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    Hello friends, Quick update... don't have lot to say... my 6 plants looks simply great... they grow so fast... Before the week-end I'll transfer them in bigger pots... and if they continue growing this way I'll start maybe the flowering few days before my basic schedule. Cheers & respect ! Evolution666 DAY 17:
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    Hello friends, After only 24 on 400w HPS... Look like the 6 plants are liking to be on more bigger pots & with a more powerfull light... & I've also used the additive enhancer for the first time... Hope everything will continue that way ! See ya soon with more pics & infos... Have a great week-end ! Evolution666 DAY 15:
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    The Matriarch White Rhino rises: She's looking great. Got rid of her seed casing before breaking ground! The others have a leader to follow. Happy Growing!
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    Monday 08/01/2018 Soaking 10 seeds at 08h28 R/O water 1ml /l h2o2 3% Water temp 20° to 23°
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    Hi guys! I've been a bit too busy to update but there it is. Day 28 - Veg Today I will transplant the remain 3 Rhyno's to 11L pot's. (Dont enough solo, have to buy more) Ah, 2 of 8 dont make it, so I will finish with 6 good girls. The little one's in this last photo are 2 Auto Northern Lights (Xtreme) just to get some smoke before harvest the rhynos. Already topped this 3. They are under 400w.. they look healthy and 0 yellow, but for this day, they have to be much bigger no? What I did wrong guys? Used enhancer one time, and I will use again when got the six in 11L pot. Is this for today. Big hug for all boys!
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    Hello friends, Back with some pictures... Plants continue growing & flowering on a great way... In around 1 big week I will transfer the 2 smallest on a other box with a 400 HPS like that I'll give to all of them more light like that I hope I'll get a correct yield for this 'contest harvest'... More and more difficult to do correct pictures of the plants... It will be more easy I think when I'll give them more space. Cheers & have a great week-end ! See ya soon ! Evolution666 DAY 55 (Third week of flowering)
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    D65 i took picture with the light off to show that it became green again with biofeeding i put some hemp straw to retain the moist iam not everyday at home i hope that not make some trouble or pest maybe its a littel to much hemp
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    D63 1 week in flowering temp & rh are in goed range my soil is back working the plant stop to yellowing even the one i keep for the summer they are a littel small i hope they keep growing a lot iam happy of the humidifier i buy in second hand you can put a pvc tube of 50mm on top it fits perfectly in the lid just need to cut a piece of plastic with 8l water capacity is just my water that full of limestone the plant i keep look to be perfect to make a scrog maybe i try but in my garden to get sunlight she need to grow high so iam not shure to do a scrog for the cover it work a littel i need to put mulch under and its gone work better i can water on the cover the water passed trough
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    Friends, This is a forum to learn, have fun and share knowledge and experience. When we smoke weed, we all like to enjoy a good time, reading posts, watching photos, talking to friends.... That is why we will take decisive action. We don't want the magic to be lost, we don't want bad vibrations. If someone violates the forum rules, they will be banned immediately. Please have fun on the forum, leave the bad vibrations out. Thank you:)
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    Exactly 28 days of 12/12 ( 4 weeks) and all going well. Some very nice bud-sites now with the potential for lengthy colas. So far so good and no issues at all. What do you think @ShaggyGrower? A few quick snaps with phone camera flash only.
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    Hello Hunters, I just come back at home after 4 crazy days of Spanabis. The expo was awesome and the straihunters club is just the place to be for smoker in barcelona. I can speak & smoke with many great people, Arjan, @Dust (thanks for all man), Jose from GH & Strainhunters but also with the famous grower of th seeds, Remo of the Remo Nutrients, his GG#4 is just incredible potent and tasty weed, Gavita guys, Big Buddha, the Ripper seed crew and many other. Happy to see you @Jose.gh and sorry for the beer on the bar So here are 3 pics... Remo & me with a good 2gramm+ joint of his GG#4 really good and potent weed! The first pics is all the gift we have at the expo, and the magazine on Franco come from the SH club. As you can see we have a lot of nutrients to try, stikers and seeds! We smoke just to many gram of weed from the strainhunter club and i can says the Ginger ale, tangie is tasty for sativa and Gorilla Glue 4, cheesdawg for indica are great to and well flushed weed with great white ash! In the hash category the Barbarra is just FIRE!!! So great job guys and thanks a lot for the great welcome! See you next year guy's!
