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    Hi guys, I would like to start this section with the first contribution, it would be great that all contributions are easy to read and well explained Strain: Super Silver Haze Bank: Green House Seeds Type: Sativa CBD: 8 - 14% THC: 8 - 14% Ratio: 1:1 Medicinal effects: Helps with pain, inflammation and anxiety with an uplifting effect. It is also good to stimulate appetite and have a good mood. Pic:
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    Drying process is finally over: buds snapped easily from branches. I've divided them in 3 bottles: - Popcorn buds - Side colas - Main colas with the last 2 bottles sharing the same branches, meaning the side colas are actually the smaller flowers of the main colas. As for the weigh: keeping a precision weigh in the house means you're a dealer. It's the first item cops will look for (after seeing plants). If i'll ever be busted, at least they don't have the exuse to say: he's got the p.w., he's a dealer. FYI, i'm not. I grow for personal consumption ONLY. Either way, i had to use a more rustic version: the pasta weigh! Pics for your eyes: Now, the weighs. Popcorn buds (23g): Side Colas (36g): Main Colas (36g): Highlander: I'll see you all in 2-3 weeks, when the buds are going to be well-cured, for a smell/taste report, and to end this Journal. What a journey, it has been. Cheers! EDIT: Forgot to add final weighs. Overall, Highlander produced 95 grams of dried buds. Over 320 W (which i still need to test at the wall for real power consumption) 95g are 0.296 GPW, which isn't bad considering i've been using a horrible homemade setup of 8 led e27 lamps. And i'm quite surprised by this amount, i thought i wouldn't reach 80 (0.25) and that i maybe would have harvested around 60g. Now i'm just hoping they improve drastically in smell and taste. BTW, the little joint in the half-coconut was from all the leftovers of branches and snapped buds. Had the first taste of it yesterday: i went to sleep at 10 PM. That shit is absurdly strong.
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    I like to cure in zip bag its more simply for storage and i think its better to keep the smell of the weed you can't see the real color of the buds on the picture . for the moment the weed with beer smell much better and n2 & n4 is goed too they all in the 30g of goed quality buds and a total of 100g of second quality they all hard buds just n4 is very rock hard and weight a littel more
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    Hello! I start a culture under LED light, to avoid excessive heat in summer. It's the first time I've used an Autopot system, so it'll be very interesting for me, everything is new. So far, I have prepared the substrate (coconut and 50% perlite). In the bottom of the pot, I put some arlite to improve the drainage. And so that the coconut is not constantly in contact with the water, in some way, to avoid areas with excess water. Let's go see it That blue thing, it's an Air Dome, a system that supposedly injects air into the roots, so they're more oxygenated. I don't know if it works well, it's the first time I've used it. There is a tube (you can see it in the picture) that is connected to a small air pump. The Autopot system is still not working. So the first waterings will be manual, with a shower as usual. When the plants show the roots they will colonize the pot, then the Autopot will start to work. I put in four different varieties of Green House. Can you guess one of them? Cheers
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    G'day from Oz! Hope all out there are doing fine. Tropical grower here with experience in temperate growing conditions. Looking forwar to chatting with you fine folks. Be well!
