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  1. Okey.. So went at it again, started a new grow with some "upgrades". (Bigger containers, PH-down for my tap water) I grow 2 different strains this time, White Widow and Super Silver Haze. As the title suggest I have the same issue as before, which is: fan leaves are shriveling up and dying. BUT only on the White Widow. The Super Silver Haze are doing just fine. And the last time I grew Skunk#1. So as far as I can tell, this issue I'm having is only affecting Indica dominant plants. Here is a link to my last thread: . My tap-water is normally between 7.8 and 8 PH. When I use my PH-down I get it to 6.8. The temp in the grow-room is 22-24c. The humidity is between 30-45. I use the same water / nutes / ph-down for both the plants. They have been flowering for some weeks now. I thought that there might be some master-grower out there that can give me a answer to what my problem is. Especially now that I can confirm that the issue has only effected Indica's. Is there some kind of difference as to what PH / TEMP / HUMIDITY the different types of plants can handle? Any help is appreciated. (The last picture is of the healthy SSH) PS: For some reason I cant use the ENTER / RETURN-key when writing in this forum, probably something to do with me using Windows 8 and IE10.
  2. Thanks .. Those buds on the pictures are all from the healthiest plant. Cant really tell u if the buds are compact or not, I have rerely smoked weed. Where I come from there's much more hashish on the street than weed. But I would guess that they are, since when I break them apart it seems I get a larger quantity. The buds are kinda small I belive, atleast when I compare to other growers. I've already planned my next grow though, going to be Super Silver Haze and White Widow. Maby I'll get some bigger yields there. Peace!
  3. Well I guess I could snap some pictures... here u go:
  4. Hi! Just thought that I would give u guys a report on how the smoke turned out. The bigger plant that had the most problems came up with smaller buds, and in the end did not give as much as the smaller and healthier plant did. In total I would say i got about 30-40 grams (buds) from both plants. (dont know if thats much or less) The smoke is good, and they stink like hell, damn I understand the name "Skunk" now. The effect is good aswell. I personally would say this is a good first time grow-op ^^ Thanks for all the help.. Sry no pictures, I smoked most of the buds
  5. Thanks for all the answers. I have all the PH-instruments now, and my tap-water is 7,8. The soil as I said is at 6,4-6,5 PH. No no no, no mites at all, check every day. I will try your solution, MaxGrower. Thats my first guess aswell, and as I said I switched to a nute that have MG. That might not be enough as the problem still accurs. I will get Epsom salts and try with that. Thanks!
  6. UPDATE : I've gotten a PH tester for the soil (still waiting for the water tester), and the PH is between 6 and 7, I would probably say about 6,4 - 6,5 for the the plant with the most problem and around 6,8 for the one with less problem. The flowering has really started to shape up, and the problem is not spreading to the flowers atm.
  7. PS: No I try too avoid spraying the plant it self during the day-time.
  8. Okey, that I will do. The strange thing though is that the other plant doesent have nearly as much problem as the bigger one. But I will buy a "PH-kit" and check the water and soil, and try too raise the humidity. Any ideas how I can raise the humidity? I have like open containers with water in the room, and I spray the floor with water when humidity is too low. I check on them 3-4 times a day. Thanks for all the help so far! Very much appreciated!
  9. Hmm, I dont check the PH of the water, I use normal tap-water (I live in a country with GOOD (maby the best) tap water ) and let it stay in the open for about 24 hours so it get richer on oxygen. The only time I checked the PH was on the soil before I started to grow, and then it where at 6. Humidity can some times drop as low as 35%, and never higher then 50%. Thats the reason why I have the "sprayer", I use it when humidity drops too low. I have checked for bugs since day-1, especially spidermites, and I have never seen any on the plant. There where a time when these small flyes where in the soil, beacuse they always got out of there when I water the plants. I used PYREX-N to get rid of them, and it seemed to work. I just started using a new nutrient because I realised that the first one I've been using did not have Magnesium (MG) in it. So my guess right now would be magnesium deficiency. What do you guys think about that?
  10. So.. I'm a first time grower. The plants are about 4 weeks old and I switched to flowering about a week ago. One mistake I did right from the start was that I did'nt start "counting days", so unfortunately I dont know the exact age of the plants. The strain is Skunk #1. I'm using a 250w HPS. I have one big fan in the room. The temperature is around 25-28 c in the day. The problem i've been having is that the fan-leaves gets these brown / yellow spots on them, and after a while they dry out and die. When i first noticed this problem I flushed the bigger plant (cuz that was the one with the biggest problem), that did not help at all, the problem continued. There are a bunch of fan-leaves that I have been forced to cut off since they got so dry that they almost fell off. It seems that the older and bigger the leaves are the more of this problem they are having. But as u see in one of the pictures some of the smaller ones are also showing these symptons. I've read alot about this, and some say it's nute-burn, to small amount of nute, insects, etc etc, and the list goes on. Can this accur naturally because of flowering, like the plant is deverting it's power to the flowers and does not focus on the fan-leaves? Any help is appreciated!

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