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    Hello friends this is my Kings 12-12 in day 7 system dwc lighting my 2 x 400 watts HPS and metalhalid. Vegitiral I have about 80-85 days to feed GHE fertilizers.
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    Thanks SantaBuds Now I'm germinating some new seeds, to see how they come out
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    LOL i definitely will attempt to do these things but i cant promise anything. Yea man its a bunch of classes but botany would be my major or something like that man and Sadly no broccoli, just vegetables to start off with. and thanks for the advice i appreciate and i do wanna grow. i grew once in GA and it was cool, just wanna learn more before i step into the cage with big dogs lol
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    Hi Gasmeter my room is warm 32-35 C ...... but my girl grows day 39 from 12-12
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    hello, seed blue emerald feminised de novastore 600w hps soil house and garden ligth mix + perlite nutritions canna mineral ,rhizotonic ,canna vegas ,canna flores,canna pk13 ,canna booster,cannazym pot 18L extraction 800m3 heures intraction 400 m3 heures
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    Hy i just put the seed in BAC xseed its a organic grow in a light mix no perlite mix whit coco & perlite i use BAC organic fertilizer for 8 weeks grow
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    Hello everyone.I just wanna help save these strains that are going out and maybe help find/discover the ultimate strain that is out there waiting to be found. How can i help? When is the next trip, i want in lol. Well thanks for reading my intro and looking forward to being more involved with this page. Well time to get going to class, thats right, botany is life lol..peace everyone
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    im new, im here to read and learn, im up to set up small home box and first i wanna understand is what exactly means HYDRO GROW in Strain Hunters Video is that pure hydro or its coco-perlite with neutrions ...
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    Welcome to StrainHunters, Mr.Phillyphill. Best way to save the strains that are "going out" is to buy the seeds and get busy growing them and using silver colloid solutions to cross the females against themselves. Not an easy undertaking and it requires dedication. Gotta keep the strange pollen out of the grow room. That way, YOU become a breeder. Or support your local "reputable" breeders and simply continue to buy from them so that there continues to be a current market for the strains that you want to save. And tell them so. In so doing, the breeders will re-double their efforts to produce the genetics that continue to be demanded. Another way is to become involved in spreading the good word about cannabis and to encourage others to use their power as a voter to get rid of the political scum that supports the monopolizing special interests and abusive laws that punish people for their peaceful pursuits of happiness and better health, away from the synthetic poisons forced on us by the government-supported monopoly - the pharmaceutical industry. Stop buying synthetic threads to wear, and demand that you want clothing made from hemp fibers, not polyester, nylon, rayon and such polluting crap. Stop buying that synthetic Canola Oil to cook with, and buy instead Hemp Oil, it is available in Europe and online, and it is rich in Omega 3, and far healthier than Canola-crap and Corn oil and Sunflower oil and Palm oil. Palm Oil and Sunflower Oil contribute to high cholesterol, and besides, the Palm Oil Industry encourages the destruction of the rain forests. OK, I step off my soapbox. For the trips, you'll need to contact Arjan and the crew. If you know of some fields that they should visit, let them know. Botany class is cool. Be sure to study well about soil microbes, pH, and photoperiod effects of plants, and pests, especially spider-mites; then you'll be in good shape for growing cannabis. Do you have a grow in progress? Hey, start a journal and post some pictures for us to enjoy. Have a good grow...
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    nice journal and very nice plants congrats damn shame about the rot. taking some leave off indoors helps with air flow to help reduce the chance of bud rot, dont know if this would help out door. peace
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    14 September 2017 We have had a few very wet days since my last update and I have had to keep both plants in the shed under the flourescent lights. Today while it was sunny I took some photos of the plants and as I checked them over I found some bud rot on the leafy plant right at the top of the plant. So I removed the affected buds and saved the bud above it which was not affected and cleared as much debris from the site as I could. Site at top of leafy plant after removing affected bud. Salvaged bud from above and below affected bud site. Although bud rot is shit, with every negative there is a positive, this does provide the chance to test the bud. I quick dried the bud on the radiator and it is OK the vibe is nice when I look at photos of the bud I can see that the trichomes are mainly very milky with a few starting to go amber so it provides a nice high with a good body hit. Happy growing guys. Gasmeter
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    Thats sounds cool Half day and afternoon arrive, more and more people are everywhere. Welcome to ExpoGrow!
