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  1. Time to update my journal with some news, the 4 Exodus Cheese seedlings are doing great 2 of the seedlings are now nearly as tall as the one that is tallest which I had to support with a little stick and a little plastic bag tie to stop it flopping over. Since I started to feed them Canna Start last week they have all responded well, instead of giving them a few mils 4 times per day I started to give them 10 mls just as the light goes off and I have increased that to 20 mls now. Over the past few days their stems have started to thicken up and get green, it is interesting how the stems thicken from the top down, you would think the stem would get thicker from the bottom upwards not downwards making the seedling top heavy. So tonight I gave the seedlings 20 mls of Canna Start each and threw what was left of the solution away and filled the litre container with water ready to add a couple of millilitres of the Plant Magic Old Timer Soil Grow and Root Stimulant tomorrow night when I feed them as the light goes off. Here are some images I took tonight. Exodus Cheese seedlings in grow tent LED off so I used camera flash. Exodus Cheese seedlings normal light. Exodus Cheese seedling stalks close up. I fed the Jack Herer tonight with 2 litres of water with the Plant Magic Old Timer Soil Bloom feed which should be its last feed, I flushed the second Exodus Cheese with 4 litres of water, I flush the other one on Thursday after its dirt had dried out nicely. I will let their dirt dry out then give them another flush and harvest them and give the Jack Herer its first flush, happy growing guys. Gasmeter Likkle more
  2. Hey guys time to update the Exodus Cheese journal. All 4 seedlings are doing great I continued to give each seedling a few ml's of spring water 4 times per day. On Thursday afternoon I mixed some Canna Start with 1 litre of tap water and then I gave the seedlings the last of the spring water just before the light went out. Then on Friday I gave them all 5 mls of the water and Canna Start solution I prepared the day before, at the moment I am giving them 5 mls in the morning and 5 mls in the evening before the light goes out. Here are a couple of images I took earlier today. Exodus Cheese seedlings in grow tent under LED Exodus Cheese seedlings normal light The two Exodus Cheese and Jack Herer are doing great I am really looking forwards to checking out the Exodus Cheese, it has an interesting aroma I am looking forwards to smoking some. I also need to weigh up strains for my next grow and order some beans, I have arthritis in my ankle so I am going to check out a CBD strain and use it for edibles. I am thinking I will get 3 beans of the auto and the auto CBD version of whatever strain I choose, so the canopy will be even. Happy growing Gasmeter
  3. Nice one ShaggyGrower At the end of the day you could say both. But the reality is we humans are ultimately responsible, we build these machines and write the logic that runs on them. Our stupid switches often get stuck in the on position.
  4. Jose your written English is well good, which means your spoken English must be great too A lot of people here in the UK don't know their own language nor can they use it to write down and communicate their thoughts as well as you. Speech to text logic is always good for a laugh. The problem with speech to text logic is that it is best effort and cannot be more accurate and natural, it just can't handle Arjans accent so his name ends up as Arthur. Speech is such a complex thing people speak at different speeds as well as having accents and the way we pronounce words is not consistent either so this sort of logic will always end up mashing things up and out putting a bit of nonsense as a consequence. AI just aint all its being cracked up to be, fear not, machines have a long way to go before they try taking over the world to enslave humanity they are just too dumb and chat shit. Gasmeter
  5. Time for an update on the Exodus Cheese grow, all 4 germinated seeds have broken ground and I have 4 nice healthy seedlings. All of the seedlings are just getting spring water 4 times per day to keep the dirt nice and moist, I will start giving them some Canna Start in a few days once the true leaves have some size about them and the spring water has run out. Here is an image of the seedlings I took tonight just after the lights in the tent went out, I had just finished clipping all the Passion #1 bud off the stalks from my outside grow this season. I am pleased I got 6 ounces of dry bud from 2 plants, last year I got 8 ounces although the plants were slightly bigger than this year. The tall seedling on the left was the first to break ground and the one at the front was the one which fell over despite that it is looking OK now, although the tall one looks like it is stretching for the light they are about 18 inches from the LED which providing a full spectrum for the 2 Exodus Cheese and 1 Jack Herer that will be done by the end of the month. I think the tall one is just in a hurry and has a lust for life. The 2 Exodus Cheese I am growing at the moment have been in a hurry from the start they got a move on compared with the Jack Herer which will be done a week or so after the Exodus Cheese going off their progress so far. Gasmeter Likkle more
