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  1. Hi Sal!, sorry I haven't been looking on the site. Thank you so much for your advice. I know the bigger ones have way too small pots, but because of the bad weather I kinda gave up (they were already blooming at a very small size). I decided to leave them in the pots and see how they do. One of them is producing some very nice buds, so I don't want to irritate them with moving them to another pot. They seem to be doing fine. The small ones are doing great also, they are now in week 3 or so and have grown a lot since the past two weeks (at least, I think so). I will post a pic from my phone. Somehow you can't see what you type when you use this site on your phone.
  2. They look very healthy, just be careful the environment doesn't get too moist. Maybe place a humidity meter or something. I use biobizz products too, never have been disappointed. Good luck and I hope you will get some awesome buds!
  3. Hello fellow growers, I'd like to share my progress. I have 4 plants as you can see, the small ones are only about one week old. The bigger ones, are already blooming. I planted them around the end or March and the beginning of April. Sadly, the weather started to get terrible from then up until a few weeks ago. I did not want to throw them away because I believe they will produce something, I'd like to test the taste of them They look quite decent besides a few flaws, but the buds are looking good. The smell is not too strong, which is good. I hope the weather will continue doing good so I can grow much bigger plants from them. I quite underestimated how complicated it would be to grow autoflowers, but I'm starting to understand them a little more as they progress. If anyone has some tips and tricks I'd like to know! I'll try to keep this post updated.
  4. Thanks! I'll go look for it. I also got some further info on the screwed up leaves. The fly that caused this lays its eggs just right underneath the surface. The larvae then eat their way out basically, creating small corridors inside of the leaves. When they eat too much of the leaves they end up like that one that looks dehydrated. I removed the leaves (2 or 3) that still contained a larva and the most damaged one, I kept the leaves with some damage but that didn't contain any larvae anymore. I put some lavender around my plants since the smell of that plant scares off flies and also leaf mites. I hope it works. - B
  5. Hi Cannabissapean, first of all, thanks for your response! I really appreciate it. Today I went to see my plants and took some pictures. They are at my dad's house and I live with both my mom and dad so I can't always be around them. But my dad helps me take care of them. I was really shocked, there is this bug called Agromyzidae and they leave strange marks on the leafs. They really seemed to get into it. I have been told it's not harmful, but I think the plants are now less able to absorb light. they are indeed outdoors. Now in their 5th week and I think above 10cm tall. This month has been really shitty so far.. Lots of rain and clouds. Today is one of the first sunny days. I'm really bummed out about this. The smaller plant is as you can see a little behind. Also one leaf look like it's dehydrated? I really hope this doesn't mean I screwed up. I use regular soil. The bag says it's universal potted soil (I hope you understand what I mean) with nutrients for about two months, sadly they didn't have soil without nutrients added. By the way, I remove the little weeds growing besides them. I just didn't do it before I took the pictures. If the weather keeps acting up like this, I will buy a lamp and see if I can manage tricking them into the flowering phase. Thanks again for your advice! - B
  6. Greetings, My name's Britt, from 's-Hertogenbosch (NL). I'm a rookie grower growing for the first time this year and I'm really excited to harvest and smoke my first self-grown weed. Tips and advice are really appreciated! Hope you all grow some awesome buds - B
  7. Hey all, This year is my first time growing. I started a little too late because I didn't have time to get the seeds in Amsterdam (greenhouse). My two pure kush plants are now in their 4th week, but should I be worried about the fact I started a little late? I'm using Biobizz biogrow and root juice right now. For later I have their fish-mix (for the soil), biobloom and leaf coat. I guess they are doing alright at the moment. I don't have a picture from this week yet since they are over at someone else's house, I'll take one today or tomorrow. Does anyone have any advice or things I should keep in mind? Thanks in advance, - B

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