will still be in veg. To get around this I have prepared the 5 x 3ltr pots with my media only and I will use GHSC ENHANCER as it should be applied via hand watering and GHSC GROW will be applied as a top dressing as instructed as an alternative to mixing with the media. When I have repotted the 5 plants into their new homes they will be under 1 x ViparSpectra 450W (approx 200w REAL watts from the wall) with both the veg and bloom switches on. 1 LED unit will be fine for the early stages and lets see how they progress. More pictures after I have done repotting. Thanks
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    Monday 08/01/2018 Soaking 10 seeds at 08h28 R/O water 1ml /l h2o2 3% Water temp 20° to 23°
  47. 4 likes
    DAY 40 1l/p every 2-3 day Ph 6.6 TEMP min 18° Max 30° RH. min 37% Max 50%
  48. 4 likes
    I transplant and I top the 4 plants at day 21 and here are the pics of grow + 24
  49. 4 likes
    Day 33 happy new year
  50. 4 likes
    Sea of Pistils ;-) These are some of SS's.

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