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  1. Glad you are back. And you are starting another grow! Woohooo! I understand that your equipment has changed a bit. What is different?
  2. Just wondering whether any StrainHunters are following any of the cannabis-related investment opportunities that are growing in the stock markets. It seems that the legalization of cannabis in one state after another in America is now fueling growth in the industries and companies that serve the increasing cannabis-market in the U.S.A. Not just seed companies (they're all privately held anyway), no, not those companies; I'm speaking about the periphery industries: soil and gardening companies (Miracle Grow, HappyFrog/Fox Farms/Ocean Forest, etc.), home improvement centers (Lowes, Home Depot, etc.), lighting and lamps (Lampii, Phillips, Osram, etc.), , ventilation, financial services (NOT banks, but rather, the crypto-currencies and the industries ramping-up around the crypto-currencies. My tags show some of the ticker symbols for publicly-traded companies or investment entities for which I found some very interesting and exciting articles on the web. So, if you are interested, please check a few of them out and let me know what you think. If you have some interesting ideas as well, please enlighten me too.
  3. ddfine, welcome to the forum. Nice to have another researcher with us. Unfortunately, your state still doesn't allow research on cannabis and its benefits, but maybe there are some productive studies underway somewhere in the States. jandp5, yes, there are always people in the forum, but not necessarily in every single thread. If you want to chat LIVE, you can click on "Chat Now" and meet people who are logged-in at that exact moment. Or you can click on "Chatrooms", then select the room "StrainHunters". There is almost always someone in there to chat with.
  4. Ridgerunner, SlimJim is absolutely correct. You don't ever want to overfertilize. Powderfeeding should be measured by weight, and the solution should be monitored using an EC.meter to fine-tune the solutions depending on the plant's age or growth-stages, according to the charts supplied with the Powderfeeding. And you are right, it does look weak, and that is correct. (In soil, I typically mix my solutions by only half strength, and then follow with 3 or 4 feedings with only water before giving another powderfeeding. When growing in soil, I prefer to encourage the plant to seek-out its nutrients by growing her roots.) Remember, when feeding into soil, the plant needs time to reach all those nutes that you are saturating into the soil. If you keep adding nutes with every watering, you will certainly overfertilize the soil in those areas where the roots haven't yet reached...) I highly recommend the EC-meter from BlueLabs called the Truncheon. Ease of use and reliability makes it well worth its price.
  5. Oh yeah, this is going to be a very informative grow journal. Nice pictures and editting. Pulling up a chair...
  6. Welcome back Multitech. Looking forward to this grow. You're using one of my favorite techniques (Ebb-n-Flow). It will be interesting to see some pictures of your set-up (to compare to mine) hehe. (I assume that you are using Ebb-n-Flow in your flowering area. Are you using a different Tech in the Vegg area? Or are you also using Ebb-n-Flow for the Vegg area too?) Well, don't answer my questions here in this thread. I'll run over to your Grow Journal "Caboose - Soil and MultiMedium to Hydro!" under "Grow Journals Indoor" to see your answer there. For everyone else, I shall post a link to Multitech's Grow Journal below so that they can quickly follow... Ciao Ciao
  7. Thanks for showing us your pictures, Sal. Nice having you onboard.
  8. Two of those pictures you posted on March 16 look like the strain, Dark Angel. Beautiful pics.
  9. Great Balls of Fire, that's a male.
  10. indoor grow

    So sorry to hear about that, Cindy. Bummer boyfriend... I'm gonna IM you.
  11. Sounds like we could look forward to some nice journals and pictures from you in the area; Grow Journals Outdoor.
  12. Northumberland sounds like a rough neighborhood. Glad I don't live there. I see that there is a large prison in that area, so there is possibly a lot of negative influences and tension in that community. Have you considered moving away from those influences, possibly to a different college-town to continue your studies? I can imagine your talents could be used to help a seed-company (It doesn't always have to be cannabis) to develop their catalogs or their web-site. Or maybe if you are fit enough and able to travel, seek a job with the media as an in-field photographer (team-photographer). Or become a photo-journalist. For that, you will need to seriously study journalism in college. If you really want to do well in any career, it always means good hard study in order to succeed. You can do it. Good luck my friend.
  13. g22, You have done very well despite the fact that your soil is so alkaline. That speaks very positively for your hard work to create the right conditions for the plants, given that your substrate pH was too high. For the remainder of this grow, I would recommend continuing to adjust your feeding water to around pH5,8 (like that pH that cannabis enjoys in hydro grows) and continue to monitor the run-off pH. We can only hope that eventually you will see a little rise in the run-off pH as time passes. Thus far your plants have benefitted somewhat from this transition across the pH-range; watering at ~6,0, the roots see at first a lower pH and can absorb some of the mins&nutes that are available at the lower range while other mins&nutes are locked out. As the soil acts with the water and raises the pH upwards, the plant is momentarily able to absorb other mins&nutes through the middle pH-range. As the pH reaches its upper range, then high-pH mins&nutes become available while low-pH mins&nutes become locked out. This is not a state of emergency, only a nuisance-problem that requires extra effort and monitoring at virtually every watering, as you already know. Yeah, dialing-in your supersoil mix is also a process of Trial-and-Error until you get it just right. It just takes time and experience, and keeping notes on what you do so that you can determine what works and what doesn't work. As for any future supersoil mixes, next time you might want to read the labels more closely on the back sides of the bags. On the back side of the bags of most base soils (Pflanzen-Erde) one can read the tested pH of that bag of soil. If possible, try to choose a base soil with a pH in the range of 5,8 to 6,2. Now, if you think that some of the soil-amendments that you have chosen may be responsible for the pH being too high, then you may consider starting with a soil that is very acidic (less than 5,5 pH). Such soils ARE also available: Rhodadendron/Azalea soil is very acidic. (The soil in monoculture pine forests (Tannen-Wälder) is very acidic but, unfortunately, also very poor in minerals and nutrients, thereby requiring some amendments.) Just be careful with very acidic soils; they may be also too acidic, requiring them to be mixed with other milder soils to even-out the pH towards your target of 5,8 to 6,2. Just remember, after mixing your soil, always water it somewhat and allow it to sit for 2 or 3 weeks (stirring ocasionally) before use, so that the hot-spots within the soil-mass can be evened-out. This also allows the microbes within the soil to become active and produce their natural amendments to the soil.
  14. Ah, I am glad you decided not to use a plastic bag. Had you not said that, I would have warned you that plastic bags in contact with the leaves of the plant during daylight hours will result in serious leaf burns when the sun hits the bag. And heat build-up inside the bag will dry-out and kill the rest of the plant.
  15. Pretty girl.

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