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  1. @LedCherryBerry I think hydrogène peroxyde is bad for the fungy but i see aptus sell product with hydrogène peroxyde in it but at wich dosage and is it good or not for fungy in the shop i go they sai to me if it kill the bad it kill the goed to ? I think if you want to stay in bio you have to use predator you can find predator in garden center or in growshop
  2. they are lot of gnats on your paper from where they come you think
  3. and the last time i feed water i give from under so i think the coco absorb the 300ml water and ph is there not the same as in the soil + the low rh
  4. D44 i chek the root to see the mix i do for drain i was thinkin to make cutting with all the plant to restart but not it look not so bad
  5. on those ashtag some picture show how they cover with straw compost and plant and other thing plastic or all togheter some plant give energie to your plant when they die with the compost you can get pest
  6. @LedCherryBerry hi for me the fungy come out with only normal dosage fungy devloppe with temp and rh of soil and dont like light i dont find your miserable its your grow your plant and you dont have a lot of space or big money so you have one plant and your plant look good on instagram they call that permaculture #permaculture #livingsoil look at that you can see
  7. @jan.gh @ShaggyGrower thanks for so many answer. the black plastic (vijverfolie) they use plastic for tomato blackwite plastic de vijverfolie i think no toxic? rh my humidifier is out and i use juste one time the calmag so nextime i stop use it a defficient can't be its a all in formule so is only a probleme i do wrong
  8. I forget that i make the drain in every pot with coco and perlite 1l per pot maybe thatmake trouble the problem start after i transplant in the drain the ph is different i only see that for the rest i change nothing from bigining . i see on internet draine with coco fiber damn😁
  9. No thats start a time a go. temp inside de tent is goed rh is not good air is maybe not perfect but its more a problem in my medium or my water i chek tomorow
  10. @ShaggyGrower Maybe ph or i dont know and you wat do you think?
  11. D42 temp 21°-27° n&d rh 32%-65% they dont look very happy
  12. @LedCherryBerry cool buddy maybe in other countries it will be more interesting for the material and the nieuw invention of culture or extraction and in other countries will be more turn on the consomation and the consumers
  13. @LedCherryBerry Wat about material light ,tent , box feedingcomputer and all the new stuff do you see there good grow material?
  14. D39 temp 22°-25° n&d rh 40%-65% i start lst training just to open the structure of the 2 main top i discover that one plant made 4 branches at the same node

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Cannabis, one of the most ancient plants known to man, used in every civilisation all over the world for medicinal and recreational purposes, is facing a very real threat of extinction. One day these plants could be helpful in developing better medications for the sick and the suffering. We feel it is our duty to preserve as many cannabis landraces in our genetic database, and by breeding them into other well-studied medicinal strains for the sole purpose of scientific research.

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