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  1. Its been 3 weeks since lasy... They are now in week 9 of flowering and i decided to cut the smallest of the big plants. Its alittle early, but all the pistils have definately turned brown or withed off. The smell atm isnt overpowering and the buds have a nice even leaf:calyx ratio 50:50. Very frosty calyx, but the fan leaves arent coated, but the sugar leaves are totally coated. The buds are allittle flimsy, but approx 10cm long. Iam honored to have grown this beauty for free. But i aint proud of what i did with this grow :S didnt really take control over the thrips.. But hopefully it will be a nice skunky/ kushy smoke ) BLESS AND ENJOY THE SEASON!
  2. found out the "mites" are god damn Thrips, never had thoose b4... Guess im fuckd
  3. Now week 6 Pictures are fresh from this date (day of post) They are now approx 10 cm taller 65 and 75cm. I tried to take some pictures of far big the buds have become with a ruler. It's not clear but the smaller plant's buds are ½bigger than the taller. I water between every feeding, iam not an experienced grower so i dont measure EC and PH, but it seems as if they could take alot more feeding. I give them little less than 1g/1L. Also you see some super cropping on the taller plant
  4. Yea i see thoose damn spots, i believe it is mites, but now they've had a couple of insect sprays so the younger top leaves are spotless It's a continous problem with those damn mites. First of all, happy late 420 This post is week 5, just posted alittle too l8 sry . They're now 3weeks into flowering and to me they seem alittle late. It is propably because they all got stressed from the underwatering. So ill probably have to flower for a total of 10-11weeks :S Week 5 (3 flowering) They are really starting to stretch and they are still in 7L pots and are approx. 55cm and 65cm tall. Looking at the measurements it seems they have grown alittle above 10cm a week.
  5. Kit received with some lovely Flaver Bomb Kush seeds
  6. Here are some late photos from week 4. The one in the "little" pot is still very poor. The 2 in the 7L pots are approx. 40cm tall. The 1 in the 5,5L pot is approx. 10cm tall. I have begun feeding them with alittle more than 1g/1L powder feeding. And they really seem to love it, but i will flush them soon. More pictures will come with some macros.
  7. Also you can see the pretty pistils forming already on the big girls Again underwatering impairs growth and flower development, it seems If your plants look like my last pic, your doing it wrong Gonna give them an insecticide spray, i always use this it really help me get free from the countless spidermites attack. I make my own with soap (brown soap?) and alcogol which is almost natural It really clears the plants and the recipe goes: ½dl soap ½dl ethanol 4dl water
  8. hehe he'll probably never learn But here are some closeups of the ladies. The pics really show how much underwatering will impair the growth of the plants. The two big girls are in 7Lpots. It is week 3 btw, second week of 12/12. The 5 remaining seeds have been put in moist paper towel for germination. Those in 7L pots are just below 20cm tall and the 5,5L (impaired) is only below 10cm tall. The impaired is the last pic
  9. Finally home and done harvesting Arjans Haze #3 ) My brother took care of my plants and he did poorly, so 1 more has died. I have just put the remaining 5 seeds in water and they will move to 12/12 in a week or so. The autos in 7L pots are good but the one left in 5,5L is bad. They all show signs of heat stress and underwatering. The next 5 will hopefully be better I will post pics soon.
  10. thanks man i would just like to say that the big girl you can see in the bottom right in the grow room is a pregnant Arjans Haze #3, really lovely strain, thx for keeping me supplied GH ))
  11. Aight sorry for the delay, and thanks for all the goodlucks and and welcomes ) Theese pictures are from the last part of week 2, so about 12days old. Also can kiss the 1. place good bye, cus i posted too little and i only got my phone to take pictures, cus me mum went on holiday with the camera, but ill just settle with a 2. place Also iam on holiday so ill post pics again in alittle less than a week. 5/5 seeds popped, but when i planted them in the jiffies "only" 4 came up. So i got 4 pretty girls growing alrdy. I kinda failed cus i first transplanted them 12days old instead of 7days old. They got a little underwater stress cus i transplanted them late. They got transplanted into 5,5L and 7L pots - to check the optimum pot size. First off is a picture of my new secret jardin grow tent from the outside, and the last is a picture of the inside of the tent.
  12. Welcome fellow gardeners This is my go on the famous Autoflowering World Cup. I have recently upgraded my growroom to a sercret jardin growtent (90x90x160cm). In it i try to keep a perpetual SOG but my pots sizes vary from 3-14L. Also iam from Scandinavia so my measuring is metric (L,ml,Kg,etc). I do not grow with any special kinda soil, i get it at the grocery store for little money - if any . Well on to the plan for theese Auto Kalshnikova babies They will be started in jiffy pots in a platic dish with a dome over - it doesn't seal. They will veg under some CFLs for 1week running at 18/6 with about 30W in all. Not professional veg-room, i know, and i will probably not be providing pictures for the first week of growth(nothing exicting in that week neither;). The seeds are in fact already in the jiffy pots. After 1. week they will move to 12/12 room wth 250W. They will be transplanted into 5,5L an 7L pots- to compare optimum size pots for autos. The soil is as said standard soil and then i will use the king of kings of fertilizers, the holy grail of growing, the mothership of feedings.... GREENHOUSE POWDER FEEDING. Iam really exited about seeing how this will go, i already gave my other plants a feeding with the powder feeding. The plants looks really good and the fertilizer ratio within looks perfect for cannabis. Only shitty thing is that it stings in the nose Thats about it, i will be back soon with pictures of the seedlings as they get alittle older. They have already been in plain water for 24hrs. Then in papertowel for alittle over 24hrs and then transplanted to jiffies.
  13. Kit received 28/2-2013. Seeds barely "popped" after 24hrs in plain water. Then approx another 24hrs in wet paper towel (kept it allittle too wet).'
  14. hehe good memory Ive been busted by the police so ive been on the down low.. Yea hermies all over the place, its very important with some selection and breeding of your own. But some hermies are still enjoyable

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