  6. Hi your welcome man This morning when I checked the tent the 3 slower ones had all grown taller, but still had their little helmets on and one was on its side. As it was growing its root was not penetrating the dirt it was just getting taller until it just keeled over onto the dirt. So I got a couple of tooth picks and used one to make the hole deeper and then I coaxed it into the hole and then I filled a 10 ml syringe with spring water and dripped a couple of mils of water on each seedling. Tonight when I checked them at 6.30pm and gave them a couple of mils of spring water 2 seedlings have cast off their helmets and are spreading their cotyledon leaves, but the one I replanted looks like it will catch up tomorrow. I will give them just spring water for a few more days until they have their first set of true leaves then I will mix some Canna Start and start feeding them. Gasmeter Likkle more
  7. Hey guys a while ago I read a tip from somebody who works at Biobizz who said you can use the All Mix twice all you have to do is sieve out the old roots. I had a All MIx bag with the used dirt from the Blue Cheese that did the trifoliate thing and two rubble bucket pots full of dirt from my out door grow of Passion #1 which I harvested last Wednesday and is currently drying on a clothes rack. So this morning I got the dirt out of the rubble bucket pots and removed the bulk of the roots, then I nipped to a nearby gardening shop and invested in a 3/8 of an inch riddle or sieve and then spent this afternoon removing as much of the roots from the dirt as possible and I am impressed with the results. I have a spare 50 litre bag of All Mix so I will leave this bag to rest and allow time for any thread roots left in the dirt to rot down by the time I am ready to use it. The riddle/sieve was a great investment at £12.99 it has paid for itself with the first use, saving me from having to pay £15 for a new bag of All Mix and going forwards I can use each bag of dirt twice before I get rid of it, saving money which I can spend on beans, its all good. Gasmeter Likkle more
  8. ---------------------------------------------------- Tuesday 04 September 2018 ------------------------- When I looked in the tent this morning only one of the Exodus Cheese had actually broke ground, so I filled a 10ml syringe with spring water and gave each of the Exodus Cheese a couple of mils of spring water to keep the soil nice and moist. After I had some lunch at about 1pm I gave them another couple of mils of spring water to keep the soil in each pot nice and moist and I could see that one more had broke ground and I could now see the shell casings of the other two Exodus Cheese emerging from the dirt. Exodus Cheese breaking ground. Hopefuly they will all be above the dirt by tomorrow night, I will update the journal at the weekend when there will be something to see by then, happy growing guys. Gasmeter Likkle more
  9. ---------------------------------------------------- Monday 03 September 2018 ------------------------ All 4 Exodus Cheese beans have successfully germinated and their tap roots are visible. So it is time to pop them into some potting soil in little 3 inch pots. Germinated beans on damp kitchen towel Close up of germinated beans Beans in little 3 inch pots Pots placed in grow tent
  10. ---------------------------------------------------- Sunday 02 September 2018 ------------------------ The beans sunk to the bottom of the little glass, so used a syringe to remove the spring water, then I placed the beans on damp paper towel in a little dish which I then placed into a drawer. In the first image below you can just see the root peeping out of the bean that is second from the right. Close up of beans at the bottom of the little glass Beans placed on damp kitchen paper towel Close up of beans of kitchen paper towel
  11. Hey guys an gals, its time for a new grow journal for this run of 4 Exodus Cheese autos. Since my last grow journal in 2017 growing Kings Kush I have changed running at 18/6 for 2 months to build the plants structure before flipping the timer to 12/12 in order to fill the tent with a single plant. Ealier this year in March I was finishing the first of 3 Jack Herer auto's and I decided to pop the second and get it going, I FIMed it a couple of times and once it was about a month old it started to flower automatically, it turns out the yeild from the second Jack Herer was very similar to the first. I realised also that I could grow 4 plants at the same time runing them on 12/12, so I bought 3 Exodus Cheese beans to go with my last Jack Herer bean, unfortunately one of the Exodus Cheese beans miss-fired. So I got in touch with the support staff at Green House and sent photos and a description of what happened and they said it looked like the bean drowned, so they sent me a replacement bean, anyhoo 2 weeks later I had not received the replacement bean and the other 3 Exodus Cheese and the Jack Herer were growing nicely. I got back in touch with the support staff and they said it looked like maybe the package got stolen, so they said instead of messing about sending 