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  1. Hang in there give it time (even when you're up against it) I had a very similar issue very recently but it's all going good and I'm nearly done. Don't panic
  2. They look fine bro just give it time.
  3. Looking good do far good job, what size is you grow room/area?
  4. The smoke was good. I live in the Scottish Highlands and our water here is soft I've never used cal/mag before so will give this a go with future grows, I will also go with a lower E.C value also. I expect plants would thrive in a 1000w lighting condition but I use 400w for the space I have. IIRC the leaves were crispy that were showing deficiencies. All the info has made good reading and thanks for the replies.
  5. Do you use any additives on top of your 3part
  6. E.C from tap is 0.03 just checked it.
  7. Water ph out the tap is 6.9 No added calcium Less EC and the leaves get much lighter showing nitrogen deficiencies I'm due a flush and water change tomorrow and the drying up period to really boost the plants I'm using AN Part A&B flower ph perfect
  8. Brothers and sisters I wouldn't usually bother yous with this and do the usual flush routine (due tomorrow) I would like to deal with this promptly and I've been away with work the last week and came home to What you see in the picture E.C 1.97 PH 5.7 Temp 22deg
  9. So what's he latest with these LED lights then?
  10. Good man just the info I am looking for. Thanks
  11. A little pic of a bud. Almost there.
  12. So not much has been happening with the girls although I made a mistake I've never made before. I have not planted the seed deep enough after germination. But hey I'll make it work.
  13. Hi Brothers No there's no seed there and yes it require a few more weeks from the date of the post. I have just done a water change nutrient free with half the normal water level to ensure the roots get even more air. I've never done this before (reduced water) so it will be interesting to see how it goes. The buds are nice and firm and trichomes are milky.
  14. I've only ever grown GHSC
  15. Welcome back I too have been away for a while but back again. Always good to see good people who come back.

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