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    Hi Cannabissapean, t would have been great to share smoke with you here Everything is more active today, more visitors than yesterday, it is noticed that it is Saturday and people feel like coming to enjoy a good day of smoke. Some photos of today Enjoying the weekend at #ExpoGrow
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    Hello, I'm from Lebanon, a cannabis lover and grower with more than 8 years of experience. I have created my first strain "Lebanese Haze", a very potent heavy yielding & needs around 8 weeks to flower. Cheers from Lebanon
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    Hello everyone out there! I stumbled upon this website a few minutes ago and got intrigued. Rather than simply lurk, decided to send a holler out there. Am currently hunting the Sheelavathi strain in Vizag, any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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    Hi guys, my name is Ivan from Croatia and I'm your average smoker and herb enthusiast.. Looking for cool people to chat with and share experiences.. And maybe even some beginner growing tips.. Holla
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    Hi Strain Hunter community, my name is George. I recently completed the Horticulture class at Oaksterdam University in Oakland California (a great place to learn all about growing cannabis) and heard about the Strain Hunters from one of my professors. It's great to learn about the historical and biological evolution of cannabis from these guys, thanks for all your hard work and research. Cheers!
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    slimjim, In ChatNow, I've been similarly suggesting amendments to improve his soil, but Mangotree doesn't have such materials available to him where he lives. The first two pictures above are of soil from a nearby river bank; the last three pictures above are of soil from his garden. Stores in his area do not have the basic garden supplies that we take for granted, such as basic garden soils, pre-mixed soils, Humus, Perlite, etc. So I have been trying to suggest what he might be able to find in nature. I've suggested adding black leaf compost to add nutrients and a little sand to improve drainage. Apparently, even compost is difficult for him to acquire. There may not be any forests near him. I have suggested the use of sheep or goat or cow Dung, but only after it has sat for a long time, and it must be well mixed with his soils and allowed to sit for many many weeks before using it. Mangotree told me that a local gardener has offered him "fertz". Alarmed, I quickly warned against some kind of unknown or untested chemical cocktail, but he then reassured me that what the gardener was offering was in fact composted leaves, and only leaves, so I said that sounds OK for the compost part of the mix. He is starting with 3 Jack Herer feminized seeds from GreenHouse, germinating them one at a time. Already, the first one has died shortly after papertowel germination. It died when he planted it too deep (~1 inch) in this heavy soil after it had only just cracked and barely showed its root tip (a bit too early IMO). I have encouraged him for the next time, allow the tip to extend at least 10mm (1/4 inch) before setting in the soil, and then, the tip should be down, and the seedpod no deeper than 1/4 inch deep. I have further encouraged him to NOT germinate the next seed until he FIRST creates a better soil and allows it to sit for a week or two. I asked him to do his best to mix his soil and present us with pictures for further inspection and possible further amendments BEFORE starting the next seed. @Mangotree, I encourage you to post ALL your correspondence and pictures in HERE, instead of using ChatNow. Because IN HERE, we can ALL help you. When you use the ChatNow, your conversation is only between you and your chat partner (me, in this case), and no one else can see it. That means that you lose the possibility to get help from the rest of the StrainHunters. I would suggest your hiking about the next few days with a backpack and a small shovel and bags to collect soils and amendments. We are waiting on your next post. Have fun. Editted 21 September 2017: For anyone else following this journal, the journal's author - Mangotree - is rarely able to access the site using a PC or laptop, therefore he is rarely able to write anything. He IS able to upload pictures from a mobile device, but the forum's code does not allow him to write any text into this journal's text-field from his mobile device. So, I am proxying for him and text-journalizing his efforts for him. (From his mobile device he IS able to write text ONTO HIS PICTURE before the upload, but that is a lot of extra work. I have alerted the Forum administrator about these mobile-device-restrictions a number of times over the past 12 months or so, but there has still been no noticeable improvements as far as I can determine when I correspond with persons who are on mobile devices. Similarly, I am still unable to upload any pictures from my PC. I have alerted Jose about this about a month ago, but still I cannot upload pictures from my own files. I am only able to upload URLs of websites, but none of my own pictures.) By this time, Mangotree's first seed had died. The original soil was waay too dense, and the seed couldn't cope. We are working to mix a batch of good soil before germinating the next seed.
