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  1. Excellent work g22, cant wait to see her straighten herself up, impressive plant bro flowering is gonna be special. Keep us updated please. PEACE and RESPECT
  2. Excellent share thx bro. Hope i get a chance to try this method in the future. PEACE
  3. hi herbal, some growers dont recommend it at all, however after the stretch period is over usually about 3 weeks lolly popping is a defoliation at the bottom of the plant so flowering is concentrated at the tops where most light is. also at the end of flowering to help with air flow around the buds so not so high humidity. hope this helps and happy growing peace
  4. Smoke, dont mind if i do! unfortnately not this kush, as it is all gone. when first dried as you do after all the waiting the flavour was like sour lemon which after 4 weeks in sealed jars was like peppery berry with something i can describe. High was hard not to heavy however very relaxing. total plant life of 13 weeks 5 days in 250w of hid lighting yielded 118g. plus 9g of clean resin. Very nice plant to grow, easy and loves her nutes. Pics show only the tops these took ages to dry and forgot to pic the lower buds. hope you enjoy this short and not what we call a real test Thx to the powder feeding team, the greenhouse team and ofc The Strain Hunters, cant wait for new expedition video. PEACE brothers maybe il grow again someday
  5. 68 days done, 11 days in water, time to chop her.
  6. Day 61. Not sure what order pics will come, here is a bit of a question day. Now we have an extra little growth on the plant the only one found right up untill harvest, is it because she was shocked when the top snapped off a week into flower, or do you think its over feeding, H is gonna say genes, however there is also she may have felt lonely in her old age, il leave it up to you. (by the way i pulled the little nut sack so i got some macros)
  7. 20,2,16. 57 Days completed, today her food was taken away and replace with only tap water .6ec. In the pics we have a little flower at the base of the plant coming from probably the seed leaf all i can imagine, in another pic a tri leafed branch from one of the first true leaf branches (you can see these branches in first update).
  8. 15,2,16. Day 53, A look at how FROSTY she is getting, at this point she was on EC 1.9- base water EC 0.6, GH powder feeding short flower EC 1.0, Canna pk13/14 0.3ec, with 250w its to high.
  9. Sry about the quality of some of the pics. 11,2,16, 7 full weeks 12/12. Now getting really sticky with like an dry soil smell, flowers are small but lots of them, on the 12 branches there are lots of shoots making an inner canopy.
  10. Here we have pictures at 6 weeks 1 day and 6 weeks 3 days, a few views from all over then plant,
  11. Thx for the compliments I believe the root development is down to making them search for nutes in a weak solution, soon as root hits water 25-30mm under netpot i add 1g/10l of ghpf grow, it seems to be an advantage at early stage. This update 28,1,16 5 full weeks of 12/12 and only shows flower development
  12. 4 weeks complete The plant is massive her truck is that of a tree for the overall size of the plant, but flowering is slow.
  13. 14,1,16 3 weeks in 12/12 flowers now forming nicely
  14. This is when it started getting interesting development of flowers begins 2 weeks 4 days into 12/12.
  15. In the last post you will notice we had an acident the top snaaped off to much bending over. This post is the 7th january 2 weeks after flip.

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Cannabis, one of the most ancient plants known to man, used in every civilisation all over the world for medicinal and recreational purposes, is facing a very real threat of extinction. One day these plants could be helpful in developing better medications for the sick and the suffering. We feel it is our duty to preserve as many cannabis landraces in our genetic database, and by breeding them into other well-studied medicinal strains for the sole purpose of scientific research.

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