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  1. Hi!! GreenHouse Feeding have a new additive in the bio line, Enhancer, one amazing phyton-protector with: Humic acids Fulvic acids Seaweed Thricoderma Bacillus subtilis …. Perfect to prevent phytosphora, phytium….or to fight againts powdery mildew for example. In addition, increase the life and energy in the soil with amino and carbohydrates, and promotes the plants rooting. In fact, we did a lot of tests germinating seeds. Apply between 0.3gr-0.5gr/liter the growth was increased significantly. But obviously, this would be only neccesary if we are working with old seeds, or with bad conservation. In anyway the expenses, for the low amount of Enhancer in the mixture, is insignificant if we want to use it in all our seeds germinations. Each 15 days, I make manteinance in my mothers room, removing new sprouts. I usually put these cuttings in a plastic glass with water like backup for the next 15 days. One month ago, I irrigated a few automatic seeds with water+0.3gr/liter enhancer. I used that mixture in the plastic glass where I put he cutting plants(backups). 4-5 days later, I took a look the cuttings and I saw roots in 3 (between 25+-) of them!! Eureka!. You can imagine my face. I did the same the last +15 years and never I saw roots with that size in 4-5 days, only putting one cutting in water. Like I am not looking for roots, I didnt take pics, and I dont know if exactly was 4 or 5 days. But after see that, It was enough to make one test. I did the next: 1-Sink jiffys(peat pellet) in water with Enhancer(0.3gr/liter) 2-Drain off 3-Insert the cuttings. Easy!! Keep it simple style! Only with that, I had roots in 6 days, and the cuttings were ready to leave the greenhouse 1 week later, only with 0.3gr of Greenhouse feeding Enhancer, and without hormones or additives. And I was travelling, so the cares were zero. And of course, we can root plants only with water and one medium, water, soil, coco... But 100%, in 7 days, without hormones, and only make clones and transplant 1 week later, is very nice! So I did another test, with the same results. Cutting plants ready in 1 week. I was speaking with my engineer mate in the office about this. And he did the same , and roots in 7 days and a long hairy in 15 days. Pics attached. Amazing!!! In the same time I did another test with one Chemdog mother. Is a very special plant for me, with a incredible taste. Only for that I keep it, because is a hell cloning It and have a very slow growth in the first stage. For that, when I want grow It, I always use additives to get roots in 15 days. The last times I was with Azos, from xtreme gardening. Azospirillum brasilensis. Is a nitrogen fixim bacterium who estimulate the roots. I did a few clones with Azos, and a few clones with Enhancer. And “voilà”, roots with Enhancer in 7 days and any root trace with Azospirillum( usually roots in this strain in 12-15 days, sometimes later) Incredible!! chemdog and Ssh pics, 8 days. I was talking with people who have the same strain and they are without words Xddd One of them gave me Clonex(out of the market in Spain)because he is using it to make clones of this strain, and I will make a comparative between these hormones and Enhancer the next days. In my opinion Clonex have more name than unique results. But like a few years ago It was the main product in the market to make roots, now out of the market people think is the best. And yes, the AIB Works, but isnt the panacea. I will use other concentrations, rock whool… Cheers!!
  2. From the album Cosillas

  3. From the album Cosillas

  4. From the album Cosillas

  5. Buenas! Muchas gracias por los ánimos Fran!!! las skunk auto y la ww auto ya están boca abajo.Jamás tuve una ww con estos colores, pero realmente es espectacular! unas fotos de estas y tb del avance de la terracita. me pedían comida con la boca abierta, fertirriego de 1.2 hybrids. he intentado doblar una de las plantas que se me desmandaba en altura, pero suerte!! xDD. al final he cortado unas cuantas puntas para moldear un poco y que dispongan de espacio sin tener que modificar la estructura. un saludote y buen Agosto!
  6. From the album Cosillas

  7. From the album Cosillas

  8. From the album Cosillas

  9. From the album Cosillas

  10. From the album Cosillas

  11. From the album Cosillas

  12. y ahora unas fotos del scrog. mañana tengo que regular un poco la altura de la money maker y de la ss que se me están desmandando en altura. toca trabajo.... por lo demás muy contento, buen crecimiento, buena formación de puntas, plantas sanas... intento sprayar lo máximo posible con agua, tuvieron ya un par de rociadas de coladecaballo, neem, jabón potásico... algún thrip, alguna araña, pero lo normal con tanta hoja en exterior. espero llegar con las plantas totalmente limpias a mediados de floración. Sólo tuvieron dos riegos por el momento con hybrids, a dosis bajas, sin pasar de 0.8ec. un saludote y buenos cultivos!!
  13. como os había comentado este año toca scrog . al final las variedades elegidas son -exodus cheese -king kush -sand storm feno morado -Money maker he construido un "greenhouse" con tubos de riego, tacos y plástico de invernadero. en principio puede retirarse el plástico en un minuto, pero para prevenir miradas indiscretas lo tengo siempre puesto, a pesar de la pérdida que ello supone. por lo menos me he salvado de un par de granizadas . además me he construido por 3 euros(tubo pvc, final tubo y pulpito) un riego pa las vacaciones que me ha permitido irme tranquilo a tomar el sol . únicamante quito el tubo de la lanza de riego que puse en otro post y pongo el de las fotos
  14. y ya por último, que no por ello menos importante, white widow. enorme!
  15. unas fotos de la damnesia auto, no tan productiva como la damnesia normal(o por lo menos con las condiciones de poco sustrato y no demasiadas horas de luz que tuvieron), pero cogollos densos y de muy agradable fumada, con toques a especias.

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