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  1. End of week 5 flower and finally all springtails have gone and buds have started swelling! 1 pink lemonaid looks finished by all brown hairs but it shouldn’t be they are 8-9 week flowering. I’m giving it just water seeing if I can keep her in there for another 2 weeks. Other pink lemonaid suffered a lockout and never recovered coz I didn’t pick up on it! Had water got a week and now is starting to flourish! Lemon jones well is doing the best fat heads stinking all that you want is starting to show small calmag def so I’ve put it back in it’s feeding schedule. The 2 cuttings are at week 3 and are being top dressed with guano and palm tree ash every 2 weeks and waters with molasses and biosys microbe tea 1 feed every other week.
  2. Do you know what the ph of your soil is I don’t know if tropic bat mix is the same as guanokalong soil where you have to change ph to veg and flower as ph 6 will get more nitrogen and less potassium and when ph is 6.5 it’s the other way around maybe the ph in your soil isn’t were boron is readily available!
  3. Kind of looks like a boron deficiency! Get some trace elements in their
  4. I’ve ordered a bottle of cedarwood essential oil and witch hazel of which I’m going to mix in water and spray a lower leaf see if it effects the plant if it doesn’t I’ll try a root drench on one plant take the risk
  5. @Cannabissapean it’s an ingredients in some pesticides like go gnats it kills most pesticides fungus gnats springtails among others it doesn’t poison them it makes them dry up and die or blocks the breathing receptors ending up suffocating them! I have heard you can use to gnats as a soul drench which is made by earth juice can’t grit where I am unless. Ship from us. I just need to find a way to make cedar safe for soil hopefully just a simple case of diluting it! With cedarwood one l it needs to be purified so aromatherapy oil won’t do!
  6. Thanks @Cannabissapean you put me in the right path cedar oil I think is going to be the best bet if not boron powder
  7. Entering week 4 flower and I’m suffering a spring tail infestation tried liquid oxygen hydrogen peroxide at 4:1 ratio no help placed sliced potatoes on top of pots which is attracting them but not quick enough as they are getting quite a big population my plants dry up very quickly so I’m scared to dry the coco out! Any other suggestions would be appreciated! Growth has halted coz of infestation. My cuttings that are in soil that’s are being fed bat guano and mollases aren’t effected and have started their bloom nicely!
  8. Day 12 flower and hit a problem I knew was going that happen! I ran out of height in my 2m tent! I had to pull out my old tent which is 2.2m high and has alleviated the problem for now hope no more stretch! They are loving the feed smell is strong. One pink lemonaid sativa dominant one is paler than the rest and has started showing a reddish brown edge on some top leaves so I'm going to give it a good flush and give it a lower feed and add some trace elements into the mix get the iron up a bit more! I put the cuttings into tent the other week and they have started to flower now they got a top dress of bat guano the other day and I'm going to water in some potash to give them a kick of which I intend of doing every 2 weeks. I have put both my spectrum king fittings in the tent and temps have raised to 29c but I'm not too bothered I'll just add some exhale co2 bags
  9. Need more information! What space you got? How many plants?
  10. I was in a bit of a rush yesterday not got enough time to spend with these ladies most days. I was cleaning up foliage trying to get more light into plants and when pulling my arm back from back of tent a main branch caught on my arm and snapped! I couldn't get close enough to see if the inner herd was still in tact and I had no electrical tape to put back in place as my son seems to like helping himself to things round the house no matter where you think is safe he gets there! All I had to hand was some plumbers ptft tape for leaky tap threads I leant the branch back over the snap and wrapped it round hoping it's holding it in place going to leave it alone for 4-5 days then empty the tent to get close! But apart from that all is going well! Pics of day 6 flower!
  11. Today I'm going to give them a top dress of ecothrive charge (insect frass) and ecothrive biosys microbe tea get those macro and micro nutrients topped up! I've also bought a bottle of terpenez to try out debating whether to start using it with my feeding schedule at week 3 at a low dose or just use it for the flush!
  12. Day4 flower and they are very happy doubling up in size every day now the lemon jone is very strong smelling now a lemon sherbet type smell the pink lemonaid not so much but does have a nice finger rub off stem smell. They have been loving my feed I've increased EC to 1.5 where it will stay for a week maybe 2 and increased the PH to 6
  13. @Cannabissapean it all goes back to almost discarding them these I should have tidied her up! It's my downfall laziness telling myself it'll be alright when I know it's not. I've taken it down now left a little stump where it's not as soggy nearly normal I've increased airflow down there for a few days too.
  14. Went to look in my tent yesterday safe to say they are flowering! When I was taking cuttings off them I was heavy handed and stripped nearly bare! However on one I left a bit of branch about 6" in 2 places they have gone soggy and floppy no doubt they will turn mouldy. I was wondering if I snipped them down to nearest joint and rubbed some sweat on them to help it heal would that work as sweat is a natural body healer or should I just ship it back and leave it.
  15. Thankyou they had a rough start but pulled through beautifully if anything I think it has done them a favour 😂! They certainly have hit bloom the girls are lapping up the good and even after 24hrs of flower the hairs are coming thicker and faster love this bit feel like you've missed lots in 24hrs

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