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    Hello hunters, so here i am to announce this very sad news that some of you must know already, we have lost a hunter but will keep fighting! Respect my brother Franco is an icon and helped change so many peoples lives. He will deeply be missed as a brother, father, son, friend and so much more. "Cannabis is my passion, my bread, my home. I feel it is my duty to make sure this amazing plant is preserved and enjoyed. I am a smoker, a grower, a breeder, and a strain hunter. For life."Franco, the Strain HunterMay 20th 1974 - January 2nd 2017
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    Hello! Last update before harvest, ive been flushing plants for week with pure water and another to go. I hope after next weekend i can show you some harvest photos. Nothing special, plants doesnt look like how i like them to look but buds should be fine. Take some macros for you guys, there is some amber lot of cloudy trichomes. Harvest is near now thanks god, im runnin low on stash. I also cloned A767 bit late i know, it can root but need quite much time.
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    Hi! 7th week of flowring going on and flushing with pure water. Plants doesnt look so pretty but i think they are ok. Not sure if buds have taken any size from last week? Kings Kush is ready to plant to nft after harvest day.
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    Hi hunters! Dust, i have soft water (ec 0.1) I add sometimes powderfeeding calcium. I think its P or K issue but not sure. 17.1.2017 Decided to start feeding with Canna PK13/14 7.5ml/10l half dosage. 21.1.2017 Started feeding Overdrive with very mild basenutrients, one week and then flush with only water for 2weeks. Right plant A765 is larger than A767 on left side. A767 producing bigger buds than right one, so will be nice to see which one yield most. Thinks getting smelly in tent when you put head in. 5weeks done from pistils, i hope they are ready in 3weeks.
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    Hi, With the onset of winter, and the low temperature, I am happy to start a new indoor crop, a winter crop. My intention is to make a 100% Natural culture, 100% BIO. So .... What better occasion to try the BIO nutrients from Green House Feeding? In this crop I will use the new BIO nutrients from Green House Feeding (coming soon). It will be great to evaluate results personally. If you want to see how they work, or have any questions, maybe I can help solve it This time I decided to use cuttings, instead of seeds. My intention is to grow a lot, before beginning the flowering. Maybe three or four weeks under 400w / 600w metal halide. Then, maybe the flowering will begin on the middle of January (if all goes well). It is an indoor of 1.2m2 With light 250w / 400w / 600w and 600w SL Extraction and intraction system of air Substrate: soil - Normal soil / A little coconut fiber Nutrients: Green House BIO Feeding Containers: Smart Pot 12 Liters / 3 Gallons Ok, it's the first time thats I use Smart Pot containers, so you should have patience haha First of all, I want to put a little armalite / arlite (volcanic rock) on the bottom. This is to improve drainage, just put it a little. Actually, how is the first time thats I use this type of container .... I want to see the difference, So I add a classic container 12 liter / 3 gallon. I put some earth, about halfway. And then I add some Green House Feeding BIO GROW. According to the indications, 3gr / liter of BIO GROW should be used, for a standard culture of one month and a half, or two months of duration. I start with cuttings, so the growth period is only a few weeks or a month. I Use only half of the recommended dose, use 1.5 gr / liter. Once I added BIO GROW, I put more soil and put it all together. Be careful not to move the volcanic rock from the bottom. I try to make a good mix. Also I add a big handful of coconut fiber to each pot. I like to mix it up, to make it a little more fluffy, and keep the moisture better. Now only the transplant is left. This part is boring and dirty, you have to be careful with the delicate roots of the cuttings. When the transplant is finished, I water the pots with water. Only water with PH set to 6.2 (about 1 liter per pot). Once finished, I like to add a bit of volcanic rock / arlite, on top. In this way I can retain moisture better, the soil does not dry out easily. At the moment, I will use 400w. only. In a few days, maybe 600w. The volcanic rock / arlite, has a horrible ph. You have to soak for several days, with a regulated pH (a bit acid). So that they stabilize. Always, before use. For now .... this is it
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    Hi again The smell of all plants is very intense, fortunately for me ... the red spider attack has been late, and has only damaged the plants I'm looking forward to drying and smoking, these Bio-buds !! Some photos more This are more photos of MK again This is the Northern Lights (cut of my friend Jose) More photographys soon!! Have a nice weekend bro