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    What a cool surprise when I come back from the work today... I received my package and that's pretty great ! Just wanna say thanx to @Jose.gh and GHSC staff for everything ! Cheers & salute ! Evolution666
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    Here the littel outdoor with her friends pickle,tomato &zuchini a littel more remote
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    Hi GHS and forum goers. I have followed GHS work since 2011. R.I.P. Franco, see you on the other side brother. My favorite GHS documentary by far was The Congo. I wish this pure stimulant landrace was sold by seed. My favorite sativas are the pure stimulant variety so please look forward to seeing some indoor and outdoor grows of various sativa strains from the Nepalese, Thailand, and African regions. Also I am very interested in experimenting with various LED wavelengths to maximize response from the plant. In a perfect world I have unlimited super-soil, very complex, with different piles all containing separate variety and organic matter content for different terpene production. And a big pond to grow on mud piles like in Jamaica creeks. Happy growing and stay kind
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    Hello I seem to be able to use technology a little better in daylight hours so will have a crack at this. I'm not a strain hunter, just a very well travelled weed aficionado who seems to always end up in bizarre places but I always manage to sample the local offerings ive kept a Journal of strains and where and any good for the last thirty years, always been around growers and am in the process of applying for a research licence. My two main areas of research are climate suited strains hoping to cut down the energy footprint of commercial grows which rely heavily on aircon in Australia and developing a natural plant hormone derived "tonic" used in conjunction with your existing fertiliser regime. Testing has been very promising on all crops I've used - increased yield, slightly quicker growth rates, getting hold of that apical dominance and encouraging plants to branch out horizontally aiming for shorter internode spacing. I have three family members with cancer at the moment who are all annoyed that no doctor here seems to want to be the first to prescribe. So, yes, it's personal too. I was given some land on Tanna island in Vanuatu for my translating and advisory services (I speak Bislama and Pidgen, the worlds two least needed languages) and at some stage would like to assist the village women in using the landraces that grow all over the island to weave mats they pay their kids school fees with, and also perhaps to come up with something better than a nambas for their husbands to wear....it's difficult to give advice on tourism development when you are the only person on the island without your bum bare. There are a couple of places I'd like to help out - Madagascan ladies who do the most amazing embroidery and use the landrace there as fire kindling, and the people of PNG who have an amazing strain but no idea that it can be used for anything other than getting stoned, drinking, chewing betel nut and subsequently beating each other up. Ive been extremely lucky to have lived this life less ordinary so feel an obligation to give something back, and I can't think of anything better to give back than this awesome herb I've chased around the planet. I'm not a strain hunter and would never call myself that so I will settle with Canna geographer Thanks for having me and I'm sure I will be able to learn a lot from you all
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    My joint-2nd place prize has arrived! Thank you @Jose.gh & Greenhouse Seed Company for you generosity with the seeds & feed and the prizes. Happy Growing!
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    I can share my personal experience, because if I have cultivated these strains many times Lemon Skunk : It is a powerful and resistant Skunk genetics. This selection has an intense lemon smell and taste, some phenotypes more than others. Very productive, lots of resin and big buds. She grows up crazy, like any Skunk. Trainwreck, it's not a weed for everyone. Only the most gourmets can discover the intensity of its taste and effect, it is very different from any commercial herb, it is a small treasure. Compact, resinous and medium to high production. Outdoor has worked better for me than indoor. Super Lemon Haze: What to say about the best weed in the world (in my opinion). It's simply my favorite, I think that says a lot about this genetics. It's a must in my closet. Cheese / Exodus: Two skunk strains with cheese flavor (and intense cheese smell). If you are a cheese lover, both strains are ideal. Here there is a diversity of phenotypes and many times there are incredible treasures to be found. Strong and branched genetics, very productive. Maybe you should try the new Franco´s Lemon Cheese, an exceptional combination of Cheese and SLH.
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    Hi It's actually kind of complex. Autopot with mineral nutrients is simple, everything is added to the water tank. But Autopot with organic nutrients is different, the nutrients must be mixed with the coconut. That's why I want to try (in the future) Bio Feeding, because they are slow release and I think you can get good results. A good friend and co-worker (Jose "commercial") has already tried Bio Feeding on Autopot with good results. I want to try it myself too, I'm very curious hahaha I am not measuring the EC now, I only use the recommended dose and then set the pH to 6.0, because now I only do manual watering. When the roots extend to the bottom of the pot, then I will start using Autopot (with its automatic watering and depositing). When using the water tank, then if I am going to measure EC and PH. The seeds were germinated on April 13 (I think), so now it is their 20th day of life. I Use 18/6 with 2x50w COB LED, grow normal speed, not too fast. Except for one, she's growing at full speed..... you can see it in the pictures. Actually, I'm even worried about it growing up so fast (this is common for male plants). Today I watered only with water, with the pH at 6.0. For the moment this is all
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    Some of the closest photos ......
