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  1. Not sure if this has been posted before, but this really is the best documentary I've seen on the subject:
  2. Well, I changed to tap water a few days after I put the cutting in. It took until july 22nd to root, which is 16 days.. I reckon my cuttings root faster in soil than in this bubbler, which means I'm probably doing something wrong. Will try again soon with a different construction and some GH white widow cuttings.
  3. Very Cool Greenomatic, I'll be trying that
  4. Nice
  5. That's what I want - What's the minimum amount you need to put in there to get a decent block that isn't too thin?
  6. Hi Mopman, I purchased the press from http://420shop.nl/diverse-cannabis-accessoires/hasj-accessoires/power-pollen-press.html but I believe they only deliver in Holland and Belgium so if you're outside that region you'll need to look further. II ordered from this shop coz it's the cheapest I fouund for this particular press, but you can get it elsewhere too. Just don't get something called the 'Piecemaker'. It's good quality, but at 140 Euros quite overpriced IMHO.. I paid 27,50 Euros for mine and does a good job. I think next time I might stick it in the oven to see if I can get a darker, more professional looking hash out of it. Am a little worried that the metal parts will expand because of the heat though and possibly impede proper movement.. we'll see. Peace bro
  7. I really enjoy the GTA games - have been a fan from the beginning. They were the first (as far as my gaming experience is concerned) to create this type of game with incredibly large maps where you can pretty much do what you want. Saying that though, I've never managed to finish one! I have the attention span of an autistic flea and I somehow always get caught up in something silly like getting out of my blue lamborghini to get the green one that just passed by because I prefer the color and then bringing the police down on myself, thereby sabotaging the mission I was on ;-) Nevertheless, I'm picking up GTA V as soon as it comes out. I prefer playing it together with other people - keeps me focused and is nice to play with a bunch of stoners on a gaming night I'm waiting for Far Cry 3 and in the interim going to play Max Payne 3 - going to pick it up sometime next week. Tonight some friends are coming over to play World of Tanks - I really dig that game, being a WWII history freak
  8. Here's some Blueberry I put thru the ice-o-lator and the herbal press. I put a 1 euro coin in there to make a stamp, but it doesn't show that well coz there is not so much relief on the coin. You can't really develop a lot of force with one of these little presses; I think I'm going to weld something together using a car jack so I can get more press power. Nice Euphoric high on this one. Seems to be quite an active one, good whilst doing little odd jobs round the house Beautiful seeing everyone's hash out there! If the world economy falls, I reckon we should use little hash blocks/nuggets/coins as a form of currency
  9. Hi BlueSteel, thanks for your reply. As yet I have no means of controlling the water temperature in the reservoir I'm using, which is an old creatine bottle covered in aluminum foil to keep the light out. Don't laugh, it's really ghetto style I cut a hole in the top and cut out a slightly larger round piece of camping bed roll as an insert to hold the cutting in it's place. I guess a trip down to the aquarium shop is in order to get me one o' them aquarium heaters, but I'll have to go to a larger container then I think.. For the time being I'll go with the unheated bottle and see what it brings - if the cutting roots faster than in soil which is what I've been doing until now, I'll already be one-up and a learning experience richer I was thinking of getting this kit to start with for nutes: Which contains the following: 1x Hesi Root Complex (500ml) 1x Hesi Hydro Growth (1 liter) 1x Hesi Hydro Bloom (1 liter) 1x Hesi PK 13/14 (0.5 liter) 1 x Hesi Powerzym (0.5 liter) 1x Hesi Super Vit (10ml) 1x Pipette (3.5cc) at 48 euros quite a good deal I think. I'm growing under a CFL indeed, well, just for rooting at the moment, but intend to construct or buy a basic ebb/flow system for one plant and put it under a 250Watt HPS light as a trial project. If it goes well I wanna switch to Hydro completely - I'm tired of having to sneak bags of soil into my apartment and especially sneak the old used soil out again for disposal (and the risk involved). Hydro seems the logical next step for me and, truth be told, would feed my ego nicely as I would consider myself being a step closer to being a pro grower So, I need to either add stuff to the distilled water (why is it advised to use that or rain water?) in order to provide enough start up nutes for the cutting right? Could I use mineral water from the supermarket? Would that provide the needed salts and nutrients for the first few days?
