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    Hey guys time for an update, it is now the end of week 19 and yesterday it was cloudy and sunny in the morning but the weather forcast was for showers at lunch time, so about 11.00am I took some photos of the plants and then I gave them both 9 litres of water each and checked the PH of the run off which was 6. Within minutes of watering the plants it started raining so I quickly moved them into the shed under the flourescent lights with the large fan running to move air around, due to the fact the rain was light showers I was able to leave the shed door open to help keep the humidity down and I left the fan running over night as well. Here are some images I took yesterday. Both of the Passion #1 gals outside in back yard Close up of the top of the stalky plant. Top of the leafy plant. The plants are now ready to harvest I can see plenty of amber trichomes so after lunch today they go the chop and I harvested both plants. Both Passion #1 plants harvested bud hanging on stalks drying. Passion #1 charas. I have had a little smoke of the charas in a single skinner with some fan leaves (I&I quit smokin shag) and it has a nice vibe, a good strong body feeling, but the high is an elevation of conciousness, with charas the hit is like a silk thread that slowly and gently vanishes away, its the cream of the crop. So there was 650g of fan leaves, stalky produced 750g of bud and leafy produced 600g of bud, but remember these weights are wet and the bud is still on the stalks at the moment while the bud is drying, in 7 days I will strip the bud off the stalks and trim as required and then I will put it in Kilner jars, I only have one at the moment so I need to go and buy and few more. In total bud and stalk for both plants is 1350g or about 26 ounces, so I should end up with just under a pound of herb once dried I am well chuffed. Updates to follow happy growing guys. Gasmeter Likkle more
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    All one needs to do is search for it: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=steam+extraction+of+essential+oils
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    oui je crois que j'ai un probléme de surrarosage ou sous arrosage ,je suis a 1L par plantes
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