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    @jan.gh Good evening, Sir. I too think i reacted too scared for a perfectly fixable situation. Now that i think about it, i have had this issue before, in my very first grow (not journaled), but in a lighter and different "mood". N toxicity (realizing it now) caused by strong PH issues (didn't have a pen back then. Didn't even know what PH was. Booo me). I too am convinced it wont flush out the BioGrow/Bloom. I'm not going to perform a flush right now because it's a delicate phase. I should've done it 2 weeks ago, before switching to 12-12. Lesson learned the hard way. Yes, i let the soil dry as much as possible before watering again. Luckily, ventilation in the tent is perfect, and the girl is dry at least 1 day before watering, every time. Anyway, here's the update with pics. Today i fed her with 6.5PH water only, no Enhancer, and instead of 4LTs, i gave her 3LTs. Runoff PH as always in range. Feeding happened at 1Pm, couldn't do it in the morning, had no time to. After 5 hours, the plant is in a state i never seen before. Clawing has almost disappeared (what the fuck?!), but some of the bottom leaves are still getting affected by the N issue. Well, i should let the pics speak for themselves. Highlander Canopy: Highlander weird "perk up": This is abnormal, to me. Never seen it happen, figures on every cola present on the plant. It doesn't look at all like heat stress, and temperatures are lower than the other days, staying in a 19°-26°. RH ranges 37-44%. Any idea what the heck is causing this? Or maybe it's a good thing and i'm again over-reacting? Highlander's N supposed Toxicity: Took a pic of a leaf that just started developing the issue. Spots on edges appear, overall leaf starts to yellow. Beneath this leaf, out of focus, an affected leaf in an advanced state. Highlander's Early Flowers: Ain't it beautiful, all of this? I hope to see better development of the issue in the coming days. Meanwhile, some thought on the weird perk-up? I'll leave y'all with a stoney-thought that came up in my mind: What if, when we die, we wake up in an alien body, holding an alien bong, sitting with a bunch of aliens and they ask you: "How was it?" Peace! Editted late by Cannabissapean: (holding an alien bong, sitting with a bunch of aliens and they ask you: "How was it?") Fucking LOL!!!!!!! That's awesome!!! That's some great stuff, man...
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    Hello Hunters, Here are a little update We are now in week 5 of flowering and I watering the plants every two days. In one week 2x with 1,8EC & 6,5PH & 1x plain water. The plants grow nicelly and the odor in the room are already crazy! The FrancoLemonCheese This plant is beautyfull & I can already smell the exodus cheese! Very happy that i think to take clone just before the flip to keep this beauty as mother! Cant wait to cut this one
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    I just roll one with the n1 beer test Is not enought dry but smokable taste is not very goed effect is good and relax
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    I crew on yachts and tall ships - everything from racing maxis and cruising yachts to 1606 replica VOC pirate ships with bricks for bunks. I'm starting to feel a little more beaten up after each trip, even though most of the last decade I've been on dive boats. Diving really gives you a look at the state this planet is in from a whole other angle, year after year I find myself having to go further and further to get away from telephones, selfies, life. I'm not a real fan of the human race - the further and deeper away I am the happier I am. Diving is my zen. I'm as much a part of the problem as anyone else...I jump on a plane because my kid bought me a ham sandwich (I don't eat ham! Never have, never will!) and burn up jetfuel to go diving (and find some herb!). I realised how much I contribute to the problem when I go through airports in Africa or PNG and just automatically stick a wad of cash inside my passport to get thru the moshpit that is most African airports. I've found most towns - especially ports - have the token hustler who can find you this or that and often turns out to be a blessing particularly as I do most of my travelling solo. In a car with three doors, no number plates, a dude with 2Pac shaved into his head chewing khat is sort of more my style of travelling than a contiki tour. This is part of the reason I have this urge to do something about the lack of a school on the Madagascan North West Islands. Once those kids hit 12, it's a choice between a boy or girl taking the ferry over to the mainland to continue getting an education. The boy is always going to win leaving the girl uneducated and often ending up walking the streets...I know it's a world wide problem but maybe I can do something about it. Malagasy people are lovely but theyre at the mercy of a very corrupt system. It's entirely possible for the local police to demand a payment to release a ladies fabric for her only source of income. I guess we have to aim for small wins sometimes.
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    My joint-2nd place prize has arrived! Thank you @Jose.gh & Greenhouse Seed Company for you generosity with the seeds & feed and the prizes. So, I've rolled my first White Rhino joint from Bi. First & early impressions an hour in - it's not what I expected. I expected to be very couch-locky and me losing the ability to speak while a very narcotic stoned feeling. I quite like that on occation, but my friends/wife not so much. Firstly, the smell and taste - I smell fruit, although I've no idea which one. Mango springs to mind for some reason. Nice! A bit of bark in the taste. It's also not couch-locky (perhaps, … yet) and I'm still managing to talk to the cats. Defo got a bit of a dry mouth, but at least my liquid intake will pick up I'm very much looking forward to growing the seeds I've chosen (Super Lemon Haze CBD; Arjan's Strawberry Haze; and Franco's Lemon Cheese) and hope to do grow logs in due course. Happy Growing!
