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  1. Hello friends, First want to wish to all of you a great & happy 420... This is our day today so let's smoke ahah... Back with a last update before cutting in the next few days... Plants looks great, I've made the flushing few days ago but the leaves still green... (the GHSC Feeding bio work too good). But the buds looks ready, lot of sugar everywhere... but not really talking when you see the pictures... For every plant I'll cut I'll post a update with description and pictures... will do my best to post better quality pictures like that you'll can see how they look at the end. Happy to have the harvest soon and in the same time that's mean also the end of this cool contest... But the best is still to come... Here we go for few pictures. Cheers & respect ! Evolution666 DAY 90 (8th week of flowering)
  2. Your plant is amazing bro.... Once again salute for the good job ! Cheers & respect ! Evo
  3. Hi @g22, That's right bro... it's going to stick my fingers haha Salute !
  4. Hello @OG.Naj, Thanx for your comment... You're right, and that's on my planning for this week. :-) Cheers & respect ! Evolution666
  5. Hello friends, Back with some updates and pictures from my plants... We are today day 83 and we're on the 7th week of flowering... Not a lot to say... buds continue their developement (theys swell) as well, and now all the plants are on the last stage. Once again I've to say that I'm really happy to GHSC Feeding bio product range... really nice result ! So here we go for the 10 last days before start cutting and cleaning the plants (I don't have other choice than do that on few days... if I can do 1 or 2 plants daily that should be great...) Have a great week-end ! Cheers & respect ! Evolution6666 Day 83 (Week 7 of flowering);
  6. Hi @g22, Cool... good tips... I don't know yet what I will buy but I'll keep in mind your tips... that can be good 2... Cheers & respect !
  7. Hi @LedCherryBerry, One of my two dog comes all the time with me when I take care of my plants... so sometimes you can find some ganja leaves in his paw haha... that's not so great but he's accustomed to the weed.... Sure happy to leave in country but you're right tons of insects specially when I grow outdoor... I've to be attentive about that. And sure will check the extractor you mentionned in MissD post... I will see what's avalaible in my grow shop and if they don't have something good I'll order it on a site (but not sure I'll get it before the end of my flow). Cheers & salute !
  8. Hi @Jose.gh, Yeah I think it's time to invest in carbon filter... will go to my growshop this week-end and will check what they have in stock. In the same time got the chance to live in big house in country land (not lot of neighbors 2) and actually the smell impact only myself (not bad) and my dogs ... but still have two weeks of flowering so maybe not a bad investment. Have a great day ! Cheers - respect !
  9. Great job bro... your buds looks perfect... and in four week your plants will be massive ! Respect ! Evolution666
  10. Hi @LedCherryBerry, First congrats to your work... your plants looks great and I'm sure your harvest will be amazing... :-) Pretty cool also the way you help @Mis D with all these infos in your answer... that's the good spirit, so respect about that... For me, I think if it's the first time you grow weed by yourself, choose something easy (like autoflow or short time flowering seeds)... And I confirm the new GHSC Bio feeding range work great... first time I use all in one nutriments and Impressed by the quality... so @Mis Ddont hesitate to try GHSC Feeding ! Have a great day ! Cheers & salute. Evolution666
  11. Hello friends, Back with some updates and pictures... We are today day 76 of the session and we are now on week 6 of flowering. The plants evolution is pretty nice... All of them got lot of buds and some of them are changing their colours (some orange) and the smell is more and more intense everyday. Only the two biggest of them got some leafs turning yellow here and there (majority on the top) but I think it's normal 'cause they are pretty big and by that they're draw their energy to continue their developement. Here are some pictures and for once the quality is bit better... Have a great week-end ! Cheers & salute... Evolution666 DAY 76 (6th week of flowering):
  12. Hello Friends, Back with some updates of my plants... They are still looking great and the flowering session work perfectly. We are now on the day 70th and we are on the fifth week of flowering. I've moved the smallest one in my other box like I've explained it on my previous post... That's not a bad idea at all... The smallest will develop better and just the same for the 5 other ones ... No doubt about it they will appreciated get more space & light... So here are some pictures... Have a great week-end ! Cheers & respect Evolution666 Day 70 (5th week of flowering)
  13. Hello @Jose.gh, Yes... they will appreciate get more space, no doubt about that... as you can see on the pictures the box is full (and the good smells start too... after only 4 week of flowering so I imagine that will be amazing during the 5 last weeks... I will need to install a charcoal filter asap and before that use maybe ONA to decreate the smell in my house haha...). Have a great day ! Cheers & salute... Evo666
  14. Hello friends, Back with some pictures... We are now on week 4 of flowering and the buds looks better and bigger days after days... I will tranfer the 2 smallest in my other box with 400HPS this week end, no other choice, they need really more space to continue their developement on the best way as possible... Here are the ladies, once again sorry for the quality of the pictures... will do some without the lights this week end 2.... Have a great week-end ! Cheers & salute... Evolution666 DAY 62 (Week 4 of flowering)
  15. Hello @Jose.gh Thanx a lot for your positive comment... Yes the plants look great and for sure I will do my best to continue this session on a good way. Cheers & respect ! Have a great week-end.... Evolution666

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