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    Hey bros and sis... Finally i'm able to start my journal on the Slex test. Seeds took a while to get here down south, but they arrived mid december and due to programmed trip, i was only able to germ when i got back. My plan is to grow 3 of the seeds... probably 2 in soil or coco and another in DWC... They will veg under 250w MH lamp and flower under 600w HPS. As i asked for discrete shipping, i didn't get the powder feeding... and unfortunately i can import it right now from where i'm at, so i will be using what i have here and that is the General Hydroponic's Floranova. Soaked the 3 seeds and they cracked so fast i moved them into rockwool cubes. Didn't take long for them get up and open up... compared to the other Amnesia Haze seed i also germed, they were very fast! I moved one of them into DWC bucket and waiting for roots to go thru net pot... The other 2 are in soil for now, but maybe i will move them to coco!!! Inoculated both of them with Piranha from AN.... hope those roots start to grow big!!!! i guess that's it for now.. PEACE!
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    Hi Here is my plan Medium promix plagron straight wiht a layer of coco /perlite for the drain at bottom of pot +_ 5cm Ph down whit lemon or lemon kick (plagron) Grow under 400w mh flower 600w hps For the rest i just use the bio feeding i was hesitadet for myhco but no money to buy it and is a all in formul so maby some yucca extract for spray wiht anhencer en for soil if it dry but i not buy it for the moment biochar looks goed to but not this time i normarly not use 2 tent thats to much électriciti but i realy want to do the contest i think to start for this week-end bye ✌
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    Hello friends, Quick update... don't have lot to say... my 6 plants looks simply great... they grow so fast... Before the week-end I'll transfer them in bigger pots... and if they continue growing this way I'll start maybe the flowering few days before my basic schedule. Cheers & respect ! Evolution666 DAY 17:
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    Here we are with pictures just taken. These 5 are now 9 days old exactly and 2 days after being re-potted into 3ltr pots. So far they have had GHSC Enhancer at a ratio of 1g to 3ltrs of water (easier to measure this way when I only want small doses initially). That 3ltrs was divided equally (600ml) between the 5 plants therefore the ratio of the Enhancer is just 33% of the recommended dose. When the plants show that they need the GHSC Grow I will top feed it. Anyways, the reason for the pictures is to show the noticeable growth in just 2 days since re-potting into their current 3lt pots. What do you lot think or is it my eyes......
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    From seed packet to breaking soil within 4 days seems to have produced 5 baby Rhinos. The plant in the centre is struggling a little with the "skin" of the inner seed shell tight around the cotyledons but it should work its way out, whilst still under and within the moisture of the clear plastic cup (DIY propagator). The other 4 seedlings seem to be fine and I have taken off the clear plastic cups but all 5 seedlings are under the small (12w) "blue" LED I showed you all above. No real worries so far and pleased with the germination rate which I was fairly sure of from past experience with GHSC. Anyways, here are the baby Rhinos.
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    OK, first off. This is not a BE ALL TO END ALL cloning guide. This is what works for me. I've gone thru countless guides absorbed them. and FOUND WHAT WORKS FOR ME. If anything use this guide as a baseline and watch your cuttings. First off I've soaked my rock wool plugs. in this case 24 hours ( I give it 1/8 strenght http://www.1-hydroponics.co.uk/web/manual/doc/hydro-garden/dry-flower-products/green-up-solution/index.html ) I squeeze the rock wool make sure its not water logged, in all reality you only need to soak it for a few hours until all plugs are uniform in texture and density but i want the wool to hold as much water as it can becasu i don't "water" my clones until Day 6 or 7 depending on outside humidity and temp Ok first picture, Get your Shit prepaired before you do anything. HAVE EVERYTHING READY! I prefer to Use rooting Gel, as i find it give an even coat to the rooting horemones. Powder works as well, makesure its #2 or the semi hard wood option.. I find it jsut doesn't coat the cutting evenly. more on this later. NEXT: Find your Victim... as a general rule, my clones from tip to rooting tip are about 4 inchs or so. the width of my hand. NEXT: Always Take a little more then you need. gives you a LITTTLE more time. more on this at the end how long this process should take you. Nice big cutting there. NEXT: trim of the filler.. so to speak anyway... reason for this in the next step. Now you need to IDEALLY select a pair of internodes. (one internode on one side will be ok, just a two sided internode will root faster and grow slightly more vigorisly, something to note when selecting the cuttings NEXT: My choosen Internode Pair. thats two internodes in less that 3/4 of an inch. perfect. NEXT: give the stem a sharp cut opposite the bottome internode. this gives the roots ALOT of area to work with, they will root out both internodes and the sharp cut you just made. Now QUICKLY this next part is fairly important, you want clean hands aside from what plant mater is shaved off. NEXT: shave the stem slightly (more like gently scrap with your razor blade) between the two root internodes. do this all the way around the stem without breakign off the internodes. very easy to do the stem will be very weak at this point. NEXT: going for a DIP... Make sure both Internodes are submerged slightly for a sec, i left it there so i could document, I ain't budda boys NEXT: even coverage. NEXT: not moving my thumb i place the clipping into the rock wool that is soft. the stem should be stiff enough not to bend. there ya go, the hard part is done, ALL THIS up until now from PREPARING your stuff should take about 45-60 seconds. EACH CLIPPING. you want to avoid as much air contact with the rooting cut tip as possiable to prevent air bubbles ( air bubbles in clones = stunted or dead plantss) Before the Hair cut... And the Hair cut..... few pics in a row... Will explain why after. OK there are a few reason why I trim the leaves. #1, Reduce