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    Hi, The plants have grown at a good pace, has been used water with pH regulated to 6.2 and 400w of HM illumination. The irrigations were every four or five days. There is not much heat, it is good to maintain moisture. They have a nice color, it is a natural color, very healthy. The cuttings have adapted very well, grow many new branches and everything at a fast pace. In a few days I had a pruning of low branches, because it already seemed a little jungle. The plants grow very quickly (much), I think change to bloom soon. On the Tuesday 10th, it seems like a good day to make the change from growth to bloom. So I made a light bulb change, now I'm using a HPS bulb (Philips sont pia plus) at 600w. I has also removed all the arlite from the top, has been added the Green House Bio Feeding for flowering, and put the arlite again. I had to remove the lower branches again, another pruning :). They grow at full speed. Now I irrigated with water, with the pH adjusted to 6.5, they are at 12/12 (light). What I like the most, is the speed of growth, and the fantastic color they have. Really healthy, you can tell that they are happy plants. Currently: Lighting 600w HPS / 12-12 light time / water schedule at 6.5 ph / Temp. Max. 26º Temp. Low 17º Temp Normal 22 ° / Humidity 65% Soon more photos and info, regards
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    Hi again The plants continue to evolve favorably, the formation of buds in notorious and soon begin to form the first nice buds. They will now be on the 30th or 35th day of flowering, roughly in the middle. I can not see any lack, so everything, for the moment, works great. A big mistake has been put many varieties that are very branched. When they put so many plants in so little space, it is better that they are all of central bud .... But no problem I just have to put a little more attention to avoid excess moisture, and that the buds not collide between them. I used a lot rope, to shape the stripes that were falling by the weight of the shoots. The buds begin to form, now everything is full of smell and resin, it is a paradise.... The maximum temperature is 27º, the minimum of 17º. Humidity is between 40% and 60%, usually about 55% constant. I use water with pH adjusted to 6.5 for irrigation. I do not add anything except the new BIO BOOSTER. BIO BOOSTER is an excellent pk BIO, to add right now, when the flowers need a little more to fatten their buds. It is a liquid product, it is added to the water of irrigation during the fattening of the buds. But all it's not good news ... The guest has arrived home, someone who did not want see me, want see my plants ...has come: The Red Spider. Yes, unfortunately I have seen some leaves with bites, I have looked with the microscope (and with the macro camera) and yes, it is red spider. It is not yet at a very advanced stage, but I am in the middle of the flowering stage. If I do not control it, it can be a big problem (they multiply at incredible speeds). Impossible to use chemicals, impossible to spray anything on my buds, because I want them 100% natural. So, I bought red spider predators (natural). I bought a quantity equivalent to the treatment of 100m2 (I use only 1.5m2), so .... I created the cannibal holocaust in my indoor. Im happy now lol On the other hand, the experiment 50% coconut 50% soil, with nutrients 100% BIO (Organic food by GH Bio Feeding), is being nice. It is beautiful to see the health of the roots, they grow every day more, how healthy they are .... The images speak for themselves. When the plants are happy, it shows. I think this type of powder feed (Green House BIO Feeding) is going to be the future for indoor crops, and of course for outside grows. They are very simple, the plants are very healthy, everything works well. Only need see the one how to fattens the buds of the plants, remains during the next weeks. And of course, smoke and value the taste, the smell, the effect .... the quality I know, that when we used natural nutrients, it is not necessary to perform a wash of roots, or at least not with intensity. But, I am a very stubborn grower, I have my grow habits engraved with fire in my mind. When there are about fifteen days before harvest, I will do a full, very intense wash of roots. I know the plants started to use their own nutrients, the food they have in their leaves and stems. So I will get a little ugly, yellow leaves, etc .... I do not care that in a few weeks they are ugly, the only thing that matters to me, is that they are big buds and of very high quality. And for that, in my humble opinion, ALWAYS needs to perform a great wash of roots. Cheers!
