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    Hello guys, so here we come with some pictures taken by Mr.X and his "assistant" during his latest hash making session with Bubblebags! Here in total 800g of lower parts bud and prenium trimming were used in 2 times. 400g each time, and those 400g are used 2 times too everytime to get as much as possible the final Result is a little more than 70g of High quality hash, i can almost smell it from here enjoy guys Time to shake those ladies *********break time********* ************** Once the hash is ready,Mr.X breaks it in small piece and let it dry this way for a few days to let the water out, and then repres it all together using his hands and the heat of his HOT spanish body hahaha That's it guys, Mr.X will pass by when he will have time and answer some questions i guess if anyone has some Have a good day hunters!
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    Yea it is getting crowded in there having abit trouble with the humidity, but i think/hope it will work out. Those pictures are week5 and these here are end of week 6. I moved the pots around in there so the position is different in these photos. I think i will go for 9weeks total flowering and only flushing last week(7days). I think about adding another light for these last few week - would you go with the blurple LED or the yellowish HPS?
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    While I wait to get home to upload pics I’ll give you a rundown slurricane in-house genetics dosidos x purple punch 9-10wkflower i gifted a friend a couple of these beans and he gave them a light feed to see how they perform and it was stunning really showed the purple punch in it! Jaffa cake Cali kush farms 10wk flower Remo Chemo dinafem seeds
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    Dry goods Very very happy with the yield and very nice buds, sticky and stinky
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    Thanks, i think i will leave the leaves for now Gave them 1L watering with 2ml/L PK13-14. Look how the leaves start praying like crazy in the second photo after they got fed.
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    Hello friends, Back with some pictures... Plants continue growing & flowering on a great way... In around 1 big week I will transfer the 2 smallest on a other box with a 400 HPS like that I'll give to all of them more light like that I hope I'll get a correct yield for this 'contest harvest'... More and more difficult to do correct pictures of the plants... It will be more easy I think when I'll give them more space. Cheers & have a great week-end ! See ya soon ! Evolution666 DAY 55 (Third week of flowering)
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    i got 15 days old super silver haze CBD plant. cant wait to flower her, i will pot her up today and start vegging her with more light power
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    Start of week 7. Day 102, aka Flowering Day 43. It seems that i found the true issue behind all of the deficiencies. Correcting Soil PH stopped abruptly the yellowing of leaves, consequently they stopped falling (even the affected ones). I now understand what issues are present in my water: limestone and chlorine. Chlorine isn't that pain-in-the-ass as i previously thought, just letting the water sit for 48hrs removes it. As for limestone, i'll need to figure out what to do. Yes, i can buy filters, but that requires additional planning to re-mineralize my water. Same word goes for distilled water, i need to understand if it's worth using or not. Anyway, pistils are getting orange day-by-day, and the buds have finally fattened a bit. A couple colas reach 4.5 cm in thickness. Next enhancer feeding, which is also the last one, is happening in a week (start of week 8). From week 9, i'll slowly flush (first 1/2 Soil LT, then 2/3, then 1/1, then 2/1). This is to ensure less stress in the root zone, less chance of rotting/mold, and to gradually release salts and build-ups. I guess it's Pic-time now. Highlander's Canopy: Highlander's Cola View: Highlander's longest cola: (Pic is cut as lower part was too dark) I'll see y'all next week for the next update. Peace!
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    Hello Hunters, Here are some news We are on the end of week 4 of flowering for the 4 plants The two Sideral but well, i have two very differents pheno. One very hazy, the keeper & one with incica devlopment except the strech who is the most marked of the box. 3x!! The hazy one, the keeper is very sativa & that's what I'm waiting for when I plant haze!! specially the keeper of the box. She smell amazing and we can already smell the ral dutch coffeshop haze. Amazing for end of week 4 of the flowering! The two SLH bud well too, still compact specially one of the two, the more leafy pheno. The second one is the best pheno of the two SLH. They do not smell strong yet but the devloppement is good. Iam sure that I will find a good lemony pheno. So here are the pics Group Shot Topleft is 1 sideral, the more stretchy pheno - topright is the second sideral & is the KEEPER Below left The best pheno of the super lemon haze #3 - belowright is the SLH #2, more leafy pheno Super Lemon Haze, the best pheno Sideral, The keeper! Have a great weekend & see you next friday hunters...
