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  1. I am very happy with this variety of seeds I am very surprised but I think the perlite that I add in the pots made the happy plants.
  2. hello friends here's news of the small 4 weeks ago of blooms, I have not yet put fertilizer blooming here are some small foto
  3. hello my friend, you like this costume when I will be retired I will give it to you
  4. thank you man for giving the link it is a hospital site
  5. c'est quoi man qui te casse la tete
  6. je te demande si sa avance bien ,je suis mauvais en anglais desoler man
  7. I ask you if its advance well, I am very bad in English sorry man
  8. Circular spots of light brown color, concentrically covering granulation. This disease is favored by a fertilizer too nitrogenous and by a lack of light or a temperature too high. NB by Vyk: Moreover, and this is the case for any cryptogamic disease and number of bacteria (like erwinia), the climatic component plays a key role in the development of the pathogen. Thus it is essential to ensure a good renewal of the air and to have a low hygrometry.
  9. hello you are or my friend
  10. it is necessary to
  11. it is the period or the mold arrives what shit
  12. you should have filled in the form to better understand your mode of culture also for a better diagnosis of our friends
  13. it must nevertheless the opinion of other friends
  14. Hello, I had the same as you in indoor and it was an attack of fly of compost, document you and you will find the problem

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