risk of mildew (cloens get 100% humidity for a few days..) #2, They root faster with them clipped. -----the reason being is your tricking the plant into repairing its self rather then growing. -----and the plants first step to repair is to grow more roots. #3, FOOD, if they are damaged they are not gunna grow just yet, if they are not gunna grow the nuitrients IN THE LEAVES themselfs will feed the clone almost until rooted out of the start cube (like nuit feed not water feed) #4, based on #2 they won't start showing new growth until they have started to root. ----- so if you see the new fans forming and growing but no roots poppin out give the plug a good misting and it shoudl pop out very very soon. ok: now this is were it gets cool.. For the first 4-6 days of the clones life it should be in NEAR 100% humidity and very temperate temperatures so a low watt heating pad under the uncubator dome. set to low only raise if rock wool is cool to touch shoudl be about room temp if not slightly higher The first day in the dome the clones get misted about 4 times. and then recovered and back under the 18/6 light. day two i'll mist them twice , day three i'll mist them once and i will continue this once a day misting of the clones until rooting and will mist plugs if need be after the first day take the cover off for about 20-30 mins until the clones start to sag... put the cover back on and do it again the next day, by the time the 3 or 4th day comes aroud the clones shouldn't sag or wilt with the dome off.. this is when you keep the dome off, when the vast majority don't sag at all after an hour or so so once its out of its humidity zone i give it a day or so to air out a little ( NOT COMPLETELY ) and then they will be feed with AT MOST 1/4 strenght nuits I suggest an 1/8 to start. and the rest will be based on your strain. when roots start to come out the bottom and the sides of the plug its time to slam it in some soil or in hte next size wool. I use normal settle tap water unPH'd for my clones. I find Phing doesn't make a diffrence for them. you shouldn't really expect to see a really rooted out clone until about 10-12 days some will be there soooner but don't expect it, don't inspect it often either, roots HATE Light. If i forgot anything I will edit later, but my bong is calling Enjoy Tokeage! MLF
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    On Youtube, NVclosetmedgrower has created a fabulous 7-Part Video Growjournal, very good, very detailed with excellent grow-tips throughout the life of a cannabis plant (“Purple Chem OG”) from Germination all the way through Harvest/Drying/Curing. This presentation is so well done, explanations so very easy to understand, I find his videos are just the thing for beginners as well as for some experienced growers. I feel certain that even experienced growers will hear ideas from him that you hadn’t thought of before. He is clever and logical. If you have ever had trouble in your grows or if you want grow-tips to avoid so many common mistakes, Watch This 7-Part Series! I have liked his Series so much that I decided to outline each part for you below. Here are the titles and the current links to his presentation. Take notes; you’ll thank me later. All the following is provided for informational purposes only. Your results may vary, and the risk for you and your plants is entirely yours. The links are found at the bottom of each post, after the outline. (If the links are disabled, you can try to search Youtube for the titles to see if it has been re-posted under different links. Normally, if you can find one of them, you will have also found the whole Series. Or you can search for the author – NVclosetmedgrower.) I hope that you enjoy the Series. OK, Here we go: How to Grow Part 1, Seed Germination. The Link is found at the bottom of this post, below the outline. -Step 1: Hydrogen Peroxide (2-3 drops) in RO-water in Solo Cup for initial 24 hours in cup. -Step 2: Paper towel until Taproot extends -Step 3: Germination and transfer to Initial Cup of Soil -Soil-less Mix Description: Jiffy Seedstarter Mix with 20% Perlite, consisting of: Peat Moss, Vermiculite and Dolomite Lime, flushed with 2 cups of 5,5pH RO-water to reduce the alkaline effects of the Dolomite. One drop of CloneX(a cloning gel containing Vitamin B1 and Butyric Acid) applied 1 inch deep under where the seed/w-taproot will be placed into the cup. Maintain 70+% Humidity using a simple plastic bag over the cup. (A substitute for CloneX is Schultz “TakeRoot”, a powder which contains 0,1% Indole-3-butyric Acid. Obviously, one would need to determine whether a powder or a gel would be preferable depending on the method of its use. I have both onhand.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYIYFyFNMFg&list=PLfKFNZAfF1GxcVdCc4XPxMCKqmRiWVh71
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    While I wait to get home to upload pics I’ll give you a rundown slurricane in-house genetics dosidos x purple punch 9-10wkflower i gifted a friend a couple of these beans and he gave them a light feed to see how they perform and it was stunning really showed the purple punch in it! Jaffa cake Cali kush farms 10wk flower Remo Chemo dinafem seeds
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    Hello friends, After only 24 on 400w HPS... Look like the 6 plants are liking to be on more bigger pots & with a more powerfull light... & I've also used the additive enhancer for the first time... Hope everything will continue that way ! See ya soon with more pics & infos... Have a great week-end ! Evolution666 DAY 15:
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    Hi Everyone, These 5 seem to be coming on very well to my eyes. Just 12 days old from sprouting and 5 days since being put into 3ltr pots. Still only GHSC Bio Enhancer which they have only had once when potting up 5 days ago. Youngsters like these need moist but airy soil instead of sodden wet and I think, although very early days yet, they might be liking the soil mix ratio. Well, from the top they seem to be doing well so we can only guess that below the soil they are doing the same. Here are pictures taken this morning and they have a decent node development for plants of just 12 days old. Opinions and comments would be great. Thanks
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    The Matriarch White Rhino rises: She's looking great. Got rid of her seed casing before breaking ground! The others have a leader to follow. Happy Growing!
