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    Hi again The smell of all plants is very intense, fortunately for me ... the red spider attack has been late, and has only damaged the plants I'm looking forward to drying and smoking, these Bio-buds !! Some photos more This are more photos of MK again This is the Northern Lights (cut of my friend Jose) More photographys soon!! Have a nice weekend bro
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    Heyo, So, first of all, i wanted to shout to the world (well, this at least) that i might have defeated spider mites! Big YAY! I've checked with a small light under each leaf, and havent's seen a single mite crawling. Ha! Motherfuckers. I'll continue the neem oil + soap treatment for at least another time, then will only spray as a soil drench. In conclusion, a clean enviroment, humidity spikes, and neem oil + soap worked against spider mites. Haven't worked for fungus gnats. They're back. I am scratching my head, i can't seem to figure out how the fuck they're forming. I've treated my soil with H202, Neem Oil; I've cleaned my bedroom, i've cleaned the grow room; I keep removing specs of soil or other things to prevent formation; I never open the windows (i have an extractor on the roof). How the fuck are they forming? Anyway, i decided to rest the pots after the flush for an entire week, and today i started using nutes again. I used 0.25ml BioBizz Grow per LT for both Strains, while i used 1ML/LT BioBizz Bloom for S3, and 1.5ML/LT BioBizz Bloom for S2. I fed S2 with 3 Liters, S3 with 2 liters. Runoff was 30% S2, 25% S3. S2 got a RO PH of about 6.3 (previous was 6.1 without nutes). S3 got a RO PH of about 6.5 (previous was 6.5 without nutes). Since the buildup is drastically decreasing, I'll keep using this low-nute solution until the plants show signs of deficiencies, like @Cannabissapean tipped me to. You can always increase nutes, but decreasing is a pain in the ass And now... Some photos! I took a photo of S2 outside the tent because i wanted to show you the color of her leaves. They're so Dark Green i'm wondering what could it be. I am also convinced now that S2 is an automatic. She started flowering on her own, and.. well, you'll see in the picture! S3: S2: And her main bud: She's so sticky and fruity.. This is gonna wreck me.
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    A few more photos, it's amazing the amount of resin from the WW, it never disappoints
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    Now some pics of White Widow..... simply amazing

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