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    Hi, Thanks for the feedback mates The plants continue to grow little to little, at the same time they are also making flower. Now it's all very interesting, I can even check some benefits of the BIO fertilizer. The appearance of beneficial mushrooms gives me a lot of confidence. Only substrates with a lot of life, have this type of fungi. It is very positive for my plants, because they look healthier. The fungi do not appear on all the plants, I imagine that in some of the pots it has been very mixed with the earth. Maybe that's why it only appears in some pots. The plants are growing at a good pace, some of them need tutor. So it's time to tie I am also growing some specimens of Flower Bomb Kush, under LED lighting. I made the mix of 50% soil and 50% coconut for them. They are about to pass a flowering, they use one gallon in smartpots. 90w LEDs are enough to grow, with obviously high quality LEDs. I used 3 grams of BIO Feeding per liter of mixture (coconut and soil). At three weeks, I used BIO Enchance (and I repeat every two weeks onwards). I wanted to do a test without use a clay balls (volcanic clay), to evaluate results. Coconut fiber is more aerated, in conjunction with soil, it also has a great microbacterial life. What happens if we use high quality BIO fertilizers and a suitable lighting system? What happens if we use high quality BIO fertilizers and aerated soil? The results are impressive. Plants with a superior growth, a powerful speed. Plants with optimal health, really healthy. And above all ..... An EXPLOSION OF THE ROOT SYSTEM. The roots of the plants go crazy, they are so healthy that they have developed to snows never seen. I do not know how to explain it, they develop so much that they try to get out of the pot hahaha they are great. There are lots of roots, that's super positive. A cannabis plant with many roots, is a plant that can be nourished well, fattening the buds very easily. A plant with a good root system is a very healthier plant. But in addition, the roots are incredibly healthy. Everything is perfect for the moment. The flower bomb Kush are surprisingly healthy and powerful (today or tomorrow will begin blooming). The rest of the plants are progressing very well, now it is in its third week of flowering (more or less). They eat very healthy, forming many shoots and filling the indoor with a delicious smell .... All for now Cheers
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    Personally I think, that this nutrients are working very well. It's all 100% natural, and the plants are really healthy. I only removed one plant (a crazy GWS) because my dog decided to eat it haha. Instead, I have put a FBK (Flower Bomb Kush), something smaller in size ... but I hope to contribute some grams in good buds. I like the strength of roots. They are everywhere, in all. The first buds begin to form .... That's all for now! Cheers!
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    Hi hunters! Today is 7th day plants are in hydro. Left nft plants seems to be bit slower than right nft, i hope time will fix this problem. Nothing special, filled res today with same amount nutes as last time. Plants getting stronger now in under proper light and hydro. Peace
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    Hi all! Finally i can post from cellphone. The grow is complete now. There was some problems with thiefs and neighbords but the.cxww is now at glass jars. Production and resin is superb. While curing i could say that it has a mix of widow and almost rotten cheese, and the effects are so strong and almost psychadelic. Now its time to let them cure. See you all in a few weeks for.the smoke/vape report.
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    Thanks guys! Bad news here, day after harvesting first plant cops raided and took everything. I only smoked small sample bud before, it was quite tasty even it was dried in 3days. First plant was chopped exactly 100days from soaking the seed, and estimated yield was around 175g, other pheno with much bigger buds probably atleast 200g. No smoke reporst coming, but i can say its nice strain to grow and smoke. In the end last photo before cops.
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    Hi, Thanks @in de car, The predators helped me get to the end of the harvest, but the red spider is actually the winner I did a roots wash about ten days ago. An intense root wash, very intense. To eliminate all other nutrients. Some growers do not do a root washing, when using bio fertilizers. I respect it .... but my opinion is full different. I always recommend doing a root wash, always, without exception. I like to see the color of autumn in my grow room, I like to see the yellow leaves, red leaves, worn leaves .... This is synonymous, that the plant is consuming its own resources. This is synonymous that a excellent taste in buds, free of excess nutrients. This cut is of a good friend, it's MK Ultra. He says it's good to relax (I've never really tried it, I'm my first time). Looks nice This mosquito loves to eat and be stoned, every day is placed This other one cut, a good friend sent me it (Mr.K did a test of Powder Feeding here It is a cross, Super Critical x Lion, looks good and smells good. I want to smoke it I hope you enjoy the photos! Tomorrow more and better, greetings!