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    Just planning on repotting these 5 babies into 3ltr pots and I see an issue. My plan is use 3ltr pots for early veg and then onto their final pots which will be 11ltrs for late veg and flower so only 2 more repots. If I apply the GHSC GROW feed to the 3ltr pots now it means that when I repot again to their final 11ltr pots I will have to use the GHSC BLOOM feed. This is the issue, I want to repot into their final 11ltr pots whilst still in mid veg and not only during flower. These 5 plants will be in their final 11ltr pots within the next 4-5 weeks and by this time they will still be in veg. To get around this I have prepared the 5 x 3ltr pots with my media only and I will use GHSC ENHANCER as it should be applied via hand watering and GHSC GROW will be applied as a top dressing as instructed as an alternative to mixing with the media. When I have repotted the 5 plants into their new homes they will be under 1 x ViparSpectra 450W (approx 200w REAL watts from the wall) with both the veg and bloom switches on. 1 LED unit will be fine for the early stages and lets see how they progress. More pictures after I have done repotting. Thanks
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    Monday 08/01/2018 Soaking 10 seeds at 08h28 R/O water 1ml /l h2o2 3% Water temp 20° to 23°
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    After a soak of about 16hrs they have gone straight into tiny pots. Just a waiting game now. Hope all 5 seeds make it because I did not put any extras in.
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    After a quick relocation for the seedling stage due to temp issues, I have decided to start earlier than I first thought but in a warmer place. Hoping for a 100% germination rate. 5 seeds soaking for around 12hrs or so then straight into small pots with Bio Bizz Light Mix only and covered with cling film until they break soil surface. Lets see how long they take to show themselves.
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    Nothing much to report really because this grow has been trouble free so far and I hope it continues this way. All plants really are in perfect health without a mark on them. They seem to be enjoying themselves and now there are pistils all over forming clumps of potential buds. 48 days old since sprouting and have been on 12/12 for 13 days. I have used the first dose of GHSC Bio Bloom as a top dressing at a very low dosage of 1g per liter of media therefore the 2 x 15ltr pots got 15g each and the 3 x 11ltr pots got 11g each. Additional to this they have been getting 0.5g/1ltr of GHSC Bio Enhancer every 2 weeks and also some PM CAL-MAG Pro at low dose. All the 5 Rhinos have kept very uniform with regards to rate of growth and they are continuing to stretch steadily which should stop very soon. They are now under 1 x ViparSpectra 450W (approx 180 REAL WATTS) and 1 x Go Grow V1 Master Grower 600W (approx 205 REAL WATTS) so there is a combined REAL WATTAGE of approx 385watts. All in all I am very pleased with them and they do seem to be in tip top shape. What do you all think? Just a quick selection of pictures very quickly taken whilst popping in to check them earlier.
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    Sorry I forgot to mention that yesterday. I would also not recommend to use the Enhancer every week. Every two weeks is fine, if you use it more often the pH might raise and cause more problems. What you can do is spray the enhancer as foliar spray (also not too often, max. 1 x per week until week 2-3 of flowering). You will see that the plants are very happy a few hours later / the next day. The fungi will occur with any dosage if there is enough moisture. it will also disappear again a few days later. In my opinion less is more when growing. Best of luck and don't worry about being miserable or anything. We are here to help each other and we can all learn something from each other.
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    Just a quick picture update whilst I was in there giving them a WATER ONLY watering and so scissor work called defoliation. A kind of plain watering / flush, they was not dry to the bone to start so 5ltrs through each plant and had a run off of over 3ltrs per plant. I'll do this again a few times during flower but with more water. As you know, they have had only GHSC Enhancer and PM CAL-MAG PRO so need to start thinking about using the GHSC Bio Bloom but they are already in their final pots. Top dressing it looks the only option. No more LSTing and letting them stretch you can see I have some early shooters already. These Rhinos are now 38 days old in total and been in 12/12 for 3 days. In the last 3 days you will see the 1.2m x 1.2m area has filled up a fair bit and that is with tonight's defoliation which was a lot as you can see in the pictures. Maybe a bit rough with them but they will be better for it in the long run. The rest of the pictures with just a camera and flash. Pistils showing next week I'm hoping then we can get a real idea where this is going.
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    Small update. I've decided i will try to LST her, even if in a very soft way. Bought some wire (250 meters, should be enough eheheh), and have begun LST on 4 out of 5 internodes. As promised, i took a picture of the true leaf colour. But first, LST pics. From crouching: From the side: True Leaf Colour: I'll see you all next wednesday-thursday, or tomorrow in Rome. Cheers!
