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    Hi All, The 5 baby Rhinos have been re-potted into 3lts pots and watered with GHSC Enhancer. All under 1 x ViparSpectra 450 LED unit which draws a REAL wattage of approx 200 watts with both the "VEG" & "BLOOM" switches on. I have both "VEG" & "BLOOM" on and the light schedule is 20/4 eventually with a 18/6 "VEG" cycle soon. Temps are nice between 22C (LIGHT OFF) & 27C (LIGHT ON). Exactly 1 week after breaking soil and now they are under a more suitable LED unit they should come on well hopefully.
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    These are amazing results after just 1 week! Seriously, I have never ever seen anything like this after just 1 week. I am absolutely astonished @ Golloelcogollo
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    Disculpen, tienen razón, cometí un error a la hora de poner fechas, encuanto llegue de trabajar vuelvo a resubir TODAS las fotos ya subidas con su fecha correspondiente. Es mi primer diario de cultivo para concurso, espero sepan disculpar mi error. Un saludo
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    @Golloelcogollo I think the time you grow is not very important you have from january to june to make a goed report whit detail to share wiht the comunity but honesty is important😂. I see in one of your pic that ypu mist your plant do you do that every day ?
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    I will be doing a log of Neville haze on here just trying to get use to the forum I use another site also with my previous grow logs I was just saying .. thanks

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