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    Greetings family, I would give you a little trick, tip ... For better absorption of nutrients by the plants, it is advisable to pre-mix in a container such as a bottle, introduced in nutrients and water, stir and mix vigorously, then you add the rest of the irrigation water. If you use soilless systems such as NFT, aero systems ... is always positive using an oxygenation system in tanks of water to avoid precipitation of nutrients over time. Small details can make a difference, good luck in your crops! X Saludos familia, me gustaría daros un pequeño truco, consejo... Para una mejor asimilación de los nutrientes por parte de las plantas, es aconsejable mezclarlos previamente en un recipiente, como una botella, introduciendo dentro los nutrientes y el agua, agitar y mezclar con energía, luego lo añadís al resto del agua de riego. Si utilizáis sistemas sin suelo, como los nft, aero systems...es siempre positivo utilizar un sistema de oxigenación en los tanques de agua, para evitar la precipitación de los nutrientes con el tiempo. Los pequeños detalles pueden marcar la diferencia, suerte en vuestros cultivos! X .
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    Just watched after the Babys and what i saw was amazing. The first one of the Caboose shows its first Leaves and they have a dark purplish brownish colour......o.O Awesome...... btw Day 5 after i put them to Germinaton.
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    Thanks, my friend! have a heathy grow ... regards PencilJoe
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    Received the seeds + Hybrid powder 2 weeks ago and kick started 3 seeds the same evening... Two of those made it into seedling form, one sported the tap root instead of the leaves and after 10 days or so I tossed it. Instead I started a new replacement seed in the nirvana Propagator Pro I ordered for this contest. Same story - the seed grew the tap root - but i noticed it early enough and turned it around in time. Now it starts fresh again and stretches towards the light..(if you look very close you can see it above that empty cube hole inside that nice Propagator) I got a homemade grow room with 2 lights - 400 watt HPS and/or MH. Holds up to 10 plants at the same time in 4 gallon pots. A Veg room with 2 55watt T.5 neon lights - Bright white and regular white - 9.600 lumen / 6.300 lumen. For the most critical stage = sprouting and taking the seeds to Veg I just ordered this nice Propagator set with root cubes perlite & bacto. (Got another well hidden 10 FREE seeds in a tablet strip on top - nirvana mix regular - nearly tossed it without discovering the seeds !) Nutes are Greenhouse Powder Feeding Hybrid, Canna FLUSH / Rhyzotonic BIO / PK 13/14. HESI Super Vit, Plagron Vita Race and Bio Bizz Superzym plus molasses and a ph tester from GHE incl PH Down powder 250 grams. You can see that stuff lined in front of the water bucket.. Seeds get watered first, then in towels , next in Jiffys, Grodan starter blocks or the new mini root cubes I like best and used for the 3rd seed. The first 2 were rooted in Grodan starter blocks. They were put in small pots with the usual COCO/PEBBLES mix I want to use for this grow. These are the facts so far. I took some pix when the goods arrived. Had to reload my camera batteries in between - Finally got a picture from tonight that shows the state of things atm. Pictures show the first 3 seeds starting out - First try to get the correct EC numbers from the powder..lol Had to add the same amount of water to get the 1.9 I wanted.. The last picture shows the 2 DAMNESIA seedlings catching T.5 Neon lights... Rooted fine but one leave got burnt a bit, but the first real leaves are coming fine.. Next pix show the seedlings..may they prosper !
