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  1. I’ve decided to put them into flower today! Repotted them into 18L pots 5 days ago from 3.5L pots and the roots have already touched the sides and a few poking out the bottom so looking good! The slurricane are very finicky the cold spell is still daunting me the leaves don’t look happy but the roots are so it should pick up! Remo chemo is definitely a thought plant she’s shooting up and out little mag def started I gave them a foliar spray before potting up I’m hoping the soil will rectify it don’t really want to add too much more as I’ll be giving them a dose at week 5 flower! And as you can see there is plenty of nitrogen in the plants so don’t want to push too much more in them! I’m hopefully my I’ve got enough food in the soil to see me right through with just water apart from the occasional teas kelp charge and biosys and a bit of potash probably at week 3. Remo Chemo larger one of the two!smaller Remo Chemo single stem with tight branching they are starting to make their own space now bit of a Jaffa cake on right of picture!my favourite Jaffa cake stinks and is pushing out sparkles on their leaves already she’s going to be a good one!Jaffa cake leaves starting to sparkle
  2. Forgot first page
  3. Also I saw this a few days ago and thought typical how hypocritical my government is! Didn’t know where to post so I post it here and maybe one of you could suggest where to post it?
  4. Got round to potting them up into their final 18L pots hoping to be able to give another 2 weeks vegthey have picked up no end after the shock from the snow we had of which I’m expecting more this weekend so I’m prepared this time! I may have to chop some branches to allow the 2 extra weeks veg as they are quite big for my space and I don’t know what the stretch on these girls are like. The only 2 that aren’t looking so good are the slurricane the cold reallly affected them! Hoping this repot sorts that! Mixed in soil 1 1/2 cups kelp meal 3 cups bat guano 2 cups ecothrive charge insect frass and watered in with ecothrive biosys instant microbe tea. They have got their smell back and with a vengeance my partner came back in house and said she could smell them 4 houses down oops! Roots were a little bit root bound and only had a bit of brown roots from the cold when I looked also a few of them had some fungi developing round some of the roots so that’ll keep them happy! Branches haven’t strengthened up like I’d like them too so they will need support going to put some canes in the pots soononly ones I didn’t get individual shots of were slurricane they are the front left and middleJaffa cake nice open structure could node spacing when settled I think I’ll strip her of leaves at the lower half of plant!Jaffa cake this on has more dense growth in middle can’t tell from side shot but from birds eye view looks like it could make a lot of potential tops! Debating to leave just the 4 main colas and remove 4 lower branches and open up the top a bit more to get light insideRemo Chemo branches on this just grew up the main stem I removed the middle load of main stem Dan leaves and the are starting to grow out now Remo Chemo larger pant branches will need support look how stimpy they are!
  5. @ShaggyGrower a friend of mine washed his it hot powdery mildew in the last few days washed it you wouldn’t have known! Still not confident to do it myself yet!
  6. @ShaggyGrower it broke me I was about to throw them and start fresh but I think ld myself not to be so weak and give up on them too 2 days for them to look on the mend again! I have a full choice of amendment like alfafal crab shell the works but don’t have enough time to break it down unless I brew my own teas
  7. Hi @g22 thanks for your words of confidence! They were really shook but have recovered no end! I have decided to leave lights on for 24hrs as they’ve set me behind a bit now! But all is good! I’m usually a coco grower but had some soil lying around so I thought I’d use it up! I’ve been using xtreme tea brewed it for 48hrs gave them that once a week then water in between every 10 days I give them this ecothrive biosys which is an instant microbe tea the plants love it! I can’t really answer your question as I don’t really know what I’m doing with soil!
  8. This diary very nearly came to an abrupt end! We had very low temps and snow over the last few days and the first day Tuesday got me unexpected temps plummeted to 5c lights off only 6hrs and nearly killed them! Popped out to fill the fridges cam back and the house was stone cold! Tried to get my hands on a oil filled radiator and everywhere has sold out coz of weather ( hindsight tubular heaters would be better option cheaper to run!) I left them to dry right up give the soil the chance to warm up avoid more shock! Thursday I topdressed the pots with mycorrhizae, ecothrive charge, bat guano and fresh ground kelp meal and watered in with silica and this morning they have bounced back! Hopefully all the phosphorus from the kelp and guano will make riots explode again and the silica won’t make them take up too much nitrogen as they are nice and dark green as it is! I very nearly put some more seeds on germination glad I held off! I have turned my led fitting off and leaving just running the cmh and got it running 24hrs so it’s now a constant 24.5c humidity was bouncing 25-35% so I bought a humidifier which I find a waste as a majority of it gets sucked up before it gets used ! It has risen it to 55% now so that will have to do! They’ve lost the lovely smell they had of what smelt like cookie dough and toffee hope it comes back!
