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  1. WOW! What the hell kind-a tree is that? Nice reflective tent you have there... hehehe And nice bar, man. HEY! Next party is at g22's house...! Yeah, let's roll!
  2. Webdrifter, I answered you in your newly opened Topic:
  3. Wow, you have a lot of conditions to meet, so let's get started. First of all, you are absolutely right. You should have fun doing this. It is fun, but to avoid frustrations, you must realize that you must be patient. Seeds dont crack and stand up if they dont have the right conditions. Because you are supplying the ENTIRE environment, water, light and nutrients for the plant, YOU are the plant's Mother Nature. So don't start germinating a seed until you are fully prepared to provide what the plant needs well in advance. You want to do this as inexpensively as possible, so that rules out hydroponics and the other methods that are costly-equipment based. You want to grow in soil medium. Soil: Cannabis grows best in a soil that is not dense, but rather, drains well. The soil should drain well in order to allow oxygen to get to the roots soon after you have watered the plant. Any soil that does not drain well will basically close-up around the roots and asphyxiate the roots. Avoid dense soils (soils that look like after you add water that they would turn into concrete). If you want to purchase a soil-base that is specifically formulated for cannabis, there are mixes made by Plagron or Bio-Bizz or Ocean Forest or Happy Frog, and there are many many more. If you want to buy from a gardening store or home improvement store, you can start with a good potting soil (pH around 6,0 to 6,5) but WITHOUT added or time-released nutrients. These potting soils should have a little Perlite in them for drainage, so peek inside the bag to check. Perlite is a very light-weight, white-colored, heat-expanded clay or silicon. It readily accepts water and allows the water to flow through it immediately. If you cannot get soils with perlite already in them, then it can also be bought separately. It is sometimes found in gardening centers, but it is ALSO found in construction materials stores and is used there as an additive to lighten the weight of cement mixes when a floor is to be poured where floor-heating systems are to be installed. Two alternatives to perlite that work almost as well are expanded clay (Ton-Balls) readily available in most all gardening stores (used often for orchids or bromelaids), use the smaller sizes. And Lava Rock can be used, but it must be the smaller size, 6mm and smaller for adding to soil. Lava Rock is heavier, but it will help somewhat with drainage through the soil if the other materials cannot be found. (Lava Rock about 15mm size is excellent for another purpose, I'll discuss that later.) Potting soils with added or time-released nutrients (such as Miracle-Gro) can cause toxicities for cannabis because the nutrient-levels will spike unexpectedly from time to time at often the wrong times for cannabis. Amendments to the soil: Cannabis enjoys to absorb the by-products from the rotting of other plants that have lived before it, in other words - compost. That does NOT mean freshly chopped-up green plant materials, NOR freshly chopped-up dead plant materials. No no no. It must already be rotted away. Something like black, fully-rotted leaf material or well-finished compost materials, preferrably that black material full of microbes where you actually see earthworms. (The dung from the earthworms is EXACTLY what plants love. You can also buy Earthworm-Humus at your local garden store or home improvement store and use that as an additive.) I run 6 composters for my yard-work and kitchen waste, and I always have ample compost and earthworms. If you have a friend who has a composter, that would be a great source. There are many other amendments that we could discuss, but compost is a great start. If you want to really study-up on soils for cannabis, then google or youtube "supersoil for cannabis". There are many good recipes for supersoil. Read a few of them, and if you find some components that are readily available to you, then add some, just not too much of any one of them. Lighting: You mentioned that you wanted to use "not much light". Well, cannabis is a photosynthesis-based lifeform. Not much light will mean not much growth. And you need to know one more thing about cannabis. It is sensitive to photoperiod, that means it GROWS best when it receives about 18 or more hours of light each day, and it will begin making its flowers when it receives less than 14 hours of light per day (Under controlled conditions, most of us growers use 12/12). Autoflowering plants will begin making flowers generally regardless of the photoperiod, but even they will certainly begin flowering when switched to 12/12. If you are considering using the sunlight through your window at this time of the year, be aware that you are doing so while the natural photoperiod in the Northern Hemisphere (Netherlands) is swinging straight into flowering photoperiod, meaning that you will not have very good growth unless you add some lighting. On the cheap, fluorescent lighting can be used (18/6), and they are OK, but the growth is generally slower than lighting requiring greater energy (LEDs or HPS or MH). Each of these involves greater initial equipment cost and greater energy cost. For Fluorescents, in VEGG, you want CoolWhite or Gro-lamps with plenty of blue spectrum (or even