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    Gracias por la aclaración Sirena medicinal y g22, buena plantación la verdad quien pudiera tener una así, en España con las leyes como están es imposible tener tantas, si fuese legal sería un gran negocio para muchos incluso salir de la tan temida crisis, Thank you for the clarification Sirena medicinal and g22, good planting the truth that can have one, in Spain with the laws, as it is impossible, but it is a big business for many, without leaving the crisis, but with so much corrupt politician and so many hidden interests, I doubt that legalize in some day
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    I may be wrong but I do believe it's a private plantation - she is still in Lebanon and is keeping her location and who she is with very quiet...which is wise. I hope she took that shot discretely, it's certainly a well tended crop...and she doesn't even smoke!! ETA - I'd hazard a guess this is destined to become hash??
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    Hola buenas tardes , parece una plantación privada verdad? todas las plantas se ven muy bien cuidadas a la misma altura y no se ve ni una mala hierba cerca Saludos y fenomenales humos Hello good afternoon, it looks like a private plantation right? all the plants look very well maintained at the same height and you can not see a bad weed near Greetings and great smoke
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    That photo was taken by a friend in....Lebanon! Madagascar really is one of the poorest countries in the world really trying to find their way post independence but with such high poverty and a really corrupt government (its standard to be pulled over 3 times a day to pay some sort of fine - hence why you find the local "fixer" who both pays the police and brings you goofballs of hash ) it's hard for the locals to progress. Theyre such nice people they put up with me walking around in my underwear for two weeks (why put clothes on if they're only going to get soaked in the 99% humidity) - they deserve the basic right to clean water and a school that caters for kids over 12 on that island. If they can make ylang ylang scented body creams that go straight to the parfumeries of Paris, they can make cocoa butter Canna skin creams!
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    Yesterday I was "strain hunting" in Amsterdam. So I went to green house coffeeshop United to look for some seeds. So I went smoked a fast joint and moved on(did not buy any seeds). When I was going home I realised I visited all the green house coffeeshops in 4 weeks time and put all my extra time and effort into researching the GH business structure and locations. So I was sitting in the car feeling a bit like a groupie. I asked myself a question: Why am I doing this. Answer to myself: I wish I could be a part of GH seeds like many other growers and enthusiasts and develop my own strains, vending the seeds at expositions and conferences. Growing our strains and be a winner at all the cannabis cup. Realisation: Everybody wants to be part of the winning team. So I felt a little sad because of my groupie behaviour. But you cant blame a grower for dreaming.
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    This is what i'm making. Round and Square ones and trying to make a desk model with a big leaf and maybe some small ones
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    Hi g22, I add the water I want to the tank, with the fertilizer included. In this case, I've only added 10 liters to get started. I measure the pH (now I use an adwa meter, but it's crap and doesn't measure correctly), and I calibrate it with citric acid (sold in a grow shop, concentrated). I adjust the pH to 6.0 and end, every two or three days I do a review, but I have noticed that the pH has not fluctuated, it remains at 6.0. Next week I will fill 15 new litres of water with fertilizer and set the pH to 6.0 (I hope to have my new pH measurements). This time I will wait 7 days before checking to see if the pH is varying. My main problem these past few weeks is that I didn't know my PH meter was crazy, and it works only when he wants it to. Greetings!
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    Indonesia islands has the best land race on earth..oils,cream,red hash.
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    OK, this is nice. Sit back and relax, and watch this man build a log cabin all alone off-grid in the Canadian Wilderness. No power tools. Amazing. If you liked the movie with Robert Redford, "All is Lost", you'll love this video. Even better, because there is no hint of any loss at all. And if the server is unable to display the link as a hypertext, then here is the URL, just take out the spaces between the w's and paste it in your URL line, and it should work just fine. w w w.youtube.com/watch?v=7rgGEkI510Q
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    Just a few pics of my indoor grow.
