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  1. Hi @mungbean79, good to see you at it again. Like you previously have done, I am taking a break from social media as in grow dairies but I still have a flower tent full, 3 weeks from harvest and veg tent stocked ready to go in. Nice to follow your thread along and you have some lovely healthy plants there to start with. Good to see that you are using LED's........I seem to be doing good with them.......GPW, reliability and consistently is all I ever need and more.
  2. All done and dusted now. All 5 plants cut and its nice. No idea of weight but its a good haul for the stock shelf. So, I did say this would be my last documented grow dairy so I'll be just lurking from the shadows in the future with no more dairies. Thanks for looking everyone.
  3. The 3 Jack Herer are down. Impressed with the colas on these, really solid chunks. First JH cut drying nicely and now in brown paper bags. The other two JH were cut yesterday and pictures are of one of them..
  4. Started chopping the 3 x Jack Herer FAST after 55 days of 12/12 and there appears to be lots of very solid chunky buds. Their trichomes are 60/40 cloudy/amber so I expect a nice smoke. I have found the start of bud-rot, lurking at the very back, within the thickest cola of 1 plant so that cola been trashed because I do not want to take any risks of it spreading. The RH has been higher than I would have liked over the latter part of flowering at round 55% but I think I caught it early and no sign of it on any of the other plants/buds. I think the rainy weather causing moist air is to blame which is coming in via my 2 active intakes feeding into my flowering tent. I will have a play around with them but the active intakes are drawn through carbon filters, to prevent pest and suchlike, so any moisture in the air would find it harder to get inside I would guess. Regardless, no worries and 1 nugget with bud-rot is very far from a disaster. I am pushed for time and chopping will take more time than I have so I am doing it in stages. I have chopped 1 Jack Herer and taken the top cola of the 2 other Jack Herer including the one with bud-rot. Despite the bud-rot I think this will be a pleasing yield again for just 375 REAL LED watts. Here are a few pictures before my hands/gloves got too sticky to take anymore.
  5. Thanks @Cannabissapean, thinking about taking the 3 x Jack Herer down this coming week because I am starting to see a scattering of amber trichomes within the mass of cloudy trichomes. The other 2 x GHSC White Widow x Cheese are 50/50 clear/cloudy, they'll need another week to 10 days or so to be done.
  6. Hello and welcome @s.VincentS. Sorry to say but it is highly unlikely to determine a strain simply by looks due to the fact that there are countless cannabis strains out there. You will probably be able to tell if the strain is Sativa or Indica dominant by its characteristics but besides that you are hoping for the impossible really. Why not ask your friend who gave you the seeds?
  7. Thanks @Pi2but I think the 3 x Jack Herer FAST will be finished very soon. They come from Seedsman and they say they only take 6 to 7 weeks and by looking at them I would say that is fairly accurate. https://www.seedsman.com/en/jack-herer-fast-feminised-seeds Their trichomes are all cloudy and the plant in the centre is yellowing and dropping its bigger leaves so I doubt very much they will last another 2 to 3 weeks. As for the 2 x GHSC White Widow x Cheese, which I have grown before, they will need another 2 to 3 weeks if past experience is anything to go by.
  8. 42 days of 12/12 and all going fairly well. All 5 plants are really gaining weight now.
  9. indoor grow

    WOW @Cindy, 1,164 REAL LED WATTS is massive consumption. Hope you get the rewarding buds you should be getting on the GPW scale and not just wasting the electric. I run approx 375 REAL LED WATTS when flowering and achieve (strain & growing method dependent) between 0.88GPW and 1.33GPW which keeps my jars fully stocked growing only 8 months of each year.
  10. indoor grow

    Hi @Cindy Good luck with your grow. 2700 watts of LED for flower, how many REAL LED WATTS will them LED units be pulling from the wall when in flower? I would imagine something like 700 REAL LED WATTS, would this be about right?
  11. Hi @Cindy For seedlings (1 week) and early vegging (2 to 3 weeks) I use 1 x ViparSpectra 450w with just the "veg" switch turned on which puts out approx 100 REAL LED WATTS. For late vegging (2 weeks maximum) I use the 1 x ViparSpectra 450w with veg and bloom switches on then when switching to 12/12 I also add 1 x Go-Grow V1 (formerly Virgin Borneo) Pro. When I fully switch to 12/12 the combined power of both these LED units is approx 375 REAL LED watts from the wall. I have a few other LED units but the ViparSpectra 450w & Go-Grow V1 Pro combination work well together so I will stay with them for now.
  12. Thank @Cindy. Just a little update. 33 days of 12/12 and they are doing well. These pictures were taken last night just before a much needed water and feed because they were all desert dry. You will notice the droopy leaves but they very quickly burst back to life after the water and feed. They are drinking 3ltrs each every 3 days now with the feed still at 1/2 strength but I will be increasing it to 3/4 strength next feed. The plant in the middle has a slight problem which I think can be sorted out with a touch of CAL-MAG which was given last night. As always, comments are more than welcome.
  13. Good news and lets hope all the spammers of their porn sites and dodgy cannabis salesmen have been banned so this site can be relevant and sensible.
  14. 24 days of 12/12 and all these girls are really coming on fantastically. Glad this is my last documented grow as it's like playing to an empty arena! Anyone care to comment or is this all just a waste of time?

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