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    Hallo ihr rauchköpfe! Bin grad neu hier. Hab die Bilder vor 2 Wochen gemacht....der Regen zwingt mich, früher als geplant zu ernten....3 Riesen 2,5 m und mehrere Medium size ladies. Alle unbekannte Strains. Schon Proben entnommen und zugelassen!!! 😊😊😊😊
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    Good morning Jose, thanks for letting me in! A good pizza? Huh, this is gonna take a while. First of all, you've gotta prepare your "base", the "bread soul" of your pizza. That's gonna take you: - 300g or 10.5 ounces "00" flour (dunno how you call it) - 200g or 7 ounces manitoba flour - 300g or 10.5 ounces water - 12g beer yeast - 10g olive oil - 1/2 teaspoon of sugar - 1 teaspoon of fine salt - In a bowl, mix water, sugar and yeast, until they mix perfectly. - Add flours and start handle the "thing". - Add salt and oil and keep kneading for at least 8-10 minutes. What you need to obtain is a soft bready blob. Not too hard, not too.. blobby, i guess. - Let it rest in a clean bowl, covered, in a furnace or on your table. At 28-30 degrees Celsius (approx 84F) it'll be ready in 2 hours or so. - When it's ready, deflate it and smooth it thin on a woody surface. Help yourself with additional flour or it'll stick to your surface in a matter of seconds. That's basically digestible superglue. If you're poor and have no glue but flour.. - If you're doing baking tin pizza, oil the baking tin first OR add the cooking paper. Let it rest another 2 hours and it'll be ready to.. uhm.. decorations. Like, real hard ingredient spam. Like your grandma would love. If you want it round, just.. round it, i guess. And indeed, let it rest 2 hours and spam the shit out of it. A standard Margherita in italy (tomato, mozzarella) is composed of: - Our base - 400g or 14 ounces of tomato paste (not sauce) - 250g or 9 ounces of mozzarella - 10 basil leaves (optional, but they give taste) - olive oil - salt - origan - When you rounded your pizza, take a small bowl or a cup, and mix together a spurt of salt, your tomato paste, your oil and half the basil. Mix and take a taste to mix the salt, eventually. Important: if you fucked up your salt, for the love of your gods, DON'T ADD SUGAR. - Move your base on some cooking paper (so you don't mess your place, dummy, and it wont stick), and add your mix to the base. Spread it in a way that a round border appears. - Add your mozzarella. For cooking it: If you have an electric furnace: keep it closed, insert your pizza when it's really hot and cook for 8-10 minutes keeping an eye on your temperature and blow the air bubbles if she does them. If you don't blow them, they'll be burned and taste a bit, indeed, of burnt. I like that, but some may not appreciate it. If you have a regular home-furnace: cook your pizza at 190 C°, or 374 F°, for 10 minutes static, then some minute with air flowing. IF you have the REAL LUCK of having a wood furnace: cook your pizza when the furnace is around 230 C°, or 446 F°, keep rotating your pizza to cook all the "sides". A word on this: i cook my pizza a bit differently. I make it a bit thicker, so the "floor" is crunchy but the top is soft and absorbs the ingredient juices. I also add a ton of shit to it, but i have to write this rule, otherwise people will fuck up italian cuisine. Don't. Add. Pineapple. Please. We beg of you. Unless it's Pineapple express.. Have a good pizza!
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    I want a pad on my back, please .. Peace everyone best of luck in life
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    Hey @Jose.gh, you can add some Cannabis leaves as a topping just under the cheese for a little taste. You could also infuse your olive oil with THC and use the Canna-cooking oil on the pizza. If you want the pizza to be magical, you just need to cook at a lower temp, <180°C.
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    Ok so, here i am, counting my losses, praying for at least one single goddamned win. Feeding day, followed the schedule. On close inspection, i found out i have Spider Mites! YAY!! One of the yellow leaves had a silky-web all over, but no mites. I then looked at one green-ish leaf, and i saw beneath there were multiple of these fuckers. I am pretty sure they are mites, they're white-bordered and rusty-red in the middle. Pieces of shit. Also, on closer inspection, i found white specs (tiny tiny dots, something like 0.05mm) on almost all the leaves, some more, some less. They look like a handful of grey sand on a black table. I also tested my runoff PH, and surprise surprise, it was acid like fuck! S1 had a runoff of 5.5, S2 and S3 were close to 5! I repeat, my solution stands at 6.8, my soil with clay measures 6.7, but the runoff is 5. I don't fucking get it. I flushed S2, only for trial and error. I fed regularly the other 2. I applied an intense neem oil cure, standing at 2ML/LT, diluted in warm water, sprayed every square millimiter, beneath and above, of my babies. I know i wont get rid of them soon, i just aint giving up on these fucks. So, little recap: - PH Solution 6.8 - Runoff PH 5.2 (on average) - Showing yellowing, brown spots - Have fungus gnats minor infestation - Have spider mites medium infestation - Have my balls kind of busted by pests I want to thank you guys who are following this. I never have the opportunity to speak about my love for marijuana, and my true love for growing it. I live in a family where smoking weed is considered morally bad, so seeing more than one person helping me out on this, discussing my problems, laughing a bit, gives me breath and hope for a "greener" future. Thank you. I wish someday i'll offer you a drink!