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    Update day = Happy day. First of all, equip update. I've finally installed the industrial timer i was blabbering about in the previous posts. It works wonderfully. Unfortunately, it is capable of sustaining currents up to 6A, and not 16A, but since i use 400W (approximately, divided in lights, airflow) there are no problems with it (Ca. 2A, as our current is 220V). If i'll need to ever upgrade my lighting system, i will need to look again. The fabulous thing about this timer, is that you can either program it manually, OR you can program it by an app. You'll just need to put your phone above it, and it'll transfer data. Unfortunately, it works only with Google Play (Android), and only if your phone is capable of doing it. Mine, is not. Second of all, growth update. Growth in Highlander has EXPLODED, finally. The BioGrow Mixture is just PERFECT. The plant loved it, and quickly recovered both from topping and transplant: took her 3 days to resume growth. After the third day of some kind of Stall, the plant went BOOM and gained thickness, and height. Yesterday, i finally fed her with full water: not 1/8th, but 1/4th. This means i hae a 18L pot, and i used approx. 4 liters of water. Now, a minor issue has showed up on 1 leaf. It looks like a nutrient burn, or a calcium deficiency, or a PH Spike. As i said, the issue is minor, and is not affecting the whole plant. I suspect it's because of a nute change (1 month without nutes, then nutes), so maybe the plant made an adjustment. I really don't know, but hey, that's why i'm here right? Testing and learning. I also started a bit of LST, but the plant didn't respond as i wanted, so instad of forcing her to follow my schedule, i'll let her grow (almost) her natural way. I am also undecided if i should defoliate just a bit the lower leaves, and some of the top leaves. I just don't want to mess up too much with her, as she looks overall perfectly healthy. Anyway, it is Pic time! The timer: Highlander from a crouching perspective: Highlander, side view: Highlander, the leaf "minor" issue: I really love this strain. So far, it is surprising. As mentioned above, growth has really exploded in just a matter of 4 days. Plan has changed from trying a Scrog, to utilizing LST, to use minor LST when side branches develop a bit more. This plant grows sturdy as hell. In my opinion, it can be a double edged sword, as i feel she will be able to support her indica flowers' weight, but she's going to be a bit hard to manage, control, train. Deserves more experience than what a "hobby grower" might have. Offtopic (kind of): i will be attending CanapaMundi in Rome 16-17Feb (can't stay longer, unfortunately). Sincerely hoping to meet my fellow GHS growers right there. Until next week.. Peace!
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    Aquí van las fotos del cambio de maceta amigos. Paz y buenos humos Here are the pictures of changing pot friends. Peace and good smoke
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    Hi Everyone, Slight change of plan here because I have been called away for a long weekend (Friday to Monday) so won't be around for an update during that time as planned. Anyway, here is where I am..... For plants being just 30 days old today, since breaking soil, I have never seen such vigor which I can recall. These 5 Rhinos have been showing altering nodes for at least a week and as they stand now they could be flipped into flower no problem. I was actually thinking of flipping them into flower this weekend but since I won't be around, I have decided to wait. So far these have been an absolute pleasure to grow, vigorous, trouble free and healthy as can be. I think this has been a combination of factors, primarily the use of GHSC Bio Enhancer and also the growing media mix (Bio Bizz Light Mix / Coco / Perlite). These Rhinos have NOT been fed any GHSC Bio Grow simply because I did not want to run the risk of overfeeding considering all the 5 Rhinos have been racing along. You can see by the pictures that all plants are very healthy from the little nutrients they should/would be getting in the growing media and also the GHSC Bio Enhancer alone. All 5 plants have been watered today and it was about 2 weeks since their last dose of GHSC Bio Enhancer so they all got more today. Only at the lesser dosage recommendation of 1/2g per litre of water. Also they got 0.25ml per litre of Cal-Mag simply because when using LED's these nutrients are used at a much faster rate and I have always added minimal amounts to all my grows with no ill effect. Since I grow in many soil, I never PH as the soil sorts that out but out of curiosity I did check the PH today. Nutrient rich water going in today was a PH of 7.1, there was about 1/2ltr of run off from each plant and all 5 had a PH of 6.4 to 6.5. Sounds about right to me within the pot media so all appears fine but with soil the PH should be near as damn it most of the time. The 2 Rhinos in the 15ltr pot got 3ltrs each and the 3 Rhinos in the 11ltr got 2.5 ltrs each and all left about 1/2ltr run off. Hopefully this watering will last them until next week as I want them dry when I get back. Well, some pictures, what do you all think about these for just 30 days old..........
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    Hi guys! I've been a bit too busy to update but there it is. Day 28 - Veg Today I will transplant the remain 3 Rhyno's to 11L pot's. (Dont enough solo, have to buy more) Ah, 2 of 8 dont make it, so I will finish with 6 good girls. The little one's in this last photo are 2 Auto Northern Lights (Xtreme) just to get some smoke before harvest the rhynos. Already topped this 3. They are under 400w.. they look healthy and 0 yellow, but for this day, they have to be much bigger no? What I did wrong guys? Used enhancer one time, and I will use again when got the six in 11L pot. Is this for today. Big hug for all boys!
