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  1. sorry for the late answer ... the taste is very haze´y sour fruit (smell bud) ssh diesel mix (smell smoke) the smoke is very sharp ... (a bit chili) ... very sticky buds ... inside complete white ... if u broke a bud ... the smell bites abit in the nose ... the 2big buds in the pictures upside where together ~65g ... the smaller one ~8g ... green greetz
  2. use dark beer for the plants who´re looking a bit male ... be shure that the bubble´s are all out ... (best u take a guiness) sry german >> pls hlp translate >> hopfen inhalt u.a. > pflanzlicher östrogenähnlicher stoff ... bitterstoffe (pilz&schädlingsresistenz) ... hefe (bessert das mikroklima der erde auf) ... gib dann auch ca 2-4tage später enzyme ... so wird die hefe dann wieder gekillt ... der prozess sollte unterbrochen werden da sonsd der pilz dominieren könnte ... green greetz
  3. ohyeah ! thanx for the feedback ! @alwaysclosing1 ... yes it´s a cross from me. the genetic is stabil now ~1 1/2years. very strong @long growing (possible) ... now i have one old mother in bloom ... (day~10) i think that bonsaibudtree wanna be heavyer we wanna see... pictures of that plant i post later. i startet 1998 with growing ... Purple Power - Bubblegum - HinduKush - Kali Mist - California Ornage Bud ... &2or3 other unnamed strains where my basicmaterial for crossing/training(stabilizing) ... stay green .. & peace
  4. ^^ enjoy
  5. good job! some plants like that are nice bonsai´s ... take care of them ... they need time but the genetik goes to be stronger ... green greetz
  6. D A N G E R !! THE FOLLOWING PICTURES ARE HEAVY OVERLOAD ! Remember that name ! H K X ... HINDUKUSHxHAZE HinduKush1999De´Sjaman?! (male) x Unknown (Unnammed) Haze (electric field stimulation dc1200v10-15cm / first week seedlings) one selected plant of 5 was posible to make a mother ... (The pakistar hushbubble is now on the same way) growth: 2x200w esl (~90days from cloning) ... blomm: 400W Hps old ballast homemade wing ... the buds on the picture where flowering 70-80 days ... then they break down ... the one was dry ~30g ... the other one ~35g .... one bud was harvested a bit eralier ... a smaller one with ~8g dry. green greetz
  7. thanx romeu9 ... it´s a very hard kicking stuff ^^ hi sativa flying creme ^^ very nice ... 5clones are back in growing now ... must see but today they looking very happy. greetz
  8. I hope u enjoy the VegetablePorn I Smoke one for u all hunters ! Stay Green !! Peace and a always burning lighter @last ... pakistar hushbubble needlehoney say goodbye to the old times where u make hush with u´r hand´s ... take 3or4drops from the pakistar hb and u have something like that in the pictures ^^ Green Greets ... the next nugporn comes later ... HKX Double Overloaded
  9. if u wanna find ganja in the amazonas then they´re growing on the top of the other big jungle tree´s before u find ganja there u wanna find some psychoactive animal/insect first it´s possible that there´re some ... but hard to find. ... also possible that the strain is so away(genetik drift) from the other ganja that u dont see it ... peace and light
  10. Yeah THX 4the vid &the sharing !!! Someone says that the growng stops on 1600m over the see ... whatz hapend there if they work in greenhouses ??? I think in a biosphere(greenhouse) it is posible to grow over that 1600m line. ... every meter distance more 2 the sun costs a lot of lumens ... it can push the size of the buds better, ... but also it can be to much light (small seedling). ... And a tip ... Growing on some Terrace ... like the inca. ... waterreservation and feeding with a hydroponic outdoorgarden ... pictures work best 2give info´s ... here are some site´s about permaculturegardening ... peace and stoner rock
  11. thats freaky >> >> >> i´m waiting 2see the first ganja plants growing in there ^^ so .... get it peace and lumen´s
  12. HKX ... Hindu Kush X Haze mixed grow ... HKX - OOBB (OrangeOrangeBudBerry) - Pakistar - &some unknown Hybrids from 1999 ^^ OOBB Pakistar & again some pakistar´s ... but in bloom ... &now ... BLESS & PEACE Hunters ... Stay Green !
  13. rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr nice porn ^^ Amazing Work !!! Great BigHashyBuds ... very nice pictures !!!! Peace
  14. Yeah ! Good Work ! great fresh and powerful looking plants ! again GOOD WORK ! Keep on Growin and Rollin ^^ peace
  15. got some new pictures for u ... enjoy O.B.Berry X NeoGeo Shity Moosly JackHerer x Citral Thai hindukush x xxx here u can see the start of this year ... enjoy !! (meshups mixed by mister unknown ) Peace

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