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    I wish I could have been there too. Had to work right up to the last minute. And Irun is so far away for me. Looks like fun. Have a fun and productive weekend. P.S. When did Arjan grow a beard and start wearing glasses? Or am I seeing double? Which one is Arjan? sitting or standing? Or does Arjan have a brother? LOL
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    At night the concerts began, and a tribute to our brother Franco Loja. The special cup Franco Loja. Thanks Thanks to #ExpoGrow and all people, for making the loving memory of Franco Loja everlasting
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    Hi slimjim! Yhis sounds good Now everything is open to the public, there are more people and it shows that the party begins. I already fired up .... grass, everywhere, lol You can also watch our videos in instagram: https://www.instagram.com/greenhouseseedco/?hl=es
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    After 72h 100% germination iam very happy
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    Hi guys, We started the day of Friday with a special time for professionals of the sector. From 14.30, ExpoGrow will open to everyone Some photos so you can see what is waiting for you, we are already working !! We will wait for you Also you can see all the photos, live, from our facebook : https://www.facebook.com/greenhouseseeds/ Cheers!!
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    I think my sprouting technic is not very goed k-train like to be not so easy to let germinate i let the propogator e litel more colder 20° to 24 °
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    New to the forum...new to growing.... I'm a medical doctor who has started prescribing Cannabis....finding it is generally working pretty well....also interested in growing commercially....Starting to work on the Licensed Production Application here in Canada.... I'd like to make contact with other licensed producers/growers so I can pick your brains and learn... Cheers
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    And lastly, the special guest, the smoker mosquito
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    Some more photos about Hindu Kush, even mosquitoes want to smoke haha
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    Two pics mor about Super Critical and the amazing Hindu Kush
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    Vote? That rarely works in the rigged game of politics. Breed and preserve your genetics. Buy GHSC gear when it's available. It pays to stock up. They have some of the most affordable prices. No excuse not to stock up when strains are available. I still have standard seed GHSC seeds packs put away. The Super Silver Haze is one of them. It's only a 5 pack so hopefully they germinate and give me some gems. That will be part of a breeding project some years from now. GHSC has been on of my most favorite breeders to buy genetics from for over 10 years. Keep up the great work GHSC staff!
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    this is looking awesome... healthy whites!!!!1!! lovely! u gotta have em for nice buds...
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    Today I put some pictures of the Lilly, this genetics is very unproductive, but its smell and its resin are very abundant. It is tasty, though not particularly potent.
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    A few more photos of Hindu Kush Very resinous, very intense odor, great
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    These photos are from HK (cut from friend Dani)
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    And some photos of the White Widow, amazing amount of resin
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    Hello people been watching an reading from this site a while now so thought it's time to join as it seems there's some good people on here. I've been growing just over 5 years so av a reasonable amount of exp but still learning every run. I have 4 hso amhurst sd and 2 dinafem og kush 30 days into veg from seed looking nice and hoping they stay that way until finish. Anyways glad to be part of the site and can't wait to meet and chat to like minded people. Peace all and happy growing Doobydoo
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    I am more of a sativa guy, punto rojo or the like although getting more into hybrids lately with kids and all, to not be so much of a hamster ;-) nyc diesel type I am growing a large 60/40 at a friend's house because he gets sun all day at his terrace and hoping for decent yield. Cloned it and I am letting one veg slowly into a large smart pot, would like to get into cooking with cana oil and butter later on. Like the site, will try check the Colobian video this weekend. keep it real, peace Man
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    hello the comunity !! i'm very happy to share with others who like those wonderful flowers !!!! I am a fan of GHS and SH . i have 4 dvd of strain hunters expéditions. jamaica, morocco, india, Trinidad.... i started to grow with ghs 's seeds and then SH's seeds. i regret the death of Franco who was a big head for cannabis world. RIP franco we just think to you each time we grow marijuana. peace friend. i like money maker and now i will begin a session of exodus cheese that i love. i will make a post for her. so we'll see on the forum. bye and keep cool.