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    Gentlemen, A number of posts above have been "Reported" to us Moderators. I am informing you that the "Reports" as well as this entire TOPIC are now under Review by the Moderator Team. Thereby, a number of other Moderators may be involved in making a decision regarding these "Reports". I would highly recommend that you all calm down and refrain from using inappropriate language and offensive name-calling. There is nothing wrong with disagreeing with one another, just please do so in a civil manner. If there are any lies expressed, well, as misleading as they may be, there are no rules against expressing lies. But if those lies rise to the point of libel against another member, then we Moderators may have to step in. If you detect that another member is stating untruths, then just let it be. Or if it is so extremely important a theme that you feel compelled to express a counter-arguement, then simply Quote the questionable post into your next post and write your counter-arguement against their statement, and then leave it alone. If an untruth had been told, then it should be simply left to the readers to judge for themselves. In all fairness, when quoting another Member, please do not change any text of what the other had written. Further, in fairness to everyone who reads this, I shall state that every "Quote"-function within this forum is an "open-field" Quote-function, meaning that anything can be changed by the user who is performing the "Quote". As you might well imagine, that pretty much destroys any judicial value it may have, meaning that it would have absolutely no merit in nearly any court of law. But let us not speak about courts of law. I feel assured that if things go too far, the Moderators would step in. Members may be restricted or banned, and this Topic and any other Topics deemed necessary by the Moderators can be deleted. I have not issued a warning against anyone yet, hoping that you will find a suitable middle-course and resolve this in a civil manner. Thank you. Cannabissapean
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    D56 i switch to 12/12 today if the plants dont kom over the bad veg i give to her i stop but i learn a lot in this contest its very instructiv to grow the same strain with other peoples. i just buy a humidifier but a littel late but with no air cooled reflector or a leds i think it use to much of water to get the right rh. i gone keep to the summer the withe rhino that make the 4 branch so maybe i can grow here big for the summer
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    Hi guys Maybe the slowdown was a few gnats, they can deteorite the roots and we can't see, but I saw some very tiny tiny gnat larves on my leafs and have to do something. In my last grow I had the same thing but dont matter to much just thinking it was from clones and auto's genetics (the slowdown) Well it turn out my fault. And the thing is that I reused some solo from previous grow for the Rhinos.. (dumbass ) I battled them with neem, controlled for now as u will see on last photo, because the development from them was huge in last few days I think I won!!!! I tryed to LST them, well not perfect but I guess it will do the job, let me now if anything wrong boyss. 4/2 7/2 12/2 (My favorite, easy to say why) 19/2 20/2 And here dont wanting to break the off-topic u can see from the two auto's one very indica and one very sativa, is that even possible? different ratios? Not stable? 21/2 The big lady jesus lov it So guys the real question, one more week and turn to 12? They already show the sex and the pistles come out.. so when i change the hour they will asume the flower period within 3/4 days? I'am I right? Big hug bros Happy smoking
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    Hello, After 20 days it was the good timing to give my plants more space with bigger pots... A the base I was planning to transfer all the 6 of them in 7l pots but after the 2 first transfer I choosed to not continue with 7l pots... I think plants need realy more space cause they growing so fast so I transfered the 3 of them in 15l pots & the last one in 10l pot. I've also mixed the solil with BIO GROW (2g/l of soil)... So now will wait 2 or 3 days to try to do better pictures of the plants... Have a great week-end ! Evolution666
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    Big OG.Naj, Nice to meet you and talk to you, I hope next year we can drink that beer We made many photos in Spannabis, some very good haha, you can see them all from here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/greenhouseseeds/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1847851275234562
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    Hello Friends, Back with some pictures because we are today at day 50 of this great White Rhino session... And the good news is about the the flowering cause the 6 plants starts making small buds... after only 2 weeks of flowering that's for me a good surprise (Usually that's more after 3 weeks)... so here are some pictures... sorry for the bad quality of the pictures. I'll ad more soon... Cheers & respect ! DAY 50 (Second week of flowering):
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    Upon reading everything again for the 7th time, and giving it a wide thought, i'll keep posting as usual. It isn't fair towards those who are following, and are interested in seeing this through. More over, it is my grow, my journal. I can be bad, it can be fucked up, but it needs to be updated. Starting now. Highlander begun stretching. I've raised the lights 5cm. Temp inside ranges from 29.5 to 22. I've read WR can withstand high temps with no problem, but flowers tend to foxtail with high temps. I've also read it is resistant to low fertilization (my case), or to over fertilization, but overall WR's uptake is less compared to other strains. Source: http://en.seedfinder.eu/strain-info/White_Rhino/Green_House_Seeds/review/indoor/ I'll see you all Wednesday. Cheers.
