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    Hi!! GreenHouse Feeding have a new additive in the bio line, Enhancer, one amazing phyton-protector with: Humic acids Fulvic acids Seaweed Thricoderma Bacillus subtilis …. Perfect to prevent phytosphora, phytium….or to fight againts powdery mildew for example. In addition, increase the life and energy in the soil with amino and carbohydrates, and promotes the plants rooting. In fact, we did a lot of tests germinating seeds. Apply between 0.3gr-0.5gr/liter the growth was increased significantly. But obviously, this would be only neccesary if we are working with old seeds, or with bad conservation. In anyway the expenses, for the low amount of Enhancer in the mixture, is insignificant if we want to use it in all our seeds germinations. Each 15 days, I make manteinance in my mothers room, removing new sprouts. I usually put these cuttings in a plastic glass with water like backup for the next 15 days. One month ago, I irrigated a few automatic seeds with water+0.3gr/liter enhancer. I used that mixture in the plastic glass where I put he cutting plants(backups). 4-5 days later, I took a look the cuttings and I saw roots in 3 (between 25+-) of them!! Eureka!. You can imagine my face. I did the same the last +15 years and never I saw roots with that size in 4-5 days, only putting one cutting in water. Like I am not looking for roots, I didnt take pics, and I dont know if exactly was 4 or 5 days. But after see that, It was enough to make one test. I did the next: 1-Sink jiffys(peat pellet) in water with Enhancer(0.3gr/liter) 2-Drain off 3-Insert the cuttings. Easy!! Keep it simple style! Only with that, I had roots in 6 days, and the cuttings were ready to leave the greenhouse 1 week later, only with 0.3gr of Greenhouse feeding Enhancer, and without hormones or additives. And I was travelling, so the cares were zero. And of course, we can root plants only with water and one medium, water, soil, coco... But 100%, in 7 days, without hormones, and only make clones and transplant 1 week later, is very nice! So I did another test, with the same results. Cutting plants ready in 1 week. I was speaking with my engineer mate in the office about this. And he did the same , and roots in 7 days and a long hairy in 15 days. Pics attached. Amazing!!! In the same time I did another test with one Chemdog mother. Is a very special plant for me, with a incredible taste. Only for that I keep it, because is a hell cloning It and have a very slow growth in the first stage. For that, when I want grow It, I always use additives to get roots in 15 days. The last times I was with Azos, from xtreme gardening. Azospirillum brasilensis. Is a nitrogen fixim bacterium who estimulate the roots. I did a few clones with Azos, and a few clones with Enhancer. And “voilà”, roots with Enhancer in 7 days and any root trace with Azospirillum( usually roots in this strain in 12-15 days, sometimes later) Incredible!! chemdog and Ssh pics, 8 days. I was talking with people who have the same strain and they are without words Xddd One of them gave me Clonex(out of the market in Spain)because he is using it to make clones of this strain, and I will make a comparative between these hormones and Enhancer the next days. In my opinion Clonex have more name than unique results. But like a few years ago It was the main product in the market to make roots, now out of the market people think is the best. And yes, the AIB Works, but isnt the panacea. I will use other concentrations, rock whool… Cheers!!
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    Bioactive materials for sustainable soil management. MOLASSES The use of sugar and molasses to boost soil microbial activity has been talked about for some time and the theory has been that it provides an energy source that can be utilised equally well by all soil organisms. However, field applications have not tended to produce many convincing responses. SWEP research with molasses has shown significant effects on soil biology, but they are more complex than expected. Again, the best results appeared to be at the lowest application rate (two litres per hectare), with lactic acid bacteria and yeast predictably giving the strongest response, but with fungi and cellulose utilisers also responding (at the lowest rate). Interestingly, photosynthetic bacteria showed the opposite response, with activity increasing as the application rate increased. http://www.bfa.com.au/Portals/0/BFAFiles/AUT05-bioactive-materials.pdf _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Growing Elite Marijuana Use Molasses Molasses is equivalent to the carbohydrate loading products sold in the hydro stores. They help add bud mass during flowering, feed the good bacteria, add beneficial micro-nutrients. Molasses is a syrupy, thick juice created by the processing of either sugar beets or the sugar cane plant. Molasses(average NPK 1-0-5) contains potash, sulfur, and many trace minerals, it can serve as a nutritious soil amendment. It is a good, quick source of energy for the various forms of microbes and soil life in a compost pile or good living soil. Molasses is also an excellent chelating agent. A Chelating agent means that molasses is one of the substances that can convert some chemical nutrients into a form that’s easily available for critters and plants. Chelated minerals can be absorbed directly and remain available and stable in the soil. Any kind of molasses will work to provide benefit for soil and growing plants, but blackstrap molasses is the best choice because it contains the greatest concentration of sulfur, iron and micronutrients from the original cane material. It’s a great source of carbohydrates to stimulate the growth of beneficial microorganisms. It simply is the best carbohydrate sugar for horticultural use and should be used by any grower serious about growing some serious weed. Blackstrap Molasses is the best kind for supporting explosive growth and sparkling crystal buds. Honey Sugars by sugar I use honey, syrup is a natural Peace!!
