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    11am White Rhino germination preparation. R/O (0.106ec 53ppm) 6.5ph small amount of H2O2. Three huddling together with the matriarch off on safari already:
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    So. It is finally time to start this new year with a decent grow journal. Thanking GreenHouseSeeds for giving me this amazing opportunity to test out their WhiteRhino strain, and their Bio Feeding Line of powder nutrients. As mentioned in the inscription post, this will be my equipment: - 4x 6500K 35W LED - 4x Full Spectrum 45W LED - The GreenHouseSeed bank BIO Feeding Line - A 60x60x170 SecretJardin Grow Tent - Airflow with one small fan, and 2 filtered extractors (IN and OUT) for 108m3/h. - 2 initial WhiteRhino seeds, 1 will be chosen and brought to flowering. - Pot sizes, varying from 1L, to 6L, to 11L, to 18L. - A scrog net (this will be my first scrog attempt, please be merciful) - A lot of love and joy doing this. And duct tape. And beer. I plan to increase light power with the increased growth. - 1° Week 70W - 2° Week 105W - 3°-5° Week 140W - 6°-7 Week 140W + 45W FS - 8°-12° Week 140W + 90W FS - Remaining Weeks at Maxium Light Output (140W + 180W FS) With this i want to simulate the increased output of the sun, transitioning from spring, to summer. At the end of Week 7 i'll perform the switch to 12-12. I also plan to feed the girls 6 weeks for VEG, and 8 Weeks for Bloom. I'll start feeding at week 4, when i transplant from 6L to the final pot (which i still need to decide between 11 and 18L). This is the current plan for the grow, that WILL be revised as i go on. I'm sharing it just to give an idea. Date Phase Week Grow Feeding Bloom Feeding Light Power Light Schedule GERM 18 – 6 | 5.30 – 23.30 GERM 12 – 12 | 7.00 – 19.00 GERM GERM 07/01/18 GERM 0 1/8 /Lt Soil 90W 6500k 18 – 6 08/01/18 GERM 09/01/18 GERM 10/01/18 GERM 11/01/18 GERM 12/01/18 GROW 13/01/18 GROW 14/01/18 GROW 1 ¼ /Lt Soil 90W 6500k 18 – 6 15/01/18 GROW 16/01/18 GROW 17/01/18 GROW 18/01/18 GROW 19/01/18 GROW 20/01/18 GROW 21/01/18 GROW 2 ¼ /Lt Soil 135W 6500k 18 – 6 22/01/18 GROW 23/01/18 GROW 24/01/18 GROW 25/01/18 GROW 26/01/18 GROW 27/01/18 GROW 28/01/18 GROW 3 ¼ /Lt Soil 135W 6500k 18 – 6 29/01/18 GROW 30/01/18 GROW 31/01/18 GROW 01/02/18 GROW 02/02/18 GROW 03/02/18 GROW 04/02/18 TRAPIANTO 4 2G/LT Substrate 180W 6500k 18 – 6 05/02/18 GROW 06/02/18 GROW 07/02/18 GROW 08/02/18 GROW 09/02/18 GROW 10/02/18 GROW 11/02/18 GROW 5 ¼ /Lt Soil 180W 6500k 18 – 6 12/02/18 GROW 13/02/18 GROW 14/02/18 GROW 15/02/18 GROW 16/02/18 GROW 17/02/18 GROW 18/02/18 GROW 6 ¼ /Lt Soil + 0.5g /Lt Enhancer/ Soil 180W 6500k 18 – 6 19/02/18 GROW 20/02/18 GROW 21/02/18 GROW 22/02/18 GROW 23/02/18 GROW 24/02/18 GROW 25/02/18 GROW 7 ¼ /Lt Soil 180W 6500k 18 – 6 26/02/18 GROW 27/02/18 GROW 28/02/18 GROW 01/03/18 GROW 02/03/18 GROW 03/03/18 GROW 04/03/18 BLOOM 8 - 1 ¼ /Lt Soil + 0.5g /Lt Enhancer/ Soil 180W 6500k + 35W FS 18 – 6 05/03/18 BLOOM 06/03/18 BLOOM 07/03/18 BLOOM 08/03/18 BLOOM 09/03/18 BLOOM 10/03/18 BLOOM 11/03/18 BLOOM 9 - 2 ¼ /Lt Soil 180W 6500k + 35W FS 18 – 6 12/03/18 BLOOM 13/03/18 BLOOM 14/03/18 BLOOM 15/03/18 BLOOM 16/03/18 BLOOM 17/03/18 BLOOM 18/03/18 BLOOM 10 - 3 ¼ /Lt Soil + 0.5g /Lt