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    Hello friends, Back with some updates and pictures from my plants... We are today day 83 and we're on the 7th week of flowering... Not a lot to say... buds continue their developement (theys swell) as well, and now all the plants are on the last stage. Once again I've to say that I'm really happy to GHSC Feeding bio product range... really nice result ! So here we go for the 10 last days before start cutting and cleaning the plants (I don't have other choice than do that on few days... if I can do 1 or 2 plants daily that should be great...) Have a great week-end ! Cheers & respect ! Evolution6666 Day 83 (Week 7 of flowering);
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    Hi community. Last year I had a failed attempt to raise my outdoor grow, so I would very much like to start again and show everyone my strain. I have always known it as Passion Fruit not because of the flavor but due to its leaf formation. Here are a few pics of the seedlings that will hopefully become beautiful ladies. This strain is a slow grower, it's never in a hurry to do anything, so my updates will be some what spaced apart. Enjoy Roo78
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    Day 13 flower and they are all going nicely! They are a very dark green so I’m going to give them a weekly water schedule which I have 3 items I’ll try on different ladies on 2 I’ll feed a schedule of ecothrive biosys/mollases/water 2 I’ll feed ecothrive biosys/mollases guanokalong taste improver (alternated)/water and last 2 ecothrive biosys/mollases terpenez (alternated)/water for the last 6-8weeks! Debating whether to give them a mild topdress of potash but I don’t want to burn them should I or shouldn’t I? would be nice to give them a kick but also would be nice to keep it simple!Slurricane got a strong smell of grape and lavender coming from herJaffa cake really oozing out the resin at day 13Remo Chemo flower sites are beginning to meet up shesgonna be a fatty
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    D77 W3 flo TEMP 19°-28° RH 45% i take the humidifier out i give more time to my plant and more watering and they stay green i dont plan to give a pk booster @Jose.gh you dont made a biofeeding pk biobooster? i just spray 2 time with a fish emultion to try to help recover from the bad veg
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    Hello friends, Back with some pictures... We are now on week 4 of flowering and the buds looks better and bigger days after days... I will tranfer the 2 smallest in my other box with 400HPS this week end, no other choice, they need really more space to continue their developement on the best way as possible... Here are the ladies, once again sorry for the quality of the pictures... will do some without the lights this week end 2.... Have a great week-end ! Cheers & salute... Evolution666 DAY 62 (Week 4 of flowering)
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    Thanks for replies:) I removed a few more fan leaves from the bottom, but iam actually thinking about removing leaves from the top. Because i got this insane stretch they shade alot of the plant. Fed them bioenhancer again this week.
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    This diary very nearly came to an abrupt end! We had very low temps and snow over the last few days and the first day Tuesday got me unexpected temps plummeted to 5c lights off only 6hrs and nearly killed them! Popped out to fill the fridges cam back and the house was stone cold! Tried to get my hands on a oil filled radiator and everywhere has sold out coz of weather ( hindsight tubular heaters would be better option cheaper to run!) I left them to dry right up give the soil the chance to warm up avoid more shock! Thursday I topdressed the pots with mycorrhizae, ecothrive charge, bat guano and fresh ground kelp meal and watered in with silica and this morning they have bounced back! Hopefully all the phosphorus from the kelp and guano will make riots explode again and the silica won’t make them take up too much nitrogen as they are nice and dark green as it is! I very nearly put some more seeds on germination glad I held off! I have turned my led fitting off and leaving just running the cmh and got it running 24hrs so it’s now a constant 24.5c humidity was bouncing 25-35% so I bought a humidifier which I find a waste as a majority of it gets sucked up before it gets used ! It has risen it to 55% now so that will have to do! They’ve lost the lovely smell they had of what smelt like cookie dough and toffee hope it comes back!
