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    hobbys of all kinds from skydiving to harly davidesons retirered women alot of women!!!!! not married i like to learn till i become the best ican at what ever i am doing i am a perfectionis i have always had a green thumb i got that from my granmother she had a farm when granpop and her came over on the boat is that cool or what she taught me so much and i took over some of her interests including gardening and disapline and patience!

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  1. Iaree 100 per cent
  2. I WAS TOLD very expensive but i talk to so retards sometimes so i really am inteested i intend to produce the best at some point i can read the writing on the wall just fond out today our state is putting our referindum back to the voters but it seems we need to get more people invovded but most people are afraide of any thing that may happen if they come out in favor of pot i started to get invoved last year,Then i fond out that since i am on disability i would be removed from my cash. so i had to make an easy decission money makes the world go round and if i followed up on my volintering i would loss my income,It was a no brainer i had really not given a choice,That is the way it is in america the land of the free???????
  3. nICE LIKE ICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I did the exact same thing my girls just repruduce well tyr to at the cut off point it just keeps going like the enengizer bunny,and at the point i"m at it is still thickinging up more and more except the tops are changing to the colar i herd about tha means is it time to you no start to harvest the last week, at this point i have never made such i sucessfull plants so i got to get my butt into a book and gigure it out,i cant get over the smell that changed once i started on bud candy. VERY STANG GOOD SMELL DELISISHUS? I FEEL IT IS ALMOCT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!t hen i am going the wet trimming way,then hang them up up side down i guess for a week then i got a big as mason jar what i dont no is how do i no when to smoke them? BUT WITH ALL YOU GOOD PEOLE I NO IM IN the right place thats for sure cause i used everyones info and i think i did much better this time and i remember so i think i got the fundamentials,i"m just worried about cureing them. never got this far but thats ok on the job traing i love it????? // Thanks everyone for your time and your sugestions,plus i put in a couple of my own secret ideas in to the mix and got pretty good resualts. peace to every one and thanks again i alrdy i"m redy to trow in my 4 th crop i bought alot of the good stuff i think one of the reasons it is working is i"m not scimping. but i tryed chemdog and every single one of them died a horible death and they were a green house product from a reputeable seller,i figuire it must have been my inexperience.after seeing this chemdog i am rethinking my next grow im going on to my next stage better genitics=== more money but this time i no i will suseed..............................................................LATER NICE CHEM THE WAY IT WAS DONE IT HAS JUST GIVEN ME AN IDEA. tHANKS
  5. This is the best news i have herd all month greatesthing now people can do what should be a natural experience. Plus a grate effort!!!!!!!!!!!!! / I hope to go there some day????????????? man i hope? peace
  6. This is one i have almost done ive rally never goten his good yet but put up about 6 pices an there gonen any one nos where they disapeard? lost m picks downloaded about his time yesyerday i dont n where they went i might be dreaming tho i as up for 3 days staight because of pension days. Anyone seen my missing girls thats my lifes story every time i get a hold of a nice girl i loss her lol. no relly my pics are m i a i have not a clue whee they are?????????????
