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  1. Day 11 flower had to turn one fitting off heat for up to 35c a couple of days they weren't showing signs of minding but I was it was too hot to work in hopefully I'll be able to put up with it for the last 2-4 weeks give them that boost. All is going well day 11 flower tangie ghost train is starting to crystal up where as the black Jack is just racking up ready to fill in from the stem rub black Jack both smell different to each other. The one I split is dominantly Black domina the other one smells peppery lemon. Tangie ghost train doesn't have much smell as yet but last time it came on strong half way through.
  2. Looking good brother! I think you may get more than that! My last crop looked like 12-13 but was just over 18 and they no way near filled the tent like yours had and was very disorganised. You got your training done good I reckon you'll be 18+ with my GSC they went 10 weeks in flower so your couple of weeks longer will be good I could have let them go shy of a week longer but I had to take them down.
  3. Lil update in this ghostown! Day 13 12/12 day 3 of flower still only had 1 tea and fed on water the rest of time flowering has commenced stretch has stopped smell is unreal super soil is definitely working for me.
  4. First day of 12/12 and they have had their first bloom tea pics of brew in stages 9hrs 20hrs 24hrs I also added bat guano and alfalfa meal which are not in the picture the new growth had gone very yellow after I gave them 48hrs darkness hoping that's a normal thing from light deprivation! I removed a leaf off the black Jack to let light into c metre of plant and after being out of the tent for 5 mins the whole house stank so it's safe to say the super soil ingredient are working them terps.
  5. Today I have thinned out my plants and cut all under growth off! Placed bamboo into supports and tied them to the frame to make them open up and more rigid. I couldn't find my scrog nets so I got some trellis netting and placed them over the top of 2 plants want happy with it so I left the other 2 to see how it goes! I have now placed them in 48hrs darkness ready for 12/12 I have also got a stronger air pump for my teas using 2 x 6" round flat airstones
  6. Over the weekend I'm going to play with bamboo canes and scrog net instead of tying them down to the tent thought I'd try and make their own frames I got 2 nets I'll cut them in half and drape them over the bamboos so it will give branches side support and tops can grow through top holes
  7. I've got a week and half left till I have to put them 12/12 don't think they're gonna fill the space plus root only seem to be settling in the super soil at bottom so it's as if they are in 11ltr pots not 26ltr I dressed the top with mycorrhizae then top dressed with super soil and drenched them with water when they dry out which I think will be time for flip flop m going to make a tea for them with compost guano ewc fish mix frass alfafal microbe bacteria and molasses give it a kick start after giving them 2 days dark one of the tangie ghost train is starting to show lighter leaves soil should have enough nutrients from start to finish I've added dolomite lime to help stabilize ph been feeding them bottled water ph 6.4 with added calcium and all products I've put in have adequate amounts of calcium and magnesium. Hope they pick up in a few days as I've too dressed them. tangie ghost traintangie ghost trainBlack JackBlack Jack
  8. Had a mishap after last update where I made the bend the top came back up it had a lovely curve in it but I wasn't happy enough looking at it I was thinking what I could do! I was putting light pressure on the bend and it snapped almost clean off I quickly hunted round for something to mend it and all I had was sellotape! I left it on for 4 days and it healed really nicely as if it never happened. Today I bent tops down on all except 1 Black Jack which I topped she's going to have 6 main tops now to play with hopefully if grows correctly! Going to be giving them 1-2 weeks more veg before 2 days darkness before flip I will top dress pots with supersoil hopefully help with that transition!?'
  9. So far they are thriving on the soil some twisted new growth from the hot super soil but they straighten themselves out when they get bigger. I was going to top all of them but I decide one had a bare corner so I twisted and squeezed the main tip so it pointed down into the gap and now you can see the structure of it. Going to be giving them water and 1 microbe tea for the next two weeks then give them there first compost teas 2 weeks before 12/12 hopefully fill the tent by that time anger them in the scrog net.
  10. Despite the humidity being low 40-45% things are going well, popped in before lights on to give them a microbe feed and they've grown considerably since repot! One of the Black Jack shows a little twisted new growth roots must have hit he super soil already maybe a little hot for them high N hopefully adjusts to it over the next week! So far they have been fed bio bizz root juice 2ml/L fish mix 4ml/L and this is their second microbe feed like with this stuff no brewing necessary just mix up and stir vigorously for 20-30mins and feed. Temps have hit 31c a couple of days this week but the growth hasn't slowed and it doesn't feel that when in there feels more like 24c leafs aren't showing any signs either so I'm just gonna rock on hoping anoth 4-5 weeks 18/6 will get them to a good height to put my scrog net up. With my tangie ghost train they recommend to let it grow to a main stem for best results! My question is for my scrog I'm going to need to top them is that going to have a knock on effect on it or will it not really matter too much? i have 2 Dheli friend in their in small 1L pots and really don't think I'm going to have space in here for them shall I just leave them in those pots and flower them out they are near 100% indica India x English India by dr krippling seeds. I apologise for sideways photos held my phone the wrong way! oh and the air stone pump in water tray doesn't stay there I was amongst moving things roundDheli friendDheli friendDheli friendDheli friend Black Jack Black Jack Tangie ghost train
  11. Thanks @Cannabissapean That's a good idea about droppers onto the towel I'll try that I've got it to 40% now bit better
  12. Hi a little update I put them in their final pots yesterday 26l square fabric pots 2 Shelia friend are still in 1l pots don't have space for them in here either I need to find a way of getting temps satisfactory to have my second tent up or they may stay in those pots and put in corner and get a little something off them I'm gonna scrog these ladies but I'm debating whether to put the net on the tent or the pots have bamboo cane supports on the corners so maybe cut the net into 4 and fix to bamboos make it easier if I need to take it hem out at any point! Been having issues with my humidity get it to a satisfactory level few hours later it drops to 27% for 2 wet towels hanging in there may try a bucket of water with air stones in see if that will help!
  13. @Potent save you hunting!
  14. @Potent cheers dude yeah was a pain my shop warned me then the next thing out the corner of my eye when I went to car I saw someone sat in car didn't think anything about it till I saw them again 10 mins later behind me, confronted them hopefully thrown them off track not driving to mine at the moment parking it elsewhere walking through alleys to get to mine! I've done the TGH before and loves it thought I'd get another pack before they went. Got a diary of them on here too!
  15. This diary is going to go quiet for a few weeks! Very busy and just had an incident happen and would like to share my experience to make my uk famalam a heads up the be vigilant! Earlier on I popped to my shop to get a few bits, speaking to the owner been using him for near 20yrs he said be careful leaving there are rumours of people following you home. I walked out to my car and out of the corner of my eye I saw a white car in the corner of my eye with someone sitting in it! Got in the car and had a better look in the mirror before driving off got half his lisence plate went on my way forgot about it got mile away from my house and spotted the car few cars back thinking me being paranoid! Got closer to my house then they were right behind me so I indicated to turn off the car behind me was different they stopped in a bus stop, Soon as I turned into the road they quickly turned into the road of which point I had stopped at side of road they went into a school car park and when I drove past they were leaning forward looking at me! After a few times of stopping I finally got out the car and flagged them down asked them why they are following me they said in an Eastern European accent they were lost I didn't respond said whatever I suggest you do one I know what you're up to of which their response was you're paranoid mate you should stop what your smoking and laughed I said you fucked yourself there mate given it away I know there's a gang of you sitting outside grow shops waiting for people to leave so you follow them home and come back with Infra red cameras to see where it is! I suggest you take this seriously and tell your gang to move on we are wise and the community will react. So be careful have you're wits about you.

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