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    A friend super happy with his Cheese x White widow champ clone growed as a bonsai.
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    Hey Hunters I had a chat earlier with HC01 another forum member and he mentioned about using Honey on his feed schedule 1ml/L and then 2ml/L towards the end of flowering. This made me very interested in this thus has made the Topic of the day for me and after a little searching and reading, there isn't very much information our there on the subject but from what i could it helps it helps a lot! Personally i think Honey is a Incredible food and has antibacterial properties, i use it instead of Sugar for my Cups of Tea one spoon in the morning and then at night and i swear it helps my throat and breathing and apparently its good for the immune system, teeth and finer nails so being a smoker every little helps hehe but the bit of information out there on using it on our plants is all a bit inconclusive and as there isn't a post about this subject well it led me to create this one. The applications i have found so far are - HC01's method of 1ml/L then 2ml/L towards the end of flowering, that's one feed with honey then next feed with Nutrients and so on. - Using Manuka Honey for Clones/Cuttings - Using it to sterilize and protect fresh cuts from Fim/Topping techniques So my Question to everyone is, What is your past experience's with it and what are your thought's on using it? Peace
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    Yesterday was harvest day! Sixty and beans days (little more than 9 weeks of 12/12). Even being a short one this clone was as productive as bigger plants at my tent.
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    hola Cannabissapean! Great to see you again also! I am a big fan of ebb n' flow applications as well. For this run I am using the ebb n' flow for both veg and flowering with this lil lady. I will get some good shots of my system and process. It is quite the simple build and extremely efficient! For my larger gardens I use other applications from DWC, NFT to Organic Soils. For my smaller grows I use very accessible items that you can find at any hardware store. I do this for those I am mentoring personally and for my photo shots. Very excited to hear your comments, opinion and learning about your styles also!! thanks for the stoke out! Saludos!
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    Hello to the Strain Hunters and Green House Seed Co. Crew ! I am very excited to be back again this year! Last year I had a post covering my techniques with a landrace sativa that I found in the mountains of Sonora Mexico. This round will be some great genetics from the Green House Seed Co. Team! Thank you guys and gals for all the stoke! And to Franco, always keeping you in our hearts and minds and sending smoke signals to you my brother where ever that may be! Your are truly missed and never forgotten! Respect! This is going to be a journal started up with a beautiful strain from GHSC, the Caboose! This wonderful lady is a cross between Trainwreck and Salmon Creek Big Bud. Very excited to be growing this out for all to enjoy and maybe even see something new and kewl that you have not seen yet. My techniques are a bit unique and deliver results above and beyond many other applications and techniques that I have come across and studied in the past. There are many ways of doings things..... And this is how I do mine...... I will be starting two Caboose seeds this round with preparation for 7 other strains to come into effect shortly. One seed will be germinated 3 days after the first. Germination process was simply popping the seeds in a small glass of RO water for a few hours and observe their progress of water absorption. At which point I transfer them to damp paper towels *organic* with a mild honey/water mixture for extra root vigor from the sugars it comes in contact with as well as the great antibacterial effects of the honey which play a great role in my several techniques I use from germination to cloning to extra natural flower booster. After 7 hours in the paper towel, the first seed popped revealing a solid white root tip getting ready to transfer to an organic soil medium I mix in-house from the prior years compost and add some pea gravel and perlite to the mix. 36 hours later, she came to be! Coming in at day 4 and this lady is looking solid! It it looking like she may be more on the Big Bud side more so than the Trainwreck from her quick upward growth and vigor! Very excited to see this lady perform! I also popped the other Caboose seed and just planted her into her medium. She will be started in a mixture of banana leaves, grass clippings, pea gravel, lava rock, perlite and sand using organic compost teas to start. After she is up to day 14 she will be transitioned into her hydroponic ebb and flow system using General Hydroponics Flora Series nutrient line with my own measurements. Good times and loads of stoke! I hope you will all enjoy whats to come! Saludos! Starting off day 2 from pop this Caboose little lady is looking like she will be loving her new home! When she has developed enough over 14 days she will then be transitioned into her permanent ebb and flow system. She is starting out with organic compost teas for the first two weeks at which point after her transition she will be fed General Hydroponics Flora Series. Her older sister will be in organic soil the whole grow with only organic compost teas as her feed. Super Stoked to be able to throw this down for everyone! Saludos! This