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    30° DAY OF FLOWERING The plants continue to bloom very well, The buds are forming, and start to feel a pleasant smell around .. Below pictures. Grow detail: ph 5.9 > 6.1 ec 1.6 > 1.8 tmp 20 > 25 hum 45% > 60%
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    Hello hunters! Topped A765 again and shes almost ready for flip, im waiting for A767 to grow bit more. A768 seems to get better, i think she survive. Feeding with 20ml/10l gro,micro and bloom and bit less to left nft. I need to prepare veg tent soon and hope i can flip in week.
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    Hello friends here girls at 53 days of life tomorrow pass under a 250w hps
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    Hi everybody, here we go again with some pics. She´s doing great. Its going to be a beast. I tied her up a little bit, to improve development in secundary branches. Hope yoi like her. Bye
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    Hello hunters!!! I am glad to be back with some really nice content for all of you!! As you must have noticed already the Hunters have been back on the road lately with the Vice team, and they have had a tough and long road in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Africa !! So i have been trying to collect as much infos as possible for you about the trip, it was of course impossible for us to do a Live Thread this time for security reasons, but Franco wrote for you a nice summary of the Expedition and some photos From Jackson and Gil the two photographs of the team, and Simon. I edited a small video as well for you guys to see a little bit how congo is looking! You will not see the fields this time as we reserve them for the movie and to keep the full surprise! But Franco as always did a great job filming all his moves and it gives you the opportunity to have a small preview of whats to come! I hope all of you will enjoy this and stay tuned for the big release in september/october hopefully! STRAIN HUNTERS CONGO EXPEDITION 2016 - Teaser article Almost 3 years went by since our last expedition in Colombia, and it was with great pleasure that Arjan, Simon and myself boarded a flight from Brussels to Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, on a cold morning last February. Strain hunting is not easy, especially when it has to be filmed and documented professionally. After the Colombia expedition, the first of our travels produced by the world-famous documentary channel Vice, we immediately started working hard on selecting destinations for the next adventure. Nevertheless we were struggling to get the type of good links on the ground that are needed for such missions. After many unsuccessful attempts at several destinations, finally a really good opportunity popped out, concerning the DRC: a friend of Simon, who wishes to stay anonymous, offered the possibility to work closely with Congolese local authorities, to obtain an authorisation to film rural areas in the vast African country. After months of preparation, by the summer of 2015 it became clear that the expedition to Congo was really possible. Thanks to the cooperation of the Congolese Minister of Communications, Media and Culture we got authorisation to film a documentary on the rural communities of Congo and their main medicinal plant: cannabis. All of this with the support of the local police and the army. In the history of Strain Hunters it was the first time we ever obtained an official authorisation, and we were all very excited about it. Preparation for our mission started full scale: travel documents and visas, vaccinations, equipment, gathering of maps and GPS equipment, and all the other necessary preparations. Like in Colombia, also for Congo we had the privilege of having the production done by Jackson Fager and his Vice team, one of the most professional documentary maker and cameraman out there. Jackson selected for the mission cameraman and drone-pilot Chris—, and sound-man Ramsay —, two very skilled professionals, and great travel companions. We were also able to connect with Christo, a Rastafarian from Belgium who lived in Congo many years and speaks the local N’gala language fluently, and agreed to guide us during the expedition, together with local friends Kabo, a French-Congolese local fixer; and Kaza, a local Rastafarian involved with the local FERACO (Federation of Congolese Rastafarians, recognised by the government and with over 60000 registered members). Simon, Christo, Kabo and Kaza met in Congo already a couple of months before the mission, and scouted the areas we were interested in, looking for links and for cannabis fields. So we go back to that cold Brussel morning, when the group of 7 hunters met at the airport and boarded a flight to Kinshasa, where Simon, Kabo and Kaza were already waiting for our arrival. As we landed it became immediately clear that our contacts were at the top level, because we were picked up at the airplane door by military escort and driven directly into the presidential lounge. There we had some drinks, waiting for customs formalities to be taken care of, and I was even allowed to smoke a quick spliff right outside, on the airport tarmac, looking at