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  1. Hy i just put the seed in BAC xseed its a organic grow in a light mix no perlite mix whit coco & perlite i use BAC organic fertilizer for 8 weeks grow
  2. The clones of the money maker dont look goed like the seed i grow the and k-train if i regrow in the future i give from the bigining more fert they are not in goed condition i take many hellow brown leaf or the plant its the first time i use the bac fertilizer is ben so long that i want To try it +- 15 years 😂 but i think is better To keep it simpel
  3. So they are rady To put in 12/12 i can't start now i have to wait next week for my material the k-train dont look very healty i dont give enought fert at the bigining the blz bud x ak47 look goed en very compact and she have already a very goed smel
  4. Hi jose.gh iam intéresed in the contest if i have the chance to participate i should be happy To try your biofeeding lines and i would use 10 pots to grow and 9 to bloom ✌
  5. Here i take that from instagram whit the led they can make two floor of littel plant win of place and energy but wich technic give more in m2?they are so many technic some people make one plant whit one hps 600w en get more than a 1g per w p plant other many plant per m2 but the number of plant change to
  6. Thanks ledcherryberry Here in my country en other when you re on the highway whit your car and that you see some greenhouse for tomato or other you always see the yellow of the hps lamp so if the leds so economic why they dont use it to or they dont want to change there set up
  7. Why you say your leds are 1500w and true 459 w ? Whit 1g -w you can get 1500g or 459g?
  8. Tanks cindy for the moments i stay whit my hps and i wait To have more knowledge on leds before i buy theme maybe i go to a canna expo next year to see and get information on all the new material and to discover new city . #Cindy from witch brand are your leds
  9. Last time i visite the shop where i go there was a grow box whit led i dont know the brand 90 cm on 5 cm 540€ for one you need 6 led likethat for a box of 120 on 240 or 3 for 120x 120 its a lot of money and i dont know so much about led i dont nothing about a how much light you need whit leds en brand just what i read on internet l
  10. Its the first time i use ro water maybe i dont give enought fertilizer and next time i dont put peat to ph down my soil now last soil i mix 7 l of perlite and 7 l of coco to a light mix 50l and ph is goed 6,3 . whit the soil here i use i try to go to 5,8 but i read that for soil is 6,3- 6,8 my 400w balast is very old to the bulb to i think next grow i put a new now i just put the 600w to the moment the roots take all the pot
  11. I read that chimic mineral fertiliser cause salt build up that kill or slow the activiti in soil i dont use it on every feed or maybe use some enzyme after i use it or i have to give more of my grow fertiliser some of my plant show nitrogene déficience the ktrain en the champagne kush they need high feed they teel it in the video of the ktrain next time i dont mix variety and iam not living at same place of my plant but dare is so many kind of plant you want to try everything and so many differentes technics and possibiliti next time i try to improve my condition i dont anderstand what make my plant grow so slow if its the peat i use for make the ph down of my soil or the 400w bulbe i use that to old but next time i dont try to change nothing of the soil or try to make super soil they make so much research to sel product all over the world i have just learn to use it correctly 🤔😂✌
  12. Hi they sell mills in the shop where i go in my country and iam in europe close to the netherland i use the cal/mag for my ro water the seller of the shop tell me is the best product for ro water ( for him )and he tell me that they product are goed butt very concentrat i use half the dose on the bottel to get the 0,4 for my water and i see a grow report on cnnbs whit mills but i cant remember whish one it is they give to many artikel and i just read in your link thats organo mineral he was teling me thats not goed to use whit organic product or i dont anderstand that words or he dont know what he sell
  13. I grow 5 money maker last year they are goed yielder and all 5 seed produced a goed weed but i finish whit budrot
  14. Hi Mac welcome to the forum So what kind of light do you use in that veg room is that tl light and how much watt ?
  15. I think he want all organic or its is logic on organic. I think i read something about organo -minéral but dare was not details on the product they use and the article is about corn ,or other food farming
  16. The guy in the shop i go think that make some trouble whit the micro life. for the ro water i tell me mineral cal/mag its not goed whit organic but i dont listen to that in other fertilizer lines you get minerale product and organic on the same shedule
  17. Wednesday i feed my plant whit my organic fertilizer and i give some extra mineral n27% fertilizer to try to get my plant in better condition i see a goed change but the guy in one of the shop i go tell me last time that you can't give mineral fertilizer whit organic fertilizer and for him nothing minérale is goed when you grow organic but in the past i see grower using many different mineral fertilizer on organic soil mix so whats your opinion ?
  18. I put the plant in the 7 l they are not full green the k-train grow faster i think i have to fimme a second time so the other plant can come to the same height or closer after that i put theme in the batmix to get something better this time
  19. Hi zencowboy no picture of your field ?your from oregon dare must be nice forest to ✌
  20. Does de eat of fish make some change in water ?or they onli eat the algua im gone make some researche and if the fish gone survive all the changement of the water whit e littel tank like that 🤔. they are agro technic for hydro whit fish in water tank en all the fish in the tank make the fertilizer whit there excrement
  21. If the green algues are not bad i dont change that its very easy to use mayby put somefish in it to it the algues 😂 i read some article over the use of bucket for making co2 the CO2 of that go down to the floor and not in air like a gaz burner if i was enought place and money i would like to have material like that to make only 1 or 2 plant
  22. I ask my self if the algua in my tank are bad or not its a 60l tank its made for brewing beer i use it to stock my ro water i find it in a site where they sell everithing for brewing beer they sell lab material, petri dish glass,graduated pipette and other stuff ( brouwland.com) For the humidity i use aultrasonic humidifier whit tap water i dont use ro water for that its cost to much i dont modifying the ph of that water or the chlorine can affect the plant to ?

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