Enhancer/ Soil 180W 6500k + 70W FS 18 – 6 19/03/18 BLOOM 20/03/18 BLOOM 21/03/18 BLOOM 22/03/18 BLOOM 23/03/18 BLOOM 24/03/18 BLOOM 25/03/18 BLOOM 11 - 4 ¼ /Lt Soil 180W 6500k + 70W FS 18 – 6 26/03/18 BLOOM 27/03/18 BLOOM 28/03/18 BLOOM 29/03/18 BLOOM 30/03/18 BLOOM 31/03/18 TRAPIANTO 3G / LT Substrate 01/04/18 BLOOM 12 – 5 180W 6500k + 70W FS 12 – 12 02/04/18 BLOOM 03/04/18 BLOOM 04/04/18 BLOOM 05/04/18 BLOOM 06/04/18 BLOOM 07/04/18 BLOOM 08/04/18 BLOOM 13 – 6 ¼ /Lt Soil 180W 6500k + 70W FS 12 – 12 09/04/18 BLOOM 10/04/18 BLOOM 11/04/18 BLOOM 12/04/18 BLOOM 13/04/18 BLOOM 14/04/18 BLOOM 15/04/18 BLOOM 14 – 7 ¼ /Lt Soil + 0.5g /Lt Enhancer/ Soil 180W 6500k + 70W FS 12 – 12 16/04/18 BLOOM 17/04/18 BLOOM 18/04/18 BLOOM 19/04/18 BLOOM 20/04/18 BLOOM 21/04/18 BLOOM 22/04/18 BLOOM 15 – 8 ¼ /Lt Soil 180W 6500k + 70W FS 12 – 12 23/04/18 BLOOM 24/04/18 BLOOM 25/04/18 BLOOM 26/04/18 BLOOM 27/04/18 BLOOM 28/04/18 BLOOM 29/04/18 BLOOM 16 – 9 ¼ /Lt Soil + 0.5g /Lt Enhancer/ Soil 180W 6500k + 105W FS 12 – 12 30/04/18 BLOOM 01/05/18 BLOOM 02/05/18 BLOOM 03/05/18 BLOOM 04/05/18 BLOOM 05/05/18 BLOOM 06/05/18 BLOOM 17 – 10 ¼ /Lt Soil 180W 6500k + 105W FS 12 – 12 07/05/18 BLOOM 08/05/18 BLOOM 09/05/18 BLOOM 10/05/18 BLOOM 11/05/18 BLOOM 12/05/18 BLOOM HARVEST 18 - 11 I planned some more weeks for the flowering, just in case the girls decide to keep going a bit longer. I also tried to germinate one seed some days before the new year, but it popped the surface as a dead seed. The root grew (small), but the small plant never got rid of the seed shells (after 14 days). I started 2 new seeds, and am waiting for them to pop the surface. I will decide between the 2, who gets to stay. Below, some pics of the equipment: This is the light rack i've crafted. Pretty basic, huh? Pot sizes AND room space. The little white buddy on the bottom right is the dehumidifier, that will be turned on when i switch to 12-12. A special thanks to GreenHouseSeeds. You guys are amazing. Nothing left to say, till the girls pop the surface. Until then... Peace!
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    Hi Here is my plan Medium promix plagron straight wiht a layer of coco /perlite for the drain at bottom of pot +_ 5cm Ph down whit lemon or lemon kick (plagron) Size of pot 0,9l ,7l ,final 30l Grow under 400w mh flower 600w hps For the rest i just use the bio feeding i was hesitadet for myhco but no money to buy it and is a all in formul so maby some yucca extract for spray wiht anhencer en for soil if it dry but i not buy it for the moment biochar looks goed to but not this time i normarly not use 2 tent thats to much électriciti but i realy want to do the contest i think to start for this week-end bye ✌
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    ahah bro you made me laugh, trust me! Maybe I will put them on middle all close to each other.. all eight white rhyno popped out, only my grape gum didn't make it.. yet at night I pass by to drop some photos! Edit: I got them closer and in center of tent. Day 3 Veg (05/01/18) Water only, I will post them individually when they are big enough to see the characteristics. Can the fungus be a preventer for gnats and others? Because cover well the pot surface. Sorry my bad english. Happy smoking!