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    This is the first post about my outdoor plantation. I put the germinated seeds ( 3 x AMS, 3 x Super Critical, 2 x Exodus Cheese, 1 x Bubble Gum ) 'round early April in soil + Argilex, so at the time being they are about 3 months in vegetative stage . The tallest one is about 1m50 (5 feet) high and the smallest 1m (3 feet). I feed them with "Powder Feeding Hybrids" 2-3 times a month and they're doing just great, it's the best fertilizer I used so far in about 20 years ! I will keep u updated with more pics & vids as they grow towards & through the flowering period. 1 Love, 1 People, 1 Heart, Greetings to One & All from Zulu
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    Hello once again starting this diary at week 5 veg hoping to give another 3-4 weeks. Little run down on what I’m using 1.2sqm green cube tent DNA some l with cork DNA base nutrients Buddhas tree additives ( may not use them!) plagron bat guano guanokalong potash alfafal meal ecothrive charge ecothrive biosys xtreme tea 315w full spectrum cmh + 300w spectrum king led (if doesn’t get too hot!) if it does I’ll just use my 400w spectrum king led so far have just had water and a weekly xtreme tea root drench heathy as anything and probably won’t need any feed till week 3 of flower but I may give them a light feed! i will upload pictures later!
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    Hello friends, First want to wish to all of you a great & happy 420... This is our day today so let's smoke ahah... Back with a last update before cutting in the next few days... Plants looks great, I've made the flushing few days ago but the leaves still green... (the GHSC Feeding bio work too good). But the buds looks ready, lot of sugar everywhere... but not really talking when you see the pictures... For every plant I'll cut I'll post a update with description and pictures... will do my best to post better quality pictures like that you'll can see how they look at the end. Happy to have the harvest soon and in the same time that's mean also the end of this cool contest... But the best is still to come... Here we go for few pictures. Cheers & respect ! Evolution666 DAY 90 (8th week of flowering)
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    Day25 flower and all going ok they do not seem to fill out much I’m hoping they have a mad spurt in the next couple of weeks! The slurricane buds are very small but they are like stones so solid I’ve never seen anything like it 1 the hairs are browning off got me concerned they’ve been pollinated searched around can’t see any male flowers anywhere and no signs of seeds. I asked my mate I gifted some seeds to see if his did the same and he said it did so must be a cookie trait! 1 is very resinous but doesn’t smell much to the nose but when you rub the stem it is very strong like sweet grape the other pheno isn’t as resinous but smells strong of rancid red grapes and if you knock the plant it makes the house smell! Jaffa cake has lots of bud sites but small but is starting to show signs of a growth spurt they both smell like cookie dough! Remo Chemo is doing nicely both smell sweet gasoline type smell taller one is going to be bigger fielder with bigger buds but not as resinous the smaller one is getting a nice resin coating. Jaffa cakeRemo Chemo Slurricane Remo Chemo Remo Chemo Remo Chemo Jaffa cake Jaffa cake Slurricane Slurricane
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    @OG.Naj You can see budrot here it start with yellow leaf on the pic under i was never see it before . money maker very nice big buds 👌
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    Hello Stoners ! ) Strain - The worlds famous SUPER LEMON HAZE (GHC) The growing setup: 150w Hps + 120w CFL. No Nutrients in veg, but in flowering I`m going to give her NPK 11-33-11. Container is 15 L. The temp is 25-27 while turned on and 20c while off. Day 12 after sprout. Day 17. I made LST. Day 24. Day 31. Day 39, Still 4 Days after turned 12/12. Day 44, 9 days into flower. Soon, for about 5 days I`m going to give NPK 13-33-13. also I defolated fan leaves which were under the scrog + LST
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    Hola chicos espero que no sea tarde para empezar mí diario, eh tenido muchas complicaciones personales y me ha costado mucho volver a estar conectado. El día 19 de Marzo me ah llegado la carta , casualmente el día de mí cumpleaños lo cual me puso muy contento, pero para mí desgracia esa misma noche mí teléfono murió ( una noche difícil), sumado a esto mí Notebook no funciona asique se me hizo imposible tomar fotos y empezar el seguimiento de inmediato. Sin embargo, creo que si ustedes se tomaron el tiempo de enviarme las semillas yo tengo el deber de hacerlo aunque sea 2 semanas después. Espero que lleguen a comprender mí problema, si entro o no en el concurso, a estas alturas es lo de menos. Empecemos con los detalles del cultivo: Darkbox medidas 1 M2 Luminaria