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  1. See, totally clueless but just a very angry thinks he knows it all. By the way, I will call you what I want but you are wrong again, I never called you a "friend"! You are no friend of mine my deluded dear. I simply called you £dear" with no reference at all to "friend". Can't see where you got that from but maybe you need a lay down because you appear to be getting increasingly confused sweet-pea. Clown of the very highest order and the forum is a worse place with your involvement because of the shit you spout out of that mouth of yours. You are clueless and it shows in every post that you write. Also, @Cindy, thought you said you was posting no more. Hahaha, that lasted long didn't it. Anyways, get on with it but I would hope that GHSC would intervene as I am certain their opinion on drug dealers is not what you would like to think. A drug dealer is a drug dealer regardless of if its weed or any other illegal drug so I suggest you refresh that deluded memory of yours @LedCherryBerry. Its the law in most countries my dear boy and regardless what you think it is a criminal offence. Silly you.... The comedy continues and I am so very pleased you are "Pissed" because of this and there was you saying I was angry........hahahahaha, its you all along! No need to reply with more shit @LedCherryBerrybecause my sides are aching too much from laughing.
  2. But you agree @LedCherryBerry that what DRUG DEALERS are doing is just fine and dandy! I don't take my money anywhere my deluded dear, I grow for myself alone and this is why I always have jars full of nice weed. Totally clueless in many areas including the waste of Rhino seeds that you might get a go at. Oh, thanks for the capitals full of abuse. Seems it is you who is angered my little sausage. Very comical indeed from many points of view.
  3. Make your mind up, you say you don't smoke it and just in it for the money but now you say you do smoke it just a few days later. WFT! Yeah yeah yeah @Cindy Nevermind Cindy, you have digging a deeper hole for yourself by your blatant contradictions.
  4. Maybe he didn't like you selling for many obvious reasons you still fail to see. Anyway
  5. @Cindy, explain the below post of yours please? What do you not understand? DRUG DEALER to most by her very own admission! Cindy, stop wriggling.
  6. BUT IS PAYS YOU WELL ENOUGH TO BE "IN IT FOR THE MONEY" You have the potential for well over 10oz there easy and that ONE person has it all. As well as the last lot and before that you were busted. You deal in drugs to other(s) regardless of what you want to call it and if your weed is sold on more you have no care because you are money driven. Please stop being deluded to think it is anything else.
  7. Perfect...where did I say that you sell to children and a reply of someone who has no clue other than to line their own pockets regardless of where their weed end up. Of course you know where every gram of your weed gets distributed to. You have admitted you are "in it for the money" so this "one person" which it "helps them" still pays you for ALL your weed. Yeah yeah yeah @Cindy, whatever you say. Please, enough of digging your hole deeper.
  8. Please stop talking nonsense @LedCherryBerry, your ASSUMPTIONS are way off and if not where is the accurate data source you used when you say "majority". The simple fact is that if @Cindy is fine to be labeled as a drug dealer, which would be the charge in a court taking on the fact that she is "in it for the money" and also bearing in mind too she has previous history which was confiscated for cultivation of cannabis.....then let her be and see how she goes. I'm not into helping drug dealers grow weed to sell on the streets. I don't want to be blamed for providing the weed to kids who we all know try it and those kids are getting younger....I see it and smell it! As young as my eldest, very early teens and I would be concerned for him to experience even weed that early in life although I do look forward to the day WE can try a smoke together if he feels fine with his old man alongside tooting away. DRUG DEALING.....I know you think a little bit of weed but look at it in the bigger scale and what it funds. Are you totally unaware of the society we live in today. The drug trade is an increasing social part of life, both legal and illegal, and each and every little bit of weed helps that grow even more. It is a multi billion dollar industry where every corner is involved from the elite to the homeless man on the street. Weed is one of many ways that supply the drug chain which include much harder drugs such as crack cocaine which is now common place in lots of areas I know. These areas was known weed areas we I was younger but now it is replaced by crack cocaine. Whatever next I do not know but what I do know is that drug dealers and the social drug culture has a very fast pace and every drug dealer that sells is helping the speed of the every increasing drug culture. I have a conscience @LedCherryBerryand it is very clear both you and @Cindy do not! I think for now on it is best we pass as "ships in the night" because I do not agree with anything you say, you choose to bite the hand that feeds you be starting out in terrible conditions and Cindy chooses to be a drug dealer and you are fine with that and choose to defend. I'm not even sure if ADMIN agree with the fact that we have a self confessed drug dealer here and sure in the rules it will say something. If you want to help her cause then help her but I'll take no part.........maybe set up a website @LedCherryBerrywith help pages for drug dealers grows so they can maximize potential profit because you do know everything right. Stop your nonsense that drug dealing is fine and also fine for everyone else to help, including GHSC, and your comical "majority" assumption. Maybe ADMIN would like to create a poll regarding questionable "majority" or even ask for their opinion on drug dealing? For me it is very simple: NO TELL - NO SMELL - NO SELL Anyway, very apt are a few comments from 0:35 to 1:35 regarding "talking" and "mouth" and this is a time you should stop your nonsense. PS: You may want to look up where to use the term "Verba volant, scripta manent", you have it totally wrong way round because the "written words remain" in Cindys post and also in her quote in my post. It is you, in fact, that have chosen the that "(spoken) words fly away". It all ties in with the clip below. REMEMBER spoken words might easily be forgotten, but written documents can always be conclusive in public matters so lets hope Cindy does not have her laptop taken should she get busted again. Just sayin as you say
  9. I thought you grew for your very own use @Cindy Not sure you should declaring "I don’t smoke it. I am just in it for the money"! Each to their own.
