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  1. Tanx tokage!!!will harvest time soon!!! I use a 400 hps 4 /5 cfl at the side of 15 w. Cant wait no more!!!!is hard now .but still 10 days more. Mb i will harvest 2 plants vefore and 4 after.... For make last pics i put for a short time the mh. Bless kings.
  2. Hi all friends!!!here we are... same more pics for share with you this magic moment!!! Soon harvest time...from today i wash all plants and give them only plain water for rest of two week... Hope resin come more out..... The royal smell fruity and mango a bit mixlemon.. Mites free. i think they give it up the fight.. and i was clean good. and always keep temp between 25,8 and max 27. Vent proper .soo they need long time for reproduce.. Same eggs lay down samewere.but trust me there are clean... Big up dust aand all oter people in forum last strainhunters trip was mad!!! Big up all staff!!! Keep the good work on!!! Jah bless u soon harvest pictures vamossssss
  3. Hi everybody!!! Today is 9 weeks birthday!! From 25 april till today. Like i show u before the moby dick strain. is full resin and near ready. i was flush this plant 5 daus ago. and give only water. In the pics u can see the 3 royal haze . and the othe one must be critical. The royal haze is still growing abd put out flowers. But resin less compare to the moby dick. From today i give two more weeks .onlu water and i will flush next days the area is full of nugs and colas. but if the royal haze will grow and resin a bit more will great.. I expect ti get min 250 gr. From 6 plant. What u think royal haze will resin more??? Now with ac temp is perfect ffrom 25,8 to 27 max rh is 55 60. Lamp distance from colas 40 cm. Today i put mh and i will make nixe pictures for show u. This one wasbfrom 6 days ago. I think i have to be patient and wait little more. not? Can be this two weeks give me more weight at my harverst. Bless up strainshunters
  4. Hi dust. gkad to hear you mate! This was the left one in the corner...... nugs get really densy and smell is very strong but sweet.... I put under shower and give a lo g flush with tap water at 24 celcius... just on this strain. Mb i keep feeding the others for 4 days more and after i will flush also others.... After i put only water at ph 7,1?? or should i ph the water atbend of flush?? You think they will grow more and make more resin this two weeks flushing?? Bless kinsalomon
  5. This strain must be the moby dick
  6. Hi mates!!sorry ive been away long time. ive trouble with internet. but here i am!!! Proudly i can tell you im at week 8 and two days. Today i decide to flush pne of the six plqnts alive..... My luck is to get clima that always keep temp between 25 and 27 and no mites can reproduce fast.... Lot of buds this is the strain i think is ready. i flush today and i want watered with only water for ten or 14 days . only water .what u think? Othe plant need longer time and i keep feed them till sunday and from monday i will flush also this one.... soo max two weeks...... from the other plants send u pics soon... Hope to do good. almost is very clean weed. no colony of mites also same samewere. and they cant reproduce fast now.... anyway same mites addd flavour heheheh but i can say really few slow one...... I plan to buy lady bug thwy will arrive 4 of july. and i will let them inside two days or tree... u think good ideea? they will clean my buds. already now is clean. anyway before i start next grow ive to buy myselr a ec meter and fix more more better. and stop ill clonea... But have to say that bud is great... Link soon i will make more pics..... Jah bless u all strainhunters kings.v
  7. Hi panacea! Ive been read and check the site. wow this is the best definetlyy. tanx for share this great info. Bless up i will buy sooooonnnn
  8. hi and respect to all, soorry ive been disappear for a while.... next wensday is end of week 6, i take 3 days ago same quick picture..... mites are almost all gone and im happy for this, really a few samewere but not a big deal. i found that grow is a bit slow for 4 plants..., mb this type need minimum 10 weeks for get at top. i find 3 differents type of strain.... i start feed with 2 ml bloom, 2ml hammered, 2 ml overdrive ,and 1 ml bud candy ph 6.1 (you think is good?) hope they will grow more in last 3 weeks, tomorrow i will flush again for the 3 time, can i put under shower? my ph is 7.2 hoiw many weeks u suggest to give? bless king s.
  9. Hallo guys. nobody talk about phytoled??? They looks really good and u can buy many type of size. i will buy the 280 w soon. Looks really compact and they had all colors spectrum u need. im not a specialist sure. but from the research ive made. i think is very good. Now price go down 20%. Hope will go down more!! Site must be bless everyone... Kings.
