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    Hello hunters, so here i am to announce this very sad news that some of you must know already, we have lost a hunter but will keep fighting! Respect my brother Franco is an icon and helped change so many peoples lives. He will deeply be missed as a brother, father, son, friend and so much more. "Cannabis is my passion, my bread, my home. I feel it is my duty to make sure this amazing plant is preserved and enjoyed. I am a smoker, a grower, a breeder, and a strain hunter. For life."Franco, the Strain HunterMay 20th 1974 - January 2nd 2017
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    Para loca esta hormiga que me diga donde la plantará.... Jejeje To crazy this ant that tells me where it will plant .... Hehehe
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    Hello I seem to be able to use technology a little better in daylight hours so will have a crack at this. I'm not a strain hunter, just a very well travelled weed aficionado who seems to always end up in bizarre places but I always manage to sample the local offerings ive kept a Journal of strains and where and any good for the last thirty years, always been around growers and am in the process of applying for a research licence. My two main areas of research are climate suited strains hoping to cut down the energy footprint of commercial grows which rely heavily on aircon in Australia and developing a natural plant hormone derived "tonic" used in conjunction with your existing fertiliser regime. Testing has been very promising on all crops I've used - increased yield, slightly quicker growth rates, getting hold of that apical dominance and encouraging plants to branch out horizontally aiming for shorter internode spacing. I have three family members with cancer at the moment who are all annoyed that no doctor here seems to want to be the first to prescribe. So, yes, it's personal too. I was given some land on Tanna island in Vanuatu for my translating and advisory services (I speak Bislama and Pidgen, the worlds two least needed languages) and at some stage would like to assist the village women in using the landraces that grow all over the island to weave mats they pay their kids school fees with, and also perhaps to come up with something better than a nambas for their husbands to wear....it's difficult to give advice on tourism development when you are the only person on the island without your bum bare. There are a couple of places I'd like to help out - Madagascan ladies who do the most amazing embroidery and use the landrace there as fire kindling, and the people of PNG who have an amazing strain but no idea that it can be used for anything other than getting stoned, drinking, chewing betel nut and subsequently beating each other up. Ive been extremely lucky to have lived this life less ordinary so feel an obligation to give something back, and I can't think of anything better to give back than this awesome herb I've chased around the planet. I'm not a strain hunter and would never call myself that so I will settle with Canna geographer Thanks for having me and I'm sure I will be able to learn a lot from you all
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    Yesterday I was "strain hunting" in Amsterdam. So I went to green house coffeeshop United to look for some seeds. So I went smoked a fast joint and moved on(did not buy any seeds). When I was going home I realised I visited all the green house coffeeshops in 4 weeks time and put all my extra time and effort into researching the GH business structure and locations. So I was sitting in the car feeling a bit like a groupie. I asked myself a question: Why am I doing this. Answer to myself: I wish I could be a part of GH seeds like many other growers and enthusiasts and develop my own strains, vending the seeds at expositions and conferences. Growing our strains and be a winner at all the cannabis cup. Realisation: Everybody wants to be part of the winning team. So I felt a little sad because of my groupie behaviour. But you cant blame a grower for dreaming.
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    Hello Hunters, Here are a little update We are now in week 5 of flowering and I watering the plants every two days. In one week 2x with 1,8EC & 6,5PH & 1x plain water. The plants grow nicelly and the odor in the room are already crazy! The FrancoLemonCheese This plant is beautyfull & I can already smell the exodus cheese! Very happy that i think to take clone just before the flip to keep this beauty as mother! Cant wait to cut this one
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    Iremos viendo como evoluciona William Trust, semanalmente voy colgando alguna foto, a ver la princesa como se encuentra en septiembre... igual de princesa pasa a monstruosamente preciosa jejeje Lo próximo que are con ella es ponerle una reja rígida a su alrededor como e visto a Franco (en paz descanse) en la siguiente foto Saludos y fenomenales humos amigo We will see how William Trust evolves, weekly I am hanging a photo, to see the princess as it is in September ... just as princess goes to monstrously beautiful jejeje The next thing you do with her is to put a rigid grid around her as I've seen Franco (peacefully rest) in the next photo Greetings and great fumes friend
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    Buenas amigos por aquí dejo unas fotos de las de exterior hoy estuve haciendo un poco de selección para sacar esquejes y algo de producción de alguna copa central Good friends here I leave some pictures of the outdoor today I was doing a bit of selection to get cuttings and some production of a central cup
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    Hello Hunters, Here are some pics of the end of week 3 of flowering... The plants grow nicelly and bushy! Iam very happy rigth now! I watering the plant with 2,5ltr every twos day's and the buds are coming GROUP SHOT Franco Lemon Cheese Toxic See you for the next update hunters, have a nice and beautifull end of week!