the planes parked. It felt unreal, and it was the first sign that Congo is a cannabis-friendly country. The very sad colonial history of the country, dominated by the Belgians for over two centuries until 1965, is not to be overlooked when trying to understand the Congolese position on cannabis. Officially cannabis is illegal in Congo, but the only laws forbidding it are old colonial laws, never really applied since the independence. Congolese have a great Rastafarian cultural tradition and they use cannabis since ancient times as a medicine, religious and recreational aid. It is one of the African countries with the highest cannabis use between the population, especially in rural areas where medicines are rarely available. Congo has been thorn apart by a long civil war, started during the 1960s and never really resolved until very recent times. Over 30 years of internal conflict, fuelled by Russia and the USA during cold war years and later on by the race for the local abundant mineral resources, has left the country with very little infrastructure. The main roads are in bad conditions, and distances are immense. The Congo river, one of the largest in the world, functions as the main highway from the capital Kinshasa all the way to the equatorial province, with canoes, boats and barges navigating restlessly the over 2000 kilometres of calm, murky waters.In the central and southern parts of the country the monetary activity is dominant, with mines extracting all kind of rare minerals and precious stones. We had a very detailed travel plan in mind, covering the three main areas where cannabis is produced in the country: the area of Bacongo, between the capital Kinshasa and the Angolan border; the northern area of the Equatorial Province, around the city of Kisangani; and the area around Mbuji Mayi, in the mining district in the middle of the country. We spent the first 2 days in Kinshasa, visiting Feraco headquarters and gathering information on the local landraces of cannabis, the world famous Congolese Red and Congolese Black. Then, the real adventure begun. It was three weeks of travels, emotions, and great findings, through one of the most amazing countries I’ve ever visited in my life. It’s hard to describe Congo, everything is extreme there. Nature is on steroids; the jungle is lush and impenetrable; the sun is hotter and more intense than anywhere else because it’s at the equator; the rain falls so hard that no protection can keep you dry; the people can be the kindest and most hospitable or the most aggressive and hard to deal with, according to the circumstances. And the cannabis… the cannabis of Congo is truly amazing. It’s one of the oldest and purest African landraces. Cannabis was introduced to Northern Africa from Asia, with the silk-road, and then was brought south into the African continent with the Bantu migration, spanning over 1000 years from 1500 to 500 B.C. Congo is one of the places in Africa where the local landrace stayed very isolated for hundreds of years, maybe more. The combination of several factors ensures this precious situation: decades of war made the country virtually unaccessible to tourists and travellers, avoiding the “hippie trail phenomenon” typical of other areas. Congolese people have always consumed cannabis in large amounts, requiring a steady local production. And finally, Congolese produce enough for their own internal consumption, avoiding importing cannabis from other places, thus preserving the landrace. The Congolese landrace in both its expressions of “red” and “black” is a very tall, lanky sativa, with a very high THC and THCV content and very low in CBD and CBN. It has a very minty, fresh flavour and a giggly strong high, very creative and inspiring, almost energising. The mission was a complete success, we were able to retrieve large amounts of local seeds from selected individuals in the fields, in 3 different regions of Congo. And we made what I believe it’s going to be the most exciting and interesting documentary ever, thanks to the competence, passion and talent of Jackson and his team at Vice. Stay tuned, HBO will broadcast it between September 2016 and March 2017, part of the “Vice on HBO show”. After that it will be online on youtube. The hunt goes on. I’m already thinking about the next one. Fullgas. Franco Loja www.strainhunters.com And some photos That's it for the moment Hunters i hope you enjoyed this little teaser and remember there is much more to come real soon Have a good smoke!!
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    Hi mates, First, thanks to all the participants for their work. It has been great, review and value all the grow diarys. We are happy to know that the new strains are to your liking. The team has reviewed and valued all crop journals individually. And these are the winning jobs: 1st prize: Digital Camera, 3kg Green House feeding, Sweater and 2 strains of their choice (20 seeds total). Atanasius: 2nd prize: 2kg GH feeding, Sweater, t-shirt and two strains of their choice ( 20 seeds total). Kenny: 3rd prize: 1kg GH feeding , T-shirt and two strains of their choice ( 10 seeds total). Mikol76: and Nordic Grower: Congratulations to all the winners I will send a private message to send the prizes. Regards!
