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    Robbo, LOL, you think "out of the box" a lot. I think your thinking is soo far out of the box that we normally think in, that there will be few informative answers from us in here. Although, I do remember that there was one herbalist in here about a year or two ago who would certainly enjoy discussing these themes with you. But I will try to offer you some ideas from my experiences or studies of cannabis. First of all, I hope your friend doesn't give up on his plants too soon. Sometimes it takes patience to wait on the plant to begin flowering. Of course, if he is not giving it the proper environment to start the flowering, then he will be waiting a very long time. Basically, has he flushed away the vegging nutrients and replaced them with P-K flowering nutrients? Has he switched away from 18 hours light per day to 12 hours light per day? That' essential to flowering. Now, if his plants are outside, then I can understand his concerns; Winter is on the way. If his plants are outside, then to induce flowering, he should cover the plant with a light-tight material (WITHOUT THAT MATERIAL TOUCHING THE PLANT) so the plant will get only 10 or 12 hours light per day. Be careful; in the sun, plastics will get hot enough to burn the plant, so this "tent" will need to be big enough that it doesnt touch the plant. IT MUST ALSO BE VENTILATED so that heat does not build-up under the hood, because heat build-up can also kill the plant. (Maybe next year he should start his plants outdoors a bit earlier, or better, start them indoors earlier and then transplant them outdoors earlier.) He will harvest better and more potent essential oils if he has flowers and not just the plant. But either way, yes there IS a method to extract these oils. The market offers oil presses. Some presses are large, powerful and expensive. But there are smaller presses available. Check your local head-shop. There are presses that you can twist a handle, but they arent really effective; humans arent strong enough, or the handle isnt strong enough to withstand the torque if you use a tool to apply the twist. Better are the presses that are built to be inserted into a mechanics table clamp, and the piston-screw is driven with a ratchet wrench. Check your local head-shop. As far as the blueberries go, those plant protiens are subject to spoiling unless they are handled in a special way. I would recommend that he should do some intensive research in the direction of herbalist shops or perfume companies. For candles, you need to consult someone in the candle-making industry.
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Strain Hunters is a series of documentaries aimed at informing the general public about the quest for the preservation of the cannabis plant in the form of particularly vulnerable landraces originating in the poorest areas of the planet.

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