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    My garden grow with....
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    DAM belladonnas looking mighty health as they reach their final week full beast mode🤯
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    Hello Hunters, Hope you all are well for the summer holidays... @Jose.gh Thanks for passing in my grow and thanks for your words. Cant wait to smoke this beauty plants! The grow are now at week 8 of flowering and this week i beginning the 2-3 weeks of flush with just plain water for the FrancoLemonCheese and the Toxic. I wait 1 week more for the Ripper Haze. Here are the pics of the week FrancoLemonCheese (this pheno is more exodus that slh) Ripper Haze (true haze!) Toxic (Rock hard buds & great production) See you for the next update Hunters!
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    Hello Hunters, Hope your all are well for this begining of july? The grow are now at week 7 of flowering and this week i watering 2x the plants with 3ltr of 1,8ec / 6,5 ph & 1x just plain water. Here are the pics of the week FrancoLemonCheese FrancoLemonCheese Toxic Toxic Ripper Haze Riper Haze Next week i begining the flush for the FrancoLemonCheese and the Toxic,,, But i will wait 1 or 2 more weeks for the Ripper haze,,, So see you for the next update hunters!
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    it's been a long time and i wanted to post some pics of this beasts, they are now 6 white rhino in 10L pots, 2 weeks more of veg and i will get some cuts, then 12-12. 4 white rhino are in madrocket pots, and 2 in rootshouse, i liked more the rootshouse girls, you can see the difference in the pics! i decided to add a 6500k cfl light into the grow tent with the cobs to veg quickly, after i swith to 12 -12, i will take that away and put a 250w hps, so it will be a mix grow with the CoBs and the HPS @Ledcherryberry sorry for the late answer, hope you got your equipment now, i dont have a spectrum chart in hand or a par measurement, i can tell you that the temp is 3000k and 90 cri, i decided to buy those specs because they are only for flowering, i have used it 3 times with good results, far the better thing is the temperature, i was able to do flowering in summer with 35 c outside ( flowering time at night of course ) and the girls didnt have any problem, nowadays the grow tent is 1x1x1.8 m and the 200w cob setup it's short for that space but i am happy with the summer grow i did, some pics here : @Jose.gh sorry for the late post, i knew that i was not going to get to the contest, but this is a test grow and i hope you can use this info for something! Greetings from Argentina
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    Buenas fiestas amigos, aquí dejo unas fotos de las White Rhino, demomento llevan un ritmo estupendo para mi gusto Saludos y buenas fumadas Good holiday friends, here I leave some photos of the White Rhino, moment they take a great rhythm for my taste Greetings and good smokes
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    Buenos días amigos así van las White Rhino que les corte la copa para hacer una pequeña cata y sacar unos esquejes saludos y buenos humos Good morning friends, so are the White Rhinos that cut the cup to make a small tasting and take some cuttings greetings and good smoke
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    Eso espero William Trust la verdad que si que es increíble la más alta, es raro que haya salido tan alta, frente a sus hermanas que todas son de porte más bajo pero quizás también cargarán bastante y tengan buena productividad, me conformo con que me llegase para un año, que por ley es lo que puedo plantar y por el camino que lleva la WR más alta creo lo podré conseguir Saludos y fenomenales humos That I hope William Trust the truth that if it is incredible the highest, it is rare that it has come out so high, in front of his sisters that all are of lower bearing but perhaps also they will load a lot and have good productivity, I am satisfied with that I arrived for a year, which by law is what I can plant and by the way that the WR takes higher I think I can get it Greetings and great smoke
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    I have been growing a Sumatran strain for over 30 years. A reliable Indonesian friend sourced the seeds for me ex Aceh early 80's. I have managed to get it back to a managable size and with very quick bud development. Typically 2m and late Feb/Early March in southern mediterranean climate. Once the flowers start, they build very very quickly indeed. Left alone it attains a very pretty xmas tree shape with fewer head leaves. Great for the manicure. Leaves are nicely serrated, deep green with red/purple leaf stems. On the bush the flowers have a nice heady sweet floral fragrance. Currently in the process of crossing with some renowned US and Euro imported strains to boost potency and create faster finishing improved potency pheno. As a guerilla outdoor enthusiest, by design its a long slow process. Current appalling legal status also makes it a difficult hobby. I travelled extensively thru Indonesia in late 70's and the product varied from goddam awful to extraordinary. Way befor my enthusiest days, so the genetic opportunities passed me by. I like to think I'm making up for my lack of vision now. Be good to hear from a few other antippodean (or other) gardeners. Peace.