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    Iremos viendo como evoluciona William Trust, semanalmente voy colgando alguna foto, a ver la princesa como se encuentra en septiembre... igual de princesa pasa a monstruosamente preciosa jejeje Lo próximo que are con ella es ponerle una reja rígida a su alrededor como e visto a Franco (en paz descanse) en la siguiente foto Saludos y fenomenales humos amigo We will see how William Trust evolves, weekly I am hanging a photo, to see the princess as it is in September ... just as princess goes to monstrously beautiful jejeje The next thing you do with her is to put a rigid grid around her as I've seen Franco (peacefully rest) in the next photo Greetings and great fumes friend
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    During my last grow I was having a bit of trouble with condensation in my tent. An idea came to me so I thought I'd share it with everyone. A simple but as it turns out an effective one. A cheap fan heater blowing on the air intake line does wonders with removing the condensation, also during the colder nights it helps lift the temps. Hopefully it might be of use to someone else.
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    Eso espero William Trust la verdad que si que es increíble la más alta, es raro que haya salido tan alta, frente a sus hermanas que todas son de porte más bajo pero quizás también cargarán bastante y tengan buena productividad, me conformo con que me llegase para un año, que por ley es lo que puedo plantar y por el camino que lleva la WR más alta creo lo podré conseguir Saludos y fenomenales humos That I hope William Trust the truth that if it is incredible the highest, it is rare that it has come out so high, in front of his sisters that all are of lower bearing but perhaps also they will load a lot and have good productivity, I am satisfied with that I arrived for a year, which by law is what I can plant and by the way that the WR takes higher I think I can get it Greetings and great smoke
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    Buenas amigos por aquí dejo unas fotos de las de exterior hoy estuve haciendo un poco de selección para sacar esquejes y algo de producción de alguna copa central Good friends here I leave some pictures of the outdoor today I was doing a bit of selection to get cuttings and some production of a central cup
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    I like the idea of an Island Edition Strain Hunters. Pick several regions to island hop. There are more than one million islands on Earth so start in Fiji region and move about. There is one island in this region absolutely covered in pot with what looks to be maybe 500 inhabitants. The landraces in these island regions are of the purest sativa with wispy leaves, airy white pistils, and high stimulant effects. West of Chile also comes to mind as well as west of Mexico and west of Spain and south of India Also there is a chain of islands I will have to look up and post later that is known as the destination for Chinese tourists to smoke pot. I will havr to look it up later. Heaven on Earth and tons of mountainous micro islands chained together
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    Its for the famous libanon hash i think i smoke it from a coffee shop when i was young but can't remember i onlysmoke marocan hash in the past and now i only smoke weed and no tobacco otsalways great to read story about people ho travel the world 🍁👍
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    @MedicinalMermaid Hello cool story in wich country do you take that pic that look to be a big field i have a friends from sud of france ho live a long time on isle of Reunion and tell me people are very poor on madascar good idea to help theme ✌🍁
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    Hello hunters, here's the news of the week ! We are now at the end of the week 4 of flowering This week i watering 2x the plants with 2,5ltr of 1,5 ec / 6,5 ph & 1x just plain water. Here are the pics Group shot 1 Group shot 2 FrancoLemonCheese iam very happy with the FrancoLemonCheese, she is already covered of chrystals, crazy! TOXIC RipperHaze Beautifull hazy plant! See you for the next update hunters, Peace
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    Hi HotSauceMC, this is an interesting question. There are a lot of variables involved here such as the strength of the herb, hit profile is it a heady/cerebral Sativa type hit or does it have an indica body stone with a mild high, maybe a total couch lock narcotic type hit, I prefer the Indica type profile, but Sative highs are nice too, its all good. Another variable is tollerance, I smoke every day, herb is part of mi life, like a wife, I don't smoke shag I just smoke herb, if I roll a 1 skin joint with a regular rizla I use maybe half a gram of bud, if a use two rizla (saturday night special pattern) or king size rizla I use about a gramme maybe more, depends how phat I mek mi spliff The thing is when I draw on a spliff I take three good tokes, I like to draw deep, by the time I exhale I can feel it and I carry on to build my vibe as I smoke the spliff then I am good for a few hours and I get on with my day and whatever I have to deal with. Herb is soul food. Gasmeter
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    Hi again! They have almost 30 days since germination and their growth is normal, neither slow nor fast... except the little devil in the corner. He hasn't shown sex yet, but I'm afraid that all this energy means only one thing... although we'll have to wait and see. The roots stick out from the bottom of the pot, so connect the water tank of the Autopot system. Now the irrigation is 100% automated, I only check the tank every 15 days. A serious problem I've had is the pH measurement. I was giving the wrong measurements, that has caused me to have a significant mismatch in the pH level. Some leaves begin to show some deficiencies, mainly magnesium. I'm waiting for my new PH meter to arrive. And that's all for the moment, now I also use the air system in the roots, the air pump only works during the day. Greetings!