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    That one tree in the middle had over 3 pounds on it
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    Hi my girls is a photo period the seed of Green House . Start 15 or 20 november , is my sistem dwc + water pump for watering top ,the plant drink 8 liters water per day ,keep EC 2 +- , ph 6- 6,3.... humidity is 55 % .I slowed this week the nitrogen - -- and phosphorus++ and potassium++ after 10 days wil put powder. I'm glad you like my plant
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    here you can see 2 plants of money maker sativa phenotype. cut flo+62. i will put more pics for e. cheese in the future.
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    Mangotree, I promised to send you a picture of a grow where the mylar is used to increase the reflectivity within the grow area. This mylar material can also help you to retain the moisture within the grow area as well. Of course, you would need to create some kind of frame, and the use of duct tape or similar materials would be important in order to kelp keep the grow area as air-tight as possible, although it will need to have a little circulation. So here it is: It is found in g22's journal in his post on Tuesday, 20 Sept 2017:
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    Mangotree, OK, I understand that due to circumstances at home, you cannot mix a large amount at this time, but that you will mix the large part at the other location later. So, at this time, we are mixing only for the single seedling's initial cup. OK, we will resume amending this bag that you have already started as seen above. But it may be necessary that we have to make a bit more than fits into just the one cup; Because we need to get the mixture right, we might have to mix just a little more than just one cup's worth. We just won't try to mix it all, OK? (If there is a little bit left over, that is actually good, because then, you will have a sample-reference batch against which to compare your future mixes. Understand?) The sand you found looks OK, but you had said that it is sand that was intended to be mixed into cement for concrete and that it was sold at the construction store in open bags, and it has no certification of cleanliness, and that it has been laying around somewhere at your home also open. Because it is not certified clean, and because it was supplied from a construction store in open containers and stored open, we cannot be sure that something unwanted has not fallen into it. It should be washed to ensure, that if somewhere along the way it had become contaminated with cement or salt or motor oil or herbicide, we will clean that out. To wash it, fill a bucket about half-way with this sand, then fill the bucket with tap water. Stir, stir, stir, stir for a couple minutes, then decant the water out of the bucket. Decanting means to pour the water out without pouring out the sand. Repeat this 5 times. After the last time, pour the sand onto a hand towel or beach towel and allow the water to drain away. Now the clean, wet sand can be measured into the mix. Sand doesn't hold much water, so after it is well mixed with the other components, it will release its moisture into the other components. Not a problem. As discussed earlier, we will use your cup to measure from here on. To what you have already mixed, add 1-cup of this cleaned sand, add 1 additional cup dry Perlite, and add 1 additional cup dry-to-moist garden soil. Mix that up very well, and if there are any clumps, break them up and mix them in. Then make another picture of the mixture. <- picture 1. Then take a handful of the soil in your hand and squeeze it in your hand, then open your hand and take a picture of it sitting on your palm. <- picture 2. Then drop it on a papertowel from about 6 inches high and see how it crumbles. Take a picture of that too. <- picture 3. I know this all sounds a bit crazy, but this is a standard procedure that some supersoil experts recommend in order to test their soil's consistency. They don't normally make photos for themselves, unless they wish to include photos of this procedure in their journals. You are making the photos here so that I can try to discern the consistency with you, and as well, if anyone else is following us in your journal, they may find this interesting or informative. Do all of this, and we'll see each other again tomorrow at the appointed time.
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    Compost looks a little if-fy, kinda dry-looking, but better than nothing. The perlite looks good Ok, get busy mixing. In a big bucket, put all the compost 5 kg. to that, add a couple cups of perlite, then add a couple shovel-fuls of your garden dirt. (Editted: NOT mud. The ingredients should be dry or semi-dry during the mixing. We'll add water later. If you already did add wet mud, well that's OK, the other ingredients will soak up the excess moisture and as we continue to mix it up, it will all even out.) Mix it up and take another picture. We'll amend this a bit more later after the picture
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    If they get too tall, that's the way it goes. But if you want to push her to flower, you could start locking her inside to limit her light exposure (letting her see light only 8 to 10 hours per day). That way she would start to flower earlier. You might need to do so, bro. Winter is just around the corner. That's what I would do.
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    WOW! What the hell kind-a tree is that? Nice reflective tent you have there... hehehe And nice bar, man. HEY! Next party is at g22's house...! Yeah, let's roll!
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    Now some pics of White Widow..... simply amazing
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