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  1. Hi to everyone, first of all please forgive me for posting so late, hope it's not late to at least show some growing of the white rhino. Germinated some seeds and just 3 popped up, i have 4 left to try again ! right now they are under 200 w of CFL, later they will be in my indoor with 200w of cobs vero 29 gen 7 Cya !
  2. Hello people!glad to post again here, so, we got some good and bad news, first of all the bad ones, botritys has installed on my backyard and ruined some of the harvest, most on other plants than in the two cheese x white widow, anyway, they got affected by it. Now i can say the plants are in the final lap, both of the ladies have a lot of resin and big buds, i am just waiting for some thricome to turn ambar and harvest! In the smell side , both plants have the smell of white widow, i can afirmate this, because i have other 2 plants that are cross of white widow and they smell the same! Enough of writing, let's see the pics! Cheese x White Widow at Roots House 10 L pot This was the most affected plant by botrytis Cheese x White Widow @ Mad rocket 10 L Pot Cya soon people with pics of the harvest, i hope!
  3. 05/02 Heeeey, greetings to everyone, some news from the plants, the flowering is starting! some pics Plus, two pics of my backyard @Dust good point, i should in future make the test grow with cuts from the same mother . Cya soon!
  4. 10/01 Some pics from today, both ladies are doin great, cant see a huge difference of height now between the two kind of pots. R.I.P. Franco Loja
  5. hello people, keeping this grow on, now we can see some differences with the pots, seems like rootshouse is doing a better job, the first thing that i note is the difference of height, as you can see the chxww in roots house is bigger by some cm, even that the mad rocket is taller than roothouse pot. lets see a pic of both : Cya soon people!!!
  6. Hi to everyone! thanks, @Dust, @Cannabissapean,, @atanasius, @Easygreen for passing by my journal, you were right about the bottles, they were very difficult to cut, and i had to be very carefull to not destroy the root system. my ladies are doing fine now, i transplanted them , bought some pots that promises better growth for the plants, decided to compare them and se what brand is best , one of the Chxww is in a Roots House pot of 10 lt and the other Chxww are in a 10LT Mad Rocket, this two ladies now are growing outdoors, feeding with Top Veg and Deeper underground from top crop and Amazonia roots from Namasténutrientes . The 3rd chxww are in a 3.75 lt Mad rocket, to make cut's , she will still be in my indoor. Now, the pics! Chxww in Mad Rocket Chxww at Roots House pot Chxww in 3.75LT mad rocket For sure, you have noticed that my english is not quite good hehe, sorry for that! Cya!!!
  7. Hello people, happy to start this test grow for Green House, thanks a lot to send me this seeds and give me the pleasure to grow this ladys. I choose the Cheese x White Widow genetic, selected this genetic because i like the smell and taste of cheese in MJ, also the White Widow part makes the perfect mix for me The grow going to start under a low consumption light of 105 w, and when the plants reach 30 cm at least, i wil take them to my backyard to finish in 10 lt flower pots Lets get started! 11/10 Germinated 4 seeds, just 1 could not open, the rest is put into 1lt bottle . 24/10 the 3 seeds turned to small plants now, they look good to me and growing fast
  8. The seeds just arrived 3 days ago, here is a pic of 4 seeds germinating Going to start a thread soon! cya
  9. Hi! i am from Argentina to, the season it's going to start now here so i would like to test the cheesexwhitewidow ,i grow in outdoors ,so it would be great to see this cross in my backyard! Thanks and cya!

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