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    Hi I received my package from ghsc - thank you very much! Got MoneyMaker x 10, dvd & Mostly Indica Powder Feeding. As i read strainhunters forum Franco wrote MM is Master Kush so great genes. It will be bare bulb stadium vertical grow in soil. Setup: 2,4 x 1,2 grow tent - 2,88m2 450m3 ventilator + carbon filter and 30w ventilator for bare bulb on the floor one 600w lumatek digital + philips and there will be second lamp in the future 15l and 20l buckets - Money Maker will be in 15l buckets, 20l buckets already used soil mix - universal soil + 15% coco 2 weeks old friends of Money Makers are: WhiteWidow[GHSC]/Skunk#1[sS], XtremeIndica[FS]/PakistanValley[WOS], WWxBB[FS]/Skunk#1[sS] ph meter, ec meter hand watering and foliar feeding (for cannaboost) - i have AN Nirvana, Hesi SuperVit, Atami Terra Flo, Canna PK, CannaBoost, Canna Terra Vega, Plagron Ph+ Ph-, Mostly Indica PowderFeeding 1kg, dolomite I will use PowderFeeding on MoneyMakers and change my feeding schedule - but not sure how, probably use PowderFeeding + SuperVit + Boost at the end. Seeds: Germination: Germinated on tissues after 12h bath in water, seeds are very fresh cause half of them germinated in 12h and in 24-36h all were ready to plant. Best quality of seeds 10/10 germinated and 10/10 is growing right now - now everything is in my hands! Good job GHSC! They are second day under 250w hps and waiting few days to get stronger and travel to main tent which i will describe in nxt update Peace brothers! Already got snow in my window so hope my new sun will cheer my heart
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    Search helps sometimes. White Lemon: flowering time: 9-10 weeks genetics: hybrid (Super Lemon Haze x El Nino) size: medium/tall Money Maker: flowering time: 8 weeks genetics: Master Kush, Hindu Kush size: short/medium Skunk: flowering time: 8-9 weeks genetics: Skunk size: medium White Strawberry Skunk: flowering time: 8-9 weeks genetics: Swiss Fragolina (Skunk cross: with original Fragolina and El Niño) size: medium-tall Infos from Franco @Instagram Afgooey: flowering time: 8 weeks genetics: Kush size: medium-short Caboose: flowering time: 8-9 weeks genetics: Kush size: medium-short Damnesia: flowering time: 9-10 weeks genetics: Amnesia, AMS size: medium
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    The abstract-seeming images here are not the result of some wacky Photoshopping. Jay Mark Johnson’s photos are actually incredibly precise. The reason they look like this is because he uses a slit camera that emphasizes time over space. Whatever remains still is smeared into stripes, while the motion of crashing waves, cars and a Tai Chi master’s hands are registered moment by moment, as they pass his camera by. Like an EKG showing successive heartbeats, the width of an object corresponds not to distance or size, but the rate of movement. Viewing the left side of the picture is not looking leftward in space but backward in time.
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    Ok not so many updates recently with too much work on lol Had to flush for a few days to try and help curled leaf Then added GH powderfeeding indica and they seemed to mostly like it!
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    Here are the harvest pics enjoy!
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    Strain Hunters Seed Bank, Green House Seeds Company & Powder Feeding os invitan a participar en la primera Strain Hunters Cannabis World Cup "INDOOR". Donde además de tener la oportunidad de ganar increíbles premios, podréis probar nuestros increíbles nutrientes y nuevas genéticas. Strain Hunters Seed Bank junto a Green House Seeds Co. & Powder Feeding, quiere agradeceros vuestra dedicación con esta increíble trilogía de concursos. Hemos hecho un gran esfuerzo en la organización de este evento en el que repartiremos mas de 85.000€ repartidos entre viajes, dinero en efectivo, bonos web, semillas, nutrientes y muchas sorpresas. Esperamos que os guste y lo disfrutéis tanto como lo hemos disfrutado nosotros organizándolo. Bases del concurso Strain Hunters Cannabis World Cup - Puede participar cualquier persona mayor de edad registrada en Strainhunters.com (con un mínimo de 30 post) o en Cannabiscafe.net (con un mínimo de 200 post y con fecha de registro anterior a este post). - Repartiremos diez semillas de forma completamente gratuita a los primeros 300 solicitantes (la genética será seleccionada por Strain Hunters Seed Bank). A cambio de un seguimiento detallado en este mismo cuarto o en Strainhunters.com - Se permite un máximo de