  10. Remember that distance between the lights and canopy top @Cindy You have a lot of stretch in them plants yet as they are in early flower so I would not be so keen to get the lights down that low so early. 15" could be too close with them growing up to it. I'd let the stretch pass and continue to get the canopy organised so its nicely spaced out then set the lights lower so you can actually see their distribution covering the whole of the canopy and if no lightburn that is a nice height for all the canopy to get the more even distribution of light. It will be a good grow this I think!
  11. No worries at all @LedCherryBerry, like we both agree, it is your grow but just cannot help thinking it is a utter waste and totally goes against what this COMPETITION is about. Even by your very own repeated admission of "I don't really mind if my grow "sucks"" and "As i said, i don't care about yield" does not do your potential participation in any COMPETITION any favours. GHSC are willing to offer these seeds and nutes for nothing, along with some nice prizes, and should we get to participate in this competition the very least we can do is our best and not squeeze as many plants as (im)possible in a tiny space of both width and height. It is the end result that is the deciding factor and you do not care a jot about that as you have repeatedly confirmed in your post above. OUCH!! I feel that too GHSC. Sorry @LedCherryBerrybut I think it is plain wrong and would suggest trying your "experiment" with bagseed instead of biting the hand that potentially feeds your next grow. Anyways..............
  12. If you are happy with the space, both floor area and vertical height, with 4 x "squeezable" 11ltr pots then away you go. Much rather you than me, way overcrowded, humid and poor air circulation to name many. Seems such a waste of everything when there is so much more potential. Less is more, much more but its your grow despite the obvious negative facts regarding both floor area as well as vertical height and plant numbers.
  13. Hi again @LedCherryBerry, firstly, please be assured that you will not get me "angry?" in any way at all whatsoever. If you decide to start your grow in less than the optimal conditions you can achieve then expect to be in for likely disappointing grow. No need for me to get "angry?", it's your grow, your electric and your harvest...all your cost which makes difference to me. Sorry for being blunt but these are one of the many facts here. Here are a few of the many other important facts that simply cannot be ignored and these facts combined make 4 x 18ltr pots in a 60cm x 60cm x 170cm tent impossible. It does not matter if you have "squeeze easily", plastic pots, trays, buckets, jelly pots or any other "pot" on the market. 4 x 18ltr pots will not fit in a 60cm x 60cm area for growing our fruits. Simple as that so that option is out the window. So, you now have 4 x 11ltr pots as the alternative. As a demonstration I have created my very own visual as I have a 60cm x 60cm seedling/early veg tent and I have many 11ltr pots too. See the image of 4 x 11ltr pot in my 60cm x 60cm tent (sorry for the mess but not being used at the moment). Those 4 x 11ltr pots do not fit without a real squeeze and growing like this will allow you no side-wards growth...only vertical. VERTICAL! You have 170cm to play with including the height of those tall pots which are approx 30cm, then you Carbon Filter and extractor which is say another 30cm and then your LED lights which is, as have stated in a previous post, between 45cm (veg) and 30cm (bloom). So vertical height is 170cm - 30cm pots - 30cm CF & Extraction - say 40cm for lights = 70cm max vertical height from pot tops to lights. Seems there could be a real issue with even 4 x 11ltr pots in a 60cm x 60cm x 170cm tent and it would be something even the most experienced grower would run as fast and as far away from! Lets be honest with ourselves, it is tipping far more to the "impossible" side just like your initial thought of 4 x 18ltr pots in the same area. Whichever way you cut it up the only other options are.......a bigger tent if you really want 4 plants or you are going to have to decide on less plants by at least 50%. Its not what you want to hear but is as plain and simple as day and night. You simply do not have enough space, both floor area and vertical height, to have 4 x 18ltr or 11ltr pots in that size tent.
  14. Looks about perfect from my screen @Cindy Well played, very well played.
  15. Hi again @LedCherryBerry, I think you will have to revise your plan because 4 x 18ltr pots will not fit in a 60cm x 60cm tent. Each 18ltr post has a upper diameter of 30cm at the very least. 4 x 11ltr pots even will be a very tight squeeze, betting on impossible I'd say or rather you than me, in a 60cm x 60cm space without even considering any higher size pot. 3 options: 1, Much bigger tent of at least 1.2m x 1.2m to get the 4 x 18ltr pots in. 2, Same tent with 4 plants in far much smaller pots 3, Same tent with just 2 plants in the 11lts or the 18ltrs if you dare. Remember, it's not about squeezing as many plants in as possible and you get more fruits. In most instances, less is more.....this is a perfect example. 4 x 18ltrs is out of the question because they don't fit. 4 x photo-period plants in a 60cm x 60cm is a REAL squeeze in any size pots to see any real result from a grow which has high potential to be problematic. Less is more......less plants well cared for and trained means more fruits. Easy choice if you want to avoid a potential disappointing and troublesome grow. Takes a long time to realize less is more but it actually is. Same applies to the feeding schedule where less is more, certainly more but that's another story...........

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