  10. I just made a makeshift little bubbler out of a small plastic bottle and an el cheapo air pump. I didn't bother attaching the stone coz the crappy one I got from the pet shop makes hardly any difference in breaking up the bubbles and I have overkill amount of air going in there anyways. Now I need to know what to do to the water I have in there - I have used distilled water, is that what I should be using? A guy on youtube was using rain water so I figured this would be a good substitute. Am I right in assuming that I don't need to add nutrients until a substantial amount of roots have sprung from the stem? If so, when do the nutrients go in? Do I need to adjust the PH in any way and if so, what range? Anything else I should be looking at or adding? I just have one cutting in there and I coated it with cloning gel. It's hanging partially (1/2") in the water. Any tips would be mega welcome! ps: sorry if this has been covered elsewhere on the forum; I did a search but didn't find anything straight away - maybe my search-fu needs to be guided a little.. hint hint
  11. Right, I'll have at it with the duck tape this evening and make extra sure there's no light coming in. And no more sneeking in to peek at the buds during night cycle either ;-)
  12. Thanks Tokage. Right, so that's temp pretty much ruled out. I'm going to get myself one of those green lights so I don't run the risk of light contamination when I need to be in the grow room at 'night' time. I first attributed it to bad luck, but when I think about it, I had 2 different strains, one from serious seeds, the other from Dutch Passion, and the chance of this happening to both seems rather slim to me, though it is possible I guess. Another thing I was reading about in the Cannabis grow bible is that if you put plants into 12/12 before they've had their pre-flower, which is when the little shoots start growing out at the nodes, you could be stressing your plants into becoming she-males. Anyone agree with that or have any idea if this is correct? What I have done with most of my grows, including these last 2 hermified ones, is wait until there are 5 internodes (very close together coz I use a really good pre-grow box) and then top them. I give them 5 more days of 18 hours and then I put them on 12. I'm not sure but I think they hadn'r entered pre-flower yet - could this be it?
  13. Wow, I don't think I've ever felt as welcome as this on a forum; pleased to have found home, thank you
  14. Hey there, hoping some of you can help me out here I have been growing for 2-3 years now. I started with AK-47, then bubblegummer, then chrystal and now recently Blueberry and Kalimist. All went well until the blueberry.. I had to take down my grow tent for a while because I needed to use the room it was in for something else, so I decided to use the pantry instead. Problem is, I couldn't keep the temperature low enough there but with a maximum of 31 Celcius I reckoned I could get away with it (have used that room before and worked ok). 3 out of 4 plants turned into hermas and I was way too late discovering it (have only had successful grows over the years so got a little cocky and didn't check up on my plants enough), so everything got seeded up like a motherf####r and very low quality weed. I decided to keep the plants because I was so far along in the cycle that I didn't want to waste the electricity I had already put into it. Anyways, I figured I had just been unlucky and got a bad batch of seeds, as I'm sure the nutrients and ph were properly maintained and I had had several good grows in that room when starting out. I bought some expensive kalimist seeds next and, guess what? All 4 are hermas. They only have the odd little male sac here and there, but there's no mistaking it. I have enough time to remove them all with a pair of tweezers before they burst, though if I keep the plants I'll leave one or two so as to have some kalimist seeds for later. In the blueberry grow, the male sacs also appeared more in a banana shape in the middle of the buds as well - it doesn't seem to be happening so far with these kali plants but they're difficult to spot in the middle of a bud and I'm sure to miss a couple if I decide to keep these plants. I have now set up the tent again and started another grow there with some Kali clones and a few Skywalker Kush plants. I'm now debating whether to keep the 4 kali plants in the other room or not - Another 10 weeks of 400W would be a great expense if they get full of seed.. My question is, what is the most likely cause for the herma transformation? Is 31 Celcius warm enough to do that? I must say I did sneek in there a few times during 'night' cycle and let light in - could that be it? Other than that, I can't think what else it could be.. Also, do hermas always produce the male balloon thingees in the middle of the bud? If I get seed from a herma, is it going to be all female or are there potentially going to be hermas in there too? I read in the Cannabis grow bible: "The plants then self-pollinate themselves and the results are female and hermaphrodite seeds. In a special case a female known as an XX female will produce more female seeds than hermaphrodite seeds. That is how female seeds are created." So will the seeds I get from a herma for a large part also be herma? The reason I'm asking despite what it says in the book is that I read in another thread in this forum about stressing plants on purpose to make it into a herma and create female seeds, so maybe the book isn't accurate? Thanks in advance for your thoughts on this folks!
  15. Hi Dust, Thanks for the encouragement. I pretty sure I'll be asking some questions very soon in the indoor section ;-) laterzz

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