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  1. I suggest u pm someone who's admin on the page. You got a unique contact and very valuable asset for an expedition to Afghanistan. I'm sure the strainhunters team would be interested in this. However, I'm not sure whether they're so active on this forum. Try other social media. Franco got a facebook page for instance. Don't think these arrangements are made in public - for obvious reasons. If strainhunters ain't down with this I'm sure someone else in the cannabis community would. With Chris and his network available this expedition could become epic. But with all due respect, his documentary was kind of rudimentary. Yet I loved it. But bring a professional film crew this time!
  2. Great idea! I suggested exactly this in a thread i created a few yrs back. You could scroll down the 'future destination page' and find it. Unfortunately we seem to be dealing with heavy stoners on this forum however so things doesn't move fast. I rather be around drug users than drug abusers but im still keeping my hopes up though. Would love to see an Afghan hunting trip. And Chris seems like a really cool guy too. Would happily share a bowl with him and say salam alaykum!
  3. the boss at 42.00 claims he sells a kilo for $300, also he says there's competition between Morocco and Lebanon over who has the best hash, ours - however - is a undoubtedly a lot better he says. Sorry there's no subs for u guys, but the scenery is nice
  4. Next strainhunters has just recently been shot in Kongo. Patience, I'm sure it'll be awesome. Its a collaboration with Vice, just as the Colombia expedition.
  5. Interesting doc in Arabic abt hashgrows in the Bekaa. They're starting to discuss legalizatin/regulation these days...
  6. Well, its not going to be totally without hazards of course. But I believe the strainhunters team should've generated some Indiana Jones genes in their bones by now =) If Americans do participate in an expedition it would however be advisable not to disclose their origin considering America has been bombing this country to smithereens during the latest years! But then again, if you're their guest, you're their guest no matter what your origin is - and they honor their guests...
  7. Dont forget that strainhunters, aka Arjan, Franco and co. arent Americans. And then its not a question of Americans or not but why and how you go there. There are obvious security problems if you go there as an invading enemy bringing guns and warplanes. Strainhunters wont be bringing any of that, only cameras, seeds and (hopefully) some money for a very, very poor people. They wouldnt but welcome that as far as I know. But of course, you do want to be careful and thats why u need an insider who can hook you up with some senior clan members that will guarantee protection. The Afghans are a people who hold honor in very high esteem - they would die for their guests. He speaks about this in the documentary, as the incident with that al-qaeda dude who started to point an Ak47 at him! I think this could become the coolest expedition ever...
  8. Yo strainhunters! Try to hook up with this dude Chris Turner who made this documentary 'al life in Hashistan' that I'm posting here. He seems to have some good connections in Afghanistan for an expedition. A true strainhunter cannot miss this destination. Maybe the war over there causes some difficulties now but by 2014 foreign forces should be out an hopefully the security situation will be better.. Shame on you if you miss out on this country!!
  9. Sure, it will never become like in the States where u can get it prescribed for more or less any symptoms (if now that is good?). But still it's a move. The issue have been dealt with centuries ago within Islamic literaure, many Imams have licensed the use of hashish for medical conditions, and the sufis for ritualistic purposes...
  10. I'd say culeros probably... wrapped and ready to be swallowed...
  11. This must be the hottest future destination thread! Greenhouse mustn't miss the Sinai penisula! So close to Europe too... Anyway, I'm actually surprised the army even bothers to seize the fields. With all the economical problems in Egypt nowdays cannabis shouldn't be such a priority for them, rather they should see it as a solution perhaps... even heard the Azhar university was doing some research on medical cannabis - a light at the end of the tunnel? Would be cool to see a future 'sufi' seed company...
  12. And no, they don't speak english. They speak a kind of turkish language (Central Asia is actually the native home of the turks before they strated emigrating to Anatolia) but a guess yo could find one or two who knows at least some broken english ...
  13. All of those countries are undoubtedly big hash producers. But I wouldn't describe them as "safe" countries. The people might be friendly but they have a really dirty and disgusting security service ala KGB style in those states (former Soviet sattelite states=not good, many problems). And I don't know to what degree, or even if they allow independent journalists there. There were some major demonstations against the government in Uzbekistan a few years ago, if u guys remember, and the military opened fire and killed somewhere around 500 demonstrators! So they're not so nice over there! Afghanistan is a better choice (I know it sounds cracy) as long as you get protection from local clan leaders etc. you're pretty much safe since they take things like honor very seriously there. Besides, police and government doesn't have much control on the Afghani countryside which makes you pretty independent. If the police is fighting drugs there its predominantly poppy growers they focus on, hashish isnt a big deal for them there. Would be a good idea to save out the beard and look as "Afghani" as possible though! An expedition to Mazar-e-Sharif and Balkh would be amazing!
  14. Once upon a time Greece was a major supplier of hashish. Henri de Monfreid describes in his "a smugglers tale" how he buys hashish from Crete farmers. This was during the 19th century however. Don't know how the situation is now. Major market for him back then was Egypt - which still today has one of the biggest hash markets. Consumtion per capita is perhaps one of the highest in the world there (precise data is hard to get though). Even in "a thousand and one nights" Cretian hashish is mentioned, and those tales are very old... i'd like to see an expetion to Greece. Might also be a good thing from a philantropical perspecive aswell. Greece need our support in any way shape or form right now I guess.
  15. master toker:

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Strain Hunters is a series of documentaries aimed at informing the general public about the quest for the preservation of the cannabis plant in the form of particularly vulnerable landraces originating in the poorest areas of the planet.

Cannabis, one of the most ancient plants known to man, used in every civilisation all over the world for medicinal and recreational purposes, is facing a very real threat of extinction. One day these plants could be helpful in developing better medications for the sick and the suffering. We feel it is our duty to preserve as many cannabis landraces in our genetic database, and by breeding them into other well-studied medicinal strains for the sole purpose of scientific research.

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