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    And anoher little one of franco rolling the big joint for the 4:20 yesterday.
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    Today at 12h 52h after soaking i plant the 10 seeds in pot of 0.9l filled to 0.5l of promix and biogrow 1/2 dose with 100ml pp of enhancer at 0.5 g/ l So far i do not adjust ph and use ro water 0.0 from next watering i start to adjust the ph i made a test on my medium and it is a littel alkaline
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    From seed packet to breaking soil within 4 days seems to have produced 5 baby Rhinos. The plant in the centre is struggling a little with the "skin" of the inner seed shell tight around the cotyledons but it should work its way out, whilst still under and within the moisture of the clear plastic cup (DIY propagator). The other 4 seedlings seem to be fine and I have taken off the clear plastic cups but all 5 seedlings are under the small (12w) "blue" LED I showed you all above. No real worries so far and pleased with the germination rate which I was fairly sure of from past experience with GHSC. Anyways, here are the baby Rhinos.
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    Nebula is 12.5kg so still a little ways to go before watering/feeding. After a bit of defoliation on the plants, I guess they'll be using less water as well as not being able to transpire as much. Was worried about this set of 'balls' on Nebula below: Below's a Sensi Star bud forming: Dutch Dragon below: A scene with the tall Jacky White in the background, and Sensi Star & DD front and right respectively:
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    Hi hunters! Today is a testing cloning day On 5 MOB seeds , i selected 4 plants at the early stage of grow, after 2 weeks. And today on the 4 plants i selected the 2 more vigorous to keep 1 mother of them. The mother I am going to keep will be selected at the end of flowering as you can understand... For this selection I test for the first time the cloning with, and only with, the ehancer from GH! Here are the differents steps I followed and the material needed. Material Small Greenhouse Ph meter and acid - Ehancer RootRiot cube Blade The STEP i follow : 1) Ajust the water PH at 5.5 before a put the ehancer in it (like GH team explain) 2) Add the GH Ehancer at 0,3gr/litre (as you can see the PH level drop at 6,6 after that) 3) Soak the cubes in the solution 4) Wring slightly the cube to put out the excess watering content 5) Put the cutting in the cube 6) Spray the cuttings with the same solution 7) Spray inside the greenhouse with water & put the cuttings in the small greenhouse Now is time to wait and see what happens with this technique of clonning without rooting hormones. Normaly I use the "remo clonning gel" with great results.
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    I put the seeds in coffee filters in vertical position so that the taproot grows straight I moisten that wiht a solution of 0.3g/l of enhancer wiht r/o water temp 20°
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    Here we are at week 7
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    Hola familia cannabica pues aquí os dejo las 6 nenas que antes asomado Y estás son las 4 más lentas pero todas ya andan germinado Así que de 10/10 con una puntuación del 10 Sáludos y suerte Arrankeddj
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    Day: 17 Room temp 26-27 Humidity 50-60 PH- 5.9 EC- 0.8
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    Hi All, The 5 baby Rhinos have been re-potted into 3lts pots and watered with GHSC Enhancer. All under 1 x ViparSpectra 450 LED unit which draws a REAL wattage of approx 200 watts with both the "VEG" & "BLOOM" switches on. I have both "VEG" & "BLOOM" on and the light schedule is 20/4 eventually with a 18/6 "VEG" cycle soon. Temps are nice between 22C (LIGHT OFF) & 27C (LIGHT ON). Exactly 1 week after breaking soil and now they are under a more suitable LED unit they should come on well hopefully.
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    Typical of me, sorry for the late update. The timer went off. Unfortunately i didn't see at what time, but this morning everything was on. RND is my enemy, but he got defeated. Here's the closeups of the babies. WR-1 WR-2 And here's what i meant with "raised by 5cm" I hope they stop stretching this much and start developing more. I've already increased light output to 140W. I'd like to start the FS later on, but i think i'll need to do it as soon as in a month. Peace!