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    jojojo, what a nice surprise, many thanks to Jose and everyone at Greenhouse, and to all the winners and the rest of the good people that participated, its been fun. Y un abrazo especial a mi amigo y colega Kenny Kirkland que gracias a su incentivo y apoyo me decidi a participar
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    Wow nice thats freakin awesome! Congratz to all! Now chill with the herb that the guys from this forum provides! Y un saludo especial para mi gran colega Atanasius y mi socio Gea, por el enorme trabajo felicidades!!!!
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    Hello hunters! Back from 3months break from growing. And now i started again with these test seeds. Gear im using with this test: -120x120x200 tent -600w hps -350m2 fan/filter kit -2x Nutriculture NFT GT205 -Advanced Nutrients ph perfect GRO, MICRO & BLOOM 6.11.2016 -Soaked 6seeds and after 6hours planted to eazy plugs. 10.11.2016 -First plant A765 is fully open and started to count veg days. Put her under 45w CFL 11.11.2016 -Second plant A766 opened 12.11.2016 -Last two plants A767 and A768 opened. 14.11.2016 -Today prepared tent to ready for action. Put 600w HPS there and plants now enjoying it, they bit stretched under CFL. Plants A766 and A767 has grown roots thru rockwool cube, ill wait for the other two before starting nft's 2plants on each.
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    Hello friends this is my Kings 12-12 in day 7 system dwc lighting my 2 x 400 watts HPS and metalhalid. Vegitiral I have about 80-85 days to feed GHE fertilizers.
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    Dry goods Very very happy with the yield and very nice buds, sticky and stinky
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    Hello friends Another year we reach to the Spannabis on Barcelona, and of course, we will be there to greet you. This year are celebrated on 10,11 and 12 March. All team of Green House Seeds, Strain Hunters, Green House Medical and Green House Feeding is available to welcome the exchange of the smoke and shows the novelties: NEW BIO Feeding !! This year however, there is not our brother Franco Loja (R.I.P.). If you want, you can convey your condolences. We miss you Franco #FrancoFullgas You can find us in booth number 57
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    Well she has improved, the results of the greenhouse powder feeding are really showing. Weather has been hot as hell but she´s doing great. Some pics at night
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    I, too, have dropped a seed in memorium of Franco. I'm sure that Franco was actively planning a number of strain-breeding projects, but one in particular, of which he may have been especially proud, was the SLEX (SuperLemonHaze x ExodusCheese). At least he seemed very excited about it when he was interviewed recently by Zamnesia Magazine. The testers here in StrainHunters have been very happy with SLEX. The initial SLEX grows have already been harvested, and the smoke-reports are now being posted with positive opinions. I will be ordering the SLEX for sure, as soon as it becomes available for sale. By the way, if you don't know already, there is a Condolences Board opened if you wish to leave a message of condolence for Franco's family and friends, or a farewell message for Franco. On the page showing various pictures of Franco and displaying his life's philosophy, before you click on the link to the actual Condolences Board, first simply scroll down below Franco's pictures, and then you can read Arjan's special message to Franco and to us, Franco's friends, the StrainHunters. Here is the link to the Condolences Board: http://www.greenhouseseeds.nl/franco/ Thank you , too, Arjan for the reassurance that Franco's legacy will continue. Hang in there, buddy. We're with you.
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    Some pics from chrismas eve morning, shes screaming for a new pot, been very busy but sonn she will get it
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    Hello All... Great to be here, been looking at others grows and think that Strain Hunters "Green House Seeds" is a great place. I really like that even without a membership I was able to view all photos, unlike some other sites. Plus I am currently growing Money Maker and really loving it. Great little plant with tons of glittery resin exploding all over the place. One thing I kinda noticed is that my Money Maker plants are a lot more indica looking than most I have seen here. Not sure if its just another pheno or if that is the way its supposed to look!? You will see many photos in the near future. I live in Canada and I'm crossing my fingers that this new Prime Minister will keep his promise to get things legalized!!! Anyhow great to be here and happy growing yall!
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    well, a couple of new pics with our girl tied up again. And the result a few hours later. Some bug has eaten some leafs
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    Hi hunters and thx Dust So far so good being playing with photoshop curious how this format goes down PEACE and enjoy
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    Got this tattoo done yesterday in memory of the great Franco Loja! May you RIP my friend. #fullgas
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    Hi mates, Thanks to all for this amazing test / work Now is the time to value the works, soon we will give the names of the winners. Regards!