dos seguimientos por persona entre ambos foros (Cannabiscafe.net - Strainhunters.com), pudiendo realizar los seguimientos en cualquiera de ellos sin ser validas las repeticiones (utilizar los mismos textos, imágenes, etc....) - Quedaran descalificadas inmediatamente las personas que participen con multinick, no respeten las normas del foro o de convivencia. Criterios de evaluación del Concurso Strain Hunters Cannabis World Cup - Se valorará la originalidad, tanto en los recursos empleados en el cultivo como en la presentación de los seguimientos. - Se valorará el número de fotografías y la frecuencia de posteo. - Se valorará el estado de las plantas durante su evolución y los resultados finales. - Se valorarán las explicaciones en los seguimientos y el compañerismo tanto con el lector como con los participantes. PREMIOS STRAIN HUNTERS CANNABIS WORLD CUP 1º Premio Un viaje para el ganador y su acompañante a Amsterdam durante una semana!! Con un fantástico y 1.500 € en efectivo para tus gastos personales!! Con salida desde tu ciudad de residencia!!! 2º Premio 1.000 € en efectivo + kit nutrientes Powder Feeding 3º Premio 750 € en efectivo + kit nutrientes Powder Feeding 4º Premio 500 € en efectivo + kit nutrientes Powder Feeding 5º Premio 250 € en efectivo + kit nutrientes Powder Feeding 6º al 15º Premio Un BONO de 150€ para cada uno de los seguimientos que queden clasificados entre el sexto y el decimoquinto puesto, para gastar en la web de Green House!!! Premio Especial POWDER FEEDING Si tu seguimiento finaliza entre los cinco primeros premios y en el has usado los nutrientes Powder Feeding, se te obsequiara con un premio muy especial que haremos publico a lo largo del concurso (sorpresa ). Ademas Powder Feeding enviará de forma completamente gratuita 1 kg de Nutrientes junto a las semillas a los 300 primeros solicitantes (se enviará el mas adecuado a las semillas enviadas). El resto de participantes pueden comprar su Powder Feeding desde la propia web www.powderfeeding.ch Premio Especial STRAIN HUNTERS Si tu seguimiento finaliza entre los cinco primeros premiados y lo has realizado en Strainhunters.com, te obsequiaremos con un premio extra muy especial que haremos publico a lo largo del concurso (sorpresa 2 ), en el que además podrás conocer y saludar a Arjan y Franco personalmente. (Es valido hacer un seguimiento de los dos permitidos en cada foro). El concurso comenzará el 15 de Octubre del 2013 y finalizará el 31 de Mayo del 2013, siendo anunciados los ganadores antes del 15 de Junio. Todo el mundo puede participar de forma completamente gratuita comprando semillas de cualquiera de las variedades de Green House Seeds Co. mediante su web greenhouseseeds.nl mostrando el embalaje original en el seguimiento. La fecha limite para comenzar los seguimientos y participar en el concurso es el 1 de Marzo. Para concursar solo tenéis que responder a este hilo solicitando participar y el equipo de moderación os indicará por privado como solicitar de forma gratuita las semillas y nutrientes (solo para las 300 primeras peticiones). Los usuarios que deseen participar pero no lo dejen expresado en este hilo no serán admitidos a concurso ni se les hará el envío. No nos hemos olvidado de los cultivadores Españoles que han solicitado tener la posibilidad de concursar en exterior y con automáticas, es por ello que este es solo el primero de la trilogía de concursos que tenemos preparados para la temporada 2012-2013 (Indoor, Autos y Outdoor), de los cuales hablaremos en los próximos posts,centrándonos ahora en el vigente "Indoor". Aunque el concurso esta destinado a cultivos de interior, por las diferentes características climáticas de muchos de los participantes también se admitirán seguimientos de cultivo de exterior o mixtos. Buena suerte a todos los participantes y que gane el mejor!! THE STRAIN HUNTERS CREW Importante: Sólo se mandarán semillas donde su importación sea legal
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    <a target='_blank' href='http://d1.openx.org/ck.php?n=6fb6242'><img border='0' alt='' src='http://d1.openx.org/avw.php?zoneid=164679&n=6fb6242' /></a>Takent Hinduism is an amazing religion thought this was inetresting peace Taken from http://www.thehempire.com/index.php/cannabis/cannabis_hemp/cannabis_and_religion_hindus_and_rastas Cannabis and Religion - Hindus and Rastas By Shivapk1 Shiva Shankar Shiva is the oldest known godhead figure in the world. Devotees of Shiva sometimes meditate by drinking a milk and cannabis mixture prepared by priests (Bhang). Sadhus and other devotees endlessly walk around India searching for the spiritual oneness with Shiva. These Sadhus