  7. What a big ass beautifull plant so wide i did the same with my indicas when they branched out i"m Talking really had a huge amout growth in the bottom area of all my girls so the one week i picked t apart and it is still growing im getting alot of growth bud yours looks like perfection i am proud of you i Work of art and that pic of the stem it looks so life like man i wish i had some of that i love it very nice indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! peace happy times are there again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I BOUGHT it from a store on the net but i have not used it on my plants i have now i am leary cause of the results i had last time it killed my best chem dog which untill i put the tea into the pot that was it it died very quickly and the stem fell over and broke,what a bummer it was a greehouse seed all the chemdogs from greenhouse died but mostly i was not noing what i was doing so it was my fault except the one the tea killed right now the plant i am talking about was the last one that germinated then i might have put it into blosom to early it was really short comparered to the other 3 but i had my plants pretty close to the lights and had explosive grouth from the sick one it styreched really fast and caught up with the 3 others then it it started to look funny its leaves are dpoping from the top mosly but i did not cut off the bottom branches like i did the other 3 so all the sick one did was keep climing to the hps now it is the tallest plant of the 4 so i think it streached to fast i think i should mybe cut all of the bottom branches off it seems at the botom it is very healty there for i beleave all the nutes arent makeing there way to the top, im just thing about this just by looking at all 4 the sickest is sick at the top instead of haveing an even cola like the other 3 that are perfectly healthty it seems no juice is getting to the top of the sick plant in my way of thinging it is all bushy at the botom and has a cola that is about 15 0r17 inches in length. so am i makeing sence and another thing the supament i am useing says 1-5-1 and tells me to keep ph at 6.4 but on the instructions for all my hydro plants it says ph between 5.8 to 6.2,so i keep my ph at about 6.0 to kind of even it out is that ok or should i follow the insructions of the nectar for the gods gaia mania supplement which says keep at 6.4???????????the humity is perfect the tempeture is perfect mybe the fans could i have them on to high i got 3 fans one on the top of the tent i was told to keep it there because as everyone noes heat rases and the ocalating fan pointed upward on high back and forth and my small fan i keep on the floor pointed toward the uperparts of the plants are they mybe drying out the leaves? i just dont no i have asked the man at the grow store i go to and he was the one who aid usethenector for the gods i do notice one very good thing the flowers smell realy nice like something i have never smelled befor that must be the bud candy and sugar daddy and the new nectar for the gods>???? later i dont no what to do except read my bible
  9. Thanks dust your a cool dude to i think i understand where your comeing from,Ialso got to buy a brand new keyboard. I GOT IT NOW GETTING BACK TO MY KEYBOARD I BOUGHT THIS FUCKED UP HP LESS THEN A YEAR AGO AND IT CRASHED AT LEAST 3 TIMES I FIXED IT ONCE BY SYSTEM REPAIR,tHEN MY HARD DRIVE WENT OUT THEY SENT ME ONE AND i INSTALLED IT MYSELF WHICH I DID NOT EVER DID ANYTHING LIKE THAT I AM SMART BUT I JUST LOST TIME IN MY LIFE WHEN MY DAD DIED SO I HAD TO SUPORT MY FAMILY I WAS THE OLDEST, So it was my problem then that was how our home was run so i had to quit school then i got married and am still with the same woman for going on 36 yers,so i wanted to tell you you are one of my favorite people cause your like me i can tell your the type of man that would give the shirt off your back to a sranger,so i say thanks again for all your help you did say my plants where hungry i put an extra dose of npk and some other things like 0-5-0 and i was told to use tea i got a round pack of tea i used the same tea on my last crop and it fucked my plants up so i am leary about that mybe i brewed it to long it stunuck so bad like shit they said let it brew for 5 days and stir everyday it is pretty big i did not no how much to put on my plants so i piched out to be the one chemdog that was growing so good untill i put the tea on it,so im leary about useing tea worm csting i use in my pots same thing basicly i read? what should i feed them more nitrogen i herd nit goes out of plants really quickly so dust what should i feed them exspialy one that is going down the leaves are droping i no that is a sigh of under nutes or water the pumpim running is a good pump and the roots on this plant i am talking about are nice and white but the buds are all small i dont no what to feed them the ph is perfect i check it every day i got plenty of light but the tempeture goes above 80 derees if i dont watch them all the time i got them in my bextra bed room inside a tent,so i no it gets hot bvery fast but bwhat i do is stick the dryer big pipe or exast pipe into and out the window in the room and open the room door and then the tempeture goes down i also use a humity machine to keep it around 45%,so at this point only the botom leaves are yellowing and sometimes i just pull mthem off or they drop moff themselfs. QUICKMARK PEACE BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS HOW YOU LIKE THIS RIGHTING???????????