  10. Good evening strainshunters people!!!! What u thik if i add co2 tablets in a glass of water one day yes ine not? Can be usefull for yeld and healty?? Bless up kins.
  11. Hi bam!!! Tanx for you reply!! U have reason!!! Mb can i let start agoust and in sept u think i can pass from.balcony to hps?. Anyway in my little baconyx really no enough light... and but mb enough for the first 20/25 days. what u think i could do like this?. U think the autoflower will smell at day 25 ffrom seed? Will nice when back from holyday switch on the 400 and put them flowrre like this. About the mites i find out that all pot was satured of coco. and i took away a lot of coco was really blocking the good develop for the roots..... after do this remove and let dry and take more fresh air for roots... Now after two days feeding i see ladys start to take out flowers. This crop was really under stress coz i make everything on them. fim top .stretch. repot two times. same mites. water on leaf wich as burn lot of leafs(not burn but likr lens reflect on the leafs.... temp at beginning too hokt. Nures not soo right. and obernute in first 14 days also ovewatering... Wow what a hell ghey passs now guy after remove bit coco from pot. plants looks really loke reborn.and really i think they will make a good bud. Mites sametime appear i the big leafs .kind like 2 /3 ,(in same plants and same area. But really no more. And i che ck regulary and kill dem with alcol denaturated. fingers. and i clean all leafs i can. No mites inside bud. cos i think the mites i see after i kill all are the eggs i cant kill and after same days mites get fat and search big leafs fo reproduce..... I think they no like little leafs. better much space... Ive been observing them a lot with a lens...... i know how they move a bit.... I fight every day and i thunk at the end of crop i will no have infestation.... maximum 1 1 2 samewere. but is hard for them reproduce fast. i kill regulary when they born..... Sooo28 april i turn 12 / 12 i think they need sure 10 weeks flowering. this is the end of week 5 . Ph use now 6 And i nutes.with advanced nut. i use winegar for ph down. I water one day yes one not. And i prayse god can get out a fantastic great harvest. and mad smoke.... Friday put pics from end week 5..... And i will flush for last time mb with a bit of nutes...just bit. What u think? Can be 3 weeks feed and 2 weeks water final flush. if they no pump up enoughr mb one more week total 11. Hope gell gou good situation... what u think i can control mitra like this.? Sure next time clean fresh seed!!!!!! I will for sure . lime u tell can be ideea i balcony let dem grow..... Wait for answer bam respect
  12. Bless everyone!!! The tube is put hot air outside. and there is a litlle box for the water. Yo suggest to use this water??? Now i let run the monster in the room outside growroom.and let open one side for let fresh air come inside. I buy a extra fan for extra air..... Still fight and clean same leafs with mites... just in same area.not everywere i think if i will clean regulary i will no let them goes in to the flower... Anyway soon update jah bless u all kings.
  13. yo guys! finally i half solve the problem! i was search a used clima and i find it!!! heheh from the picture in internet was looks more little and when i was there was a huge old monster machine..... but for 50 euro should be ok!! right now is working full power outside of the growroom and inside temp is going down to 28.5 this big machine had a really short tube goes outside the window, so for the moment i can t put it near, tomorrow i will take an extra one and put the monster near! heheh now much much better seems spring now! i think this monster gonna suck nuff power but i think was the best solution instead buy a extra exctracrtor... coz here is really hot , and next days and week gonna will more worst... now i will feed the babys normaly, i feel much better. one question: i check temp in the night time when lamp is switched off, and is 26. what you say? is ok? otherwise monster should work also during the night, but than lot of watt will encrease my bill..... i spend 50 euro instead 135 for extractor + 50 cool tube..... ( but no really sure them work proper) temp on the street is 33 in night and tonight is cloudy, immagine when temp raise more, whataa hell will be than..... tanx a lot everyone for help me. kings. heyy heyy!!!!! i check now again temp is 27,3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yessssssss vamosssssss
  14. I took away carbon filter.lts see whats going on now. You think i shoul remove the silver reflect paper? Tanx dust bless up
  15. Here same flash pics..... now is beginning week 5

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