1 bean we will send a pack of 3 beans, low and behold a few days later I got a package when I opened the package it contained a single bean, the bugger must have come the long way or it did a bit of sight seeing on its way to me. Here is the technical info about the grow. Tent Mars Hydro 70cm X 70cm X 160cm Grow Light Mars II 400 LED The grow light is the equivalent to a 250W HPS Strain 4 X Exodus Cheese auto flower = Green House Seeds Growing Medium BioBizz All Mix Plant Feed Canna Start = seedling Plant Magic Old Timer Soil Grow = veg Plant Magic Root Stimulant = veg Plant Magic Old Timer Soil Bloom = flowering ---------------------------------------------------- Saturday 01 September 2018 -------------------------- I opened the packaging and put the beans in some spring water in a little glass to soak for 24 hours. Exodus Cheese auto beans Spring water and little glass Beans in glass soaking Close up of beans soaking
  12. Unfortunately this is not possible to do this programmatically in any scripting language such as PHP or even a full blown programming language like C++ or Java The reason this is not possible is simply because we have no real means to measure or determin a persons intentions. We could ask them a series of question about what they intend to do, but if they are up to no good they will just lie, like a 10 year old pickney opening a Facedook account. In the case of pickney opening Facedook accounts or any account for that matter where the rules state an age restriction, all you can do is ask the user if they are older than 13 or 18 or whatever age is the threshold for creating an account, using JavaScript you end up with something like the following. if(userAge != 13) { // verify user is younger than 13 msg = "sorry you are too young!"; // tell user too young window.location = account-failure-page.php; // redirect to failure page } if(userAge == 13 || userAge > 13) { // verify user is 13 or older msg = "You have successfully created an account"; // account successfully created } if(userLoggedIn = "true") { window.location = index.php // redirect logged in user to homepage } if(userLoggedIn = "false") { window.location = login.php // redirect user to login page } This is a very simplified example in the real world the incoming data would be sanitised first to make sure it does not contain anything malicious, before checking the age value the user has entered to see if it is less than, equal to, or greater than the age restriction value. So if the user enters 18 and really they are only 10 years old there is no way to determin they are lying. If we all had ID cards and each country provided a database containing all of this information and they provided an API to allow public read only access then we could easily catch the pickney in their lie and piss them off, fortunately this is not the case. To determin someones intentions in the real world is impossible, people tell lies all the time for many reasons, mainly selfish, so trying to determin a users intentions online is impossible, the best you can do as get them to agree to some terms and conditions, then if they breach them you can piss them off. But as fast as you fuck them off and delete their account, they can easily create a new one with different or fake credentials. In the same way as in the real world if you do a job for someone there is no guarantee they will pay up for the work, we just have to give them the benefit of the doubt and hope they will do the right thing and pay the invoice. When someone walks into a shop the shop keeper has no way to know if they are going to steal goods or pay like everyone else, until they steal something they are just another potential customer browsing the goods and all the shop keeper can do is hope they are not a thief until they show their true colours and intentions. So we end up with this game of cat and mouse, and having to clear up the mess after the event, despite all the advances in technolgy. Gasmeter
  13. Nice one Gizmo2908 If this knob had two brain cells they would be in serious pain Gasmeter
  14. Hey Gizmo2908 the new SPAM posts in Grow Journals Indoor is a different username fghgfjh But the content of the posts is basically the same garbage. The interesting thing about these posts is that they are all dated December 25th 2017 which means they are not showing up in the time line of Activity This is an obvious attempt to make it harder to find their shyte and remove it, but it also means forum users are less likely to see it. This just shows that SPAMMERs are DUMB! Gasmeter
  15. So the ejit SPAMMER is back with a new account and username fdsgkhgjb07 posting the same shyte as yesterday this time in the Doubts And Real Stories section of the site/forum. This time they have only posted 3 new topics and each post contains the exact same garbage text they posted yesterday. It is pretty obvious that this clown copied and pasted their crap into the posts. The fact that the content they post contains no links to external sites to provide some means for the SPAMMER to earn money from their efforts, shows they are a complete knob head wasting their own time with their dumb arsed crap. Gasmeter

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