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  1. Variety packs are available. They are also known as colored seeds. In the online store, at the bottom of the page, find and click on "colored seeds". Then you will be able to see the variety packs that are available.
  2. I think that Jose means, "which type of hydro do you want to set up? In hydro, there are many different variations. deep water culture (DWC), ebb-n-flow, drip into rockwool, coco as medium, perlite as medium, mapito as medium, air-ponics, bubble-ponics, and there are other methods that I cannot remember at the moment. So, which method do you want to do? If you are not familiar with the above-mentioned techniques, then use those words and do some google- or youtube searches. You are in for a few weeks worth of learning. It will inspire you to build your own set-up. Have fun.
  3. Nice job, Gasmeter.
  4. Are you going to start with 70, or run a couple dial-in tests first? Are you going to run soil or hydro or both?
  5. Why not switch up to LEDs?
  6. Unexpected periods of darkness are usually not a problem, so long as it's not more than about 4 days. But 4 hours undesired "lights on" can be enough to seriously diminish yield, especially if it occurs in early flowering.
  7. Does that mean you still don't have all your scheduled processes on timers? If not, you're gonna regret it one of these days when you discover that you have accidentally reversed a blomming plant back into Vegg modus by forgetting to turn off a lamp for a day or two. Or also not good, when you open your flowering tent a couple days after a similar event to discover that one of your females suddenly turned hermie from the light confusion stress, sprang balls and pollinated your entire tent of females. Both of those accidents have happened to me before. I will admit however, that these accidents have also happened to me AFTER having everything on timers. There is that little timer-bypass-switch on the timer. If I have to perform an emergency cleaning or pest-control or emergency feeding or something just minutes before the lights are due to come on or just when the lights are about to go off, I sometimes flip that darned bypass switch. I finish my job and then, because I am stoned or just plain stupid, I forget to flip the switch back to timer modus. Such a mistake is often not caught until 24 hours later, or worse, at the next feeding 3 or 4 days later. I guess what I need to do is to make a tag to hang on the zipper of the tent "TIMER SWITCH", so that I cannot forget about the bypass switch.
  8. Hello @Bee1984, Welcome to Strain Hunters. Here is the grand daddy of all the DIY hydroponics videos. View all 9 episodes. Enjoy.
  9. Do you mean like this one? Or you could simply start a new topic of your own. The Chill Out Lounge is a topic-area that is quite open for just about anything.
  10. Jim, you are right, if the dehumidifier is still in the tent. I was trying to encourage Shaggy to seal-up the output of the extractor and set the dehumidifier completely outside the tent. Personally, I think that all these problems will be resolved if he would find a way to seal that output exhaust pipe to the outside. Then he might not even need the dehumidifier.
  11. Yes, the Perlite adds no nutrients itself, but it allows water to drain away more quickly and thereby oxygen to reach the root ball. The additional oxygen allows the microbes in the soil to become more active and thereby they create their waste materials which the plants take-up in the roots.
  12. Interesting characteristics in the cotyledons and the initial leaves. Interesting texture to your soil. That soil looks like a super-rich compost. Have you grown in this kind of soil before? What is the pH of the run-off water?
  13. Cedar oil, Mungbean? Please tell us more...
  14. Have you tried putting the dehumidifier outside of the tent to dehumidify the room that the tent sits in?

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