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  1. Another great test yipee, I will count myself included in the excluded. For the last 2 tests i have had bad luck when it comes to growing i have been raided. I have been lucky enough to get some seeds that will be journaled as soon as i can but we will get the grow under way before i upload it. Have fun guys and good luck already pulled up a chair and waiting. PEACE ps. i may buy products needed and join in but lets see what happens, already spoke to the grow store near by and products come in next week
  2. Love the report, theres a lot of truth in there. peace
  3. Yes i guess they could, if not used propally (to strong or to often) could possibally mess with ph and microbes in the soil would not like that would be like an acid bath. My advise on changing anything is- only change one thing at a time and watch the results PEACE
  4. with the window hinged at the top and hot air rising its not going to be able to open far enough for air to exchange properly. is there no way you could put intake or exhaust out bedroon door and use curtain to help seal or use that kind of method. PEACE
  5. Just a concerned brother asks, Having exhaust of the dehumidifier out the tent is that not bypassing the carbon filter?
  6. beautiful garden you have there keep up the good work peace
  7. p.s. the straighter the ducting the quicker the air flow
  8. Hi. Lets start with a question, where exactly is your exhaust? What i mean is, is the exhausted air in the same room as your tent, if so this could be part or all of the problem. Air wether intake or exhaust must come from different places, its fine to have a passive intake but the exhaust needs to go out of your tents room and leave window open and try to funnel the fresh towards the intake. This is a simple beginners mistake one which many of us have experienced some simply not heat issues but mold with rising RH with using recycled air. Hope this can help you solve a problem bro if already set up like i explained, then you need funnel cooler air in from somewhere else PEACE and good luck
  9. Hi guys. i may have my wires crossed with Organo-mineral that g22 mentioned. Organicly sourced minerals, GH powderfeeding is i believe minerals that have been sourced organicly @Dust As for the food farming my toms love the short flowering, starting the feed at first truss. I think this is along the lines that was mentioned @g22 love the garden Hope this helps PEACE
  10. do not try to alter ph all in 1 watering no more than .5 ph in any 24hrs keep going the way you are but dont use the nutes, once run off is almost same as going in resume with nutes. just check also your not using to strong mix of nutes peace
  11. I think i missed this bit first time round. if your PH'ed water is 6.8 and run off is 5.2, your soil is very acidic. a difference of 1.6 should then be taken off your run off to find the ph value of the medium, run off 5.2 minus 1.6 = 3.4, works the same if the run off PH increases add the difference not subtract. i would stop using nutes untill you have ph under control not being absorbed by the plant will only make this worse. peace and have fun
  12. Im hoping for at least another week i can leave her.
  13. This is september out the way more pics soon. Looking nice now we may be lucky and get a smoke from her after all. PEACE
  14. has there been a big ph change like 1 full point at any one time, did this happen quickly or over time and check for bugs peace

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