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  1. Been looking for it on HBO ..its not there .... Too bad really want to see this one !! any idea when it will be available ..on dvd or online = ganja xl
  2. Hello Hunters, I have been trying to find the vid but its not yet available ...can anyone help to find it, or is it only on hbo/vice. thanks in advance
  3. Unfortunately my daughter has the same diacnoses but doesnt like the feeling of being stoned or high, her many energydrinks combined with a huge increase in weight make me very worried any parent should. For now i cant do much for her, not able to grow what she wants and needs, not only she but more and more ppl around me, know of have already used oil or pure smoke .. As the future will tell me more about the great benefits of our beloved strains, i find it more then interesting to read and see information regarding this topic, as well as any with more details ...Like how did they found out which strain has a certain concentration of cbd, if a higher percentage inside the tstrain is higher, why is it automaticly better, is the CBD treathing specific or general .. I understand its more general from the story. As any high content strain is the same, does the same, or treats a specific illness ...That is what i am wondering about. Is the CBD part of a strain more important then any other inside any strain delta 9 thc and cbg or any other. I love to read more, so any tips are welcome , thanks guys ! and girls !!
  4. how old are they ....
  5. Question, which off those strains do you prefer by the way ..and which one was dissapointing. Althought i love to smoke it daily i even more enjoy watching the ladies grow and develop , so im curious to hear which strains, and which not. ganja xl
  6. really great to see from a tiny seed, to some very nice looking girl ...but i gues it will be snowing on the buds this year
  7. I dont know what prices they have in the usa, but in holland if you want to enjoy a smoke outdoors .... thats no problemmo .. strainhunting as in the vids will be hard in holland, maybe a few atticks at most. Prices for a good smoke vary but for 10 euro a gram you will find nice strains ...enjoy holland, it wont be for the weather will it
  8. we are enjoying super lemon haze .. pretty nice. and chocolony for a great nights sleep in these colder days ! Your ladies are looking very nice btw !
  9. Its been a while since ive been involved in growing, got some seeds waiting for me but in the meanwhile live goes on and we had to go back and stay in holland for several reasons. So now we been here, buying our ganja in several places, in amsterdam and the place we are staying now till we go back. The town are in now has two coffeeshops and several strains to try, all new strains to me and my wife, we have been smoking alot o spanish outdoors, which really isnt too bad, some have been knockin me out ..which i love by the way. So here back in Holland, i first tried all sorts i knew by name, via this forum or otherwise , but strains as silverhaze and powerplant been way back , so now i had the opportunity to taste and test many for us new strains. So the OG kush, white haze, chocolony, blue cheese, pineapple kush, to name just a few we tried. For some reason they all seem to have a new variaty as well as the same, such as white widow, super silver haze, and more old strains, but none of those old strains are what i can remember, is it because my taste has changed, while i also think the quality of those old strains most have been changed after so many years, as last time i grew super silverhaze, the white poeder (resin) was ridiculous ..but those we smoked where average to say the least.. All and all very costly business for a couple of ganja smokers, cant wait to be back ...this year outdoors ..thats the plan ( again') But i will also research the strains that have certain specifics, meaning i want a strain that gives me a certain effect, rather then a name ..i will go for a strain that gives me the effect i well as my wife. During daytime i cant smoke a heavy stoned anymore, or nothing gets done nomore, i needed to smoke a bit too much, felt like i needed it more then ever, but opening my mind seeing the better way...that is also a very positive and welcome side effect for me..But we want a longlasting high strain, a very heavy stone and great sleeper, and one that has a natural sexual booster ..i know it will be a struggle to find those strains . Not sure yet, but in few weeks we will go back to our home country spain ...we have seen more then enough here . Smoking chocolony now ....very nice, great stoned .. hope i can get some of those seeds in the ground this year. Have a great weekend all, ganja greetings from Hollanda
  10. I like to way where they just add aloe vera to water for rooting like a charme
  11. Great to see the girl im currently smoking ! I first thought the lemon would be to strong but its not a very pleasant taste and a great feeling ! Keep up the good work, love to see more !
  12. I have been reading all your posts here and man i agree, its a wonderfull way of growing, i´m making a deep bow and taking my hat of sir ! Great that you are able to grow all year round and to see such nice seas of green, just wonderull ! So you have another follower interested in your great hobby- passion !
  13. Very kind of you, alot happened in our lives, had to go back to holland...still am unfortunately. Still nothing to show off with other then the many strains im buying in the dutch coffee shop. We even bought some at greenhouse . So i will drop in once in a while, try to follow some grows, as it still itches looking at the ladies in bloom. We hope to go back to spain next month..... i will update as soon as ive got something more to tell. Take care, love the lemon haze !
  14. Been really enjoying this strain ...available in the local coffeeshops .. Very nice indeed, so great choice !
  15. Hola ganjasmokers, Been a question i was asking myself if it wasn´t easier when the newest respons on a thread or topic came out first instead of last ...Way easier if you´d asked moi

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Strain Hunters is a series of documentaries aimed at informing the general public about the quest for the preservation of the cannabis plant in the form of particularly vulnerable landraces originating in the poorest areas of the planet.

Cannabis, one of the most ancient plants known to man, used in every civilisation all over the world for medicinal and recreational purposes, is facing a very real threat of extinction. One day these plants could be helpful in developing better medications for the sick and the suffering. We feel it is our duty to preserve as many cannabis landraces in our genetic database, and by breeding them into other well-studied medicinal strains for the sole purpose of scientific research.

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