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    Hello, I am Spanish living in almeria, if you come to visit sites I recommend: Mojacar, Cabo de Gata, San Jose, Aguadulce, Roquetas de Mar, here hashish double 0 is 5€/gr is very good and cheap, many party and sex and good hashis, if you need something you come and contact me.
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    Unas fotos más, buenas fumadas amig@s Some more photos good smoked friends
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    La reina de las rinoceronte The queen of the rhinoceros
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    @OG.Naj Thanks is for Checking in on the gals👌 They are on the final stages been macro shooting every 3 days watching THC closely....
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    Hey guys I have a 2nd garden on the go which Is a mono crop garden of Blue Cheese. Here we get to mass grow the juicy genetics!! I am happy to say that since joining this forum they are now on have molasses strictly added to their schedule. The info I've read recently here on molasses is great. Thanks all. This room has been in veg for 2 wks and they are on the 4th day of their first 12/12 wk. Will keep posted happy organics
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    High there from the deep dank Redwood forest of Humboldt. Long time fan of the Strain Hunters. I'm trying my best to follow the passion and dedication of the Original Strain Hunters.
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    m.oRganics all So we are at the end of the second 12/12 week on this mono crop grow of Blue Cheese. I am blown away at how these girls are in full beast mode and look so incredibly uniform and strong.... Can already see the flower points pinning🤯 Can't wait to see the flower and THC produced!!!
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    1 of the GHS Cheese.
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    Estupenda resinas Great resins
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    Hey Guys I went in to my local horti store and they had mycelleum co2 exchange bags. It says the bag will sustain 6cubic meters for 4 months. There is no indication on levels given off per bag. My garden is 5.76 I am testing the bag out on a mono-crop garden of Blue Cheese that has just been flipped to It's 12/12 period Has any body ever tried using theses mycelleum exchange bags. I would really appreciate some feedback on results found with this method. Irie day y'all!!
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    Hi there I am new the strain hunters group. Living under magical African Sun. I love the genetics you guys produce. The Dam is a real beast of a specimen !! Am excited to share and pick up knowledge with everybody. I grow purely organic flower !!
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    I just test phéno n4 I find the best bud of my crop very hard compact bud and a lot trychomes the smel is strong i find it a littel spicy it pic in my nose the taste is very goed the best qualities i had until now and have a littel after taste of hash i surely reuse biofeeding nextime ☺👍
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    Wow mate, Really impressive, those buds are practically perfect, and they still have to ripen. I take my hat off, you are a great grower.
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    Mexico just signed into law the national legalization of Medical Marihuana. And just last year High Times predicted this would NEVER happen. Snicker snicker...
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    Hello hunters, This sunday i post for you a little close up of the FrancoLemonCheese at the beginning of week 6 This plant are already so crystalized and she smell so good. Have a nice and beautifull end of week end hunters and see you for the next uptdate...
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    Congratulations to the winners, i couldn't compete because i didnt get my seeds, but now i have some white rhino, big bang, Kalashnikova, bubba kush , caboose and afgooey to try along with 600w led and 400w digital ballast hps. i will be keen to enter the next one, ill start a new grow journal soon anyway. heres a clone i have re vegged because it was beautiful outdoors but had problems getting too wet and not drying out with the dense indica Nugs. will do well indoors, might self her to keep it going.
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    Thank you friends for confirming the reception and sharing photos
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    Yes i do it too i hang a heater in a corner +- a the height of the light but you need to chek that the heat not go direct on the plant that can stress or burn the plant i don't have a spécial thermostat but you adjust it ones it stay +-good just if you have change in temp outside now iam not a professional but it works for me there is good thermostat in brico market for 20€ or is a thermostat from biogreen but is more expensif 70€
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    I was thinking the same. It's a Hugh plant. You should have topped this one. You would have had 2 big ass tops on that magnificent plant.
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    Looks like awesome crop to me. This plant will give you enough.
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    Day 14 of seedling stage for DD & Nebula. Today I switch them to 18/6 - so they're officially in day 1 of veg. I still have JW, IC and SS that need 24hrs lighting in the small tent, and my big tent is not available at the moment, so I've set some alarms and placed DD & Nebula in the clothes airing cupboard (dark and warmish) for 6 hours a day and then they'll go back under the 125w CFL with JW, IC and SS.