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    Here they are, 5 baby Rhinos. Despite the 2 x 12W LEDs close on them for 2 days I have 4 leggy plants and 1 slower plant. All are fine and fantastic germination rate. Hats off to @joseand GHSC making this 100% germination possible. Very stable seeds from a very reliable seedback in my years of experience with them despite the naysayers. As you can see, the temp is a little high but I have turned 1 heater off to lower it a little. The leggy plants can have most part of their stems buried when repotted if need be so not an issue at all. I might even leave the to give headstart on height with consideration of a SCROG net. Sooner they get a bit of height they can be trained sideways under a SCROG net instead of wasting time waiting for them to gain that height.....just a thought. I have ALWAYS buried leggy stems but I just might try the opposite this time. These 5 will be left a couple more days (weekend maybe) until roots appear from the pot bottoms then repotted into 3ltr pots with GHSC Grow and Enhancer. The picture show all plants and also a couple of close ups of the slow one. It will be fine now, its forming its first true set of leaves so well on the way. Comments and opinions are very welcome.
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    Mixed the media for the plants today. Because of the packaging sizes i have used the following ratios: 2 x 20ltrs Bio Bizz Light Mix 11ltrs UGRO Coco 10ltrs PlantIT Perlite Percentages ratios are as follows: 65.6% Light Mix Soil 18% Coco 16.4% Perlite The ratios above are different to my proposed ratio but I will keep with this revised mixture. It feels nice. As for feed, I have not added any yet because I simply mixed the total soil for the entire grow, including potting up. I will add the feed when I fill each individual pot because it will be more accurate this way. Anyways, here are a few boring pictures of my soil mix The baby Rhinos are doing well by the way. There will be 5 for sure.
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    Just prepared some small LEDs (12W) for the forthcoming youngsters. One is mainly "blue" with the other mainly "red" and they are very good for newly sprouted seedlings. Here is a few pictures of them because the "blue" one will be in use soon I should imagine. When the seeds break the soil these small LEDs are perfect for a week to get them ready for proper veg.
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    Hey guys.. it's been a while but finally i'm here with an update and since i started flowering today... it's a good update... i have the pics here of the two slexes, ready to flower: This is slex number 1... i like her a lot... already cloned her and now ready to see how she performs in flower... This is slex number 2.. more sativa... she looks good too.. i just hope she doesn't stretch too much... answering Tokage... yes i already shaved them a bit.. but will def see how it goes after the initial flowering stretch.. i will keep and eye and this time i will take everything that is not getting much light out.... updates now are gonna be more frequently... here is a group shot with all the plants in the flowering tent... peace!
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    day 65 for the slex nr5 and day 15 for nr6 in the dwc, i will harvest the nr5 today before lights come up again looks like i timed the feeding pretty well with nr5 it has used all reserved nutrients from fan leafs and from the medium at steady pace and dropped most of the fan leafs in past few days without doing any flushing to the pot. i peaked the nutrients about 14-16 days before expected harvest date at around 1.2ec with some extra calcium and P for the finish and than started gradually lower the amount of food towards the finish 0.9->0.6->0.3ec and so on, last 3 waterings it had only ph balanced water to use up whats left in pot, i have done it in similar fashion with all plants for past 5 years with no need to flush as long as any of the nutrient elements have not build up too high. im avoiding the flush because the plants need a steady pace of immobile nutrients on the feed when you want it to use up the nutrients that has been stored inside the plant otherwise it can go in to a lockout state if it suddenly lacks one of the immobile nutrients like calcium or iron, in worse case scenario it will make the bud mold up this way you dont waste the nutrients like many nutrient sellers want you to do and you dont pollute the nature and the seas with them, the over use of nutrients and wasting (flushing) is a huge issue all around the globe at the moment no matter if you are small or large scale growers it contributes in stressing the land, clean water sources, animals and seas. and it is only getting worse due to greedy quick fix attitudes by gold digging growers that are in it for just money and have zero interest in learning how plants actually eat, drink and live naturally. sorry for ranting about it but it is important subject to me and i want others to know why i never flush the plants or wont condone it, plants dont need to be flushed when you know how to grow plants the mites seem to be gone hihi, the other marks you see on nr6 plant and the earlier plants are made by thrips, the species is possibly a western flower thrip i had big revelation about this pest yesterday while reading the internetz i learned that these thrips also eat the spider mite eggs haha no wonder the infestation stayed in check so easy even before i bought the other predators albeit they prob ate the predator eggs also lol, even tho they are plant pests and can cause some harm if numbers never got out of control, at low numbers they can help out too also my buds have been totally clean of the thrips and other pests and all the parts that grow resin, they seem to avoid the plant resins and they dont fly around and get stuck in buds like gnats do so there is no harm to the product quality but yields might have suffered a bit
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    Hello friends, Back with some pictures... Plants continue growing & flowering on a great way... In around 1 big week I will transfer the 2 smallest on a other box with a 400 HPS like that I'll give to all of them more light like that I hope I'll get a correct yield for this 'contest harvest'... More and more difficult to do correct pictures of the plants... It will be more easy I think when I'll give them more space. Cheers & have a great week-end ! See ya soon ! Evolution666 DAY 55 (Third week of flowering)
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    D65 i took picture with the light off to show that it became green again with biofeeding i put some hemp straw to retain the moist iam not everyday at home i hope that not make some trouble or pest maybe its a littel to much hemp
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    D63 1 week in flowering temp & rh are in goed range my soil is back working the plant stop to yellowing even the one i keep for the summer they are a littel small i hope they keep growing a lot iam happy of the humidifier i buy in second hand you can put a pvc tube of 50mm on top it fits perfectly in the lid just need to cut a piece of plastic with 8l water capacity is just my water that full of limestone the plant i keep look to be perfect to make a scrog maybe i try but in my garden to get sunlight she need to grow high so iam not shure to do a scrog for the cover it work a littel i need to put mulch under and its gone work better i can water on the cover the water passed trough
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    Friends, This is a forum to learn, have fun and share knowledge and experience. When we smoke weed, we all like to enjoy a good time, reading posts, watching photos, talking to friends.... That is why we will take decisive action. We don't want the magic to be lost, we don't want bad vibrations. If someone violates the forum rules, they will be banned immediately. Please have fun on the forum, leave the bad vibrations out. Thank you:)
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    Exactly 28 days of 12/12 ( 4 weeks) and all going well. Some very nice bud-sites now with the potential for lengthy colas. So far so good and no issues at all. What do you think @ShaggyGrower? A few quick snaps with phone camera flash only.
