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  1. thanx fellas,i dont think they were autos,however had some fairly extreme weather this summer with a few months in the 100s and early spring with a late frost.....wouldnt suprise me if they are jus straight up confused lol i know i am
  2. howdy peeps,a friend of mine has some big bang,started indoors in april put outside in may,these plants are 6=7 feet tall and healthy but not one bud anywhere and here we are in oct is it possible they are sterile? has anyone seen this? im stumped and so are his plants thanx in advance for any ideas
  3. hey pan,i bought some 1gal bags off ebay,set of 4 220,160,73,25 micron i got em for $28 hve been usin em for bout year now with no troubles i use em for bubble and dry ice extract great for smll batchs id buy again good luck,have fun
  4. lookin good pan,well done
  6. hey fellas,just a fyi,i actually have done the side by side with aerator stones in half the buckets and half without,unfortunately there was no disernable differance in the health, growth patterns or yield,i was really wanting to see something too,it seems the fresh oxygen being drawn in is more than enough if anyone has had dif results please post, it certainly seems logical
  7. there ya go,very nice shots,i harvest when they are mostly cloudy or milky and just few are amber this will give you that uplifting,cerebral high,mostly amber is more of the laid back coach lock stone its all about what your lookin for nice job,keep em goin
  8. 4x8 might be tight,but doable,ya ever try scrog?looks like your ready to rock,keep them res temps down below 70F and she will kick out some monsters might wanna ec/ppm pendant to dial yor nutes in good luck, im watchin,luv some pics
  9. my advice is to keep res temps under 70F,and i use grow rock instead of hydroton,less messy ebb n flo systems rock good luck
  10. hey kush,i grow hydro in ebb and flo,dwc,aswell as organic in soiless,i use scrog,and open,id be happy to help out, whats your set up?
  11. id say by the look of em you gotta few weeks left,at 6 weeks floral development is in full gear,if you can get yor plants in optimal health for the rest of your grow,it'll make a bg differance in your end product,jes sayin get them babies pumpin' n' plumpin' doziz gonna be some baddass buds bro any trich shots? peace
  12. hey pana, i grow in ebb and gro aswell,we've done a side by side with AN vs dyna gro....the dyna gro whipped AN ass across the board, and at 1/2 the price + the dyna gro is perfectly balanced with all 16 vitals and buffers ph out to 5.8 and keeps it steady as a rock some of yor pics looked like begining cal-mag def,leaf roll can be signs of overwater try 3 x 12hr @15min none at lights off if you do no need i never go over 1000ppm i like to keep em a little hungery,some food for thought,mabey clear out a little undergrowth get some airflow in there help plump up buds,other than that the look good keep it up
  13. hey fellas,i grow in ebb n flo system,i use dyna gro it supplys all the 16 micros and macros complete in a one part nute,it puts my ph at 5.8 every time and holds it there i have seen many side by side test and none have beat it,it is so well balanced i no longer even need to test ph it keeps the plants healthy hardy and happy thru the entire grow nute def are a thing of the past all at half the price of majic potions out there if you can get give it a try you'll love it peace
  14. heres some blu temple flo bubble i did last nite,its got that ol skool flav of cedar,nutmeg,spicy,with a bluberry background,very stoney i luv hash hope you do too,peace
  15. thanx for the info tok,ill keep an eye on the bags,knock wood ive been using them a year now with no damage,ofcoarse now that ive said im steppin up to 5gal bags so i can do some shit like bru,oh and a cement mixer like mr x lol dang tok,i thought you guys could jus cut that shit out of the lake up there lol by the way,luv the vodka peace

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