is the first seed popped coming in really vigorous on day 8! She is most definitely looking more towards her Big Bud side! Stoked on that! Organic Soil Above A few more snaps of the last few days! Really happy to be seeing this strains great genetics coming out! Banana Leaves, Grass Clippings, Pea Gravel, Volcanic Rock, Perlite and Sand below. Coming into days 6 and 10 these ladies are bringing the stoke meter to richter! Very kool and interesting strain at this point! With two seeds popped, it is looking like two phenos are coming out. One being more of the Big Bud parent and the lady in the pea gravel mixture is leaning more towards the Trainwreck parent! Good times! Saludos! Getting things ready for the ebb and flow setup for the second Caboose! She is looking a lot like the Trainwreck phenotype that I am looking for and have heard so much about! The purple Trainwreck pheno would be a great find! Saludos! Coming into days 15 and day 11. The Caboose in soil just got topped in the evening of the 14th day one hour before lights out to give her the evening hours to recoup a bit. Also------------- The Caboose sister on day 11 is showing Trainwreck mutations! Trainwreck is very well known for an extra leaf that grows on her leaves which will also great a small bud there if left to flower! This is a very exciting sign which is what I am looking for with this great strain! Thanks again to everyone at Green House Seed Co. and the Strain Hunters for allowing this grow to take place and to everyone out there interested in this magnificent species of plant! Sending you all a big box of stoke! Saludos! Very excited to keep you all up-to-date to the on goings with these two solid strains, Caboose! There are also a few photos from other grows posted on instagram for anyone interested. @multitechgrow Keep the stoke high and I will update some other shots pronto! Any comments, questions, criticism, curiosities? They are all welcomed and supported! Thank you for taking the time to see what my techniques and passion are all about!! -Multitech Update to Journal for Caboose in Organic Soil. She was topped 1 hours before lights out on day 14 from seed. She really pushed outwards and is starting to fill in from her first node where her Cotyledons are. Really looking like she is going to be a bush! Leaning very much towards the Salmon Creek Big Bud side. Exciting times! Saludos! Will update again soon with her lil' sister! She will be transferred into her ebb and flow hydroponic application this weekend and ready to blow up! Keep that scale on Richter! Saludos! -MultiTech
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    Oh yeah, this is going to be a very informative grow journal. Nice pictures and editting. Pulling up a chair...
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    Hello to the Green House Seed Co. Crew, Community and all the hard working men and woman of this stoked out industry!! It has been roughly a year since my last journal posted here! This is going to be another fun round! Currently there are two great seeds that were germinated and started! Caboose! This is going to be an organic soil with compost teas for feeding and One being transferred to a solid indoor ebb and flow hydroponic application that is of my own production. Lots of stoke and excitement going on over here and I am very happy and humbled to be able to share my techniques, grows and info to the great community here! Looking forward to bringing this to you with maybe some kool things you have not seen or really payed attention too....? Thanks for taking the time to scope things out! Saludos! MultiTech!
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    Welcome back Multitech. Looking forward to this grow. You're using one of my favorite techniques (Ebb-n-Flow). It will be interesting to see some pictures of your set-up (to compare to mine) hehe. (I assume that you are using Ebb-n-Flow in your flowering area. Are you using a different Tech in the Vegg area? Or are you also using Ebb-n-Flow for the Vegg area too?) Well, don't answer my questions here in this thread. I'll run over to your Grow Journal "Caboose - Soil and MultiMedium to Hydro!" under "Grow Journals Indoor" to see your answer there. For everyone else, I shall post a link to Multitech's Grow Journal below so that they can quickly follow... Ciao Ciao
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    Hola Jose.gh! Thank you for taking the time to check things out. This is going to be a great stoke out on this round with Caboose. Always excited and motivated when having new to me genetics in the bank to analyze. Also to note. I started the grow journal in the grow room already. This was an introduction to the community. I have the other post under "Caboose - Soil and MultiMedium to Hydro!" under "Grow Journals Indoor" which has the current photos of the grow. Thank you again for seeing whats up on my side of the mountain! Sending you a box of stoke Jose.gh! Saludos!
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    Hello MultiTech!, This promises to be very interesting, I will be attentive !! I move your post to the growing room Regards!
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    Just picked up a package with the powders.... now i got ferts for... i dont know years? Hahahaha thx for all guys, not great economy situation here and this is really a great hand.
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    Do you remember the clones i got from the girl? They are close to the edge... of my scissors. A few days more...
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