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  1. the bioheaven is too pricy for me at moment dust, and the guys at the store told me I dont need it when growing in soil.. but still i would like to give them a little extra mineral boost if i had the money. Im just going to buy some top max in a couple of days, and see how it goes. I know its crazy smoking that poor thing. And the day after i even cut a branch off the Supercritical 1. Some people might not understand, but the reason im growing the autos is to get some medicin fast, and to last me untill the jh's are finished. So if I need some sleep medicin, the poor autos suffer..
  2. cant wait to see how much they fill out.. all looks great but that Liberty haze looks like its going to pack on a looot of weight. chair pulled..
  3. great grow mopman. How long did you vegg them for? Going to grow her my self in the near future for sure. Nice going with the scrog dude. Going to be fat nuggets
  4. Decided to go with biobizz insted of Canna.. Okay with it so far.
  5. would have liked to use it as a clone and i even had some rockwool and rootbooster lying around, but i fucking smoked it bam.. and belive it or not, it already had a little kick too it.
  6. Tomorrow on day 7 im going to take new pictures before i try to do a little supercropping on the Herer family.. im wondering if its the temperature and/or if they need to dry out more, cause i have been doing it shortly after feeding them.. Any insights??
  7. Day 3. The magnificent Mrs. Jack Herer. Day and a half after being transplanted from 16L to about 40L pot. (should have been done 3-4 weeks before that, but better late then never.) Topped several times and abused a little here and there.. Counted 11 or 13 tops on her yesterday. All of them about to pop into beautiful flowers
  8. Couldnt resist trying to crimp this beautiful stretchy branch to try to make up for making her stretch like that.. but then... again... poor thing snapped clean off................
  9. Supercritical auto beauty 2. (the sensitive one....) Was also transplanted from 6.5L pot, to 16L, and she espicially loves it.. Wanted to let the first one grow without any harasment from me, and the other one i was just going to top, and do a little supercropping, to see the difference in yield..... Well... First I fimmed her, but didnt like the job i did, so day after i turned it into a topping insted. She was looking really good and just about to flower.. then i just wanted to crimp the main stem a little..... that turned into another topping.. on the main stem, and the main side branch...... (cause im so stubborn i wanted to try it that poor branch ass well.. I tried twisting tech on the first one, which usually works for me, it just twisted clean off almost, tried to tape it but no use.. other one i tried to crimp.. pretty much just snapped right off.. more to come...
  10. Supercritical auto beauty Day and half after being moved from 6.5L to 16L. She loves it. Was a little rootbound so transplants was easy. Just wanted to give it a try. Im glad I did
  11. Day 3. Day and a half after repotting. The "big" round pots are 30-40L.
  12. Secret Jardin DR240w and extractor beast.. Tent: 240cm long. 120 wide. 200 tall. Great tent.. Iso-box 750m3 extractor with Rhino filter. Its a fucking beast. Bought it cause the website said it was quiet running.. it cost almost the same as the tent. shameless bastard. Only have one 600hps running now cause i dont have funds for ac or intake fan. Temperature is steady between 30-35celcius.
  13. Beautiful Trainwrecks. Having a little bit of a hard time, but they are tuff ladies. Started feeding with a little biobizz grow..
  14. New life.. Great white shark's. Biobizz kilomix. On this picture, a day or two old..
  15. New modified veg tent. 100cm long- 150cm wide- 150 tall. 200w cfl blue, 200w cfl red. (little bit to warm at the moment, and the vinegar seems to be a little harsh on the plants, but still looking pretty good.)

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