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    Hello Hunters, I just come back at home after 4 crazy days of Spanabis. The expo was awesome and the straihunters club is just the place to be for smoker in barcelona. I can speak & smoke with many great people, Arjan, @Dust (thanks for all man), Jose from GH & Strainhunters but also with the famous grower of th seeds, Remo of the Remo Nutrients, his GG#4 is just incredible potent and tasty weed, Gavita guys, Big Buddha, the Ripper seed crew and many other. Happy to see you @Jose.gh and sorry for the beer on the bar So here are 3 pics... Remo & me with a good 2gramm+ joint of his GG#4 really good and potent weed! The first pics is all the gift we have at the expo, and the magazine on Franco come from the SH club. As you can see we have a lot of nutrients to try, stikers and seeds! We smoke just to many gram of weed from the strainhunter club and i can says the Ginger ale, tangie is tasty for sativa and Gorilla Glue 4, cheesdawg for indica are great to and well flushed weed with great white ash! In the hash category the Barbarra is just FIRE!!! So great job guys and thanks a lot for the great welcome! See you next year guy's!
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    Gentlemen, A number of posts above have been "Reported" to us Moderators. I am informing you that the "Reports" as well as this entire TOPIC are now under Review by the Moderator Team. Thereby, a number of other Moderators may be involved in making a decision regarding these "Reports". I would highly recommend that you all calm down and refrain from using inappropriate language and offensive name-calling. There is nothing wrong with disagreeing with one another, just please do so in a civil manner. If there are any lies expressed, well, as misleading as they may be, there are no rules against expressing lies. But if those lies rise to the point of libel against another member, then we Moderators may have to step in. If you detect that another member is stating untruths, then just let it be. Or if it is so extremely important a theme that you feel compelled to express a counter-arguement, then simply Quote the questionable post into your next post and write your counter-arguement against their statement, and then leave it alone. If an untruth had been told, then it should be simply left to the readers to judge for themselves. In all fairness, when quoting another Member, please do not change any text of what the other had written. Further, in fairness to everyone who reads this, I shall state that every "Quote"-function within this forum is an "open-field" Quote-function, meaning that anything can be changed by the user who is performing the "Quote". As you might well imagine, that pretty much destroys any judicial value it may have, meaning that it would have absolutely no merit in nearly any court of law. But let us not speak about courts of law. I feel assured that if things go too far, the Moderators would step in. Members may be restricted or banned, and this Topic and any other Topics deemed necessary by the Moderators can be deleted. I have not issued a warning against anyone yet, hoping that you will find a suitable middle-course and resolve this in a civil manner. Thank you. Cannabissapean
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    D56 i switch to 12/12 today if the plants dont kom over the bad veg i give to her i stop but i learn a lot in this contest its very instructiv to grow the same strain with other peoples. i just buy a humidifier but a littel late but with no air cooled reflector or a leds i think it use to much of water to get the right rh. i gone keep to the summer the withe rhino that make the 4 branch so maybe i can grow here big for the summer
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    Hello friends, Back with some pictures... we are day 45 today (and on day 13 of flowering). I've work on my flowering box and now the second 600w hps work... oh yes, for the info I'use cool tubes... About the plants, nothing to say apart they grow pretty good.... they are doing their stretch... my box look everyday more and more fill haha... I will ad enhancer in two days... Cheers & salute ! Evolution666 Day 45: (day 13 of flowering)
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    Exactly 3 weeks of 12/12 today and all is well. All praying and loving life, its such a shame their days are numbered. Here is that main stalk I was talking about @g22
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    This diary very nearly came to an abrupt end! We had very low temps and snow over the last few days and the first day Tuesday got me unexpected temps plummeted to 5c lights off only 6hrs and nearly killed them! Popped out to fill the fridges cam back and the house was stone cold! Tried to get my hands on a oil filled radiator and everywhere has sold out coz of weather ( hindsight tubular heaters would be better option cheaper to run!) I left them to dry right up give the soil the chance to warm up avoid more shock! Thursday I topdressed the pots with mycorrhizae, ecothrive charge, bat guano and fresh ground kelp meal and watered in with silica and this morning they have bounced back! Hopefully all the phosphorus from the kelp and guano will make riots explode again and the silica won’t make them take up too much nitrogen as they are nice and dark green as it is! I very nearly put some more seeds on germination glad I held off! I have turned my led fitting off and leaving just running the cmh and got it running 24hrs so it’s now a constant 24.5c humidity was bouncing 25-35% so I bought a humidifier which I find a waste as a majority of it gets sucked up before it gets used ! It has risen it to 55% now so that will have to do! They’ve lost the lovely smell they had of what smelt like cookie dough and toffee hope it comes back!
