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  1. I read from old post on other forum that allmix and other have a lote of nitrogene in it so i think the tips curling down from that
  2. I think every one do what he want in life i dont know if you want to shock peopel or something els but here its a forum open to the entire world its better to every one to not doing bad publiciti even if they are small quantity i like to grow from my Young time and i think peopel ho just want money they buy and sel weed they dont lose time wiht that and buy lot of material to
  3. Hi @BennyBrass for me when i Sprout my seed under a tl light for the first day after that i start the 400w mh i think a 400w at +-40cm 60cm for 600w maybe for the start at 60cm wiht the 400w some peopel put it higher but i always use the 40cm and 60cm +- an i never burn a plant wiht the light
  4. Its friday my plant like to party
  5. Thanks @Cindythey are a few tips that curling down but i think its ok that must be great to can read the leaf ,the bud ,the entire plant . on grow weed easy they say when the tips curling down its nitrogen toxicity but i only give water wiht silice,and pro active and iam shure that don't come from that
  6. I did some shot whit light off😂
  7. Or you can mix soil coco perlite whit no amendement and feed whit liquid organic or mineral i think its more simpel like that ! Or here in the section super soil they are a lot of recipe.
  8. Hi @#Robbo#420#some people do it using a rich soil like a allmix or batmix and cut it whit perlite and coco i think is more simpel other amendement are sometimes made for re use your soil or using the biofeeding must be goed To its goed for coco / soil
  9. Week 1 of flowering they dont stretch to much i think is goed the leaf problem is almost gone after some research on the net i think it was wind-burn from the heater or maybe under-watering & wind-burn together the money maker / k-train that i almost crash looks better whit this soil on the first picture you can see the wind burn on the leaf is gone after moving the heater and giving water
  10. Hi its from a long time that i hasitadet to buy a goed book for the grow of our plant in dutch or english. i think to buy soma sacred book but do you have other suggestion for something realy intsructif ?
  11. @LedCherryBerry yes is not give To every one to have the goed space for that pation ✌but here is not goed place for this discution😁
  12. 18 clones is 18 plant but yea i think whit clone the light is more divided for itch clone i Allways have the picture of a guy hoe make big plant to make the maximum out of 1 or 5 plant but you have 2 box wh you dont do one box for the mother and one box whit the clone i would learn one day to use grow cubes for hydro like hugo cubes that look great
  13. Hi @LedCherryBerry you can grow 4- 5 plant and you chose one plant to put in flower in a 30l whit your leds in 1,7 m you have just enought place i think but i have no experence whit smaller pot
  14. The heater was in that direction i move it . maybe i spray the plant next time light off the humiditi is low to
  15. Hi Can someone tellme wich symptom the leaf show me on the first picture you can see the leaf are not goed the second pictur is the same strain and the leaf are goed open ? The heater was hanging maybe To close the heat flow can be the probleme? I change the position of the heater To see if it change something

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