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    Just planning on repotting these 5 babies into 3ltr pots and I see an issue. My plan is use 3ltr pots for early veg and then onto their final pots which will be 11ltrs for late veg and flower so only 2 more repots. If I apply the GHSC GROW feed to the 3ltr pots now it means that when I repot again to their final 11ltr pots I will have to use the GHSC BLOOM feed. This is the issue, I want to repot into their final 11ltr pots whilst still in mid veg and not only during flower. These 5 plants will be in their final 11ltr pots within the next 4-5 weeks and by this time they will still be in veg. To get around this I have prepared the 5 x 3ltr pots with my media only and I will use GHSC ENHANCER as it should be applied via hand watering and GHSC GROW will be applied as a top dressing as instructed as an alternative to mixing with the media. When I have repotted the 5 plants into their new homes they will be under 1 x ViparSpectra 450W (approx 200w REAL watts from the wall) with both the veg and bloom switches on. 1 LED unit will be fine for the early stages and lets see how they progress. More pictures after I have done repotting. Thanks
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    Hola compañeros, aquí algunas novedades. Las white rhino se están portando de maravilla con el biogrow, en vasos de café con proporción de 0,5g x L de tierra han colonizado perfectamente sus respectivos recipientes. Paso a doblar el tamaño de la maceta ya que su maceta final será de 3l. Por cierto.. De las dos rhino con fenotipo sativo.. Ya os contaré 😏😏🦏🌱
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    Friday 12/01/2018 12h00 temp 22° Tomorow i put the rhino under the 400w mh and fill the pot entirely
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    Hi All. This is my 3rd grow and boy have I come a long way. Im still not a pro, but I have learned alot. My second grow was unsuccessful because of my lack of experience in growing in promix coco coir. Heat also being an issue. Anyways back to the Velvet Bud grow.... Apparently Velvet bud is a descendent of Purple bud. Velvet bud is produced by Seedsman. I didn't pick this strain. It was given to me because of a order blunder from the local outlet...so this is how I ended up with it. My set up is: 800mm x 800mm x 1250mm grow tent 400w MH/HPS 400w digital ballast 100mm centrifugal extractor fan 4 x 20L pots Soil medium : promix coco coir perlite mix 50/50 Pots lined with filter floss Hydroponics system using normal 3 part nutrients system. Grow nutes Micro nutes and Bloom nutes by EHG. Seedling stage: 3 out of 5 seeds germinated. Seedlings where ready for transplanting into the bigger pots after about 2 weeks. Used a humidity dome to keep the fellows warms as temps where still cool. I felt that the seedlings responded well to a temp of 24 celcius. 15% nutes of bloom grow and micro. Two seedlings flourished while the 3 guys lagged behind a bit. Unfortunately no pics of the seedling stage. Vegative stage: Once these guys got into the bigger pots they just took off. Ramping up the nutes gradually to 90 % of the recommended dosage with Grow, Micro and CalMag( a definite must for growing in coco coir). I only topped these plants once, then after a few days I LST the 4 main branches by pulling them down with pipe cleaners. The above picture is after 3 weeks of vegging since I put the seedlings into these pots. Good vigorous growth for Velvet Bud! I ended up using an auto pot for one on the right. I also added an airstone and pump. You can clearly see the difference! Im not doing any testing. Im just following the schedule on the nutrient bottle but dosing slightly less and seeing how the plants respond. I add a table spoon of CalMag to every 10L of normal tap water. 18/6 light schedule with MH globe. Temps where a little low so I added a temp sensor switch to my extractor fan. When the light comes on it also acts as a heater, so when the temp got to 25 celcius the extractor fan would come on and cool the tent and plants down with cool air from the outside. Above is a picture of the temperature controller. The sensor is in the tent, it also has a heating as well as a cooling option. This controller really helps with keeping a constant temperature. The above pic is at 4 weeks veg. Nice lush vigorous growth.Plant is looking really bushy and healthy. Velvet bud is responding well to the nutrients. Grow 20ml/10l, Micro 10ml/10l and Tblspn CalMag. Normal tap water with no testing. You're probably wondering what that piece of acrylic is for....well its a budget way to replicate a ventilated hood. I'm not using the temp controller anymore as the outside temps have risen so now I have the extractor fan running constantly. I had a piece of perspex(acrylic) clear cut to fit the tent perfectly. I used a holesaw to cut holes into the acrylic glass directly under where the globe would be. I did this because when the extractor fan creates the negative air pressure inside the tent, its will pull the tent tight around the edges of the acrylic and force the cool air from the bottom compartment into the above compartment directly over the globe therefore also