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    Hello friends, Back with some new pictures and some updates in my contest diary... We are today day 39 and we are also after 1 week of flowering. The 6 plants looks great and my problem on the topest leafs don't expand too much. Their developement is impressive... days after days they grow up and become more and more massive.... guess the GHSC feeding bio powder work pretty good. I've ad enhancer for the third time yesterday (1g/l water and gived 1,5l water per plant...). So here are some pictures... See ya later ! Cheers & respect ! Evolution666 Day 39 - First week flowering:
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    Nebula dried, and now in jars for curing. 20g stems 28.05g very good popcorn 43.15g A-Buds I did not weigh the Top Cola's before I put them in the big jar. I will do at some point. Edit: I weighed the Top Colas the next day @ 72.5g. So total 143.7g bud with some snapped branches and one cut branchs' bud on top, so over 150g (5.3oz) in total. Sensi Star is drying nicely. A bit slower than Nebula as I'm trying slightly different methods with each strain (and I've only harvested two strains out of the five, so far). Happy Growing!
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    Thanks @Jose.ghand as you say about the forming of the first buds....."day after day they seem to grow more and more". Just 2 days on and each day provides a clearer picture of where it will end up. I have found that these Rhinos develop fast both in veg and so far in bloom. All 5 plants were covered in pistils after just 1 week 12/12 and here the after 15 days. I have also noted that they are now drinking plenty and need watering every 2 to 3 days, the 15ltr pots get 3ltrs and the 11ltr pots get 2.5ltrs with approx 300ml of run off. I think the stretch is slowing too....all 5 have grown at the same pace which has seen them double in height I would say but bearing in mind these 5 have been constantly LST'd down. Not that I ever bother with PH adjustment I did have a curious look tonight whilst watering. I had 7.4 going in only including a tiny bit (0.25ml per ltr) of PM CAL-MAG and the run of of all 5 plants was between 6.6 - 6.8. I know that there is no need for PH adjustments but I was curious because I have a soil/coco/perlite mix and this curiosity test, which I have performed twice now on this grow, seemingly confirms my PH is well within range despite the media mix. Anyway, just a few quick snaps with a couple showing nice development potential going forward, all heads are like this but easier to take closeups of the front bud sites because it is very crowed in there now. Inspecting the plants at the back and rotation is quite a task.
  44. 4 likes
    Happy families in the tent. The four WR growing steadily. Tri and Bi look very happy, and M & 3 are SLOWLY recovering. The seedlings get a foliar spray of 0.33ec/6.3ph water every few hours to cope with the low RH in that tent. By how much they're drinking/transpiring, it's going to be 5-7 days before they need any more liquid/I have a chance to feed them anything else. 400wHPS (483real) and 200wLED (128real) 18 hrs, and 200wLED (128real) 6 hrs. Gnat fly problem improving. Happy Growing!
  45. 4 likes
    yesterday (Day 3-4 of flowering) i added Hypoaspis miles (predatory mites) and also took two clones from each individual plant. This has now left me with 6main shoots on each plant. It is quite funny, but iam getting three notes on some branches instead of the normal two. Next watering I will add the BioEnhancer.
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    This is not correct, the feeding will stay available for 8 weeks - not 22-23 days. White Rhino has a flowering time of 9 weeks so I would recommend to make only one application in the week you switch to 12/12. What I always do is, I add about 1g/L soil of BioGrow and 3-4g/L soil of BioBloom around the time of switching to flower. That way the plants get a little bit more nitrogen during the stretch and have enough nutrients for the 8-9 weeks flowering time. I even went up to almost 6g/L soil without burning them, even plants that don't like too much nutrients normally did not show problems. I recognised a huge increase in resin production when going up to 4-5g/L soil compared with the safe dosage of 3g/L.