  9. Finally all clear so I built up my tent and all hunky dory! Doing a trial see how it goes I got a silenced 6” speed controlled fan for intake running through and intake filter with a 6” speed controlled fan for outtake and a 5” twin speed fan also for intake to help cope with heat! Lighting I got a new 315w cmh fitting with a Phillips 315w 930 cmh bulb full spectrum has a bit of uv in their too! And put my 300w spectrum king full spectrum fitting in their too! If heat allows me when I change to 12/12 I’ll put my 400w spectrum king fitting in place of the 300w a few leaves and tops got a bit burnt on the fluorescents but you won’t notice in a few days as with this amount of light they should blow up! I’ll be repotting them into 18L pots in a few days and intend on giving them another 3 weeks Veg if they allow me! When I had them in the propagator tent I didn’t have space for a carbon filter so every time I come home the house smelled of cookie dough so I’m guessing that will be the Jaffa cake they still haven’t had any nutrients just water and xtreme tea once a week and some ecothrive biosys tea which I stopped using when I gave them the xtreme tea I have only mixed in a bit of ecothrive charge into the DNA soil with cork which I swear by! When I pot them into final pots I’ll be mixing in some charge bat guano and some kelp so should see me fine through to at least 3rd week of flowering! I do have this bottle of buddhas tree flower burst which you can but don’t have to use in the last week of veg and first 3 weeks of flower supposed to speed up the transition! Remo Chemo the larger one of the 2 this one branches out quite nicely the other one didn’t really want too but has started too now but I will have to tie them out to get the space they need to develop!Slurricane I snapped a limb off this one I topped it and accidentally pulled a branch off with the string I tied it down with it has turned into a main stem again both have a very nice open structure to allow light to penetrate!Jaffa Cake both similar in structure just one is a little stronger I think these are the culprits for my house smelling of cookie dough 😂😂sorry for sideways shot but just so you get the idea of difference this is with just the 315w CMH running tent with both 315w CMH and 300w spectrum king LED runningmy fittings! The one you see hanging on side of tent is not in use it’s a Spectron 25w dual spectrum led designed to fill in corners to run along with hps fittings I use it for my propagator does magic! I just used it while I was hanging the fans in tent forgot to remove it!
  10. @I'm Sal I’ve always liked them from 18yrs ago when I worked at a lighting and electrical wholesaler but they only made them in 35w 70w 105w! People say you yield the same as a 1000w hps not true unless you have 3 on the go so less power and yes you will kick hps out the water all round but with just the one I got I may not get same yields as my led but the quality will be inferior!
  11. Managed to tie fittings to the top of tent they are cold as anything so no risk there! Gained a little bit of height!
  12. Slurricane I topped this one and put thermostat on top of pots to get temp from fitting placed it on the string that was holding branch down and it pulled it off so ended up with a main cola again!Remo Chemo left as it is didn’t want to top it but had to bend over due to height restrictions!the other slurricane topped 8 branches may take down to 6 as 2 aren’t keeping up!Jaffa Cake topped both similar in structure!Remo Chemo midget this one is about 6” tall side branching isn’t really happening so may make it a single cola middle filler!
  13. Hello @I'm Sal hope you’re well? To be honest I haven’t used it yet! Still sat in box they are currently stuck in a small propagator tent under 2 4x24w fluorescent fittings as I’m due an inspection (shhh) next week! They are right up to the fittings burnt 2 leaves on the strips oops! Going to have to take the tent down round them as I can’t get them out lol! I will find out Tuesday how they run down fall is only covers a 3x3 area so I’m going to have to run one of my less along side. Will let you know!
  14. While I wait to get home to upload pics I’ll give you a rundown slurricane in-house genetics dosidos x purple punch 9-10wkflower i gifted a friend a couple of these beans and he gave them a light feed to see how they perform and it was stunning really showed the purple punch in it! Jaffa cake Cali kush farms 10wk flower Remo Chemo dinafem seeds
  15. Hello once again starting this diary at week 5 veg hoping to give another 3-4 weeks. Little run down on what I’m using 1.2sqm green cube tent DNA some l with cork DNA base nutrients Buddhas tree additives ( may not use them!) plagron bat guano guanokalong potash alfafal meal ecothrive charge ecothrive biosys xtreme tea 315w full spectrum cmh + 300w spectrum king led (if doesn’t get too hot!) if it does I’ll just use my 400w spectrum king led so far have just had water and a weekly xtreme tea root drench heathy as anything and probably won’t need any feed till week 3 of flower but I may give them a light feed! i will upload pictures later!

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