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  1. Day 63 week 9 harvest day 9plants are gonna be putt in the dark for a few days to stress them and push thc production . Ive klieved them in the morning and gave them a few hours of light . Now darkness for them . Ill chopp one of the mini plants and make a quick picture . There are about 10 plants left i nthe tent. They will be done in a few weeks between two and tree . Pictures will follow in an hour or two .
  2. Found out ive been counting the days wrong. Seeds popped up above ground on nov 25th 8weeks ago 61 days . Almost harvest time for the oldes batch . Had to raise the lights since some girls where showing sings of overheating leaves curlin up inwards. Some trichomes are showing a bit of amber. Ill check in 3days aggain. When the flor is dry and they have drank all their water. Ill stop feeding the the the older plants and seperate them from the rest in the tent . Since the seeds germinated abd there is a difference of 9 and 13 days between the plants 21 days after that i planted 6 more . The plans look pretty bad imo and whit 2 kids i havent got time to do 20 30 seeds and probably will go back to clones 30 and have 5 seeds in the same tent to sharpen my skills . Im really wondering what my yield is gonna be my last yield was 785gr under 1000hps . Ive switched to 1200hps and am curious af !!,
  3. Small Update, day 46 above ground . I'll start whit the bad news .still have gnats not so many as before . Some good news I've decided to take down one of the small plants since all trichomes where fully milky and a bit of amber on some just after 46 days which is a record for me the rest of the plant will follow soon there's a difference of 13 days between the first answer second batch . And 21 days between the 1st and 3rd batch . Flowering is going pretty well and buds get thicker by the day the younger plants are getting bigger everyday aswel and are in 2nd week of flowering, and that just after 23 days !! Next batch of kings kushes I will monitor more close,your to see exactly after how many days the show sings of flowering , my said she saw sings after 7 days above ground ..... my wife has a better green thumb then me before we had kids she outgrew me every time in weight
  4. Small Update. Day 42 above ground for most of the girls, -21 for the he younger plants. Week 3 of flower is well on its way almost week 4,these king's kushes are really fast ! I like
  5. Small Update. Day 42 above ground for most of the girls, -21 for the he younger plants. Week 3 of flower is well on its way almost week 4,these king's kushes are really fast ! I like
  6. Small Update. Day 42 above ground for most of the girls, -21 for the he younger plants. Week 3 of flower is well on its way almost week 4,these king's kushes are really fast ! I like
  7. Hey dude! I'm gonna follow this, how big is your closet ? And what lights etc etc. Have a good one.
  8. -Small Update day 38 above ground- The girls are still looking bad , I don't water them enough I've noticed. I will be checkingking daily who needs water and who doesn't, never had such big difference in drinking behaviour whith clones . Monday when my neutralizer arrives I wil take the girls out and do a small trimming session and remove the small bottom leaves , some are touching the dirt. Still have some gnats which cause the yellow leaves , can't be a nutrient deficiency the powderfeed they recieve is fully doses. The tallest in bloom is 99cm and the smallest in bloom a stunning 24cm lol
  9. Hahahaha it does , but so glad the high still lasts as long as on earth
  10. Thanx for the advise didn't see your reply till now, but I really appreciate the advise! Have always had one bucket outside the tent but placed a few more and indeed it did good, I always mist whit water but might do it more frequently. And I will most surtenly try the self dripping to moit up the clothes , that's pretty smart thanx again!
  11. Happy New year fellow growers ! -Small Update- day 35 above. ground checked up on the girls , and most seem to do better. Kingo kushes are flowering for about one week , few of the big bangs go are still not in flower , won't be long tho . The two plants which are stretching are going towards a meter in length, two days ago she was 74cm and now she is 90cm exact, and the rest is about 60-65cm , she holds some good grow hormone. But skinny . Rest of the girls are nice short and full-bodied. I've switched from phone e to tablet for the pictures and quality is a bit better . The new batch of seedlings I've transferred are all doing good , except for fungus gnats. Will mist later whith spruzit r . The really small plants which are the same age as the rest are growing , and one of them is doing pretty good starting to look like a real plant now lol even though it's 35 days old she is a bit slower I guess, don't mind that since she can join the new batch which is 21 days younger but in the same tent . Was planning to feed them today , but the dirt is still wet so 2morow will check aggain , and and take some pictures of the plants outside their tent. For those who are wondering what the white clothes In the tent are, I use them to get hummidity up ,need to buy a new humidifier but draining these in buckets and giving them a good wring does the trick pretty well
  12. Small update . Just looked at my schedule cMe to the conclusion tjat i slipped to watering days , 1 in week 1 and 1 in week 3 sause theres been 7 days in between watering/feeding , realy dumb mistake. Been to busy whit the kids xmass and my birthday. Next watering is in 1 ore 2days are three days after the last. What ime still wondering about is how three of my plants stayed really small .the roots are big and coming out of the pot and the difference in lenght is crazy 2 of the girls are almost 90cm !! The rest way smaller normal lenghtill post pictures of them in half an hour ...any advise always welcome . Pictures below
  13. -UPDATE- Day 30 above ground. Dat 30 above ground for most girls. Feeding day gave them ghsc powederfeed, i always start whit 33% of advised dosage upped it to 70% today . The girls look like shit to be honest and think ive got fungusgnats. See if i can make some pictures whit a microscoop Amazed how the one of the smallest plants has the biggest roots but is small and pretty yellow , hope its just deficient of feeding and will turn green aggain in a few days. Will spray them later on whit sprzit R that works agfainst all bugs past etc etc . The good news is that the plants are showing sings of preflowering and the six new kingskushes which are 21 days younger are doing good potted thdm in 12l pots and lets see what they will do . Humidity is still low deu to no h7midifier. Kn9w hwere i can get a good one heap let me know
  14. Day 23 above ground for most of the ladies . Just doing an updayte cause i thought it was powederfeeding day , glad i checked my diary cuase its watering day =) . . All the girls have hsd about a liter of water to drink till it ranout the bottom , except the tiny plants . Someth8ng is wrong whit them , not sure what but my gues is ive fed them powderfeeding by accident cause 9ne of them is yellow af . Gonna flush the little girl and see if she survives ( vingers crossed ) sorry for the bad quality of pictures . Have a good day .

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