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  1. Danke für die Fotos! Sehen gut aus deine Damen, auch wenn sie sich bestimmt einen längeren Sommer gewünscht hätten. Welche Sorten hast du denn da stehen?
  2. Hi Hunters, As you might have noticed, the forum has been offline a few days. We moved it to a new server so if you experience any problems please let us know in this thread. Thanks
  3. At the moment it's only available on HBO/Vice
  4. Congratulations to all the winners!!
  5. Very nice pictures as usual! Plants look good! I am curious how the buds will look in the end as you say but I am confident they will continue to grow bigger. Resin production looks very good! I hope the predators can take care of the mites for you.
  6. Hi Hunters, Seedsman has their annual Strain of the Year Awards and our Super Lemon Haze is nominated in some categories. Indoor Category Feminized Category Strain of the Year Category Vote Here! Everyone who completes the voting will also be automatically entered into a prize draw to win a Seedsman Awards bundle, which will include packs of the winning strains from each category!
  7. Hi rogering, If you have 120x120cm (4x4ft) and you want to grow 16 plants, you can also use 11 liter pots. The square pots are 23x23 cm so 4 should fit easily with a little spacing in between. With our Super Bud Auto you can get fast and good yield for an auto: https://shop.greenhouseseeds.nl/super-bud-auto.html
  8. Wow Jose I love the pictures!!! Amazing root development
  9. Very nice post @Cannabissapean Thanks for clarifying and taking your time to contribute to the forum!!
  10. I can only say that we rather don't sell a product than maybe selling something that is not 100% the quality we want. Demand is high, especially for certain strains but I don't expect a shortage of seeds in the near future ;-)
  11. Hi Chemnutter, They are not discontinued but as you say sold out for a while already. I can't tell for sure when they will be back but if you want to be notified, you can sign up for our newsletter on the bottom of the page: https://shop.greenhouseseeds.nl
  12. That's how the whole rosin 'boom' started. It will work but it's more difficult to dial in for perfect pressure and temps
  13. It is for sure the easier and safer method of making extractions and in my experience with good starting material (buds or hash) you can get some really nice rosin. The most difficult part is to dial in the best temp and presure depnding on the material and equipment used.
  14. @Zeq The Grow Session Videos have been done with 1000W HPS per plant and the conditions (environment, temp, nutrients, etc.) have been perfect. It's to show what is possible to achieve if you work precisely but in reality there are not many people using 1000W per plant, except in legal states in the US maybe.
  15. @Cannabissapean I am not involved in the breeding, so I don't know exactly which phenos are being selected. sorry mate, it's also a surprise for me I have grown a few phenos of the slex and had the opportunity to try out some more and there are definitely more than one keeper phenos imo.
  16. Would like to see them also @Patricia
  17. Welcome to the forum @Roo78 ! The plant looks very much like the ABC or duck foot. Do you have pictures of in in full flower? Hope you enjoy the forum.
  18. The strains have been created for people in moderate climate so that they finish outdoors on time. They will grow of course also indoors and they will be just as nice, the only thing is that they might not turn purple as much as they would outdoors due to the temperatures not dropping in the last weeks. Have a good grow and show us once they are growing!
  19. Sounds interesting, can you provide more information and maybe post pictures of the strains?
  20. Welcome Pat, really very nice pictures and interesting that you reuse your soil, not too many people do. Looking forward to seeing more of your grows!
  21. Hello Zec, Most strains can be grown indoors. Which strain do you have?
  22. @Cannabissapean we did not give up on it, still working but good things take time ;-)
  23. very interesting pots you use. also the scrog frame looks nice! Hope they fill out nicely after the Fim pruning.

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Cannabis, one of the most ancient plants known to man, used in every civilisation all over the world for medicinal and recreational purposes, is facing a very real threat of extinction. One day these plants could be helpful in developing better medications for the sick and the suffering. We feel it is our duty to preserve as many cannabis landraces in our genetic database, and by breeding them into other well-studied medicinal strains for the sole purpose of scientific research.

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