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    Muy buenas compañeros. Pido disculpas por la ausencia a todos. Los pongo un poco al día.. Después de tener varios inconvenientes técnicos y laborales, las plantas notaron mucho la falta de tiempo y llegaron a ponerse en condiciones verdaderamente nefastas, espigadas y con muy pocas ramificaciones, culpa mía al 100 % por intentar una técnica de poda que me recomendaron y sin tener prácticamente idea de lo que estaba haciendo, lo único que conseguí fue crear bloqueos a la hora del crecimiento, una Vez hechas las cosas mal, solo quedaba cortar y volver a empezar o aprovechar el momento y poner a prueba otra técnica para aumentar producción. Me fabrique una Red de Lst a mi gusto y me dispuse a guiar las plantas aprovechando los brazos fuertes. Tras un vegetativo muy muy largo (más de lo que tenía en mente) se recuperaron de los bloqueos y han colonizado bien su espacio. 255w led. 10 días de floración. Un saludo y espero poder actualizar contenido más a menudo. @Golloelcogollo
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    Hi again, So far they are great, this last month i got it right and they responded positivily. Sometimes we are so distracted to do things good that we turn to the wrong ones, shit happens (last 2 photos) all good though Forgot about Veg day, but was something like 50/60 days, first month with gnat problem's.. (She was very big too, with my mistake i can line up better with the rest of canopy) Before After She broke and I tried to put the top in 2liter pot but maybe it's a waste of time and work since it'll not make it, I'am right? (Edit: Of course not , already on my bag trash) (Now) 3/9 - Day 2 Flower Sry for the Yellow color's, they are very green, I have to take the photos imediately when the light turn's on so u can see good. All for today. Happy smoking
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    D53 i just transplant to the 30l and i wait to D56 wednesday to switch to 12/12 i think i was too lazy about watering during grow and i let my soil dry 2-3 times iam skeptical about the blooming result you can see the fuzzy from the fungy i dont know if its bad or not to let the medium with the biofeeding wait 3day before transplant i give my first thea with enhancer i hoope the recipe is good
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    Please do not leave Sal. Instead of leaving because of the presence of S., stay and show everybody how weed is grown properly. Remember that future people will look also into this forum, and possibly into your journal, to know how to grow White Rhino. If you leave now, people will have an incomplete journal to read and aknowledge. Instead, since your plants are the healthiest among all the goddamn competition, finish it and show all members here how it's goddamn done. I'm a bit tired of seeing the words "perfect", "happy" or "healthy" when clearly it's the opposite. Shows how immature some people can be towards their own mistakes, believing their mistakes actually help the plant and following that method. Please, stay and keep posting updates. It's your word in the end, but it'd be pretty a shame to lose a valuable member.
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    Hello Hunters, Sorry for the late update but with the spannabis that take time to return to the growth journal.... Anyway hope you have all a good and productive week! Today are: - the 50 Day for 2 Super Lemon Haze. - the 43 Day for 2 Sideral. The 4 plants are now under 600w gavitaPRO 400v I trainning every two days the plants to help grow bushier and better canopy. Right now, I watering every 2 days with 2ltr of EC 1,5 and PH of 6,6. This solution contain Roots booster from plagron and some "Mammoth P" that i received as a gift from the Mammoth Crew, so thanks you guy's! Here are the pics of today... Group Shot See you next friday for the next uptade... Have you all a nice week-end!