an additional UVB Reptile-spectrum tube, caution for your eyes). When you switch over to the flowering Photoperiod, you will also want to change over to a fluorescent Gro-lamp with less blue spectrum and more red spectrum. Feminized is definitely the way to go. Because you want to use low-cost, low-energy lighting, I would definitely steer away from Autos. Autos have a limited lifespan, and if you try to grow an Auto under low light, it will probably begin to die before you have judged it to be of sufficient size to proceed to flowering. You want an uplifting high that doesn't put you to sleep, so avoid Indicas and Kushes. You want a Sativa-based strain, but not a pure sativa. Pure sativas will grow very tall and are generally better grown in bright, sunny, dry, outdoor locations. I would suggest a Sativa/Indica Hybrid where the Sativa is dominant or 50/50%. Without looking at the percentages, I think you would be happy with White Widow or Northern Lights or MoneyMaker, but there are so many good ones. In the store (click on "Products" above, then click on "Buy Seeds", or google "greenhouse seeds" to go to "the other store"), then just click on each strain variety, and the percentages and characteristics of each strain are explained. In "the other store", you can also purchase variety packs of the famous GreenHouse "color-coated seeds". That way you can try a number of different strains coming to you in a single packet. Neat, huh? For ease of use and pH stability, I would recommend using GreenHouse "Hybrid Powderfeeding" or the new GreenHouse "BIO-Enhancement" for soils. The videos are found right here in the forum. Click on "Videos" above. If you are on a smartphone, you will need to change that. Get on a full-sized laptop or a PC, because so much of the forum is not available on mobile devices. Good Luck and have fun.
  4. Jose, your photos are wonderful. And that fly looks as though he is totally whackt. LOL
  5. I was debating whether to mention that exact thing. Not only here but also in your other journal on the King's Kush, I think the flower production could benefit if you performed a bit of lollypopping - removing the lower 1/4 to 1/3 leaves that sit in the shadow of the rest of the plant. That way the plant can direct its energies towards the flowers, instead of devoting those energies to keeping the leaves in the shadows alive.
  6. Your Kings Kush is beautiful. I guess this is what you used for the seedling: and this is the published schedule for Canna Start: And these are the Plant Magic products that you are using: and their published schedule: By the way, there is also an organic(bio)-set of nutrients from Plant Magic called "Oldtimer Organics": Kings Kush will certainly fill a tent with leaves, won't it? So now let's see how well she does with flowers. Don't forget to plan for flushing two or three weeks before harvest. Doin' good.
  7. Frenz, How did it go with the Blue Dream?
  8. Hi

    Verbundene Erfahrung... Ja, und was wollen Sie damit sagen?
  9. Try Afgooey from GreenHouse.
  10. Well of course voting is not the only way. Yes, breeding and preservation. Education, spreading the word. Helping the sick who can benefit from cannabis. But in order to change the laws, we have to use our vote. And in many cases, we must use that vote to remove those from political office who support the criminalization of cannabis. If one resigns one's self to accepting that politics is rigged and that you can do nothing about it, then you have already lost the game. Use your vote to get rid of the political cronies that support the monopolizing pharmaceutical system that is enslaving its customers and making America and other nations into nations of addicts addicted to synthetic pharmaceutical drugs. Cannabis had worked just fine for thousands of years throughout the world. It became illegal only in 1937 when the U.S. declared it so, with politicians who bowed down to the special interests of the pharmaceutical and plastics industries who wanted to maximize their profits by destroying their main rival - natural herbal medicines and fibers available via Cannabis.
  12. Meigsgold, There are many many sources of microbes for potting soil. I use Mychorhizae from various manufacturers. I found the website for Soil Balance Pro. Here it is: It seems that this product is only available in Canada and the U.S.
  13. Lec King, This site is best viewed using a Laptop or a PC. Many features do not work well when you use a Smartphone or other mobile device. Your plants look great.
  14. seeds, Welcome to StrainHunters. Yes, I like Sativas very much, nice uplifting high. It's just that they are difficult to grow indoors because they grow so tall. Post some pictures of those specimens that you find in the jungle. Be careful of the cats and the snakes.
  15. Just keep your grow area clean, keep the pets (cats and dogs) away from the grow area, use clean soils and keep the bugs out of the grow area, and don't bring outdoor plants into the grow area. Then you shouldn't have any pests. Spiders are OK in the grow area; they will hunt down and eat the pests. (I do not speak about Spider-Mites. Spider-Mites will destroy your cannabis.) If you are growing outdoors, then good luck. If you have foliage-eating pests, then consider spraying a solution of Neem Oil on the foliage. Once the flowers have formed, it is best to avoid applying any sprays. Against deer, spread dog hairs and dog poo all around the plant. What pests do you have in particular?