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    57° Day Flowering.. Time to harvest 4 out!!!
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    Hi again I come back with new updates, the flowering period has started very well at a general level. Plants look really healthy, they seem to be enjoying themselves! During the first days of flowering, they always become a little crazy, do not know if to grow or bloom ... so they do everything haha With the Bio Bloom fertilizer, I can appreciate the appearance of beneficial fungi. They are fungi in the substrate, white or white bone, very beneficial. You can research more about this type of fungi, for example in USA they are already "requesting". The plants looks very vigorous, even an explosion of roots. I have started using a new product from the BIO range of Green House Feeding, it's called BioEnhancer Bio Enhancer is a mixture of algae and humic acids, also includes tricoderma and bacillus. It is a compound of nutrients, acids and fungi beneficial to the substrate and to the plant. It is a black powder, one gram per liter of water is added and allowed to stand for 24 hours. Then, shake vigorously, adjust the PH and water with this. It should be used every two weeks. From the stage of growth to harvest. The water takes on an petrolium color, dark black. But do not worry, it's totally normal. The water only ups the EC 0.3 (the water that I use has 94ppm / after add this product has 262ppm) ie it had 0.2 and now has 0.5 EC The plants do notice, because the vigor and root development is incredible.
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    Hello friends here 56 days of flowering for girls :-) 250w hps
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    Happy new year hunters! Nothing special here, buds starting to form. They drinking 3-4l/day so just res filling so far, but this week im gonna flush them with 10-20l low ec feeding. Then soon i start boosting with PK 13/14. Now feeding 30ml/10l each. Estimated harvest days are 11. and 13. february if this is 8weeker strain, anyone has any idea?
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    Flushing flushing flushing !
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    Hello to all my friends, thank you all for positive vibes. The plants have now resumed their normal growth. Currently the temperature of the room is around 24/25 ° and humidity around the 60/70%. For this time I water with ec 0.8 and ph 5.8. I decided to select six plants to continue the growth journal, initially wanted to put 9, but 2 of them are too far behind the other, so also reasons of space I carry only six. Under some pictures, taken this morning. Stay tuned friends, see you at the next update. Peace.
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    Hi Guys and Girls, time for a little update as I cropped two plants last night. Measuring only 49cms and 55cms they have cropped 231gms and 230 gms of wet, so should dry to about 115gms. I work on getting 25% of wet weight, anything more is bonus. So roughly speaking they'll produce just over 2 ounces per plant and for such short plants that's pretty damn good IMHO. Here's some pics of them before I cropped. Peace y'ole Toaor
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    Hi! Not so good news today. 27.11.2016 I top the plants in right NFT 28.11.2016 A766 died, rockwool cube was too close to waterpump keeping cube too moist. She got somekind rot to stem, but i took couple clones. Now right nft is with only plant. 29.11.2016 Moved A768 to coco, she have same problems as A766 in other hydro. Not sure if she still gonna survive. So now both nft has only 1plants, which is actually better. Hope these was last issues and rest grow going ok. Also topped A767.
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    Hi, well everything you said there is pretty much correct, About the npk ratio of phito gro, its true ist better for flowering however it has a great concentration of microrganisms and thats me reason for using it , N is easy enough to get, many home made recipes. Phitogro mix with cane molasses to give the microorganisms the carbo diet they need to prosper once a month and that ensures a great life in the soil and also prevent against fusarium and other fungal nightmares. About the sun light im a little bit north of Buenos Aires but stiil close so your data apllies, and again its correct. Sun light is increasing until the solstice about two minutes a day and after the solstice it decreases at the same ratio, so end of jannuary they start the flowering. About the end of the contest, well i thought about rushing the flowering, have an indoor with 400 w HPS but it pains me, such a beatiful girl, lve to see her full grow. Actually im triying to get a bigger pot for her jajajaja. Dont really know what to do. Again many thaks for the interest and this exchange of ideas, im 37 years old and have been growing for many years, however until last year never had the pleasure of growing top cuality strains like this, a great experience for me and to be able to share it with great growers in this forum its just icing on the cake. Leave you some pics of the girl and the full deck Have some others diaries in a spanish forum, if you are interested and its ok to put the links here, just let me know and i ll post them. Till next time, again many thanx, i really appreciate the coments

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