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    Time for an update. It's Day 8 of Bloom, and i've noticed some pistils are already coming out! Most of her hairs are 1cm long, some actually measure 1.5cm. Useless data, still interesting. Highlander stretched uniformly, but instead of focusing on height, she focused on leaves. Damn, that "thing" was a jungle! She gained 10cm in 1 week, and i'm keeping the lights at 32cm ca. I had to take measures against the jungle before of what i've scheduled, and instead of Day 10, i defoliated on Day 6. I took off 60~ leaves, and that allowed light to reach the lower colas, trying to break out the roof. To my eyes, she recovered from the trauma in a day, and is now proceeding with the stretch. I've fed her with water, raising the PH to 6.3. I'll see in the next days how she responds to the steady increase to 6.5. Now that the plant has grown in height, i have a better idea of temperature. On soil surface, temps reach max 23.5°. At canopy, they reach 28.5°. RH increased temporarily when the jungle grew out, up to ranges of 40-55%, the air inside smelled like rain. With the recent defoliation, those values are back to 30-45%, and there's no more rain-smell. I guess i'll need to defoliate one last time before the buds start fattening, or i'll risk serious humidity issues later on. Pic time! Highlander's Canopy: Highlander's Structure (after defo): Height: Early, early flowers: (thank you macro for not cooperating again on focus) See y'all in the next days.
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    Slight bit of taco-ing, so have lowered the ph a little. Happy Growing!
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    Thanks @ayzns, they might come out well in the end if we all get to see it. Losing interest actually due to lack of things to do......feeding water ever water is boring. Cheers @OG.Naj, much appreciated. Lets hope they make the finish as well as they have done getting this far.
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    A short documentary on the adventures of a gnat fly:
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    Buenas amigos, aquí dejo unas fotos de las W.R que las veáis, saludos y buenos humos Good friends, here I leave some photos of W.R you see them, greetings and good smoke
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    Today I took better photos so you can see the real color, enjoy friends! big hug I'll have to borrow the Canon from my sister
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    Before any misunderstanding rises, I'm not angry. I'm just deluded. And i'm not angry at you Sal. Because there's a long way between "I was a little worried" to "the guy is full of crap" or "watching a train wreck" or "his deaf ears". It is just mean and cruel. Also, i've never ever criticized anybody's work. More over, if i was giving wrong tips i am sorry, but i didn't mean to fuck other's things up. I am here to learn, and if i'm mistaken about something i know, here i can correct it. I've always supported everybody's work, here. I am just too curious to see where things go, so i can decide for my future grows.. But getting heavily insulted for my passion and the way i've done it, is something that has never happened to me. It just hurts. I hope one day @ShaggyGrower realizes what "private message" means, and keep such considerations for himself. Tagging me was just plain cruel. "Happy" growing.
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    Hello! My name is Beth, and though I've been smoking weed for nearly 20 years, I've only just recently started working in the industry. I come to the weed world by way of the open data and design world, and my brain can't get enough of everything that I'm learning about this plant. I found this site because I'm currently on vacation on Reunion Island, which I've come to because my mother-in-love has a friend here and she wanted me and my partner to come visit with her. In researching the cannabis culture on the island, I discovered this article and this site: Apparently there's a perpetual landrace growing here – which can flower 2-3 times - and I am super interested in finding it! We leave the island in 9 days, so there's time to give it a solid try. Initially I was going to contact the author, but I've since learned that he's sadly passed away (which I want to learn more about too). Anyway, I'm here to see if I can find this landrace. Because apparently the only thing that can get my mind off of collecting weed data is going out into nature and searching for weed. Many thanks to the organizers for putting this together! Also! If anyone happens to read this and is interested in the Open Cannabis Project, check it out here: https://opencannabisproject.org/ We're in the process of rebuilding the database. Cool things coming soon... [plant emoji] + <3
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    Hola amigos tengo un pequeño problema en el primer juego de hojas de algunas W.R les ha salido un tipo de hongo o moho, las e limpiado y seleccione unas pocas para sacar a exterior, espero podáis darme consejo con el tema del moho saludos Hello friends I have a small problem in the first set of leaves of some W.R has come out a type of fungus or mold, the e cleaned and select a few to take to outside, I hope you can give me advice with the mold issue greetings
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    the last picture is very nice with expretion of your leaf & the color of your led man
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    Baka alam nyo . I dont know the strain of my plant this is my first time grow . The seeds is from baguio or kalinga . Maybe someone can help me with this grow if you had an experience indoor growing with this strain . Thanks a lot its for my mother with breast cancer thats why i grow . 2 weeks old .
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    Tri and Bi given their final bit of Greenhouse Feeding BioGrow. Perlite removed from top of pots, then BioGrow sprinkled on top of substrate and watered in with PH6.2, and perlite then replaced. Happy Growing!