  10. thank you mod i no you feel for me i accept your apolgy i wil show my next pics with the lights off and show the roots to. next i will use bleach to clean so that way i willl have tryed everything. THANK YOU MOD!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Thanks dust i will put alot of spaces between my words i deinletly want to people to red my sentenches how is this? i willl get better pics thats for sure. man i love this site when i first started this grow i had no isea they would turn out this good thanks to you and every ones eles who gave me so much info. thank you for that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will show the roots to.
  12. I just tryed 3 times to just put in the seeds and they are in starter smart pots i fond that what i put in the smart pots they cost 2 dollars a pieace and my seeds germinate in a couple of days i put in spagnum and a little bit of peralelite and put warm water on them keep the pots moist an i put them by my space heater at night and cover them with a plastic bag which i put over the entire pot for 3 days and i have had a 100% rate of germination,no problems the plastic keeps them moist after i take off the plastic bags they sprout in at lease 3 or 4 days everytime,after i turn on my regular lights 600 watt hps because my other 7 plants are in bloom,i put them under a seperate 400 watt cfl first,then after a week they are strong and time to use the 600 watt hps a little further from the 600watt light they form perfectly. i got 3 going so far then i have 2 to 3 more weeks of bloom then i will stick them inside the tent they will be big and strong enought to be able to handel the larger watt lamp, an then my bloom should be done by the time i give my babies the full light,but i will change lights to a 600 watt mhl light i have a duel ballast,so then i can start to veg all over agan,but this time i will grow all of my plants organickly this time,the seeds im germinating now are from a strong kush strain.i find this is the way to do it for me for the time being but it does work
  13. HELLO, Everyone i think i figurered out how to download my girls pic,But i did my best. We shall see very soon i just downloaded my pictures i took the other day,I would have put themk up sooner but i been very busy my good buddy is about to get evicted,And i am trying to convince him and his sister to come and live with me untill they get there shit together.you say use paragraphs i get paroinoid i only got to the 9 grade so i really never new how to do it correctly. Is this any better? EVERYONEmakes fun of my spelling i just got into an aguement on topix a person from the uk said some fighting words to me but my new years resoluation is to let ignorant people go there way, i got insulted useally i would have told his stupit remarks about my spelling. I would have told the limmy bastard where he and his mother could go.but i did not do it so everyone had a laugh on me i thought so what he is the stupit one,not me. another problem i have is my key board gets stuck most of the time exspeicaily when i am in a hurry. So people i have had a very difiacult day so far i have had at least 5 comments today about how i write. ITS STARTING TO REALLY GET ON MY NEVERS.So please no more today ok i no you can read this so just bear with me. it seems more peop-le are trying to fix my spelling than my words about my girls. I dont no what you want from me cant you just try a little harder to understand what i am writing instead of keep pointing it out to me? Im looking at this right now and it dont look that bad. I have attempted to download my pics of my plants as they look now,so if there was a problem i will do my best to make them right ok so here are my babies they will start there35 day sunday,i think they are looking good but the leaves yellow ones are still doing the same thing my book and dust said they might be hungry hungry for what? i have added npk i was told in my bible sometimes they like more nitrogen because the nitrogen disapates very fast,but it is not working. and my roots are getting better and better by each new day. so i think i got it fixed all new white brand new white new heathty rootsare growing threw the sides of my pots in there netpots. they look great and the smell is starting to change this is all new to me i never made it this far with such good looking plants,also the buds are geting slowly bigger with alot of crystal clear white pistols with deep green little leaves filled whith a white coating i guess its the resin right? the best main cola is shaped like the top of a christmas tree pistols growing every where they look like something i seen in a high times book. they look normal to me. way be on normal i have been adding bud candy and the best nirvana and gala suplamenmt and lots of sugar daddy and you no the who0le system recepe for sucsess and my one book says add 18 drops of hydrogen peroide with hygrowzem. so i will hope my pics came out the right way.take a look and let me no ok. QUICKMARK

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