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  1. Can you grow large monster plants simply by sowing after danger of frost (March - April) or do we have to get a head start by growing in a green house a few months before the last frost (Jan - Feb).
  2. Yeah and of all things that could have gone wrong, I'm glad it was this and not nutrient burn or a weird plant disease.
  3. I hope your packing heat.
  4. Ok, I didn't have a PH tester, so I ran out and bought a couple of PH & NPK Soil Test Kits from my local garden center. The PH was high (aprox 7.5-8.0) and NPK levels was very low. I'm betting Romeu9 that you are absolutely right that the micro is locked out. I'm now watering using city water which has lots of trace minerals, and I added Grow and Micro nutrients, as well as some Amino Acids (I'm skeptical how useful this stuff is, but I hear that it helps stressed plants) and then I PH it to 6.0 - 6.3. Thanks to everyone who took the time to respond and help. You guys nailed it perfectly.
  5. Thanks. Yeah I'm reading about boron deficiency and on paper it fits the bill exactly, but I don't know anyone who has actually had a boron def. Its so rare, that it wasn't even on my radar to check for. I guess even if it was boron, it would prob be caused by PH locking it out, right?
  6. Oh I didn't mean to suggest I water them every day. Rather the people at X nutrients suggested I add their fertilizer to every watering. I just never heard that before. I don't have a problem with over watering. I always lift the container twice a day and water when it the containers feel light.
  7. Does anyone think this could also be boron deficiency?
  8. Another question I have.. would you recommend feeding them at every watering or do I treat them like indoor plants and only feed once a week with an occasional flush? And would this change once I plant them in the ground? The nutrients I am running this year is from a brand called X Nutrients. I have their Grow, Micro, Bloom, and Amino Blast line. I skipped their Blloom Boosters and folier sprays, since they were just diluted P & K. The feeding schedule I got from their website suggest feeding once a week, but when I emailed their company about outside growing, they suggested feeding with every watering at regular recommended strength. However, since they aren't an established company like Advanced Nutrients, Fox Farm, or General Hydroponics, I wasn't exactly sure how reliable their information was.
  9. Thanks. I wasn't sure if Americans were allows in here after getting the following e-mail from Green House Seeds: I did however listen to their advice about coming here and very glad I did.
  10. Oh that's interesting. I think I'll run to the store and buy a soil test kit, so I know roughly what I'm working with. Thanks. Oh and when I started them indoors, I had them in Light Warrior, a seed starting mix. After I got done hardening them off at week three, I transplanted them into the Roots Organic. That's why I didn't think I needed anything. I figure they went from a very light seed starting mix to something with nutrients. I was even thinking I should be able to go three or four more weeks without anything, but your comments make sense. As I look at my leaves more closely on all my plants, I'm thinking they should be a bit more of a dark green. Do you agree? Or is it all in my head?
  11. Thanks Rome for the suggestions. I do have some micro and grow nutes that I can feed. I also picked up some amino acids. I'm just waiting a few more days to see if it gets worse or better on it's own. I know I should begin feeding pretty soon though. Thanks for the suggestions so far. I really appreciate it.
  12. No, I'm a bit more towards the west. Lots of rain, not to hard or cold though. BTW is it okay to post my state & country here? I know green house seed co isn't friendly to some areas for "political reasons" or so I've been told, but I am growing legally. Had the police check on my grow last year, and other then just scaring the crap out of me from their unannounced visit, they had no problems with my grow. I'm just limited to six plants. I'll most def. post updates. I'm only starting them in these grow bags. I plant to have them in the ground once they're a little more acclimated and hardy. I'm trying to grow big monster size plants if I can. So far however I've only been able to hit the six foot mark.
  13. Thanks for posting. You really I'm having a PH problem? I didn't think it was since the potting mix is Roots Organic and I'm giving them rain water. I guess when the next rain comes I could collect some water and test it. In all my years of growing I never bothered to PH anything in organic soil. Then again, this is the first time growing Green House Seeds and I normally grow Indica strains from other breeders. Thanks again though. I was honestly leaning towards heat stress, thinking maybe this Sativa just don't like my region. I'm in Zone 8 by the way. I forgot to mention that earlier.
  14. Hi everyone. This is my first time posting on these forums and I was hoping to get a little help with a problem I've encountered. You see I have a pack of Green House Seeds Sativa & Indica Mix C Feminized and I'm currently growing Lemon Skunk, Super Lemon Haze, and Hawaiian Snow outside in 10 - 15 gallon (37 - 56 liters) grow bags. It's been raining every couple of days for the past few of weeks, so I haven't needed to use my city water. I had originally started my seeds in early March inside under 200W CFL for three weeks, then I took them outside in a shady spot, allowed them to harden off over a three day period, then placed them in full sun on the southern part of my property. Growth is coming on very fast for all the strains. However the Hawaiian Snow is showing unusual twisting on the new growth at the very top of the plant and on the side shoots. I haven't yet feed my plants because they were recently transplanted into fresh potting soil. So far, they have only been given rain water. Well actually I did feed them once a 1/4th solution, but it rained heavily 15-20 minutes after I fed them X Nutrients Grow & Micro which is primary nitrate nitrogen and ammoniacal nitrogen (no urea) and micro nutrients. However this was well over a week ago. I assume if it was a nutrient burn I would have seen it within one to two days, being that nitrogen is so mobile. If I forgot any other relevant info, please just ask. Here are some photos so you can see exactly what I'm referring to: Photo #1 - On the left is Hawaiian Snow. Center is Super Lemon Haze. On the right is Lemon Skunk. Photo # 2 - A close up photo of Hawaiian Snow with leaf curling on new growth. Photo # 3 - A close up photo of Super Lemon Haze with healthy looking leaves. Photo #4 - A close up photo of Lemon Skunk with healthy looking leaves. Again I can't stress this enough. All three plants are in near identical conditions. All were germinated and taken outdoors at the same time. The problem is only on the Hawaiian Snow. Any feedback on what could be causing this would be very very appreciated. Thanks!!!

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