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    A few very quick pictures from a few minutes ago. 33 days of 12/12 (4 weeks 5 days) and going very well. Think this could be my last post so goodbye in advance. Rules have been crossed but that is totally ignored and I am warned for calling someone by his real name despite the fact that this particular person actually posted his very own name on another public forum for everyone to see. CRAZY yes but if he wishes for his name to be unknown why the fuck post it on a public forum for all to see!!!!! IT IS HIS AVATAR I FOOL YOU NOT!!! LOOK! boards.cannabis.com/threads/dutch-dragon-nebula-jacky-white-ice-cream-and-sensi-star-from-paradise-seeds.225352/ IT IS HIS FUCKING AVATAR NAME FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!! Thanks to most and the others know what I think, not limited to but YOU in particular......I KNOW YOU KNOW! HAPPY GROWING!
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    Those are surely some heavy-nice looking nuggets. Drooling to see how they'll evolve: big and fat, or big fat AND long? Either way, you got a field of top-quality girls. I'm sure whatever the outcome is will not disappoint you. As for the bore.. I kind of feel you. I am taking peeks and working on mine every day, but overall.. there's not much to do. Imo, tho, doing nothing most of the time means you got extra time to work on other plants (hypothetically), so it's a good business plan(t). Big Up for these girls!
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    I came on with the understanding i could find this information here !!!! Anyone know where ???
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    Nice picture of your canopy For the defoliation i think you can a littel more defoliate for air circulation but i dont know if its realy more effectif i do it i try to defoliate +-- 1/3 at the base of the plant
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    Should i defoliate more? I only have taken off the bottom two sets of nodes.
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    Bim badaboummMMM That a beautifull forest here, as always, well done bro!
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    Howdy, Tronman here from New York, USA. I'm hoping to meet some friendly, knowledgeable people from whom to learn about Greenhouse strains and how to grow them.
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    ma bro Sal.. stop that! jesus men so gorgeous!! Big hug u deserve it!
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    Tri and Bi are perfect plants. Not a sign of deficiency or excess on them. They're at Day 45 and 42 since breaking soil, with an internode distance of 1 inch and they're 20cm and 18cm respectively and on their 10th set of nodes. I have upped temps quite a bit to 70-85f to convince the girls it's the height of summer. Humidity is still 45-60%. Not sure if they're going to be ready to harvest at the end of May for the competition, but getting placed in the competition is secondary for me (although that would be lovely). Firstly, I want to produce a decent harvest in whatever time frame it takes. My other responsibility is to GHS&F. It is to produce a grow log as promised in exchange for the WR seeds & GHFeeding. So I shall produce my grow log; try to get it all finished by the end of May but if that is not possible, then it will finish when it is good and ready to finish. My musings on other sites frequently contain links back to this site and grow logs, so hopefully that increases traffic & customers for GHS. Another thank you from me to the Greenhouse Seed Company. To increase the chances of me being able to harvest by the end of May, I'm not going to top any of the plants now as that would stress them out and cause a delay. This will be my first time growing a plant indoors from seed without topping/fimming. M & 3 I will post updated progress on tomorrow. The last of my first-to-know-what-I'm-growing grow has been harvested today (Dutch Dragon - Day 83 of flowering) and is hanging in front of me as I type, looking lovely and smelling just a good. This means the small plants have my big tent to themselves. The white board is working exceptionally well I think, and the gnat flies are really annoyed with the Perlite. Bi: Tri: Happy Growing!
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    Top left is 'M', bottom left is '3', top right is 'Bi', bottom right is 'Tri'. They've all started growing much more vigorously so perhaps the nutrient & media & water combination at present is good. Hmmm, might even be able to make competition harvest date. Excellent. Perlite (sieved) added to top of pots to prevent gnat flies entering media from the top. They were all given a root drench in 3% H2O2 a few days ago to hopefully kill gnat fly larvae. Temps 65-75f; humidity 45-60%; 480rwHPS & 135rwLED.
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    This pic is before feeding bioenhancer 1gr/L and PK13-14 1ml/L. I bought and added another COB light and now the light coverage is nice at 50cm distance. I cannot wait to wake up tomorrow and see their growth
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    That looks great... good job ! All the best for the contest ! Cheers & salute... Evolution666
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    Howdy. Tronman from New York here.
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    How is everything going around here? this seems to be about to take off
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