Vegetativo: 250w Mercurio Halogenado Luminaria Floración: 250w Sodio x 2 Tamaño contenedor Final:10lts Cantidad de plantas: 6 Medio de cultivo: Sustrato a base de turbas de la línea Groxmix (Terrafertil) con un agregado de dolomita y humus. Fertilizantes : Línea Grotek, Delta9( cannabiogen), microorganismos de la línea humbolds nutrientes (Mycomadness). Aclaración: Me decidí por esta línea ya que en mí país no se consigue el powder feeding Booster PK , por lo que decidí usar solo una misma marca para no tener problema de alimentación. No tengo fotos de la germinación, solo dejo aclarado que el sistema que uso es el tradicional ovni ( adjunto una foto ilustrativa para que lo puedan entender) y previo a esto, coloco las semillas en agua para que se hidraten unas 12/14hs . Todas las semillas germinaron en el mismo lapso de tiempo, tardaron entre 24/36hs en abrirse una vez colocados en el "OVNI". Una vez puestas en su maceta de1lts estuvieron una semana para luego pasar a macetas de 3,5 lts. Aquí ya tengo unas fotos ( disculpen la calidad pero es lo máximo que pude gastar en un teléfono móvil) https://ibb.co/jQGO9x https://ibb.co/eL7fpx https://ibb.co/ngmUhH https://ibb.co/ko7D9x https://ibb.co/ioqdbc https://ibb.co/gu55NH Aquí unas fotos de las White rhinno con 16 días de vegetativo. Bajo una sola lámpara de mercurio halogenado 250w, próximamente sumaré la otra llampara de mercurio, cuando tomen un poco más de tamaño.S apreciar una especie de carencia de nitrógeno debido a la falta del mismo en el sustrato Growmix, por lo que decido añadirle humus de lombriz al sustrato y utilizar una aplicación en riego de humus liquido para solucionar la carencia en un futuro inmediato. https://ibb.co/c55GUx Noto un crecimiento bastante bueno, por la experiencia en cruces con ww , sospecho que voy a necesitar un sistema de tutorado o hacer un scrog para su etapa de floración. Sobre el trayecto voy a ver cuál opción elijo, siempre hago scrog y la experiencia juega a favor, pero el sistema de tutorado es algo interesante que me debo a mi mismo. Me despido por ahora y espero sus comentarios. Saludos a todos y éxitos en sus cultivos !!
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    All my plant have got the same quantity of nute water same condition but its a plant that devlope a littel bigger maybe a spray of fish to get a littel more n but i even dont want to do somthing maybe a try to spray or no i wait and see if it becom better last grow i realy burn my plant and the grow befor too if its toxicity burn your leaf really burn te get brown like deade leaf and crowl like here on the picture but i cut the brown leaf
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    D91 5WEEK D35 OF FLOWERING TEMP 20°-31° RH 35%-45% light on 45%-60%+ light off need to extract light off the flower start to get weight and are very stiky odor start to get strong too iam very happy of result of biobloom
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    D88 W4 TEMP 20°-31° RH 45 % temp go up last week was cold and now temp jump to 25° outside n4 look to be more productif for trichome and leaf have an other shape than other pheno n4 is the wider leaf for the rest all the bud word harder smell in tent is a littel fruity on my finger is more like hash
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    Hello friends, Back with some updates and pictures... We are today day 76 of the session and we are now on week 6 of flowering. The plants evolution is pretty nice... All of them got lot of buds and some of them are changing their colours (some orange) and the smell is more and more intense everyday. Only the two biggest of them got some leafs turning yellow here and there (majority on the top) but I think it's normal 'cause they are pretty big and by that they're draw their energy to continue their developement. Here are some pictures and for once the quality is bit better... Have a great week-end ! Cheers & salute... Evolution666 DAY 76 (6th week of flowering):
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    greenhouse green😁😁😁
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    Hello Friends, Back with some updates of my plants... They are still looking great and the flowering session work perfectly. We are now on the day 70th and we are on the fifth week of flowering. I've moved the smallest one in my other box like I've explained it on my previous post... That's not a bad idea at all... The smallest will develop better and just the same for the 5 other ones ... No doubt about it they will appreciated get more space & light... So here are some pictures... Have a great week-end ! Cheers & respect Evolution666 Day 70 (5th week of flowering)
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    Hello Hunters, Hope you have all a good week's ! @Jose.gh Flowering end of Week 2 right now ;-) The 4 plants are very happy & healty & I watering every 2 days with 2,5ltr of nutrient solution Here are the pics of today... Group Shot Have you all a nice week end!
