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  1. hi i searched the fourm and could find no recipes for super soil i need a recipe to make 520 liters -( 115 Gallons)(4 X 130 litter pots ) of super soil with amendments available in europe , iv seen a few recipes but they're all in things such as "Cubic feet bags of soil ect " i only understand (for example , a 50 liters bag of soil ect and with admendments in the grams per liter not cups and so on . ,and iv herd you have to store super soil for a couple of weeks to let it activate or something , so would like to know inadvance so i can start getting it ready for next season can someone help me out ? link to good recipe ..... peace #Robbo#420#
  2. looks good , i saved up about a quater of the weight there (11g) but it was of resin of a bong lol , i gave it away made me sick lol ,dont know how i could use to smoke that stuff when i was younger horrible lol so glad i can go without now
  3. Hello basically my friend has a lot of plants but there not budding and he doesn't think they will produce anything this year , But they smell lovely (if they smell there's a essence, therefore there must be essential oils ) now, he wants to extract the essence (essential oils ) out of the plant material to make candles (candles which give of the smell of herb lol ) he doesn't want them to go to waste !!! Question - if the leaves and leaf stalks smell nice, can you extract the essential oils out of them into oil form, to put in products like candles ect ? if so what would be the best method of doing so ?? what is also on his mind is he has a wild blackberry farm but most of the blackberries get crushed by birds etc but they still smell nice ,is there any way of extracting the essential oils out of them to make products out of them (do blackberrys have essential oils? , they have a essence so i'm guessing they do lol but i'm not the cleverest) (searched the net on this but only bring up juniper berries extract methods) is it possible to extract smell out of blackberries to make products with ? he has been thinking of getting a steam distillation kit but wanting to learn more before he does (there's not much on the internet about this specific question) so he asked me to ask online Peace Robbo420 THIS IS NOT TO SMOKE JUST FOR AROMATHERAPY PURPOSES , FOR PRODUCTS
  4. is this a good or bad game ? will i get virus is i buy it ? is STEAM safe website ect help would be appreicted
  5. hello all does anybody know here to download RUN CRIKI for laptop ( windows 10 ) ?? thought i would ask here as its sponsored by strain hunters and GHS Thanks Robbo420
  6. is this a good or bad game ?
  7. thats for the making of hemp fiber that is
  8. i have searched there not very detailed plus use factory equipments im looking for old fashioned technique with out expensive stuff
  9. i have been read that ancient chinese were first to wear hemp , any idea how they done it
  10. Hey everyone thorght I would start a new thread off , so what's your best pics of plants or anything cannabis oriented hear is a few of mine
  11. without any fancy machines ,what techniques did the ancients use
  12. hmm ill think about it i have another question @Cannabissapean i have been looking on internet and carnt find any easy to understand information (i have learning difficulties ) on how to make fiber with all the main stalks , i would like to know the( easy to understand) process on how to make fiber with ganj stalks so i can make with the help of some one to make clothes with it, i'd love a nice pair of homegrown hemp shorts ,i have been thinking of doing this for some time now Could you help ? peace Robbo420
  13. follows and shares of my friends IG it would be appreciated
  14. there wild outdoor plants ,What happened is his friend got a bad crop it went all seedy so he gave it to him ,the lad made bubble hash out of it(the blonde 25 Micron Hash bubble on my other post is what he made with it ) the lad picked all good seeds out of the plant material but there there was lots of white undeveloped seeds which he just left with the plant material in the bubble bags, he made the bubble hash and chucked the waste (used trim with white seeds in )of the bubble hash in the garden and believe it or not they germinated ( undeveloped seeds can grow into plants ! )even though they were put through a bubble bags in freezing water (he thought it would of killed the seeds ) but by miracle the germinated and are now 7ft high now apparently they have just started flowering in last 2 days but he doesn't think they will mature quick enough (its getting really cold here in scotland too cold and wet for ganja plants ) plus there just seeds from a bad crop from indoors ,so i think there use to hot environment being a indoor strain and will take even longer to flower outdoors ,after all it was just by mistake that it grew into a petite field lol . plus it was a learning experience growing them , he has plans for the future of controlling light cycle but not go into it just yet ....... ill look into these presses , are presses a better way of extracting oils than steam distillation ?.better quality oil? better smell? ete and ill contact some rellivent companies on extracting oils out of blackberries peace
  15. thanks much appreciated
  16. thats one of my fav pics iv got this seson

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