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  1. Anyone going to dam for the cannabis cup in November?
  2. Thanks for the positive advis guys. I'll get pictures up next week. Have a couple of jars ready to be packed. My third ab has been harvest by its foster parent and unfortunately it hated being transported and the bud suffered so looking like 10g max. I have a couple more plants.about 20inches tall already so will have some spare weed to stash away for a while. I'm off to Amsterdam on the 13th of this month for a few nights so i might creat a thread to document the trip. I'll have unlimited internet in there cafe's as well as a whole lot else. I'm looking forward to checking out there rareish giant cannabis plants in the cannabis museum. Heaven is a place on earth my friends
  3. I got my x40 lense today and then spent 4 hours chopping them Dow.. its so nice to see how green the buds are once chopped. Lovely colour. They also seem to smell less now. How does yours smoke?
  4. Cheers bam-bhole. I think greenomatic got about 20g per ab. I'll be aiming for that. Just bought a jeweler loupe so that will arrive in about 5 days.
  5. Cheers for the help iv been calmed down a bit with these mystical words of wisdom
  6. Cheers for the help iv been calmed down a bit with these mystical words of wisdom
  7. Haha I better go out searching for some type of magnified lense tomorrow. I can't think of anywhere, maybe the range. (UK) One thing I don't want to do is ruin the smoke. Cheers for the advise potent. I have a couple of two week old auto bombs and they are wanting some more light. But sadly there much bigger sibling bitch sisters are absorbing it all. I'm seriously considering upgrading my tent to maybe get a decent cycle that works with multiple growths.
  8. Because most the leaves and yellowing and some others are getting crispy I think they might be done. About 80% off the hairs are Brown and no new hairs sprouting. I'll try take some pictures in a couple of days
  9. Yeah ill waight the three weeks, fluchedd it a little to soon I think.
  10. Three more weeks? can someone else verify this info? I thought they take 60 days not 90?
  11. As you can see they are looking lovely and my whole house smells so good (reminds me of haze?) thanks to these ever beneficial natural buds. I'll be 10 days into the flush on the 16th. Do you think its enough time, and should I invest in a magnified glass to see when there done? Thanks for any suggestions.
  12. Auto #1
  13. Auto #2
  14. Do you think it would be reasonable to expect 1oz from each plant? Iv started flushing today
  15. Auto #2

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