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  1. Cool plant bro... look like a bonzai... cheers & respect ! Evo
  2. What a cool surprise when I come back from the work today... I received my package and that's pretty great ! Just wanna say thanx to @Jose.gh and GHSC staff for everything ! Cheers & salute ! Evolution666
  3. Hello friends, It was a great honour to participate to this contest... Congrats to other friends G22, ShaggyGrowers & LedCherryBerry for their great job and the friendship during this White Rhino session (and good luck to ther oters with their current sessions). And thanks to GHSC for give us the chance to do that... Cheers & respect ! Evolution 666 @LedCherryBerry
  4. Perfect curring... Happy smoking (in 2 months so...) Cheers & respect ! Evolution666
  5. Hello friends, A last update in my growing journal... This week-end I've smoked for the first time some White-Rhino with some friends (like that I've get some feedback for good friends who loves growing and smoking quality weed). So from saturday morning to yesterday night (joints from 0,3 to 0,5 g with light tabacco) I have feel how good and strong this weed is all about (I know after only 1 month after cutting that's a bit anticipate to post a real and final opinion about this weed.) The taste is fruity and remind me some old-school weed... and the effect is not bad too... after few joints I was high. Same kind of feeling and feedback from my friends... The global aspect of the buds and the old-school taste (we grow and smoke lot of haze and kush since few years so have something more classic made them happy) have satisfied them. Really happy about this harvest session... For sure it will be great to really start smoking it in 2 months.. the taste and the effect will be perfect at this moment... Cheers & respect ! Evolution666
  6. No doubt about that... you'll get a amazing weed in 2 or 3 months... for sure more you wait more the weed is pefect... I'm still smoking a Critical Kush I've growed last summer and that's taste perfect you can believe me bro... But tomorrow or this week-end I will try to smoke some Rhino (few grams just to let know what I think about it before end of the contest...). Cheers & respect... Evo
  7. Nice setup bro... and for sure your harvest will be great 2... Your plants looks great so wish you the best for the end of your session... And pretty cool about guerilla outdoor 2 ... At the end of the summer you'll get lot of cool White Rhino to smoke. Cheers & salute ! Evolution666
  8. Good job bro... This harvest looks perfect... happy drying and curring ! Cheers & salute ! Evo
  9. Thanx for your posititve comment about my harvest @Jose.gh... Yes these buds looks great and that's hard to wait before smoke them but the curring is so important to taste a freshly growed weed...). And sure mixed soil with perlite should be better when I work with 40L pot... have allready try it on a previous growing session and that's work great... but not so much more amount. I will invest in my material soon, maybe get a more bigger box and changed these cooltubes... but before will work on my garden. See you soon for the results of this cool contest. Cheers & respect ! Evolution666
  10. Yeah great technic bro... sure the mix weed with Jupiler & Gueuze will do it... (a mix with some Kriek should be nice 2...). Cheers & respect ! Evo666
  11. Thanx a lot friends @LedCherryBerry, @g22 and @ShaggyGrower... Wish you the best for the end of the contest session (and for the outdoor sessions uou've started... It was pretty cool and interesting to see how you've work by reading your growing journal.. .will continue to do that till the end of the contest... See ya later... Cheers & salute ! Evo
  12. Hello friends, Time is come for the weighing of this cool White Rhino harvest... Everything is pretty dry and looks perfect to be distribious in containers for the final wait before really start smoking this weed (in 15 days it will be good to evaluate the all potential of this weed.). Actualy I'm pretty happy of the result... It take 5h to clean to harvest and at the end I got 502g dry so an average of 83g per plant... (will probably lost few grams during the next week but not a lot cause the harvest is really dry so...). Nice result and the a other positive point is about the quality of buds... This harvest looks really great and give envy to be smoked. So I'll let you know before June 1st what I think of the weed after the smoke test... So I've to thanks GHSC staff for giving me oportunity to participate to this great contest. Was a pretty cool growing session... Now will start some outdoor sessions and enjoy the summer... Cheers & salute ! Evolution666 Harvest (after drying and cleaning)
  13. Really good job bro... Yeah this is a hell of plant this Highlander and your harvest looks great (nice buds, cool colours,...). Cheers & respect my friend ! Evolution666
  14. @g22 Yeah you're right... a bit optimist about 2 weeks only... for sure will be more great to smoke in few months but will try it anyway, just really curious to taste this weed :-)
  15. Hi @g22, Nice idea to start a other one for outdoor... When I've germinated my seeds back in february I've done the work for 7 plants and have used only 6 for the contest in my indoor box (because I don't have enough space for 7) so I've gived the last plant to a friend who was running a autoflow indoor session till mid-april and have keep her as veg... Now he have moved the plant to a outdoor greenhouse... will probably a real monster in size... will check his evolution soon and will maybe post about it 2. Sure this plant will be cool to grow outside... So good luck with this new project bro. Cheers & respect !

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