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  1. Looking good, flowering in 10 days cant wait to see. PEACE
  2. No turning back now, there in the drink. Good start, they are in capable hand as shown in last journal. Have fun in the contest bro. PEACE
  3. Thats better now 2 little babies Looking ok maybe a bit tall, but never mind you could always pot it do and have soil closer to leaves or get a breeze on them and strengthen them. PEACE
  4. No not to young, obviously dont blow them over. However ventilation is different to circulation which i am talking about, open fans inside the tent moves the air around. Where ventilation fans extract and input air. Hope this helps. PEACE Both are needed.
  5. At this stage any small fan that moves them would help, in the past i have seen many people including myself use old PC fans they are great for seedlings. peace
  6. Some great development both above and below. Really nice roots bro, and from what i can see short internodes and nice leaf colour. Keep up the good work, im keeping a seat in this room. PEACE
  7. The MH lighting will make more leaf growth, so to stop the stretching. If not already done so a light breeze over them should strengthen the stem. The clones look good so maybe its no problem keeping them dormant. Keep up the good work bro. PEACE
  8. It is highly possible @LedCherryBerry although some hermies only produce a single nanna and others are cover with them, i guess its down to how much stress they had or traits of genetics. Hope this helps a little. PEACE
  9. Hooray- they not balls, they are preflowers covered in glorious trichomes. PEACE
  10. Nice clean enviroment, just the job for cloning. Good luck cant wait to see the results. PEACE
  11. One point to consider, hydrogen peroxide ( H2O2) is bleach. Is it a good idea to mix with beneficial bacteria which the Enhancer contains. Just a thought bro. PEACE
  12. Nice start, who needs to be able to read with photos as good as these. Good luck and happy growing PEACE
  13. Bad luck on the first seed hope you have more luck on the next 2. Good luck and hope they with us soon. PEACE
  14. Nice step by step start. Looking good, wont be long before they are potted PEACE
  15. Nice start and good luck. Looking forward to seeing them develop. Enjoy the grow. PEACE
  16. WOW id love to be in there, im so jealous bro. Healthy and beauiful. PEACE
  17. Nice start, earlier than you expected. They all got their own little propagator, there in good hands so im pretty sure of 100% germination. Good luck and have fun bro. PEACE
  18. What an excellent thread. Newbie grower what a skill you have, growing several plants of the same strain is not so hard but when running 4 different strains looking as healthy as those is not so easy, you have done extremely well in my opinion. The training you have been doing is excellent, i am looking forward to your rhino entry in the competition. PEACE and RESPECT
  19. Beautiful new life and excellent pics. Maybe place all pots together in the middle of your tent for better light to each and move apart as they grow. PEACE
  20. Nice plants, just a little tip when using LST method, first start by tying a bottom support around the stem opposite to the direction your top is going to be pulled this helps stop the plant from being uprooted when bending the stem. Once again plants lovely colour and healthy. PEACE
  21. Beautiful crop and looking like they getting stcky. Keep up the good work, and watch the RH. PEACE
  22. Very fast start here bro, i would love to run a veg under that power. Expecting some tight internodes Keep it green. PEACE
  23. Good show nice germination cant wait to see the others. Good luck and happy growing PEACE
  24. Looking like we could have flowers soon. Some look like they just starting to stretch. Keep up the good work. PEACE
  25. And there off. Waste no time RESPECT. Nice start and good luck bro. PEACE

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