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    63 days (9 weeks) until the end of the competition. All four WR are now on 12/12. M & 3 where flipped last night with no extended dark period. They will be staying in their 11l pots as a test vs my usual 46l final pots. No more hot-swapping for the WR. The four plants are on 12/12 so they get the big tent. DK & WB are moved to a small room (with the 135rw LED on from 7pm-1pm) and then moved to the big tent at 7am. M was defoliated and pruned of small shoots & leaves, so was 3 to a lesser extent. Bi [Day 5 of flowering] was defoliated, pruned of lower shoots, and LST'd. Tri was defoliated a lot more than Bi down low and inside, with four of her small stems into Rootit sponges to see if they'll make clones. The defoliation consists of removing some lowest main stem fan leaves and some lower pruning of the stem shoots' lowest leafs & shoots. I've defoliated/pruned now so the plant can concentrate on forming pistils on the sites I want; and so there are no dark places in the middle of the plant for mold/pests to make their home. In week 2/3 of flower and I'll select which side shoots to keep and which to chop off for additional clones/compost. Foliar spray has been changed to Rain Water (25ppm). There some excesses showing on some of the older stem fan leaves on Bi. I suspected this might happen as BioGrow & BioBloom are in the big pot (lots of nutes). Not a big problem at the moment and hopefully foliar spraying with very low ppm will enable the plant lower the concentrations of excesses (ppm) in itself. Granted, immobile nutrient excesses (nitrogen for instance) are difficult fix, apart from chopping the leaf with the excess. I choose to let the plant build up these excesses a lot on the older leaves, and then chop them off. Once I chop them, any additional excess will go into the next oldest leaves, etc etc. I'm finding that they don't use a lot of water, although I am foliar spraying so this will account for a bit of this. Bi and Tri where flushed 8 days ago and weighed 18.4kg and 17.4kg respectively. Today they are 15.4kg and 14.4kg respectively. That's not a lot of water use over 8 days imv. I think I must have been very close to root-rotting Bi & Tri. They still have ~ 10 days water in them, so 18 days in total (they'll be dry about 10.5-11.0kg) which I think is a long time between waterings. Photo's: M: 3: Bi: Tri: Happy Growing!
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    Day 77, aka Day 22 Bloom. I guess it's time for an update. Issues As of today, i see 1-2 leaves falling per day. It's not bad, but it's not optimal. Leaves turn light green (compared to their healthy colour) or slightly yellow before falling on their own. Spots, instead, appear mostly on edges and tips, and not in the middle of the leaf like before. Perk-up remains but in lower levels. Clawing is slowly disappearing / it's barely noticeable. Feeding Today i fed her a quarter of enhancer recommended dosage (0.25g x LT) as Highlander's still recovering from the flush, but i couldn't miss this feeding as it would've fucked up my schedule too much. Soil was still a bit moist: on a scale from 1 to 4, it was 1.5. Yet, as said before, i had to feed her. So, instead of feeding her the standard 4LT, i fed her 2.5. PH spikes So, since i noticed chlorine symptoms, probably mistaken for a N deficiency/toxicity, i decided to let my water rest for as much time as i have on my hands before feeding it again. Normally, my water sits at 6.7-6.8 PH. Having left it for 36 hours in the watering can, i measured it again to see if something changed (out of curiosity). It was 7.6. A bit confused, i washed my pen a couple times. Still 7.6. I also noticed there was a thin white-ish layer of something, still trying to understand if it's limestone (most probably) or dust. Either way, removed most of it with a strap of toilet paper (no ink on it). Corrected the water to 6.5, and resumed feeding. Flowers Buds have grown exponentially in the last week. I don't know if it's her schedule, or the flush effects, but flowers have nearly doubled in size in a week. My jaw is on the floor. I've dared to touch one flower. Smell is definitely piney, with a touch of lemon or some other citrus i can't recon. Pics I guess it's time for a couple 'o pics. Highlander's canopy: Highlander's hopefully lenghty colas: Highlander's flower close-up: She's getting frosty, this early! I'll see y'all in a week or so. Peace!
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    Had to post this picture 7hrs after their first flower tea and they loved it I swear I could hear them clapping 😂😂
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    Just a few more pictures at day 5 and they look doubled the size they did day 4 first tea will be ready this afternoon will give them some lights on tonight.