also smoke 'Charas' and 'ganja' from chillums. It is widely accepted amongst Hindus that Shiva takes Bhang. What's disputed is the consumption of it by ordinary mortals. Most Hindus do not know their ancestors used to take cannabis whenever they saw fit. Consumption of Bhang wasn't always reserved for the Gods and holy days. In fact, not so long ago it was considered an insult to refuse Bhang. I believe this change occurred no earlier than 1900, after the Indian Hemp Commission's report was released in the late 1800s. Bhang is also considered a sister of the Mother Ganges (a holy river and a Goddess in India). There are many songs which start off: "Gang Bhang Dono Bhen Hai, Rehti Shivji Ki Sang. Charan Karne KI Gang Hai, Bhajan Karne Ki Bhang." Roughly translated this means the Ganges and Bhang (cannabis) are sisters and both live in Shiva's head. The water from the Ganges is poured over a Shivalingam (a form of Shiva in the guise of a phallus shaped black stone) at a Temple and Bhang is consumed by the devotee so they can mediate, be better able to sing hymns, achieve a blissful state and be like Shiva. Another often forgotten subject is Soma. This is the Nectar of the Gods mentioned in one of the oldest Hindu scriptures, 'The Rig Veda'. Soma is said to be cannabis in some writings but some people dismiss this idea. I think that Soma is just an ancient name for Bhang. Bhang is made using cannabis leaves and milk, almonds, rose water and various other items. Bhang is also used as a word to describe the actual cannabis plant in some parts of India. In short it appears that the ancient Vedic Hindus knew how to extract THC from the cannabis plant using milk. Soma is one of the oldest intoxicants known to man. Many Hindus are unaware of the significance of cannabis to Shiva. They seem to know that Bhang was Holy and relevant to Shiva but a lot of people did not know that Bhang contained cannabis. Cannabis use is stigmatised by Hindu's the world over but if you ask real priests in India about its position compared to alcohol they will tell you that cannabis and only cannabis is acceptable to a Hindu, and priests are only allowed Bhang and Ganja but not allowed alcohol. Rastafarianism The reason true Rastafarians have dreadlocks, are vegetarians and smoke 'Ganja' (a Hindi word for compressed female buds) in 'Chillums' (another Hindi word for a small clay pipe) is partly because of the British. When the British abolished slavery they shipped over hundreds of thousands of Indian labourers to work on sugar plantations. These immigrants brought the religion of cannabis to a new continent. Cannabis appeared and started growing in many places where the British took Indians. The Caribbean is just one place where local people quickly acclimatised to the plant and claimed it as their own. There are stories about Rangoon in Burma being another of those places as well as Bangkok, Philippines and even Lebanon. One of the most important things that Rastas call the best female weed is Kali. This is a Hindu term for 'Kali Mata' a dark form of Shiva's wife Parvati. In addition, Kali means Bud in Hindi (pronounced Kuli). I think Rasta's probably got the term from Kali Mata when the Poddkar priest named them after sexing. Another thing that relates the two religions is Shiva and Rasta's dreadlocks. Most of the ancient Rishi's mentioned in the Hindu scriptures had grown their 'Jata' knotted hair when they renounced normal living and became Spiritual Sadhus; these are some of the most respected people from the religion. It is also noted that in the famous epic 'The Ramayana', both Ram and Lakshman grow their hair into Jata's when they went into the jungle for 14 years. The Sannyassins in India usually go to the mountains or jungles to meditate and they probably did the same when they went to the Caribbean. The slaves were freed and some went to work as paid labour in the fields or the big plantation houses, but a few freed slaves went up to the mountains and hinterlands where they learnt about spirituality and cannabis. When Marcus Garvey came along with his 'Look to East for the Coming of the Black King Speech' the Rasta's (freed people of the mountains) had a real interest because of the religious stories they had heard from the Hindu priests about the Avatars (incarnations) of Vishnu and how he will appear on earth again. Then Haile Selasse got crowned King Emperor of Ethiopia and the Lion of Juda. This was it for the Rasta, they saw it as the Saviour and the Avatar mentioned in the old stories as well as the man in question was claimed to be the direct descendant of Solomon and Sheba. And also of Moses.
