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  1. HI @LedCherryBerry, is a camera, it allows me to pay much less visits to the outhouse to check all is ok. I can go days without going near the tent but still keep a check on temps, RH and general health of the plants via my cell phone. Personally it is a great help because I still have a close eye on the plants whilst being an infrequent visitor to the tent. As for the ViparSpectra LEDs, I have 2 x 450w and the suit me perfectly fine. They are brilliant from start to finish but, although I have completed many grows with them, I have always used them alongside a Go Grow V1 Master Grower (more RED) during "12/12". Hand on heart, I have had no issues with any of my ViparSpectras and would recommend them without a doubt.
  2. Always been fairly lucky with RH @g22 I think using LEDs keep the RH within a closer range than HPS and I can honestly say all I have ever done is add a few high humidity collection bags during the late stages of flowering due to higher than happy with RH at over 50%. As you can see, these 5 currently stand at a RH of around 70%, this is fine with me and I have found that by increasing the LED unit the RH comes down nicely as the grow progresses. Anyways, no need for RH "devices" to alter such small grows as this. Big grows I totally agree but with something like this there are fixes.
  3. These are amazing results after just 1 week! Seriously, I have never ever seen anything like this after just 1 week. I am absolutely astonished @ Golloelcogollo
  4. Hi All, The 5 baby Rhinos have been re-potted into 3lts pots and watered with GHSC Enhancer. All under 1 x ViparSpectra 450 LED unit which draws a REAL wattage of approx 200 watts with both the "VEG" & "BLOOM" switches on. I have both "VEG" & "BLOOM" on and the light schedule is 20/4 eventually with a 18/6 "VEG" cycle soon. Temps are nice between 22C (LIGHT OFF) & 27C (LIGHT ON). Exactly 1 week after breaking soil and now they are under a more suitable LED unit they should come on well hopefully.
  5. Just planning on repotting these 5 babies into 3ltr pots and I see an issue. My plan is use 3ltr pots for early veg and then onto their final pots which will be 11ltrs for late veg and flower so only 2 more repots. If I apply the GHSC GROW feed to the 3ltr pots now it means that when I repot again to their final 11ltr pots I will have to use the GHSC BLOOM feed. This is the issue, I want to repot into their final 11ltr pots whilst still in mid veg and not only during flower. These 5 plants will be in their final 11ltr pots within the next 4-5 weeks and by this time they will still be in veg. To get around this I have prepared the 5 x 3ltr pots with my media only and I will use GHSC ENHANCER as it should be applied via hand watering and GHSC GROW will be applied as a top dressing as instructed as an alternative to mixing with the media. When I have repotted the 5 plants into their new homes they will be under 1 x ViparSpectra 450W (approx 200w REAL watts from the wall) with both the veg and bloom switches on. 1 LED unit will be fine for the early stages and lets see how they progress. More pictures after I have done repotting. Thanks
  6. Top notch @g22. Well played and looking forward to seeing them develop.
  7. You sure you are not just using aging household timers instead of more recent heavy duty ones? Most household ones have a load capacity which is generally much less than what is required for growing hence the reason they mess up. These timers have never ever failed me if its any help and they are far better than the digital ones in my opinion.
  8. Here they are, 5 baby Rhinos. Despite the 2 x 12W LEDs close on them for 2 days I have 4 leggy plants and 1 slower plant. All are fine and fantastic germination rate. Hats off to @joseand GHSC making this 100% germination possible. Very stable seeds from a very reliable seedback in my years of experience with them despite the naysayers. As you can see, the temp is a little high but I have turned 1 heater off to lower it a little. The leggy plants can have most part of their stems buried when repotted if need be so not an issue at all. I might even leave the to give headstart on height with consideration of a SCROG net. Sooner they get a bit of height they can be trained sideways under a SCROG net instead of wasting time waiting for them to gain that height.....just a thought. I have ALWAYS buried leggy stems but I just might try the opposite this time. These 5 will be left a couple more days (weekend maybe) until roots appear from the pot bottoms then repotted into 3ltr pots with GHSC Grow and Enhancer. The picture show all plants and also a couple of close ups of the slow one. It will be fine now, its forming its first true set of leaves so well on the way. Comments and opinions are very welcome.
  9. Mixed the media for the plants today. Because of the packaging sizes i have used the following ratios: 2 x 20ltrs Bio Bizz Light Mix 11ltrs UGRO Coco 10ltrs PlantIT Perlite Percentages ratios are as follows: 65.6% Light Mix Soil 18% Coco 16.4% Perlite The ratios above are different to my proposed ratio but I will keep with this revised mixture. It feels nice. As for feed, I have not added any yet because I simply mixed the total soil for the entire grow, including potting up. I will add the feed when I fill each individual pot because it will be more accurate this way. Anyways, here are a few boring pictures of my soil mix The baby Rhinos are doing well by the way. There will be 5 for sure.
  10. From seed packet to breaking soil within 4 days seems to have produced 5 baby Rhinos. The plant in the centre is struggling a little with the "skin" of the inner seed shell tight around the cotyledons but it should work its way out, whilst still under and within the moisture of the clear plastic cup (DIY propagator). The other 4 seedlings seem to be fine and I have taken off the clear plastic cups but all 5 seedlings are under the small (12w) "blue" LED I showed you all above. No real worries so far and pleased with the germination rate which I was fairly sure of from past experience with GHSC. Anyways, here are the baby Rhinos.
  11. Just prepared some small LEDs (12W) for the forthcoming youngsters. One is mainly "blue" with the other mainly "red" and they are very good for newly sprouted seedlings. Here is a few pictures of them because the "blue" one will be in use soon I should imagine. When the seeds break the soil these small LEDs are perfect for a week to get them ready for proper veg.
  12. Yes @slimjim, earlier because, if need be, I could either add an oil filled radiator to knock the temps up a little or keep them indoors and play around with them a little more during a couple more weeks veg. Not decided yet and certainly cannot count my chickens before they have hatched. So far none have surfaced but I was not expecting them so soon. Couple more days I would imagine and hopefully all 5 are up and running. 100% germination would be great as I do want to do all 5.
  13. After a soak of about 16hrs they have gone straight into tiny pots. Just a waiting game now. Hope all 5 seeds make it because I did not put any extras in.
  14. After a quick relocation for the seedling stage due to temp issues, I have decided to start earlier than I first thought but in a warmer place. Hoping for a 100% germination rate. 5 seeds soaking for around 12hrs or so then straight into small pots with Bio Bizz Light Mix only and covered with cling film until they break soil surface. Lets see how long they take to show themselves.

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