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    The one i keep for outdoor stay green and grow under my window for the moment i give her 3g/ l of soil of biogrow with the promix and the zise of the pot is 20l
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    Hi Thanks for pass by my bro Jose, well the sativa one was an auto from other bank only so I can have a early smoke. And the thing was that i dont got too much space for them, glad that I cut out on first pistols turn color The things turned out well for me, I spend alot of time in my grows, it's my hobby, my effort payed off for now. No more borrying words, the photos! (Stole my sister camera) ahah
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    D70 week 2 flo temp 20°-27° RH 50%-70% start of pistil formation i hope to get more than a ounce per plant
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    Got round to potting them up into their final 18L pots hoping to be able to give another 2 weeks vegthey have picked up no end after the shock from the snow we had of which I’m expecting more this weekend so I’m prepared this time! I may have to chop some branches to allow the 2 extra weeks veg as they are quite big for my space and I don’t know what the stretch on these girls are like. The only 2 that aren’t looking so good are the slurricane the cold reallly affected them! Hoping this repot sorts that! Mixed in soil 1 1/2 cups kelp meal 3 cups bat guano 2 cups ecothrive charge insect frass and watered in with ecothrive biosys instant microbe tea. They have got their smell back and with a vengeance my partner came back in house and said she could smell them 4 houses down oops! Roots were a little bit root bound and only had a bit of brown roots from the cold when I looked also a few of them had some fungi developing round some of the roots so that’ll keep them happy! Branches haven’t strengthened up like I’d like them too so they will need support going to put some canes in the pots soononly ones I didn’t get individual shots of were slurricane they are the front left and middleJaffa cake nice open structure could node spacing when settled I think I’ll strip her of leaves at the lower half of plant!Jaffa cake this on has more dense growth in middle can’t tell from side shot but from birds eye view looks like it could make a lot of potential tops! Debating to leave just the 4 main colas and remove 4 lower branches and open up the top a bit more to get light insideRemo Chemo branches on this just grew up the main stem I removed the middle load of main stem Dan leaves and the are starting to grow out now Remo Chemo larger pant branches will need support look how stimpy they are!
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    Hello Hunters, Hope you have all a good week! Today are: - the 36 Day for 2 Super Lemon Haze. - the 29 Day for 2 Sideral. The green color of the four plants are just perfect! Because the SLH #3 and 1 of the Sideral are a little bit less bushy that other. I trainning this two plants a little bit to help these to grow bushier. Just two weeks after transplant i watering the second time with 2ltr for each plant with a EC of 0,45 and PH of 6,5. This solution contain Roots booster and a very little 0,2ec of grow nutriment. Here are the pics of today... Group Shot SLH #2 The Keeper SLH #3 (we can good see the trainning on this pic) Sideral "The bigger one" Sideral "the small" See you next friday for the next uptade... Have you all a nice and productive week-end!
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    Finally all clear so I built up my tent and all hunky dory! Doing a trial see how it goes I got a silenced 6” speed controlled fan for intake running through and intake filter with a 6” speed controlled fan for outtake and a 5” twin speed fan also for intake to help cope with heat! Lighting I got a new 315w cmh fitting with a Phillips 315w 930 cmh bulb full spectrum has a bit of uv in their too! And put my 300w spectrum king full spectrum fitting in their too! If heat allows me when I change to 12/12 I’ll put my 400w spectrum king fitting in place of the 300w a few leaves and tops got a bit burnt on the fluorescents but you won’t notice in a few days as with this amount of light they should blow up! I’ll be repotting them into 18L pots in a few days and intend on giving them another 3 weeks Veg if they allow me! When I had them in the propagator tent I didn’t have space for a carbon filter so every time I come home the house smelled of cookie dough so I’m guessing that will be the Jaffa cake they still haven’t had any nutrients just water and xtreme tea once a week and some ecothrive biosys tea which I stopped using when I gave them the xtreme tea I have only mixed in a bit of ecothrive charge into the DNA soil with cork which I swear by! When I pot them into final pots I’ll be mixing in some charge bat guano and some kelp so should see me fine through to at least 3rd week of flowering! I do have this bottle of buddhas tree flower burst which you can but don’t have to use in the last week of veg and first 3 weeks of flower supposed to speed up the transition! Remo Chemo the larger one of the 2 this one branches out quite nicely the other one didn’t really want too but has started too now but I will have to tie them out to get the space they need to develop!Slurricane I snapped a limb off this one I topped it and accidentally pulled a branch off with the string I tied it down with it has turned into a main stem again both have a very nice open structure to allow light to penetrate!Jaffa Cake both similar in structure just one is a little stronger I think these are the culprits for my house smelling of cookie dough 😂😂sorry for sideways shot but just so you get the idea of difference this is with just the 315w CMH running tent with both 315w CMH and 300w spectrum king LED runningmy fittings! The one you see hanging on side of tent is not in use it’s a Spectron 25w dual spectrum led designed to fill in corners to run along with hps fittings I use it for my propagator does magic! I just used it while I was hanging the fans in tent forgot to remove it!
