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  1. "go down the acoustic route"? what do you mean turtle...?
  2. indeed turtle... my next grow i will bet on 735 m3/h fan i think it will do the job and will be less noisier
  3. my room is 2m x 2m with 2 600W hps in with 2 cooltube reflectors and i still have trouble with evacuating the hot air from the lamps.... the damn thing works so noisy!
  4. i'm using this shit right now and i'm totally disapointed.... next grow i'll buy something bigger cuz those 360 m3/h are totally not enough and the damn thing is working constantly on his fastest mode... and its sooo noisy..... this fan is suitable for no more than 1m x 1m grow room!
  5. i can suggest you seedsman.com i used them in the past and i am very satisfied. they ship worldwide in original breeders package, and my seeds came for 3 days!
  6. i had the same problem bro. stop the fertilizers for a few days. flush the soil well with water and give them only water for the next 3-4 days and then start to build up the nutes slowly from 1/4 strenght then 1/2 strenght etc. hope this helps you, my girls are feeling great after the flush and started growing 3 times faster
  7. i bought 2 new cool tube reflectors and the temp is now ok, but the girls are still looking bad... there are burns on lower tips of the leaves ,but upper leaves look ok for now ... any suggestions - i think it's heat stress but it could be some feeding problem because after the moving to bigger pots i started feeding them with the Hesi nutrients for soil and some of them have their veins darker and come out. i will post pictures as soon as possible because i'm realy woried about their health.....
  8. i am having great trouble with my vent system. the problem is that my ventilation system is not able to remove all the heat from the lamps. till yesterday i had only one hps bulb working and everything was ok. yesterday i transplanted my babyes to bigger pots and switched on the second hps and then started the troubles... my 2 vents are working at max speed constantly and the heat in the box is still over 28-29 degrees celsius.... any suggestions how to cool my box down because am realy worried about my girls and will they be able to live in such a heat.
  9. this is very sad because i have put all of my money in this equipment to start growing and i dont have any more cash to invest for another lamp :-( i have heard that hps bulbs are good too if they are far enough from the plants and thats what i did but my babies looks like dont like it.... some of them have yellow spots on the leaves and others just deformate the leaves and their veins are darker and came out..... because i can't afford other lamp do you think they will pass trough that "ill" phase under the hps and will this affect their potency etc.
  10. is this a homebox? XL or XXL? and have you grown them under the HPS from the begining? i keep my seedlings under the same HPS and keep the lamp 140cm from them, they are 1 week old and some of them don't look healthy. do you think the lamp must be furher away from them?
  11. any observations from someone about GHS "the church"? i have a couple of churches and was wondering what is their odor level? do you think it will be hard to catch the leaks from the grow box with this strain?
  12. in a perfect world every garden would be outdors! just look at this monster! any closer picz of the colas and the trichomes would be gread bro. keep up the good work :-)
  13. can you tell me what damage can i do to my babes with too much humidity because i was growing a couple of days without thermo-hygrometer and when i bought one it showed me that 3 days my babyes were at 80-90% humidity i hope this 3 days extra moisture didnt damaged them because were theyr first 3 days....
  14. i would suggest you to invest a little bit more money and buy a fan controller or climate controller. i have climate controller that lookes after temperature and humidity and dont let them reach crytical levels. this way my ventilation works only when there is need to. if the climate controllers are too expensive for you, you can take more simple and cheap fan controller with thermostat and set the required temperature, it will do the job with temp too (but will not follow the humidity).
  15. usefull info greenthumb thanks alot. i will grow very bushy indica dominant hybrid and i think it will be easyer to train than the pure sativas. can you tell me more about that super cropping cause it sounds realy interesting. do you prefer fimming+lst or super cropping? i will grow just a couple of plants and i want maximum result from them :-)

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