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    Hi there everyone, new guy here just saying hello and shit .. so hello and shit. nice forum !!
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    @Cannabissapean if you take your plant to the shower to flush the medium you gone kill all good bacteri and fungy with the chlorine ? or is better to flush and if the soil is hot is leaf must be more burn and burn from the tipe not? Editted late response from Cannabissapean (20 June 2018): Good thinking, g22. If your city water contains lots of chlorine, that would not be so good for the micro-organisms in the soil. Thankfully where I am, we don't have that much chlorine in the city water. But if the plant is sufferring the effects of a destructive toxicity, then correcting the toxicity is more important than a temporary interruption in micro-organism activity. The micro-organisms can be restored again when you resume feeding the plant by adding a couple tablespoons of unsulfured molasses to the feeding solution. The sugars will restart the micro-organisms again. Not honey, honey is also anti-bacterial. Another alternative is to flush with collected rainwater. Rainwater has no chlorine, but it also usually has fewer useful minerals such as calcium. Even rainwater should be tested for pH, because in some areas especially around cities, there could be acid-rain caused by the pollution. For cannabis, acid rain may not be so bad if it results in a proper pH, but if the pH is too low, then simply adjust the pH, and be prepared to supplement some Cal-Mag later if lack of calcium becomes an issue. If you are really lucky and you are able to collect rainwater during a time when a nearby desert is generating dust-storms that move into the weather-patterns of your area, then your rainwater will contain a number of micro-nutrients and various minerals.
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    Por cierto el suelo que veo en tu jardín creo que igual no necesita nada más que añadas perlita tiene pinta de agarrarse bien a ese tipo de tierra un hoyo y a tirar millas Saludos By the way the soil I see in your garden I think same no need nothing more than adds Perlita has to paint yourself to go well to that type of earth a hole and to throw miles greetings
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    Según dicen lo más natural es la pura semilla de cáñamo regular, W.R es una planta feminizada de la mejor cepa posible, pero salio de para mi el mejor banco de semillas del mundo, cosa que yo creo puedes confiar en la marca green house, quizás el fenotipo de mis W.R son distintos por que yo la encuentro bastante psicoactiva no me deja chafado en el sofá Y el rootpouch de 57 litros será perfecto para la floración y bajo sodio pero yo como te dije la pondría en un gran hoyo en el jardín y con el sol y la luna de aliados As the most natural thing is the pure seed of regular hemp, W.R is a feminized plant of the best possible strain, but left for me the best seed bank in the world, which I believe you can trust the Green House brand, perhaps the phenotype of my W.R are different because I find it quite psychoactively does not leave me mad on the sofa and the roofpouch of 57 liters will be perfect for bloom and low sodium but I as I told you, I would put it in a great hole in the garden and with the sun and the allied moon
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    A few more pics. Didn't get a chance to upload them yesterday. Appoliges for the photo quality. My cheap light and ballist don't play nice.
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    Thank you friends for confirming the reception and sharing photos
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    Yes i do it too i hang a heater in a corner +- a the height of the light but you need to chek that the heat not go direct on the plant that can stress or burn the plant i don't have a spécial thermostat but you adjust it ones it stay +-good just if you have change in temp outside now iam not a professional but it works for me there is good thermostat in brico market for 20€ or is a thermostat from biogreen but is more expensif 70€
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    @R.G.S If tbey are corrup its alrady legalize but not for everyone 😂😂😂 The all world is corrup 😂😂😂
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    Hello @Jose.gh, hope you are good! how are your plants in the autopot?
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    Welcome to the forum partner, Transfer your publication to the cultivation area Greetings!

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