  47. 4 likes
    Already the leaves are looking Up and I have fungi growing on top of the media Iam really considering cutting 2clones from each plant
  48. 4 likes
    About the Expo: As you said, the opportunity to meet a wide variety of consumers, growers, seedbanks, and equip resellers was big, and i took it. I've spoken to Sensi Seeds, very willing people to share information both on growing techniques AND job-work situation, i've met the guys from the first bank i bought my first seeds (Barney's farm) and they were absolutely super-friendly. I probably found GHS in a bad moment, as they were a bit low on morale for some reason, but coming again in the afternoon the situation changed, and they were more friendly and open. GHS gives little to no information about their seeds, more a history of the seed rather than what-and-how. Not criticizing the way they go. We also give little to zero information about our products: you gotta see for yourself if they fit your needs. I went there mainly to understand how's the industry situation: jobs available, economics, politics, etc etc. Though, the tour resulted in "Holy shit i know this strain! Yo buddy how much for a seed?!" most of the time. Of course, they're there to present and sell, not to give free sensible infos. Seems like the industry is growing far more in USA than in Europe. We italians are more centered towards industrial hemp, and hemp flowers (Didn't know hemp made flowers). Our regulations prohibit possession, yet the "use" is allowed (explain me how would i smoke if i couldn't possess it). Our laws prohibit also personal cultivation, and all the medical purposes unless they're given by our State. Yet you can easily have access to seeds, sheets, grinders, tents, lamps, dwc systems and so on... About Spannabis: Seeing CanapaMundi in Rome opened my mind about every use of cannabis and hemp (not that before i wasn't), and helped me understand the immense variety of opportunities in the industry. Altough Spannabis is going to be much bigger than the one in Rome, i visited the whole CanapaMundi in less than a day. What i'm trying to say is NOT that Spannabis might offer more, is that as far as my concerns about my career in the industry, even if i go to Spannabis i will probably not find more info about an actual Job. About why i went to this Expo: What i need to do, is to understand WHO produces medical and recreational marijuana (Legally, ofc) in europe, and apply for a job there. What i also need, is to study - on the field - everything about every strain, medical and recreational, and need a place to do it. CoffeeShops in the Netherlands are going to be pretty much filled with requests since 1974 about a grower job, and as far as i consider myself a good one, i'm far from reality: there are some professional growers out there that deserve a position much more than i do. Cannabis Social Clubs (CSC) in Spain are private: this means only the members have access to the final product, and in limited quantities, but i assume they are too filled with grower-requests. The true possibility for a Career in the industry i see ATM is Canada: Canada should legalize both Medical And Recreational Marijuana in all the state by July of 2018, making it much more similar to Uruguay than the Netherlands (in which weed is still considered Illegal). In Conclusion, i still am not sure if i'll come or not to Spannabis. Of course, it would be an opportunity for us to meet there (at least, me, you @OG.Naj, maybe @Jose.gh, drink a hemp-beer, eat a canna-cookie, and maybe smoke a good-doobie) but that would be it (for me). All i need is to find somebody that is willing to teach a poor fuck like me how to grow weed, while i offer my services as Trimmer, Assistant G., Coffeemaker, Personal Slave.. whatever that introduces me to this wonderful and fast-growing industry. Since i'm here, i'll write a small update, waiting for Wednesday. Yesterday i've released 4 lower colas from LST, and today the canopy looks much more even than before (Thank you @I'm Sal for the tips). The 2 first set of leaves (1 pointed) have fallen off. Looked like a Sulfur-Calcium deficiency, first the leaf yellowing, then showing little brown spots, then brown tip, then falling. But, that's about it. All the other leaves (3 points, 5 points etc) show no sign of deficiency/excess (except the leaf i've pictured above). All of this leaves me with the feel the fault is PH spikes, but i didn't think they'd cause such issues with such low ranges (6.1 minimum to 6.4 maximum). Either way, the plant looks 99% healthy, and is now thickening and widening. Smell update: Scent is absolutely incredible. Upon opening the tent, you can feel the piney-mushy smell of VEG cannabis, but touching the leaves alone is another matter. I'm left with incredible pine scent, not fruity in any manner: it just makes your nose tickle. With the tent closed, no odour escapes, no need to worry about that. Temp/pest update: Maximum-Minimum ranges between 19.5° and 29.7° (high temp was measured after a mistake, i left them without external airflow for 4 hours, during the timer installation. They didn't suffer, or show signs of suffering). Working Temps are usually around 21-26°. Humidity is kept well above 65%, going up to 75% at times. I've seen NO signs of mold, rot, and other issues like pests and fungi (also, the beneficial fungi from GHS BioGrow Feeding never showed up: maybe because of my low dosage). Airflow (except that 4 hours) is constant, and gives me trouble to sleep, but i can resist for another 3 months (knowing what will be the outcome.. :D) The entire pot dries in about 3-4 days, even if given 1/4th of water per soil Liter (in my case, 4 water LT per 18 pot LT), and with high humidity. Gotta love those cloth pots. Canopy is now at 50cm from the 6500K, and 55cm from the FS lamps. LST works perfectly with what i aim to achieve: a flat, low bonsai tree. I still have 40cm room for the Lights to be raised, which is what i calculate for a maximum stretch (Plant is now 25cm tall and 31cm wide, 50Cm tall with the pot from the surface). I'll see y'all in Wednesday-Thursday (depends on RL schedule) for pics. Till then.. Cheers!
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    D39 temp 22°-25° n&d rh 40%-65% i start lst training just to open the structure of the 2 main top i discover that one plant made 4 branches at the same node
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    If you buy more then 1 seed from a seedbank such as a pack of 5. Selecting the right mother is easy as growing all the 5 seeds out unti almost switch to 12/12, clone all 5 of them and label accordingly select the best / most vigorous pheno of out of the 5 clones to be your mother after flowering the original seeds you can match the labels from those flowering with the clones to decide

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