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    And i love the way you write replies! Don't trust ANY italian you may ever meet. We're bad people: racists, liars, smugglers, bad politicians, tax evaders, scammers.. I can cook a very, very limited amount of meals. Two of which i've already said (pizza and canna cookies). But hey, at least i don't smell like cheese. If you're the Don, then i'll be just a picciotto (which, i think might translate in "short and fat guy"). 500 grams! Holy heck! I remember i managed to gather up to 150g, but nothing else. I made a few cookies, not too many. High the may with you be, my friend. Good night.
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    "Thank you sir. I am not perfect, but when i do things i try to do them at best. Recipes are our way of life, no matter what kind! " I like your style, and I trust that as an Italian, you certainly know how to cook. I know I will be looking forward to whatever recipes you may have to offer. "Also, I'm assuming you are a Sir, but if you're a Madame I beg your pardon." "Sir" sounds too British. You may call me "Don". (My wife and I just finished watching all 3 parts of the Godfather, Wow!) "I did cannabutter back in the days, and i used it to make cannacookies. Unfortunately i can't remember my recipe. They were too good to be remembered.. hehe." Hehe, I know that loss of memory very well. I have about 500 grams of Cannabutter in the freezer right now. I am very much looking forward to my next lapse of memory, mmmhmmm. Maybe cookies or brownies or a Rührkuchen. "I will keep writing until I have hands. Some hours ago I posted my first grow journal, still ongoing. I missed some info on that, but I'll update as soon as I.. indeed, have updates." Yes, I saw your journal. As I had said, I like your style. Ciao!
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    Oh Yes YES YES!!! I love the way you write recipes. By the way, if you cook with cannabis, we have a Topic Category for that too. http://forums.strainhunters.com/forum/30-cooking-with-cannabis/ Please keep writing for us.
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    Sweet Marijuana Forum Name/Age: Chris 30 Location: Arkansas Profession: Develop and sell niche sites that earn money Interests: Marijuana, Motorcycles, web development and seo Really digging the forum. Since starting sites in the marijuana industry I have discovered quite a few really good sites and forums in the industry. I have to say this is one of the best forums in the cannabis niche. Thanks for having me. Hope to stick around.
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    LOL, I hve so much fun with your journal... Sorry you have the spider mites. As long as you are in Vegg, keep applying that Neem against the mites. You might have to step up to a stronger pest control against those mites, but just get rid of them before flowering. You don't want those pests any where near your buds. And be sure to clean your grow area with bleach water both now and after these plants have moved on. Spider mites are difficult to get rid of.
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    1 week after the flip and still going strong
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    Wow thanks a lot mate, I love it I promise to make this recipe over the next few weeks and add some photos Greetings friend!
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    has there been a big ph change like 1 full point at any one time, did this happen quickly or over time and check for bugs peace
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    While I'm on her a few more pics side shots and pictures of the cuttings ice then candy in canna Terra soil mixed with bat guano and ecothrive charge insect frass soaked in a bio tea so I'll be working with 2 feeding regimes and a Tangilope seedling
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    LOL, see you around... Buona notte
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    Thank you sir. I am not perfect, but when i do things i try to do them at best. Recipes are our way of life, no matter what kind! Also, i'm assuming you are a Sir, but if you're a Madame i beg your pardon. I did cannabutter back in the days, and i used it to make cannacookies. Unfortunately i can't remember my recipe. They were too good to be remembered.. hehe. I will keep writing until i have hands. Some hours ago i posted my first grow journal, still ongoing. I missed some info on that, but i'll update as soon as i.. indeed, have updates. Cheers!
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    LOL, That's the spirit, CherryBerry...
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    This is plant 1. Has been topped (cut) when it had 5-6 nodes. Now the main stem that is coming out from soil is 4 inch tall..
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    Ditto what jankahar said. A little bit of light-greening in the plants, but it is not too bad. It may be due to the small caliber lighting. Or an ever-so-slight N-deficiency, if that. If you decide to up the N, do it sparingly. Your set-up is wonderful for Vegg, but where will you let them flower? I hope you know that they will stretch in height during pre-flower and during the first 3 or 4 weeks of flowering. You should expect that they will approximately double in height. If you continue in that small box, they will reach the lamps and get scortched. You could perform some supercropping procedures to keep them low, but that will reduce some of the production.
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    Been trying and trying to find some ghs chemdog seeds now for over a year and they are out of stock everywhere. Are these seeds discontinued now. I love them

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