  16. To grow in a small space, you must avoid Sativas. They grow tall. Select Indicas, or select crosses that have smaller percentages of Sativa (example: 90% Indica, 10%Sativa), or select Autoflowering strains with no or very little genetics of Sativa. Once the plants have grown to the point that they are about half of your available height, switch over to flowering photoperiod(12/12). The plants will stretch in height as the flowers develop. If your grow height is extremely small, then you can switch to flowering photoperiod very early in the plant's life (after it has produced about 2 or 3 nodes with true leaves). There are some grow journals in here that show this exact procedure. (12/12 from germination) If it appears that the plants are still going to exceed your available height (flowers getting to close to the lamp), then you will need to carefully perform supercropping procedures, basically using your fingers, crush the stems to make it easier to bend the stem without it breaking. I know it seems cruel or it seems that it is damaging the plant, but cannabis recovers well from this procedure if it is done correctly. You do not want to try to bend the stem without first crushing it in your fingers. Bending without first crushing often leads to a complete break of the stem. Another procedure to consider is topping. After the plant reaches about 1/3 to 1/2 your available height, simply cut off the upper 1 or 2 nodes of new growth. The nodes below the cut will become the new leaders. Topping will allow the plant to produce not just one main cola, but now it will have 2 or even 4 main colas. Topping works well on most any variety except Autoflowering varieties. Autos have a limited lifespan and topping requires a recovery period that often results in the plant dieing before it reaches its full productivity.
  17. Truly looks like a fun day there. Jose, maybe one of these days soon, we will smoke a J together. I'll send you a Message to discuss that possibility.
  18. Or better yet, just send us some seeds of your wonderful strain...
  19. I found this article regarding this strain. Maybe some local StrainHunters in India can collect a few seeds for us, heh?
  20. Giskin, it's hard to answer those questions without pictures. Please take some photos of the problems and post them in here. Then we might be able to help you.
  21. Hello Kibe420, Welcome to StrainHunters. Post your questions in here. What growing tipps do you want?
  22. goscholl, Welcome to StrainHunters. There is a huge amount of data in here for you to absorb. Check out the seed-test grows. Check out the "Grow Journals - Outdoor". Check out the "Grow Journals - Indoor". Wonderful that America is becoming Cannabis-friendly. Just so sad that there are still so many Prison-States over there. Do invite your colleague-students to come here. We enjoy welcoming all cannabis enthusiasts. Enjoy exploring the site.
  23. Since Ronpartush started those back in January, I would expect that they are possibly already harvested. In my area, the worst outdoor pests are slugs or snails, deer, and people.
  24. slimjim, In ChatNow, I've been similarly suggesting amendments to improve his soil, but Mangotree doesn't have such materials available to him in Pakistan. The first two pictures above are of soil from a nearby river bank; the last three pictures above are of soil from his garden. Stores in his area do not have the basic garden supplies that we take for granted, such as basic garden soils, pre-mixed soils, Humus, Perlite, etc. So I have been trying to suggest what he might be able to find in nature. I've suggested adding black leaf compost to add nutrients and a little sand to improve drainage. Apparently, even compost is difficult for him to acquire. There may not be any forests near him. I have suggested the use of sheep or goat or cow Dung, but only after it has sat for a long time, and it must be well mixed with his soils and allowed to sit for a few weeks before using it. Mangotree told me that a local gardener has offered him "fertz". Alarmed, I quickly warned against some kind of unknown or untested chemical cocktail, but he then reassured me that what the gardener was offering was in fact composted leaves, and only leaves, so I said that sounds OK for the compost part of the mix. He has started with 3 Jack Herer feminized seeds from GreenHouse, and already, the first one has died shortly after papertowel germination. It died when he planted it too deep (~1 inch) in this heavy soil after it had only just cracked and barely showed its root tip (a bit too early IMO). I have encouraged him for the next time, allow the tip to extend at least 10mm (1/4 inch) before setting in the soil, and then, the tip should be down, and the seedpod no deeper than 1/4 inch deep. I have further encouraged him to NOT germinate the next seed until he FIRST creates a better soil and allows it to sit for a week or two. I asked him to do his best to mix his soil and present us with pictures for further inspection and possible further amendments BEFORE starting the next seed. @Mangotree, I encourage you to post ALL your correspondence and pictures in HERE, instead of using ChatNow. Because IN HERE, we can ALL help you. When you use the ChatNow, your conversation is only between you and your chat partner, and no one else can see it. That means that you lose the possibility to get help from the rest of the StrainHunters. I would suggest your hiking about the next few days with a backpack and a small shovel and bags to collect soils and amendments. We are waiting on your next post. Have fun.

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