keeping the globe cool and keeping my plants cool. Its also adjustable. I also have been using a humidifier on and off. I usually only use it weather depending. During this time I also took six clones. I used a rooting hormone and rockwool cubes all six clones rooted after 10 days. Velvet Bud takes good clones!!! I gave 4 away (good karma) and added 2 clones to a fourth pot. I had to leave for a month and had to ask very nicely if she would take care of them. I had to mod the grow to make it as easy as possible for her maintain. So I bought a tray to fit the tent and ripped out the single auto valve I had, stuck it in the center of the tray, chucked the plants in, filled the tray with hydroton balls, made a watering schedule and nutrient mix levels( 20ml/10l bloom 10ml/10l micro 1/2 Tblspn CalMag) 10l and Mondays and 10l on Thursdays and had to leave for a month wondering if my girlfriend would take good care of my babies........ Whoo hooo!!! So after a month of flowering I return to this!!! Velvet Bud is looking so good and really is starting to smell so good. Nice sweet fruity smell ! My girlfriend did good!!! Box of chocolates for her!! I was mostly impressed with the two clones I had planted into the fourth pot front right in the picture. Heads as big as the rest and looking super healthy with fat nugs forming on the stems. Week 6 of flowering and Velvet Buds are swelling up and are just smelling irresistible!! Another wider pic at 6 weeks. Tents is so full!! 😁 The above pic is at 9 weeks flower. Buds are full of trichomes and have been flushing. Trichomes are not completely cloudy though so will defs have to go for another week. 9 weeks.... Buds are so fat they are starting to lean on each other with only the tent sides holding them up! Thats all for today folks.....will continue with this grow story once I have harvested. Its just about ready. Till then..chow
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    Hey'all, The seeds i put into germination were the fastest germinat... germin... Is germinaters even a word? Meh, who cares, it is now. Anyway, they both took less than 24hrs to germinate, and 2 days to pop the surface. I waited an extra day to see the leaves coming out, and well.. 1 out of 2 has its leaves out. The other one has its leaves still closed, but it looks it's going to die like the first one who took more than 15 days. Anyway, below the pics for a better understanding of the situation: This is going to be labeled WR-1, as it is the first of the 2 to properly pop the surface. This is going to be labeled WR-2, but i'm not even sure it'll even survive. Can you see the brown spot at the leaf tip? I'm afraid the seed is partially dead, or rotten. As far as this has gone, 1 seed out of 3 properly put out its leaves. I'll wait a couple days more to see if the WR-2 recovers, but as of now it's pretty clear who gets to stay, and who gets a kick in the ass. I'm also having a few issues with the timers. My program is SET in this way: 1 program, MON to SUN, Auto On at 5.30, Auto Off at 23.30. What i've discovered is that they do what the fuck they want. Timer number one goes Auto On at 5.00, Auto Off 23.18-23.25 (Yes, it varies). Timer number two goes Auto On at 5.30, Auto Off 22.30 O'clock. So, yesterday evening, quite confused and angry, i've done a reset, and reinsterted the wanted parameters. This morning i find Timer 2 correctly functioning, Timer 1 forgot to switch from Auto On to Auto Off. For mental sanity i'll need to resolve this issue as soon as fucking possible. I can, for now, bring the lights on Timer2, and fans on Timer 1. But in a month i'll need more than 4 lights on. I'm thinking of buying a single, dimmable light, and transfer the rack in the tomato greenhouse. If you guys have any suggestions about a decent timer, it's welcome. I'm currently using 2 of these: https://www.amazon.it/gp/product/B00QRXU7ZW/ref=ox_sc_sfl_title_12?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A11IL2PNWYJU7H I am kind of figuring out i've fucked up, and i bought 2 chinese toys. If you guys know where to buy a bag of patience... Anyway, i'll see you in another 3-4 days. Peace!
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    hola queridos amantes de la planta santa. Aqui unas fotos de las white rhino apurando sus ultimos dias en los vasos de café. como se puede apreciar en las fotos hay 2 de las pequeñas que demuestran un fenotipo mas sativo que sus hermanas. saludos desde mi rincon.
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    08/01/2018 17h30 9 seeds sink in the bottom Water temp 23°
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    Monday 08/01/2018 Soaking 10 seeds at 08h28 R/O water 1ml /l h2o2 3% Water temp 20° to 23°
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    Grow + 35 The plants respond very well with the lst technique! As you can see with the leaves. the pants are in good health Here are the pics of today
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    7/1/2018 . todo marcha a ritmo de reggae, mimo y un ph de 5,5, y su base de tierra y biogrow.
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    48 horas despues. con su primer riego con el ph ajustado a 5,4.
