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  1. Best Weed in Amsterdam End of Feb

    Well we just got back, it was a perfect little holiday. Here's what we smoked - Chocolate Kush - Popeye's Arjan's Ultra Haze 1 - Greenhouse Lounge Super Silver Haze - Greenhouse Lounge Chronocain - Greenhouse Lounge Casey Jones - Grey Area Cheeze - Greenhouse Centrum Pineapple Haze - Tweed Kamer (Dampkring) Habibi Riffman Pollon - Tweed Kamer (Dampkring) AK47 - Dampkring Chocolope - Prix d'Ami Abusive OG - Greenplace Silver Bubble - Greenplace Sour Diesel - Greenplace Bubblegum - Strangers We stayed at the 'Funky Chicken' appartments, smoker friendly, lovely owner and right in the middle of town, highly recommended. Top dinner at 'Tibet' a restaurant in the red light district, 1 min walk from Greenhouse Centrum/Stones/Baba's etc. Beautiful flavours, really fresh and perfectly cooked. Peace-out
  2. Badger's Latest Super Criticals x4

    Thanks guys, hopefully this'll be my best yeild so far, I've hit around 500 a couple of times but aiming for 600 this time..
  3. GHSC Super Silver Haze

    Looking good mate, you could use 4" block covers to stop light getting to the bottoms or make your own by cutting out 4" squares of black & white plastic (the stuff people use to line the walls of growrooms). Also to ensure a good yield have you considered getting another 90w LED to run side by side? I've worked with various LEDs for a while now, and ultimately it works out as around 1g per watt if everything else is perfect, just like with other light types.
  4. Bud Of The Month Contest - February

    I must have all of your buds, for the safety of your buds please never list their addresses; or I will come for them like the inexorable death in the Final Destination movies! BUDS BUDS BUUUUUDS
  5. Plant Of The Month Contest - February

    Wowzers, everybody's doing sooooo well this year, top top work on display here, gonna be real tough to choose a winner. Big respect to each and every grower and their plant. Any other contenders?
  6. IMG 0187

  7. IMG 0202

  8. IMG 0200

  9. IMG 0194

  10. IMG 0213

  11. IMG 0185

  12. GHSC super lemon haze under LED in D.W.C.

    A round of applause for you my good man. Please post final weight and wattage/type of LED used, it's gonna smoke like a dream...
  13. GHS Hazes FIM/SCROG on COCO

    I tip my hat in your direction sir, excellent work. In my opinion that is the most lemony and longest flowing of the SLH phenotypes. Hope you get super high.
  14. Granddaddy Purple, Querkle and Blue Dream

    My mouth is watering, there's dribble all over my keyboard, your plant is a drop dead stunner phwoar! Very nicely done. Enjoy.
  15. Best Weed in Amsterdam End of Feb

    Cheers eveybody! 6 days to go, I've taken all the great Coffeeshop & their strains info from this thread and transcribed it onto an Amsterdam city map print out, feeling very well prepared!

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