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  1. Hi, Cannabissapean and Shaggygrower. I will transplant all of them out into there own space in a little while. I like to start them off in small pots of potting mix until I'm sure they'll survive. The potting mix I use is a compost based one it has an unknown amount of organic material mixed in as well as coir and water crystals, slow release fertilizer. I like to use the variety marketed for fruit and citrus they have a slightly higher potassium and magnisium content. I've been using these mixes for years with good results. More for convenience then any thing. PH varies a little from batch to batch, I haven't actually checked this lot. Run off is high. If I grow them out in pots. small pots need checking daily larger pots 3-4 days, I don't mind if they suffer a little bit of drought, they are weeds. The triple cotyledons are something I've had for a while but I don't actually know anything about them and I'm interested to know if there are any other strains that have the same characteristics. As they develop the true beauty and unique style of the plant and leaf will become apparent. I look forward to sharing them.
  2. Hi community. Last year I had a failed attempt to raise my outdoor grow, so I would very much like to start again and show everyone my strain. I have always known it as Passion Fruit not because of the flavor but due to its leaf formation. Here are a few pics of the seedlings that will hopefully become beautiful ladies. This strain is a slow grower, it's never in a hurry to do anything, so my updates will be some what spaced apart. Enjoy Roo78
  3. Cheers Cindy I normally water when the lights first come on so that might be working in my favour. I'll have a look into dehumidifiers. The environment around my tent might be tough to control. Roo78
  4. Hi community. I'm interested to see if there's a way to reduce or remove the condensation from my grow tent. Without doing it by hand with a towel every day. I'm in week two of 12/12 cycle, lights on at night off thru the day, so I'm keen to get on top it early. It's just going into the cold part of the year so temps are fluctuating between 05-25 Celsius. This is the first time I have ran the room in the cold weather normally I run it earlier and have issues with over temps. Roo78:-?
  5. Can male pollin be saved for future use? Doe's anybody see the value of storing male pollin? For a long time I never gave the thought of saving male pollin for a later date but with the year I've had. I was thinking of ways to secure my genetics for future grows. Seed is the obvious choice but what of pollin, a good male plants genetics in my opinion is as good as any females. I've heard people say it can be frozen, true or false? I haven't particularly researched this topic I'm just putting it out there to hear what the community view is. Roo78 :-? Staring at the ceiling contemplating.
  6. Here's a pic of the small salvation I have for this year's grow. These little darling's will give me fresh seed for next year.
  7. Hi community, Apologies for my long absence, but I've had a run of unfortunate luck and don't have any grow journal updates. Extended periods of hot days and pests have put an end to this Year's grow. Not from lack of trying from me but it just wasn't tobe. Good thing availability of seed isn't an issue as I went thru some trying to salvage something for the year but it's all part of the game. I promise to start my grow earlier next year so they get a chance to establish themselves before the weather heats up.. Just to reply to dust. It is a good quality smoke mate. I've been inbreeding it on and off for the past twenty years. Some years I selective pick male/ female, other years I don't. For a few years I only selected and grew the triple cotylins seed. Just recently I grew some other strains, a sativa and indica style heritage unknown and they just aren't as good so they won't be back.. I'm going to track down the history of the strain I have so we can all hopefully learn something of its origins. Roo out:-)
  8. Cheers mate Yes they are same seed stock as the previous duckfoot style photos. I look forward to sharing the grow with the community.
  9. A quick update day10 All the seeds had sprouted and are doing well. With exception of one of the triples that had some canine intervention but hopefully it will be ok. I'll update again in the New Year. ? Roo78
  10. Seed stock of unknown origin. Just a mixed bag from early on in my life when I was living with a alternative lifestyle family. I knew the plant I have now was in there it was just a case of culling out hundreds of seedlings to keep just a few. No you are not mistaken it does have triple cotylins and it is a common sight with this plant. I spent quite a few years only growing out that specific trait. The double still remains tho. If you haven't seen it before I'm a little shocked, I've had it for a while now and didn't give it much thought. Thinking if I have it then others have to. It's a little bit exciting thinking it could be something different. Looking forward to further discussions. I tried to get a better photo but my phone just won't focus any closer. I'll update as it grows. Roo78
  11. My first attempt at a journal. I'm not sure what the name of the strain I have is. Hopefully this journal can shed some light on the subject. I'm a little late to start my grow this year but this won't really matter a whole lot as they don't grow big anyway. The seeds where germinated on a plate covered with damp tissue paper then placed in pots. I'm using a premium quality potting mix to start them off. The photo is of the first one to emerge on day 5. I'll update as more break thru. Also I have added an old photo of what this strain came from 15 years ago. Poor quality I know but what can expect from an old polariods. Roo78
  12. Until recently I didn't even know she had a name of sorts. I hadn't heard of or seen anything like her and I was some what protective of her. She didn't always look this way, I'll find some photos of what she came from because originally someone else tried to cross breed her and she disappeared, only occasionally appearing as a female and after a few years a runt of a male appeared, strengthening the gene pool. Many years of selective breeding has arrived at what we see now but there is still a slight variation in bud structure. I haven't really bothered to pick one or the other there all good. I haven't got any photos of the heads, the photos I posted are copy's of old paper photos. She grows a earthy scented head and is really resinous, to the point where if I leave the plant hanging for a month or longer it still tacky to chop up. I'll start a outdoor grow journal shortly so we can all watch the full cycle. There's still a surprise I have in store but that's going to have to wait for the grow journal to start. Till next time.. Roo78 out.
  13. Hi everyone. I'd like share a bit of my grow history with you all. I was 17 when grew my first plant full term. When I did my apprenticeship ( as it was) there wasn't a great deal of strain specific growing, just a case of plant it, grow it, smoke it. During this time I found a little beauty and I've been enjoying it ever since. Not needing more. Hope everyone enjoys the photos.
  14. Yes, there are a lot passionate growers here. I might lack the experience of some but I have a life time of commitment. I haven't heard of, A Growers Lot. But look now. Thanks for the link.
  15. Hi All. Just signed on from down under, looking forward to enjoying the all the strain hunters has to offer. We're not so enlightened down here :-?

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