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    Thx for the tipp will test the nutes today for the flowering Ladys to get a little sense how it works out.
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    here's what i have found a few web sites with a tiny bit of information about caboose. http://forum.grassci...rain-wreck.html http://ourweed.com/c...-strain-review/ stroll down the list and there is a picture of caboose as a plant http://www.thc.me/THC/strains in this link there is just a clone review again scroll down to find it. http://www.icmag.com/ic/showthread.php?t=141558 this is a list of strains and there genetics that has caboose in it again alphabetical order. http://cannapediaapps.com/cannabis-strains/ so really i'm not supprised people are saying its a kush strain because trainwreck is a kushy variety even tho it doesent have kush in the name it definatly has a kushyness in the background but apperently alot of the genetics from the contest are popular californian strain's, and all the info i can find on caboose comes out of cali. also afgooey is another strains thats popular in cali so i think this strain i keep finding info on is the same caboose as this strain but it sounds like a good combo i for one love big bud.
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    Due to austerity cuts the police heli numbers have approximately halved in the uk still not perfect but 50% is better than nothing. standard mylar not really any use , better buying more heavy weight aluminium anti dtection foil, which should still be used with insulation for best results, probably not nescessay for you coz of you small light and ample insulation.This can be pricey £15 a meter on ebay. A total of 5cm of insulation is good and should do the trick make sure you fill the gaps an expanding foam filler,don't want any chinks in your amour. Hiding exhust is the most difficult part, you could use an ice box heat exchanger (needs a source of water which chills the air as it passes through a small radiator) someone has made a diy one on rollitup. vent down into a sewer if you can this is the simplest option but not always possible. This might sound a bit odd, but get a small chicken coop and run and buy a couple of chickens vent into the coop and this will keep them warm and there is nothing suspicious about a warm coop (this aint for everyone i know!) one plus is you get eggs too! Vent into a near by green house , during the winter months i used a green house heater to stop the frost damaging my citrus plants. if you do this make sure you have some evergreen type plants in the green house or it will not be convincing , warm greenhouse no plants! (make sure you use insulated ducting and make sure is well hidden/diguised) running a long length of ducting under ground which will cool the air before it emerges (obviously not to deep, your not mining for coal, make sure the ducting doesn't get crushed). A good carbon filter is good,also as you said adding ozone is even better. Cheap ozone generators can be bought from aqarium suppliers and dont have timers which limit the time ozone can be produced (this is what you want) they have a small airpump and air line which can be inserted into the ducting post filter. If you can afford to rent a flir camera then do so, this will show you exactly whats going on and wether you have covered all the bases and how efficient your anti flir methods are. Small heat signatures are not normally a problem, but any heat venting directly from a lone shed in a garden and the shed shows no heat signature (due to insulation) would be of interest to the skycops. I wish you the best and please share your results with us after you have put in place all anti flir measure and have done a flir test, the information would be helpful to others doing the same. I wish you luck and hope you are able to resolve all these issues. Peace Lams
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    The greater world cup indoor cannabis for sure! Very good!