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    DAY 40 1l/p every 2-3 day Ph 6.6 TEMP min 18° Max 30° RH. min 37% Max 50%
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    I transplant and I top the 4 plants at day 21 and here are the pics of grow + 24
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    Hallo ihr rauchköpfe! Bin grad neu hier. Hab die Bilder vor 2 Wochen gemacht....der Regen zwingt mich, früher als geplant zu ernten....3 Riesen 2,5 m und mehrere Medium size ladies. Alle unbekannte Strains. Schon Proben entnommen und zugelassen!!! 😊😊😊😊
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    hola compañeros! con mucho gusto presento mi humilde cultivo. tambien aprobecho este primer post para desear mucha suerte y muy buena vibra para todos los demas concursantes. paz y buenos humos! Armario artesanal de 85cm x 100cm . Luminaria: Cob led 400w full spectrum 2 lamparas, ufo led 360w full spectrum. 5 lamparas 12w fullspectrum. sistema de ventilación (intraccion/extracción) casero de fabricación propia. Macetas geotextiles de 3 litros como maceta final. aun por decidir la maceta intermedia. vasos de cafe de 33cl como maceta inicial. Tierra Covercrop 85% fibra de coco 15%
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    These are amazing results after just 1 week! Seriously, I have never ever seen anything like this after just 1 week. I am absolutely astonished @ Golloelcogollo
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    Hey Sal, thank you for sticking by! I've come up with 3 possible solution to the issue. Sol. 1: I've noticed the malfunctioning timer had a RND which isn't reported anywhere on the instructions. Pressing -1 on the main menu, it disappeared. I'll see overnight and if it stops at the designated sign, it's possible that when resetting it, the timer autogoes RND and that blocks it from switching (Yea, it's confusing for me too). Sol. 2: I'll have to force myself to sleep while the old style timer you mentioned goes clickety clickety tickety. I already am sleeping while the extractors activate at 5.30 am, so it's quite annoying, but necessary. Sol. 3: A guy i know just showed me an industrial timer, with 2 channels, and 30 programs. It's far more professional than the others you find on the net (amazon, ebay). I'll need to craft a box to fit it in. It's a bit more costy (60 euros, i have 25% discount), but since my 2 malfunctioning timers costed me half of that, i figure i could give it a try. Nice news on the grow side: both babies are alive and well. The brown spot on WR-2 was a transparent part of the seed shell, that blocked the 2 cotyledons from disclosing. I've notived both have stretched a bit, so i've raised them of about 5cm more. Tech news: Humidity inside is varying between 50% and 75%. I raise it manually by "feeding" the saucer 1L of water each 3 days. Temperature ranges between 20° at night, and 28.5° in the day. I don't have CO2 pumps nor a way to measure ppm, but as of now i don't even need it. I'll add pics overnight with the little update.
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    They stretch to much i fill the pot and put under the light from now i try to get a stable temp and wait . The 2 clones is just a test to see if they restart to grow after +_ 8weeks at room temp +_ 10°_ 14° i did not want to kill them
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    Greetings from Latvia! This was my last growing experience. White Widow. Timelapse ganja growing
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    @ShaggyGrowerw You justhave to put zipbag at vertical
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    Hello family, I leave some photos of the White Rhino the first irrigation was with root stimulator, and the second was with water alone We have the cultivation parameters in this week schedule / photoperiod: 20 hours on with 4 of darkness. Temperatures: Day: between 22 degrees and 27 degrees. Night: between 24 degrees and 21 degrees Watering frequency: from 3 to 4 days (depending on the size of the sherd and the potting crosor) Feeding: Co2 tablets to give oxygenate to water. Powder Feeding BioGrow mixed in the substrate The stimulant Powder Feeding Enhancer
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    Here they are, 5 baby Rhinos. Despite the 2 x 12W LEDs close on them for 2 days I have 4 leggy plants and 1 slower plant. All are fine and fantastic germination rate. Hats off to @joseand GHSC making this 100% germination possible. Very stable seeds from a very reliable seedback in my years of experience with them despite the naysayers. As you can see, the temp is a little high but I have turned 1 heater off to lower it a little. The leggy plants can have most part of their stems buried when repotted if need be so not an issue at all. I might even leave the to give headstart on height with consideration of a SCROG net. Sooner they get a bit of height they can be trained sideways under a SCROG net instead of wasting time waiting for them to gain that height.....just a thought. I have ALWAYS buried leggy stems but I just might try the opposite this time. These 5 will be left a couple more days (weekend maybe) until roots appear from the pot bottoms then repotted into 3ltr pots with GHSC Grow and Enhancer. The picture show all plants and also a couple of close ups of the slow one. It will be fine now, its forming its first true set of leaves so well on the way. Comments and opinions are very welcome.
