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  1. Thanks @ayzns, I like using a SCROG but this time they ended up fine with LST alone.....besides, when I do use a SCROG net I always end up cutting it out after its served it purpose as it restricts movement and inspection of plants during bloom. These are going so well I am already trying to decide which seeds to go with next and I have been busy putting my smaller 0.8m x 0.8m x 1.7m tent up for vegging only so I have complete vegging and flowering tents.... I have the following seed choices in my order of preference: 4 x GHSC White Widow x Cheese (GHSC Exclusive left over from the previous test grow). 5 x GHSC Jack Herrer 5 x GHSC Money Maker 3 x GHSC Bubba Kush 5 x GHSC Northern Lights AUTO 5 x GHSC White Rhino (remaining seeds from current Rhino test grow) Favoring the 4 x GHSC White Widow x Cheese because they was a lovely smoke and finished flowering in 59 days last time I grew it.
  2. Thanks @evolution666, they seems to be flying along. Will soon have to think about which seeds to start next.
  3. One week on and here is where I am. These 5 Rhinos are 45 days old since sprouting and have been on 12/12 for 10 days. Fantastic sign that pistils are already showing all over all 5 plants which is fairly fast considering some pistils started showing a few days ago. They have stretched a fair bit and are still stretching so lets see where they end up. No worries here because I have plenty of head height. Nice canopy in the making of what seems to be many decent colas and they do seem to be in good health without a mark on them. A pleasure to grow so far actually. Anyways......pictures......
  4. Hmmmm, I am curious @mungbean79, please keep me posted buddy. I'll be popping in here from time to time when my schedule allows so see you again. I've got a grow going in the White Rhino contest at the moment, wasn't going to bother anymore grow dairies but was tempted with this Indica so giving it one last go. Anyways...
  5. No worries @mungbean79, sounds like you have a lot going on but I am curious about the CMH light. I am pleased with the LED's I am using but I have been digging more and going to build a DIY LED rig I think. Citizen COB's and Samsung LM561C LED Strips. Like the LSTing and you have done the same as me, I have snapped 2 of the main stems on my plants. Oh well....shit happens eh !
  6. Very healthy plants @evolution666. I'll be keeping a close eye on this.
  7. WOW @ayzns, these are coming on great and the LST has opened them up well. As for the gnats, I would certainly point to the reused soil, they can lay dormant in the soil for a while then when warmed up again it starts. Actually, I have never had gnats so can't help in a cure but I am sure there will be a fix.
  8. Looking nice here and I can see a nice SOG developing. As for the 3 nodes, I do think it is a trait of the particular strain/batch because you are not the only one seeing this. I first pointed out the 3 nodes a few weeks ago and last week some other participant encountered it to. Tri nodes.....how sweet eh.
  9. Nice to see you again @mungbean79 Good luck with with these lot and how are you finding the 315w CMH? Do they get super hot?
  10. Wow, plant is looking better but looking and trying to read all the other ramblings about the GH Bio Bloom is just total confusion. It seems very simple to me as directed by GH. White Rhinos need 9 weeks, more likely 10 weeks for us, therefore the GH Bio Bloom specifically states, with an asterisk (*), the following: *ONLY ONE APPLICATION IS NEEDED FOR UP TO 8 WEEKS FLOWERING TIME Seems perfect for the White Rhino because with it being 9/10 week flowering the 8 week ONE DOSE APPLICATION will suffice due to flushing final 10 days or so. You are growing in a 18ltr bag so GH recommend 3g per litre therefore you need 54g of GH BIO Bloom and that will see you through to harvest perfectly including the flush. All the confusion make me dizzy reading it and I really cannot see where all the other dosages and days even came in the the issue. BTW, I would go easy with that GH Enhancer because you have started using it weekly instead of every two. It is very good stuff at a rate of 50% the recommended dose doing a perfect job but personally I would never push a 200% as you are experimenting with and even more so with just one plant. Just saying and Happy Growing!
  11. Hi @LedCherryBerry, I have always understood and performed LST in a way that the first step is to actually train the main stalk. I thought doing it this way, bent in such a way that the actual head is brought down to a lower level. Then the lower levels of bud sites are then tied also to gain width and all the time, because the main top is restrained, all bud sites will get to the same level and adjust/add ties as necessary. I fear the way you have started is simply lowered the level of most bud sites without doing anything to the stem. If you look at a few tutorials you will soon see. Shes coming on now.
  12. The plant that started the 3 nodes with me has continued to do so. Everything after the start of 3's has continued that way. I think that particular 3 noded freak of mine now has over 25 heads on the last count! It is a genes issue but a nice issue to have.
  13. Just a quick picture update whilst I was in there giving them a WATER ONLY watering and so scissor work called defoliation. A kind of plain watering / flush, they was not dry to the bone to start so 5ltrs through each plant and had a run off of over 3ltrs per plant. I'll do this again a few times during flower but with more water. As you know, they have had only GHSC Enhancer and PM CAL-MAG PRO so need to start thinking about using the GHSC Bio Bloom but they are already in their final pots. Top dressing it looks the only option. No more LSTing and letting them stretch you can see I have some early shooters already. These Rhinos are now 38 days old in total and been in 12/12 for 3 days. In the last 3 days you will see the 1.2m x 1.2m area has filled up a fair bit and that is with tonight's defoliation which was a lot as you can see in the pictures. Maybe a bit rough with them but they will be better for it in the long run. The rest of the pictures with just a camera and flash. Pistils showing next week I'm hoping then we can get a real idea where this is going.
  14. Decided against the usual SCROG for my grow this time @ShaggyGrower. Simple but brutal LST only has resulted in 2 plants with no main head and about 3 good nodes (pairs) below...call that heavy handed but shit happens. Many tops using LST (I can see between 25 and 11 tops on mine) so very similar to a SCROG just as you will see here http://www.growweedeasy.com/low-stress-training-lst
  15. Indeed! Olympics and this lovely cocktail of kief smothered canna..........

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