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  1. I cut the outdoor plant budrot devloping . i take te root out of the pouch to see the action of airpruning the root was just a littel throug the pouch at the bottom but whit a living plang it have to be difficult to take it out the pouch whit no damage
  2. Hi maybe give her more fresh air whit the intake for lower the heat en when light of change the air to for humidity
  3. Hi i ask my self Do i cut the leaf of the main stem to let light go throug the side branch when i fimed my plant or not . because some of the plant dont let light throug the leaf of the main stem to the new head of the fimed plant ? On the last picture is the K-TRAIN the branch growing faster i dont have to cut leaf the side branch are above the rest
  4. Budrot come in action i thinks i cut it by the end of the week. the bud are not realy dense but they are cover of trychomes i think its a goed plant i dont give fertilizer just 3 to 4 time alga bloom but in soil i give BN profimix a 1/2 bio supermix some bone & bat from gk
  5. Tu peux acheté un tensiometre si tu veux connaître le taux d humidité de ta terre mes sa marche que avec la terre ya des digital ( blumat) que tu peux trouvé sur pas mal de site ou dans pas mal magasin spécialisé
  6. It have to be cool a thermal center where you cane smoke cannabis and big plant for decoration inside ,cannabis massage ,canna sauna ,canna hammam Long pipe to smoke in jaccuzy ,canna dinner, relaxation room 😂😂😂😂
  7. The airpot looks better for that its in plastic the roots can't pass trought plastic and you can open it entirely
  8. Now that i want to chek the roots to see if its time to transplant in last veg pot all the roots are rooting locked in the pouch i think im gone have tu cut the pouch to take it out next time only use the pouch for the final pot . I made some fault at the bigining because the roots volume its to slow i dont know if its the plexiglas i putt at bigining between the plant and the light to get humidity higher whit minimum water consumption butt they grow to slow but they are healty now and grow normal after i take the pçexiglas out and fimed the plant at 4 to 5 node Next time i go to the shop where i buy the pouch i stay longer to talk of the pouch and drink a glas 🤔✌
  9. After i watering a few time my plant from the top i think rootpouch or smartpot ..... are made for watering from below the pouch ackt like a piece of sugar and suck the water . if you top water your plant too fast the water go out from side of the pouch so they spécial made for eb&vloed technics i think
  10. I only smoke pure weed i stop smoking cigarette or tobacco and all the rest you can smoke on my 21 i start very young and i am 36 now whit weed i dont feel any dependence only need it if i want to get high but i do sport to but you can have moment in live where you start again to smoke or other but thats avery one is choice or if you are whit other people doing that or, if you drunk there you have to be strong ✌
  11. For my outdoor plant its to cold and to many rain but she smell goed 😀
  12. I forget to say there is more than k—train i have some champagne kush ,blz x ak47, 1 clone of casey jones , 2 clones of money maker
  13. The root pooch are cheap in urban shop and i find the pouch very easy to use and very compact to stock
  14. Sorry iam very busy for the moment i dont have time for the plant and i think i have to stop trying to make a medium and use a rady to use medium its logic if you need a lot of soil you not gone lose time to modify the structure

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