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    hola ... sigue unas fotos de mi última extracción con gas ... muy sencillo, nada espectacular ... solo para compartir con los hermanos abraços
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    lol @ Dust ,i'm hoping they not man boobs. But really mopman fairplay to your lady for displaying those fine buds, very fruity. Soft secrets magazine run a wife of the month contest in which they give away free seeds, check it out here - http://www.cannabis.info/UK/softsecrets/readers-wives/top-10 loving all the buds this month gonna take me a while to choose. peace Lams
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    Yeah nice bright roots, going very nicely
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    Reunidos en una asamblea sobre viajes espaciales,sube a hablar el Americano. -Nosotros,los americanos,queremos mandar 10 personas a la luna para que vivan 5 años allí y ver que experimentan sus cuerpos. El turno del ruso. -Nozotros,queremoz mandar una zonda a Marte para que viaje durante 10 años por la zuperfizie en buzca de vida en el planeta rojo. El turno del de lepe. -Nosotros queremos mandar un cohete al sol. Todo el mundo extrañadisimo,salta el americano y le pregunta: -Y como tenéis pensado evitar el problema de la temperatura? El de lepe le contesta: -Hombre,te crees que somos imbéciles y que lo vamos a mandar de día o que?
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    Hi guys so its all started! so exiting isnt it! ok i have started my first in the first venue now, It is An AFGOOEY, and she will be fed exclusivley green house power feed and that is all you are getting for now ''PATIENCE is a virtue,we get it from one another'',,lol thanks guys,i will try and change things up for every few pages of my scrapbook, plus I will be doing another in different tent and medium,but you will have to wait for that,lol
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    Buenas!!! Aqui un cultivador catalán!!! Saludos a todos desde Barcelona y espero que nos veamos mucho por aqui!!! Saludos!!!
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    UPDATE!!!! Exodus Cheese day 46 12/12!!!!! alright so i got a lot of pictures today i have been messing around with my camera as much as possible to figure out how to take cleaner pictures so i figured i would share the better quality shots i took today. first i have two pictures of some bud i have been smoking lately its headband X sage really nice cross. headband x sage GHSC Exodus Cheese and Powderfeeding day 46
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    Another quick update with a couple pictures since I added the 600W and fed them last night. PEACE! 25/10/2012 - Soiless was getting fairly dry top 8 cm or so, when I was checking for moisture I noticed nicely developing roots extending out from the jiffy fairly far and area was getting pretty dry, decided to give a light water, next water will be a full one with runoff - Mixed total 9 liters r/o @ 5.8 pH - Cal-Mag plus @ 0.50mL/L = 4.5 mL - DNF Green @ 0.50 mL/L = 4.5 mL - DNF Gro A @ 0.50 mL/L = 4.5 mL - DNF Gro B @ 0.50 mL/L = 4.5 mL - Potassium silicate @ 0.0625 mL/L = approx. 0.60 mL ** Only used 7 liters between the 8 plants - Plants perked up nicely after feeding, they look very happy and healthy! - Changed CO2 pad - Wired ‘digital ballast style’ female plug to ballast, assembled reflector for Cool Tube (twice since I was baked when I did it and assembled the 3 parts before removing the protective film ) set height of 600W to 90 cm above plants plugged it in and big smiles J. Looks awesome (a bonus) and even without attaching the 6 inch exhaust venting for the fan it seems to keep things quite a bit cooler behind the glass. Temp is at 26 degrees C. - Also hung 2 of the LEDs along the sides, going to add the 3rd LED once I have something to hang it with - Will get the vent fan and exhaust hosing hooked up tomorrow so that I can move the light closer in the next couple days & hook up the Seabreeze oscillating fan (using small oscillating fan with tent open since babies have been a bit small to have a fan in the small enclosed area)
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    updating.. now in September! just started to bloom,haze slow enough to bloom in out Monday upgrade all ok have a nice weekend strain hunters
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    Taken from www.coffeeshopnieuws.nl Yesterday, the Haarlem City Council and Mayor Bernt Schneiders have decided to introduce The Hallmark for coffeeshops on the day that other Cities will be forced to introduce the Weedpass, nameli January 1, 2013. This project found support from all political parties, including VVD and CDA, the parties responsible for the failing Weedpass project. The Hallmark will be awarded to all Haarlem coffeeshops, if and after they passed a special screening to check on eventual criminal activities around the coffeeshops (Bibob Law), this process is going already, it is expected all screenings will be done this year. There is a special commission to oversee the criteria of the Haarlem Hallmark, consisting of representatives of the City of Haarlem, the National Health Service (GGD), the Drugspolicy Foundation, cannabis consumers organization We Smoke and Wernard Bruining, founder of Amsterdam's first coffeeshop, Mellow Yellow. There are no juidicial sanctions involved in the Hallmark, the Hallmark can be denied to a coffeeshop does not live up to the Hallmark criteria. The Haarlem Hallmark also includes a new sanction system for the coffeeshops carrying the Hallmark, they will no longer be closed 6 months on a first offense. A sanction step-up plan is being worked out by the parties involved, this will also be activated on the day the Hallmark will be introduced. Haarlem has no plans to introduce the Weedpass system on January 1, 2013.