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    One area that is of particular interest regarding manuka honey is its antibacterial activity. Often this is just shortened to "Active" or "Active Manuka". Most honeys are in some way antibacterial (some quite highly so), but normally this antibacterial activity is almost exclusively derived from Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) and is referred to as Peroxide Activity or PA. This is created from the activity of the enzyme Glucose Oxidase in honey. Like many enzymes, Glucose Oxidase can become inactivated over time by light and heat. The stronger the light and/or heat, the faster it is inactivated. Room temperature and low light, given enough time, will in theory also reduce the Glucose Oxidase activity. It is claimed by some sellers that they pack their product in dark coloured jars to protect this enzyme from light. Another reason perhaps is their desire to hide the variable nature of the contents from the discerning consumer! Honeybee collecting manuka nectarNon Peroxide Activity Manuka honey also has this varying degree of antibacterial activity due to H2O2, but has been found to have a further amount of antibacterial activity that is present after the H2O2 has been neutralized with Catalase. This activity is referred to as the Non Peroxide Activity (NPA). The letters UMF ("Unique Manuka Factor") have been privately trademarked in New Zealand (UMF®) to represent a standard of NPA antibacterial activity that is compared to the disinfectant phenol. The UMF® letters are usually appended with a number. This number refers to the percentage of phenol in water. e.g. UMF12 equals an NPA activity equal to or greater than a 12% solution (%w/v) of phenol/water. Until 2006 only a small part of the NPA had been accounted for with the discovery of a number of naturally occurring compounds in manuka honey. Methylglyoxal - MGO In 2006 Methylglyoxal (MGO) (Wikipedia Link) was discovered to be the main substance in manuka honey responsible for NPA by professor Henle from Dresden University. This work was confirmed and elaborated on by Waikato University in 2007. MGO is found in numerous food Bee on Kanuka Flowersubstances but only at low levels (usually less than 10 ppm) compared to high NPA manuka honey. MGO is a member of the dicarbonyl group (a group of toxic substances) and at the levels found in some manuka honeys, (up to 1,000 ppm) there is some concern regarding its food safety. MGO is the main precursor to Advanced Glycation End products (AGEs). AGEs are associated with a number of age related diseases including Alzheimer's disease, cardiovascular disease, stroke, eye cataracts, cancer and diabetes. The body has a specific enzyme system (the glyoxalase system) to detoxify this compound. This enzyme system has been found in the simplest life forms on earth as well as in mammals, indicating that its detoxification of MGO is universally important to most life on earth. Hydrogen Peroxide - Formed in most honeys (including manuka) from the action of the enzyme Glucose Oxidase (see above). There is a large degree of variability between honeys. A highly effect antibacterial agent. Used by white blood cells as a mechanism for killing bacteria. MGO - Methylglyoxal - a toxic substance attributed with most of the NPA in some manuka honeys. Measured directly and levels usually reported in parts per million (same as milligrams per kilogram mg/kg). Phenol - A chemical with antiseptic properties. It is used as a comparative standard for the measurement of antibacterial activity in microbiological assays of some honey. An old and outdated method, but Numbers quoted usually refer to a percentage of Phenol in water. A higher number indicates a higher percentage of Phenol, thus theoretically higher antibacterial activity. In practise the use of this methodology and scale is problematic and has been the cause of much uncertainty and debate over activity ratings for manuka honey. PA - Peroxide Activity. The antibacterial activity that is derived from Hydrogen Peroxide found in most honey in varying amounts. NPA - Non Peroxide Activity. ANY antibacterial activity found in any honey once it has been treated with Catalase to remove any hydrogen peroxide. Measured by microbial assay against a standard antiseptic (see Phenol Manuka honey has an average glucose of 29.7%, fructose of 37.9%, maltose of 1.2% and sucrose of 0.5% (HPLC method, 775 samples)
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    gracias compañero por el mensaje! ahora con el sodio en el medio espero que este bien repartida la luz, el tema del piso es algo que siempre da flojera para limpiar! pero como decis hay que hacerlo jajaja, voy a seguir posteando fotos asi que toma asiento nomás
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    Thanks man, and yes skunk#1 has some nice leaves.
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    Exodus Cheese. I really love the structure of this one, and the smell when you rub the stem is out of this world. This is a very special pheno.
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    Que bonita esa Rhino g22 queda muy zen How beautiful that Rhino g22 is very Zen
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    That's right, although in Spain, fortunately ... we have cannabis clubs (something similar to coffeshops) where we can go to enjoy good fumes in the company of friends Regards!

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