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    Mixed the media for the plants today. Because of the packaging sizes i have used the following ratios: 2 x 20ltrs Bio Bizz Light Mix 11ltrs UGRO Coco 10ltrs PlantIT Perlite Percentages ratios are as follows: 65.6% Light Mix Soil 18% Coco 16.4% Perlite The ratios above are different to my proposed ratio but I will keep with this revised mixture. It feels nice. As for feed, I have not added any yet because I simply mixed the total soil for the entire grow, including potting up. I will add the feed when I fill each individual pot because it will be more accurate this way. Anyways, here are a few boring pictures of my soil mix The baby Rhinos are doing well by the way. There will be 5 for sure.
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    Hello Is it too late to start to participate? I have a White Rhino grow diary on this forum, please check out my old started threads, it was 7 years ago, my first grow back then under a 250 HID. I love this strain and i would love to grow it again! Nowadays i grow under 400W, i will have 4 pots of 20 liters each if i still can be selected to participate. Please let me know if i can enter the contest. Thanks! P.S. I attached some pictures with my White Rhino i grew back then. In the first picture the W.R. is on the left, the right sided plant is an A.M.S. n all the rest of the pictures is the White Rhino.
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    Hi @slimjim, yes I thought about that (one cancelling out/killing the other) but thought I'd give it a go. On researching the beneficial bacteria, they seem to like a ph of 7-7.2. I was worried about the high ph when I mixed with 5.0 (came to 7.79) so ph down'd it to 4.3 before Enhancer which got it up to 6.25. Now thinking should have simply follow the instructions (and will from now on) as 6.25 might not be enough in hindsight. On the flip side, I've also read that HP (and the unstable oxygen molecule in it) kills mostly 'anaerobic' bacterium (oxygen hating bacterium) but that it aids the 'aerobic' bacterium (oxygen loving bacterium) of which a lot are beneficial. I think Trichoderma are aerobic and Bacillus not sure, some site say aerobic, some say it's now classed as anaerobic [see 1 below]. Harvest day is ~ 6 weeks away for my other grow, so will be popping the White Rhino beans in a week or so. [1] - https://microbewiki.kenyon.edu/index.php/Bacillus_subtilis - ""Bacillus subtilis contains catalase KatA and MrgA, an enzyme that is responsible in the catalysis of the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide to water and oxygen, and superoxide dismutase, an enzyme that catalyzes the breakdown of superoxide into oxygen and hydrogen peroxide (Bandow 2002). " " @Jose.gh, what's your take on using Hydrogen Peroxide along side Enhancer?
  45. 3 likes
    Just prepared some small LEDs (12W) for the forthcoming youngsters. One is mainly "blue" with the other mainly "red" and they are very good for newly sprouted seedlings. Here is a few pictures of them because the "blue" one will be in use soon I should imagine. When the seeds break the soil these small LEDs are perfect for a week to get them ready for proper veg.
  46. 3 likes
    Nice plants, just a little tip when using LST method, first start by tying a bottom support around the stem opposite to the direction your top is going to be pulled this helps stop the plant from being uprooted when bending the stem. Once again plants lovely colour and healthy. PEACE
  47. 3 likes
    Day: 38 EC: 1.5 Humidity : 50-60 Temp room 25-26 PH: God knows
  48. 2 likes
    Thanks @LedCherryBerry. Yes, I'm keeping an eye on humidity but feel I've got a handle on it. I've popped my White Rhino beans just a few hours ago! I'll update that log in due course. [spoiler alert] (~8 weeks. 2 weeks seedling; ~6 weeks veg [12/12 perhaps week 7]; ~10 weeks flower. )
  49. 2 likes
    Hi @g22, Well your seeds 'in coffee filters in vertical position so that the taproot grows straight' worked great! Oscar Wilde said, "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery [that mediocrity can pay to greatness].", and with that in mind I think I'll try your germination technique when it's my turn. The germinated seeds look great with some already getting hairy. Perhaps that is the Enhancer at work already Good luck!
  50. 2 likes
    Hooray- they not balls, they are preflowers covered in glorious trichomes. PEACE

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