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    Thanks my friend..Here are a few pix from today..
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    Que bonito bosque verde!!!! A ver esa flora como vieneeee!!!! Queremos ver porras! jajaja
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    Still nothing clear for tourists though......another article about amsterdam says no register but people may still have to prove resident of NL
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    & The doctrs reached 7 weeks today & they're looking very nice, seems that they'll be 10 weekers, here some today pics: Doctor 1 Doctor 1 kola The Doctor2 aka Dr. Elektro The Doctor4 The Doctors group pic Feeding them today as follows: Ml/p/galon Bio Flores 15 Bio boost 5 Humboldt Sea Cal additive 2 Cannazym 5 Rhizotonic Root stimulant 0
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    Saludos aca les dejo las ultimas fotos el dia 27/10/2012 se paso a floracion estaremos dando el seguimiento a todos los foreros......cada vez estamos mas felices por que todo se va poner de pelos jejejeje les dejo las fotos cualquier comentario sera bienvenido...por ahi me tomo una foto con las niñas y me di el lujo de hacer la editacion mas mala de todo el internet jajajaja.......es por metodos de seguridad......buenos humosss
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    Yes he only need to put public on album, good luck!!
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    din jävel true true, thanks for the hospitality fellow swede. thx thx, always nice to be welcomed by a gentleman. yup sistah come over and let me upgrade u ;) Go ninja Go..
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    Nice strains, cool rooms, good journal Looking good on your side santa keep us updated with that bud peace
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    yummie! Looks like a lemon lollipop! Just want to lick it from top to bottom LOL!
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    i'm Brazilian But i dn' Like Silva, he defend one footbal(soccer) team, and it is the major Rival that my team...kkk Its personal!
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    Love that you using "Tea" bubbling up all those nice organic ingredients with lots of oxygen really get those beneficial micro-organisms multiplying, worm castings and guano are full of them. Adding carbs ie. molasses in veg is beneficial too as it will feed the micro organism supplied by the tea. The beneficial micro organisms that are attached to the roots and in the soil , have a symbiotic relationship with the plant and aid water uptake and mineral delivery as well as providing a defense from microbial soil borne pathogens. Keep up the good work. The girls are looking lovely, not long now and we will see them putting on weight & frost. Keep them pictures coming as i know i'm not the only one who like a bit of bud porn. Peace Lams
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    Today is mango.. Hung up 6 days paper bag for 3 jar for one month
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    Oh my sweet Jesus. A master Kush x Hindu Kush :-) it's like they thought of me when they decided to bring Money Maker alive. And if I am to guess from out of what Dust wrote then I am truly gonna be blessed. Its just such a huge honor for me to be a part of SH and to get the opportunity to some of the first to try some of GH's new strains. I really can't say enough how proud I am and do owe a huge thanks to .GH And to the team of mods at SH. Thanks from the bottom of my hart. I will do you justice by putting all my knowledge, all my hart and complete devotion into this. Once again thanks Gh n SH . I wait in anticipation to see what you send me. Warmest regards
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Strain Hunters is a series of documentaries aimed at informing the general public about the quest for the preservation of the cannabis plant in the form of particularly vulnerable landraces originating in the poorest areas of the planet.

Cannabis, one of the most ancient plants known to man, used in every civilisation all over the world for medicinal and recreational purposes, is facing a very real threat of extinction. One day these plants could be helpful in developing better medications for the sick and the suffering. We feel it is our duty to preserve as many cannabis landraces in our genetic database, and by breeding them into other well-studied medicinal strains for the sole purpose of scientific research.

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