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    Hello Hunters, Today are: - the 30 Day for 2 Super Lemon Haze. - the 23 Day for 2 Sideral. We can see that we have 1 SLH and 1 Sideral that develop a great structure with great branching development. I make a little lst on the two other to try to devlop more the secondary branches to have more bushy plants before the flowering cycle. I top the 4 plants at the 4 or 5 nodes. Just one week after transplant & the first watering in the final pot the substrat look already moist so i dont watering again now. Here are the pics of today... Group Shot The #2 SLH, The keeper #3 SLH See you next week hunters!
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    Managed to tie fittings to the top of tent they are cold as anything so no risk there! Gained a little bit of height!
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    Slurricane I topped this one and put thermostat on top of pots to get temp from fitting placed it on the string that was holding branch down and it pulled it off so ended up with a main cola again!Remo Chemo left as it is didn’t want to top it but had to bend over due to height restrictions!the other slurricane topped 8 branches may take down to 6 as 2 aren’t keeping up!Jaffa Cake topped both similar in structure!Remo Chemo midget this one is about 6” tall side branching isn’t really happening so may make it a single cola middle filler!
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    Hello Hunters, Today are the 15 Day for the 4 Super Lemon Haze! Number #2 & #3 grow nicely and healty! Number #4 & #5 grow a little bit better but it is not perfect! So i will wait a little more to make my final decision with this 2 bad girls... Goup shot #4 #5 See you next week for the uptade! Have a nice and productive week-end hunters
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    i have only grown cbd critical cure plant two times before this ssh cbd i got, that strain was 1:1,5 thc to cbd ratio and i liked it very much in every way, the mix of thc and cbd gives different type of clear headed body&mind ''high'' feeling, you get the uplifting happy high effect like from good high thc sativa with a clear head when you use mix of both molecules the cbd takes the other possible negative effects away from it that many people experience like paranoia/anxiety for some people, memory effects and general brain fog/stoned feelings, tiredness and it gave excellent pain relive you could pretty much work at any job or do any kind of sport/hobby with no ill effects with coctail like that i belive
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    It is very interesting the different ways that people enjoy cannabis. Some enjoy its pain-relieving effects. Others enjoy the couch-lock or sleeping effects. Yet others will get high and then go to the fun park and ride the wild rides, or dance their asses off in the mosh-pitt of a rock concert. Others dive into creative activities of painting or drawing or making music.
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    I have a Super Silver Haze plant vegging for almost 90 days. its a monster. almost 1.7 metres high now . . will post a pic soon
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    Well even if the cbd doesnt have any psychoactive effect doesnt mean that it doesnt have any effect. I dont have anything against or for CBD strains, i am just happy to see they are available for the people that want it. now to answer to why people would want some cbd in their strain, well you do get a nice muscle relaxation by smoking cbd for people that do a lot of sports it could be usefull, also having a strain with a 1:1 ratio could be a good strain for a debutant smoker that doesnt want to get tooo high, so the CBD will counteract a bit the Thc of your strain and lower a bit the high, maybe good to introduce somebody to smoking, Less paranoia on sativa strains for the people that are sensitive to it maybe, and im sure we could go on But i do understand your point also in the sense that for regular smokers there is no real advantages to smoking CBD beside the fact that it is just good for your body And as far as what is the most potent CBD strain on the market i dont know, if you want to get CBD on low levels and a good high just take a strain like the HCemdog i think with almost 2% CBD its a good start already ^^there are a few in the catalog that goes between 1 and 2% i think. Bless have a good grow man!

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